Breathtaking bombshell is flaunting her spread juicy slit in close range

Breathtaking bombshell is flaunting her spread juicy slit in close range
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Hello my name is Dave, I am a 6' 4 250 pound black man. I have dark chocolate skin Brown eyes and almost no hair on the top of my head. Before you jump to any conclusions let me make it things very clear.I am not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I find sporting events to be rather boring.I would much rather attend a Theatrical performance or a lecture on European artist then the latest sports game.

To put it very bluntly I guess you could say I am a complete and total nerd. My favorite thing to do is to go to the local bookstores That are located in my town. The best time to go to the bookstores and my town is usually Sunday morning.

I live in a town with a very large University. After a 2 days of drinking and drugs On Friday and Saturday most people are way too hung over to even think about heading to these sleepy little book stores so I pretty much have the places to myself. Usually When I walk into the stores on Sunday morning they are pretty much deserted.

There's usually only one person working there and often times it's just some little old lady or may be some small nerdy guy. Regardless of who happens to be working at the Bookstore they pretty much leave me alone and I have the place to myself to find some new reading material. But this one particular Sunday changed my life in a way I never thought possible. I had decided to go to one of my favorite book stores in town. It wasn't to far from the college campus but like I said I was sure it was going to be deserted Because all of the college kids were to busy sleeping off their hard partying Saturday nights.

I walked into the store and glanced around. There didn't appear to be any one M store at all. I took a few more steps inside the store I heard a small voice call out to me "Hey can I help you" It was the voice of a small But fairly cute young woman. She was only 5' tall and at the very most 90 pounds. For short bright red hair framed her face very perfectly her thick plastic framed glasses complemented this curvature of her face. Her white blouse clung very close to her body showing off her very small but perky a cup breast.

Her pale white skin looked soft and creamy to the touch. I didn't wanna stare too long at her so ice just blurted out that I was fine and I just want to browse around the store and see if I found anything that caught my eye. She Said to me open "well if you need anything just holler my name is Abby. " As she walked away I couldn't help but glance at her tiny little but.

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It was hidden by a loose fitting black skirt but I could still tell it was a nice cute little butt. After walking around the store for a few minutes I couldn't get the thought of Abby out of my head. Abby wasn't the type of girl I usually go for. She was extremely small and petite and I Never thought I could be interested in such a small woman.

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As I continued to wander through the store I ended up at the rear of the building. At the rear of the store they kept a small erotic novel section. The store I was in was no adult bookstore by any stretch of the imagination. But they knew that they were located in a college town and should cater to those individuals that were looking for some special reading material if you know what I mean. I had never gone this far into the store before and was fairly basic when it came to knowledge of pornographic material but something told me to stick around and see what this part of the store was all about.

As I was looking through the shelves I saw several interesting titles. All of the novel covers were filled with half naked women grinding up against half naked men. My trance on all these images was broken when I heard that same sweet voice behind me. "so I see you find what you're looking for. " I Was completely embarrassed to see Abbey standing there Looking right at me holding calling a title that said " Ebony on ivory " The cover featured and large muscular black man squeezing the breast of a tall white woman.

I Look at Abbey and said With a complete nervous look on my face "I don't read this stuff I was just browsing and interrupt here" Abby said " Well that thing in your pants certainly knows what it was looking for. " I looked down to see my A huge bulge sticking right out of my jeans. I hadn't even realized that I was as hard as steel standing in the middle of this book store. I stammered and stuttered and said "no it's not because of the title it's something else that made that happen." " So if It wasn't the book that got you all hot and bothered exactly what did calls that big Bulge?" I guess all the blood of my head had rushed to my Dick because I couldn't think of anything else to say.

So I just had to tell Abby the complete and honest truth " It was you, I was thinking about you " Abby smiled " Really me? Wow and I didn't even have to get naked or anything. " I looked at Abby and said "OK if it's OK with you I will just leave." " No you can't just leave. If I made it that way I should at least get the chance to see it." Wait what?


You wanna see it? " Yes I wanna see it. I don't want this to sound racist but I've never seen a black guys member before and I just want to see it if that's OK. " Omm sure, I slowly unbutton and unset my pants and then let my boxer shorts and jeans false the floor. " Wow that's a cock. " Abbey reached her hands out to touch my warm Dick. Her small tiny hands could barely fit around my throbbing cock. "oh my God this thing is so big. I don't even think It could fit inside me.

