Jessie gets a nice rock solid cock

Jessie gets a nice rock solid cock
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Lynne leaned across my desk to point out questionable details on the documents in front of me. As she explained she realized that I was not following her but was staring down the front of her blouse. Leaning forward as she was, her blouse hung slightly open at the front allowing me to see her bra and the top of her breasts. She remembered that she was wearing a rather sheer bra and so I could possibly even see the outline of her nipples.

A bit embarrassed she blushed and straightened up. To her surprise I did not try to hide that I had been having a good look. Giving her a devilish little smile, I said, " Lynn, you are a good looking and sexy woman.

Your husband is a lucky man. I am sure he is happy and content. The need for this business loan from me has caused stress for your marriage. I will expect you to perform certain tasks for me." She enjoyed the compliment but blushed again at the sexy reference. she replied awkwardly, " Thanks for the compliment John. I like to stay in shape for my husband. He is a good husband and we enjoy each other's company. Yes, this loan has caused stress between us. I did not understand or expect there would be strings attached." Lynne liked me as an individual, she knew I was determined and a very successful businessman, but a player that seduced single, married and divorced women.

I met Lynne at the bank, she has handled several real estate loans for me. She knew I was also a lot of fun, I asked her to stay for a drink. This was the first time I had asked her, she blushed and happily accepted my offer.

Lynne and I sat on the couch in my office and chatted happily as we sipped the ice cold wine I had taken out of the office fridge.

At one point I smiled at her and said," Lynne, I really got a bit of thrill being able to look down your blouse this morning. I hope you don't feel offended, and understand that since meeting you, I have lusted for you." Not knowing quite how to respond to John's brief revelation, She simply replied, " I'm not at all offended John. I take it as a compliment that you find me attractive at 39!!" She tried to lighten things up.

She did feel a bit of a thrill that I had found my glimpse down her blouse exciting. It made her feel good that even though I was nearing 50 that she was able to stir some reaction in me since she was11 years younger. " Your active lifestyle and time in the gym clearly keeps you in great shape Lynn. Here's a toast to your wonderful figure .

You don't look your age!!!" I gave her a wink and raised my glass to her. " Oh John, thank you again but at least I can hide my flaws under my clothes." She gave a knowing little giggle. " Oh I'm sure you are just perfect under those formal work clothes.

Why don't you un-button your blouse and let me see if I am right." I gave her a big grin and looked her straight in the eyes as I said this. She was taken aback. I was being quite forward in my suggestion, but something in her made her want to prove that I was actually right. She believed she had nicely shaped tits, and at 34B She was quite happy with them.

She did feel unsure of getting a little risqué with this stranger, but on the other hand she loved my compliments and felt sure that I would have more good things to say if I saw her in her bra.

The fact that she was wearing quite a sheer bra made her rather hesitant though. Her uncertainty showed as she answered me. " John, I'm not sure that is a good idea. After all this is your office and you are a stranger to me and my husband. We owe a business loan to you." I gave her my little mischievous grin again. " I won't tell, if you don't tell," I chuckled. She responded with a non-committal giggle.

I looked straight at her again and spoke quietly but in a little more serious tone. " Lynne, I have had limited desire for you, you cause something to stir in me.

I want you to know that I have respect for your husband, and I would not like to do anything which may cause problems between you and him, or in our business relationship.

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Having said all this I would really get a thrill out of seeing you with your blouse off. I need to see the sexy woman you are!!" She swallowed hard. I made her feel desired, which eroded her resistances. Added to that I had hinted at my loneliness which I implied she could help me overcome.

Although still uncertain, she relented.


" Okay John but only because you are such a special man," she teased me. She put down her wine glass, turned on the couch to face me and reached for the top button of her blouse. As she did this, she thought to herself, " My God Lynne, what are you doing? You know that your bra is sheer and John is going to see your nipples as well." As she undid the top button she experienced an exciting tingle in her body.

She had not let another man see this much of her for a good number of years. Although her husband and her had a fairly open marriage she had not been with another man for quite a while and this situation just reminded her of the thrill it could be. She was reaching for the second button when I put my hand on hers.

" I would like to do that Lynne, if I may," I said in a tone just firm enough for her to know that I really meant it. This was an added development but she could not think of any reason to turn me down. After all she had already agreed to let me see her in her bra.

She put her hands in her lap and gave me a wry smile. I looked deep into her eyes as I slowly undid each button, as if trying to assess her feelings about what was happening. If I could read anything in her eyes I would have seen her fear changing to excitement slowly. She was feeling quite naughty allowing me to undo her top.

Having undone the last button I gently but firmly pushed her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms to just above her elbows. She had expected that I would just part the front of her blouse to expose her bra and tits. In this way I now had her arms trapped at her side.

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She felt exposed and vulnerable. She was surprised at the slightly perverse thrill this gave her and noted a familiar tingle in her nipples as they hardened a little. " My goodness Lynn, you are even more beautiful than I imagined. You look stunning and the sheer bra makes you look ever so sexy!!" She smiled in appreciation and sighed as I stared unashamedly at her breasts. Embarrassingly her nipples hardened further in response to my comments. Feeling a bit awkward at her body's reaction, she tried to rescue the situation.

She gave me a soft smile " I'm glad you like what you see John, but I think I should put my blouse back on now." " Oh no Lynne - I want to enjoy this sexy sight while you finish your wine." After pausing briefly to sense her response, I added jokingly, " And that is an instruction from your boss." We laughed together as I proposed a toast to her sensual figure. She felt flattered by all my compliments and leaned back in the couch deciding to let me enjoy the view for a while.

With her arms still restrained by her blouse she could only just sip from her glass, and had to be careful not to spill. I chuckled at her situation but said that it made her look all the more sexy.

" Does it give you a bit of a thrill to be doing this?" I asked her, looking down at her round nubs pressing against the sheer bra material.

She nodded in reply. " I guess it does a bit. But I really shouldn't be doing this." She replied sheepishly to my direct question. " Let's see if you get a thrill from being a little more naughty," I winked at her and reached out cupping her one breast in my hand. Her instinctive reaction was to stop me, but she was restricted by her blouse and the wine glass in her hand. She looked incongruously at the hand touching her, and didn't know how to respond.

" Your tits feel fantastic. Many woman 20 years younger than you would love to have a body like yours!" I continued my flattery as I gently massaged her breast through the thin bra material.

Fondling of her tits is very sensual and now was no exception. She was torn between knowing this was getting very naughty and must stop and wanting to submit to the pleasure. She was undecided about whether to stop me when I brushed my thumb back and forth across her sensitive nipple. She gasped as the powerful stimulation rippled through her body.

Her nipples immediately turned rock hard. " Do you like that?" I teased her brushing her nipple again. She could not hide her reaction to my touch, so quietly admitted that it did feel good. I smiled and gently nipped her nipple between two fingers, eliciting a soft moan from her. " omg.ooooohhhhhh." I reached up with my other hand, fondling both her tits.

" Oh God John, what are you doing to me?" She moaned " ooooohhhhh.ooooohhhhh.mmmmm" as her nipples sent erotic signals through her. She was getting very aroused, but knew in the back of her mind that this should not really go further. " It's exciting seeing you getting turned on Lynne. And I can see that you are enjoying it!" With that I reached up and hooked my fingers under her bra straps.

Looking into her eyes for any sign of resistance I slowly slid the straps off her shoulders and pulled them down her arms until her tits popped out and the straps fell right down. She felt a huge rush of erotic excitement at being exposed to me. She had not been topless with any man other than her husband for a good number of years. She thought she was beyond taking a lover at her age, but the rush of excitement she was now feeling made her wonder.

I reinforced this feeling by simply saying " God Lynn, you are absolutely stunning and a real turn on!!" It always makes a woman feel really good when she knows that another man desires her sexually. I gently fondled both her tits as I admired them. She loved the touch of my skin on her. It felt so much more erotic than through the bra material. She let out little moans of pleasure " mmmmmm.oooooohhhhhh.aaaaaaahhhhhh.ooooohhhhh " as I caressed the sides and underneath of her breasts and sighed more deeply as I softly tugged at her nipples.