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But lets see if it can fit in my mouth 1st and then we can try other places." Abbey dropped down to her knees and quickly took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head As her hand Slowly strode up-and-down the shaft. I was in complete and total Bliss as she worked her mouth and her hand in unison. Saliva dribbled out of the corners of her mouth as she took more and more of my throbbing member in-and-out of her mouth. It was absolutely incredible it seemed as if she really enjoyed giving me a blow job because moans were escaping her mouth with each and every suck the moans got louder as she Would take more and more inches down her throat.

At some point A primal or maybe even animalistic spirit took over my senses. I grabbed the back of her head to started forcing her head down on my cock. " Yes suck that Dick, take that fucken Dick down your throat oh my God yeah just like that suck that cock suck my dick. Abby's moans turned to gags as she continued to be faced fucked.

I wanna her to take every single inch of my caulk down her little sexy throat. My orgasm was getting close but I didn't wanna come yet I want to see just what this little sexy girl tasted like. I put her off of my Dick and told her to lay down on the floor. Lucky for us this particular bookstore was actually carpeted so it wasn't a hard rough surface she had delay on. I spread her small Very skinny legsAnd got right between them I reached up her conservative black skirt to find her wearing small purple satin bikini panties.

I pulled them down her legs and saw my prize. She had a bald Tiny sweet smelling pussy. I saw that it was already dripping wet so I stuck out My tongue and went right for her Small tiny clit.


As I sucked and licked her dripping pussy moans of pleasure escaped her lips. "mmm yeah That's it, That's It, lick that pussy lick it nice and clean. Suck this white girl pussy baby mmm. Yes. I couldn't believe just how wet she will getting. It seemed like every time my tongue went up-and-down her clit The weather she got and the Wetter she got the more honest she got. " Look Daddy do you love me now daddy?

I'm letting this black guy I lick my pussy daddy. I know how much you wanna lick my pussy But mommy wouldn't let you.

She wouldn't let you lick my pussy like you lick my sister's pussy." I didn't know what to say at that point but I did know that it was turning me on more and more.

So I just decided to lick and suck harder because my dick was driving me crazy. " Oh daddy yeah!! It feel so good. I know you wanted this I know you want it to be you daddy. But it's this Black guy. He is the one that gets to lick and suck My sweet pussy remember, remember when you told me you thought I had a sweet pussy. It is sweet daddy it's sweet tight warm and wet but you'll never know.

mmmm only this black guy will know." My head was completely swimming and I had had enough. I absolutely couldn't take it anymore I pulled My tongue away from her.

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I took her tiny legsuch her tiny legs Put them up on my shoulders and then I Shoved my 10" cock right enter pussy Abbey seemed to jump as I shoved my entire member deep inside of her without warning. I couldn't believe just have tight she really was. I expected it to be incredible but nothing like this. She met each one Ami thrust by pushing back hard against my cock. I was able to quickly slide in-and-out of her because she was absolutely soaking wet. She then ripped open her white blouse exposing her very small nipples but each one of her tiny breasts had A dime sized pink nipple that looked as hard as a diamond.

As I proceeded to have my way with her soaking vagina, More angry taunts to her father escaped her mouth " oh Fuck yes!! Look daddy look he is pumping me now he's pumping me so hard. That's what you want to do isn't it and you told me so all the time.

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You would always tell me how one day you are going to be deep inside me. But you're not deep inside me this big black guy is deeper than you could ever be. Your little cock could never be this deep daddy. Oh Fuck daddy his cock is so big!" I was ready. I was harder than I had ever been in my whole life and I was ready to come from this crazy chick.

I said that I was ready to come and that I couldn't hold back anymore. Abby looked at me and said "cum On my face. I want daddy to see his little girl got cum all or her face. Every time he tries to kiss me and stick his tongue down my throat I want him To taste big black cum" I stood over her and then began stroke and shoot spurt after sput of hot seed all over her lips.

As I began to pull up my pants and leave she looked up at me and ssid " Hey come back next Sunday I want to be able to tell my daddy I took black guy cum up my ass." If you like this story and want to see more in a series please drop a comment.