" OOOOHHHH " John, we really shouldn't be doing this." She said meekly, knowing that she should be stopping me. " Do you really want me to stop now? Or do you want to submit to your sexual arousal?" I tugged at both nipples as I challenged her.

" Oh God John that feels good!!!" She sighed as the erotic thrill overcame any thoughts she had of cutting things short. " Lynne, I can see that you want to submit to your sexual desire -and I want to excite and pleasure you.

If I promise not to fuck you will you let me pleasure you Lynne?" I asked rolling her nipples between my fingers. " Ahhhhh John. I really shouldn't. But . Yesssss," She sighed as she felt her pussy start to moisten. She was already very aroused and the thought of submitting to whatever pleasures I had in mind turned her on even more.

She somehow felt relaxed at accepting my advances now as I had promised not to fuck her. I gave her a big smile. " Take off your blouse and bra - so I can see your tits fully exposed." She stood up to get them off, glad to get more comfortable and feel less restrained. I told her to face me while she did this.

" I want see a married woman being naughty and taking her top off for another man," I chuckled. " Now cup your tits and tweak your nipples. I always think it looks so sexy when woman does that." She sensed I was getting a lot of pleasure from seeing her topless so she obliged me and fondled her tits as I watched.

It felt raunchy and sexy showing off for him. " Does that feel good when you do it? Do you do that when you are on your own?" I looked at her for an answer. She just nodded, meaning to answer the first part of the question. I got up and gently kneaded her tits. " You are irresistibly sexy!!" I said with meaning. Strong sexual signals coursed through her as I fondled her tits and teased her nipples. I leaned in to kiss the side of her neck giving her goose bumps. I whispered in her ear, " You are still overdressed.

Take your skirt off for me." Although she very briefly hesitated, the thrill of exposing herself to me made her reach for the zipper at the back. It briefly dawned on her that only a short while ago she was resisting my suggestion that I see her in her bra. Now she was topless and about to drop her skirt for me, leaving her only in a smallish thong.

She felt an exhilarating thrill as I watched her drop the skirt to the floor and step out of it. She was glad that she had trimmed her bush the day before so that she looked neat around her thong. I let out a low whistle. " If I didn't respect you and husband I would fuck you right here and now. You look so incredibly sexy wearing just that tiny little thong. Does it feel exciting to show off your body to take your clothes off for me? Does it turn you on?" She smiled at me, " Yes!" It did feel deliciously naughty and she was excited by it.

I beckoned her over to the couch. She was more than ready to submit to more pleasures from me, so she readily lay back with her head the one end and her feet over the other edge. As she lay back I sat on the edge and let my hands brush over her nipples. Quickly they got really hard again. Seeing this I leaned forward and took one of them in my mouth. Having given the one nipple expert stimulation, I moved my mouth onto the other one and gave it the same erotic selection of sucking, licking and gentle nibbling.

She loves having her nipples sucked and licked and was soon moaning from the erotic sensations. " Oh John - you just don't know how good that feels. AHHHHHHH!!!" She lets out a deep sensual sigh. I lifted my head slightly and smiled at her. " Is it making your pussy wet?" She baulked briefly at my direct question, but just responded quickly so as not to interrupt the pleasuring she was getting.


" Oh yes, I am wet alright!!" With that I started softly caressing the inside of her thigh while continuing to suck her nipples. My touch was so sensual and so exciting as my caresses moved higher up her thigh that she gave a little shiver in anticipation of me touching her between her legs.

She eased her legs apart to give me free access. She desperately wanted to feel my hand on her pussy. When my fingers finally reached her panties and softly traced the outline of her labia, she gasped and her body shuddered.

I gently stroked all around her panty covered pussy and then slowly applied a little more pressure over her clit. She opened her legs even more to give me the best possible access. The sensations rippling through her were amazing.

She had not felt this aroused in a long time. She hoped that I would stick to my promise not to fuck her, because she certainly would not be able to resist that ultimate erotic thrill. Although her husband had been happy for her to fuck other men in the past, She was not sure that he would feel the same about me fucking her. I straightened up and let my fingers on one hand continue playing with her tits and nipples while the other continued a slow circular rubbing of her clit.

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She was moaning " OOOH.OOOH.YYYES " and trying to hump my hand. She was on an erotic high and heading towards a huge orgasm. " It's so exciting to see you submitting to your erotic desires. I think you are a sexual submissive deep down.

You stripped quite willingly for me today. Do you submit to other men as well?" I looked her in the eyes waiting for an answer as I stepped up the pressure on her clit and tugged at a nipple increasing her stimulation further. Her hips heaved and bucked and her tits tingled.

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She was focused on reaching her peak now and her body was wracked with erotic sensations. " What do you mean? What do you want know?" She stammered between her short breaths. Sensing hesitation I pushed her thong aside and then slowly ran my finger around her hard, exposed clit. She moaned in pleasure as my bare finger touched her very sensitive clit. " You really want to cum, don't you Lynne?" " Oh God. yes pleeeeease John.

I am so turned on!!!! No man has ever turned me on like this!! " I was now rubbing her clit slowly between two fingers getting her very close to her climax. I suddenly withdraw my hand, looked at her and said, " I want you to tell me about your sex life if you want me to make you cum. Have other men persuaded you to strip? Have you had sex with other men recently?" She groaned. " Oh John - don't do this to me now.

Please just make me cum." " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" She lets out a low deep satisfied sigh as she feels me slip a finger into her pussy. I slid it in and out a few times then stop, keeping her right on the edge. " Lynne, I want to know if a sexy woman like you enjoy a full sex life.

Do you fuck other men currently? I am not going to tell your husband unless we are going to tell him about this as well. I'll make you cum if you tell me about that side of you. Do you want to cum? Have you ever been fucked with a cock the size of bull's?" I stroked her clit to keep her on the edge. In an erotic stupor and not caring anymore she relented. " Oh God John, you realIy are torturing me." She moaned " OH God.


OOOH " and relented. " Yes I have submitted to and fucked a few other men but not recently but Mike and I have an open marriage and tell each other about these things." She hoped that this would satisfy me and make me understand that she did not cheat on Mike.

I gave a big smile as I plunged 2 fingers right up her sopping wet cunt. Just a few thrusts of my fingers combined with my thumb on her clit took her over the edge. Her body was shaking and she yelled. "AAHHHHHH.YESSSSSSSSSSS.AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Her pussy clenched hard onto my fingers like a vise and her sensitive nipples went rock hard as waves of indescribable raw sexual pleasure ran through her.

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As she came down from my sexual high she was aware of me still caressing her leg and smiling at her. I just stroked her gently until her body had relaxed and she had gotten her breath back. " You are incredibly sexy Lynne and it's exciting to know that Mike allows you to enjoy and explore your sexuality within your marriage.

Has Mike ever watched you with other men?" I was being quite forward in my questioning of her about Mike and her sexual behavior.

She wondered if she should let this conversation take its course or should try to cut it short. She realized her dilemma was not that she was shy or embarrassed about her sexual behavior, but more that she felt that it could affect the our relationship. I sensed her uncertainty and did not push her.

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I continued my sensual caressing and tried a different approach. " I bet you have had many men make a pass at you. You are a lucky woman to have a husband that lets you take advantage of that.

Do you also allow him to go with other women? Is your relationship open both ways?" " I understand that it is a bit different with me controling the loan. I hope this does not affect our friendship and working relationship." I said. " How do think Mike would react if we were to have sex? I am sure you can understand that I would love to have that ultimate erotic experience with a sexy woman like you. It makes me even more hot knowing that you do fuck other men!!" I leaned down and kissed her.

I plunged my tongue deep into her mouth. I held her firmly to me. She attempted to kick out in self defense, I roughly grabbed her legs forcing her back down on the coach.

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Well Lynne, I'm going to break my promise to you. " Ready." I paused, obviously expecting her to do something.

I forced her to take her eyes off of my face and watch me stand up stripping my cloths off. She looked down at the floor. She closed her eyes, I grabbed her hair and said, " Look at it." Right in front of her eyes was my crotch.

She could clearly see my huge nine inch hard thick cock bobbing up and down. Lynne was caught midway between admiration, longing and fear as she stared at it sticking straight out from my hairy crotch, throbbing in time with my heavy labored breathing. It was ugly with purple veins wrapped around it and a mushroom head. " Do you want to touch it, since you like cock so much?" But it was more a demand than a question. She reached out as I took a menacing step towards her. She was shocked and mesmerized by the size of my cock.

She had never seen a cock so big. She had never been fucked with a big cock. Its owner did not possess the " inner beauty" that should have gone with that magnificent stallion cock. Suspended from the hairy root of that massive rod hung the grossest testicles she had ever seen. They dangled down like a prize bull, and bobbed up and down. " Open your mouth." As she opened her mouth, I quickly shoved my huge cock into it, way in, making her gag.

My one hand alternated between pulling her head toward my loins and yanking it away by her hair. She knew not to bite, but the thought did cross her mind every time this happened. She could hear my sudden grunt of pleasure " UUUHHH.UUUHHH " as her mouth closed around my cock. My hand dug into her hard, pulling her closer as my hips thrust vigorously back and forth. She closed her eyes again, sucking hard and eagerly at my thick cock. She could feel the head of my prick slam the back of her throat with each powerful thrust and this excited her all the more.

Tears welled up in her eyes, yet the feel of my hard, straining cock in her mouth awakened a savage hunger in her, she had never experienced and couldn't wait to satisfy. Her tongue slid all around my cock, feeling each pulsing vein press her cheeks out. My hands tightened in her hair as she slowly let her hand creep up to explore my grand testicles.

She gently squeezed the sperm-bloated balls and tried to trace the sinewy trail leading to the end of my gigantic organ. In a way she was hoping I would just let her suck me off, but then in a perverse way she sort of hoped I wouldn't. After a few minutes of my masturbating with her as the tool, I suddenly flung her back towards the coach.

With all of the confidence in the world I stood there proudly and defiantly. " Thank God I am already juicy," She thought. She dutifully laid down on her back, spreading her legs and awaited the onslaught. I took my hard, huge thick cock into my hands and aimed it at her pussy. It lurched violently. She was mesmerized, impressed and fearful. " My eyes gleaming. Is this what your cunt is needin?" She couldn't answer.

The sight of my rigid pulsing flesh rising straight up from my hairy loins aimed at her unprotected pussy made her almost faint with desire and fear. Uncontrollably, She begins rotating her butt in wanton little circles on the cushions. Involuntarily her hand darted to her sensitive, vulnerable bud of her clitoris, prodding and swirling around and around.

" Aaaaaaah," She moaned. " Oh it's so big.No matter how wet my pussy is it will hurt as it stretchs, scraps and tears me." She thought in terror. " It will tear me causing me to bleed." Suddenly, as I stepped towards her, her lust was forgotten in a flood of terror. " No! " She gasped. " Stop! Please! You promised not to fuck me." She could tell in my eyes I was ready to shove my bursting cock up inside her tight pussy and belly. I commanded, " Get on top of me!" My lust-contorted face made it perfectly clear she should follow my command.

I flopped down heavily and reached over to her, quickly pulling her up over my passion-fevered loins. My strength was as awesome as was my rod. Her breath came in quick labored gasps. It felt as though her cunt was on fire, and the spirit of licentious liberation from all inhibitions drove her to heights of wanton desire which she had never before known.

Now she only wished I would put my cock inside her aching pussy, quickly! " Like this, baby," I explained as my fingers were now clasping the satin-smooth cheeks of her buttocks and positioning her small vagina directly above my throbbing thick hardness. A lewd little smile lighted my face as I noted the half-fearful, half-lustful gleam in her eyes as she stared greedily down at my penis. I was panting knowing that she wanted my big thick cock firmly ensconced within her trembling cunt.

" Take it in your hand and put it in your cunt," I ordered, too impatient to pay attention to her objections. " No!" She wailed. " I can't! I'm afraid!

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I won't!" "Oh, God in heaven!" She is so fearful of the pain from penetration. She knows she is helpless against my command. Her body ceased to struggle and strain, and her needles desire and thrills of excitement begin, prurient flames of eroticism flooding through her loins.

" Now take it and stick it in your fuckin' pussy and hurry up." I commanded, still leering. She reached down and touched my rock hard thick tool again. Then, slowly she slids her fingers around that monster, just barely making it all the way around, until she had a firm grasp of it. She couldn't hold it still as it continued to pulse and surge as my breathing came in gulps and gasps. Grasping the lust-distended hardness was like holding a red-hot thick steel bar.

" Oh, please, oh please, oh please," She groaned. Then, " Mmmmmm. God, it's so big, it's so hard." Slowly she moved her hips so that her quivering vaginal opening was close to my stallion cock. As she gingerly parted her labia to guide the blunt-nosed shaft up into the depths of her belly, her earlier passion from foreplay returned. She slowly ran her hand down and then back up that magnificent organ, feeling it spasm and swell beneath her touch. Slowly she lowered herself over the waving, flaming tool that she could not hold still.

She nestled it just between her labia, slowing exerting a force. She had wanted to feel for a week, so it was with mixed feelings that she was looking forward to this moment. " What now, Lynne?" I mocked. " Do you want this in you, baby? A-L-L T-H-E W-A-Y I-N?" She groaned " AAAAAH.AAAAAAHHHHH " and tried to move her hips to take me into her, I held her firmly, and she couldn't move.

I held her in my vise-like hands so that my cock no longer snuggled in her lips, I moved her forwards and back so that it rubbed over her clitoris, exciting her all the more. " Oh, Ohhhhhh, please." She groaned as the tip of my shaft rubbed her soft mound. " Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please," She whispered, knowing what she was begging for, release and gratification. " Mmmmmm," She sighed, " God, it's so big, it's so hard. It's so thick." She begins to gently stroke my cock up and down with both hands.

" God, it's so big," as She tried to break my grip and slowly maneuver over my monster. Without warning, unable to wait another second, I flicked my muscular hips upward and plunged my gigantic hardness into her open vagina without caring whether I was hurting her. Sharp needles of sensual agony shot through her impaled body. The massive thickness was thrust inside her. My mammoth hardness throbbed within the suffering walls of her stretched cunt.

Then she begins to undulate her hips around the obscenely impaling rod of hardened flesh, all traces of pain easing, floating in between pain and happiness, between pain and pleasure, far away from reality. This was wonderfully erotic being fucked half to death by my father in law.

A powerful wave of pleasure rippled through her over-stimulated body. " Now this is one good fuck," I breathed on her. " This feels better than any fucking you have had, doesn't it?" "Yes," She cried. " Yes, fuck me hard. I want it. I want it all of the way inside of me." She feels the head start to slip in deeper as she pushs down.

"Oh, yes. It's going in," She panted. " OH MY GOD!" She breathed as she begins to move up and down very slowly. as she rose slightly off of my pulsing cock, I reached down and took her swollen clit between my thumb and forefinger and roughly squeezed it, She humped against me like a mad woman.

" Fuck me!" She panted. " Do it to me. fuck me!" Supporting part of her weight with her hands on my chest she begins to make slow circles as my huge cock slowly disappears inside of her. She watchs in memerized. She didn't want to move, it feels so absolutely incredible. Her eyes roll back into her head and her mouth opened to ease her labored breathing. I wouldn't let her stop. With brute force I lifted her off of me and let her slip deliciously back onto my surging penis.

She rocked back and forth on my cock. Alternating from a quick succession of quick strokes and slow long strokes She begins to feel an eruption coming as my cock swells even more. My hands fall away from her hips to run up and down my hardness as she rose and fell. My face was contorted in agony. Coming up on one of my long strokes she pulled my cock out of her cunt just enough to maintain my cock head just outside and rubbed the slippery knob back and forth over her clitoris.

Then she slowly slids back onto it. With a burst of impatience I reach up and pull her off of me. I throw her over on the coach, I bellow, " You teasing cunt, why are you taking so long for?

I'm ready to cum and you're pestering." I rolled over and literally fell on her, knocking what air she had left out. My hips were lunging crazily and heavily against her body as I desperately tried to get my huge cock back inside of her. She could do nothing to help, just lay there and take my savage pounding. Then with pure, brute force I slam my powerful hips forward into her and my raging cock struck the edge of her vagina. She cried out in pain.

" OMG.AAAHHHH." I went berserk when she screamed as I slam hard aganist her again, my partially lodged cock-head slipped down and entered her like a pile driver. Her breath had come back, then quickly left again, " Oh, oh, ooooooh, yes, oooooooh, that's the way, that's the way, yes, yes, fuck me." I begin to slam into her unmercifully, all of my weight crashing down on her.

As I groaned in anticipation of my quick climax, " UUUUH.UUUUH.UUUUH " She was still striving for ecstasy, moaning in reply, " Oh, please, fuck me just like that, please don't stop. God it feels so good." I grabbed her buttocks in my huge hands and rammed it towards me with all of my strength. I propelled the full length of my monster rock hard pillar shaft inside her. " Ahh, ahh, oh, God, hold it right there," She cried, trying to catch her breath once again.

Stopping for an instant, I looked down at my cock buried in her tight vagina and with a gruesome smile swore, " You fucking vixen, take it. I'm gonna run it all the way through you. Tell me you enjoy the rough sex." Then quickly, resuming the obligation of my lust- ridden body, I begin to fiercely ram my pulsating thickness hard up into her soft and tender vagina with smooth straight strokes, all the way to her spongy cervix. " Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, oooh, uh, uh," She wailed with each pelvic intrusion.

" Oh, God, Oh, God! Oh, YES! I Feel It. Oh, F.Fu.Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck ME!" As an uncontrollable reflex, She wraps her legs around my flailing hips until her feet linked over the small of my back. Her arms are wrapped around my chest digging her finger nails into my back, drawing blood and leaving long red scratchs.

I struggle keeping myself buried all the way inside her as my balls quivere and slap aganist her with each thrust. WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP. " Oh God, I think I'm coming," She shrieks, " Oh yes, I'm coming, oh, oh, yes, oh, please don't stop, please don't stop, fuck me, please, fuck me." Incoherent gurgles of joy spurted from her lips, and her ripe body squirmed in orgiasmtic ecstasy. She feels my hand attack her vulnerable anus with savage insistence.

The outstretched finger forced its way up into her clenching rectum, to move back and forth in time to my wild carnal strokes. She felt herself floating higher and higher, far removed from space and time. Then, suddenly, my long-sought climax hit me like a jackhammer.

Unexpectedly it came over my aroused flesh and I howled like a wounded animal, as great swirls of incredible pleasure stormed through my overloaded nervous system.

My plunging penis was bringing her to new heights of pleasure, thrust and stopped and expanded, as it spurt its hot load of semen deep into her convulsing body and cervix.

My hot cum made her vagina feel tremendous. " Don't stop. Oh, no, don't stop now!, Ooooh, Aaaahhh, FUCK ME!" She screams, she drew no closer to blissful ecstasy. She tried to continue to thrust against me, my weight pinned her to the bed. " UUUUUHHHHHH, UUUUUHHHHH, AAAAHHHHHH, OOOOOH!" I groaned. She was desperate. Maddened by the pungent aroma of sexual release, She wanted to keep me stroking, it was not to be. My orgasmic liquid poured from my racked body and overflowed upon the bed beneath.

She wallowed in my delights of orgasms and the slippery warm cum, her joy was not allowed to continue, for with a violent shove I extricated myself from her grip and rolled off. I practically tore my rapidly shrinking penis from her vainly clutching vagina. " Now you've been fucked hard.

That should keep you satisfyed until I see you again. You are a good fuck, don't come begging for more. Be available when I call." I crudely rolled off the coach, lighted a cigar, grabbed my trousers, and casually swaggered off. She lay there for a few moments, sore all over her body, and having no energy or desire to get up.