Dylan immediately places Morgan Lee hand on his dick

Dylan immediately places Morgan Lee hand on his dick
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We meet at a motel where I have a room. You come in through a side door and make your way to my number so you are not seen by the front desk.

Knocking, the door opens allowing you to quickly slip in. As I look over the beautiful girl in front of me I can only stare as I admire your sexy body. The shorts and tight shirt show off the wonderful curves you possess while you stand there with lips slightly parted breathing heavy.

You look as nervous as I am and I can see you trembling. I reach out and grip you with both hands, gripping your arms that you seem unable to lift from your sides.


Your breathing quickens, causing your breasts to rise and fall as I move very close to you. You are unable to run, captive, not knowing what I will do to you as my eyes look down into yours only inches between us. You squeeze them closed not knowing what will happen, and then you feel it. My lips press gently to your forehead, softly kissing you.

Your eyes open and you look up at me, seeing my smile. "Thank you for coming." my low soothing voice hits your ears. I offer you a seat on the bed, sitting next to you as you smile shyly for the first time. "It is so good to finally meet you.

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I have wanted to visit for a very long time." I cant help but smile as I Look at your big brown eyes. "You are more beautiful than I thought you would be." You blush and tell me that you are glad we could meet. Standing, I tell you I have something for you, and walk to the bathroom. When I re enter, I am holding a vase with yellow tulips in it. In the center, a single white rose rests on top of the yellow flowers.

Their sweet aroma drifts to your nose as your hand comes up to cover your mouth in surprise. "They are not as pretty as you are, but I hope you like them." I say softly.

without warning your body launches across the room and your arms are around me. "They are wonderful!" you shout excitedly before calming down and quickly stepping back. I smile again letting you know I welcomed the hug, and this time you move to sit beside me. We begin to talk about things we have chatted over online for the last eight months, and soon you are slowly scooting closer to me little by little.

You ask me if I ever found anyone else since we started talking, referring politely to how I described getting dumped. As I looked up and answered with a no, your lips were on mine.

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The gently caressed against mine as you pressed your breasts into my chest. My hand instinctively slid up your hip and around up to your mid back, gently holding you to me as I kissed you back. Laying back, your body slides over me as we continue to kiss gently. Your legs straddle my waist, my cock beginning to stiffen. As it presses up against your short shorts, you break the kiss and sit up. Looking down at me, you grab my hand and say "You have now." You slowly pull my hand up, sliding it over your shirt, rubbing my open palm over your soft tummy.

As my hand moves higher, you run it over your breasts. When you feel me squeeze one gentlyyou close your eyes and moan. "Are you sure?" I ask. Your eyes open and look at me with a sparkle, almost unhuman.

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You moan out that you are sure, and with that I roll you over under me, trapping you in place. Your hands run up over my shoulders as I hook my thumbs under your shirt, pushing it higher exposing your sexy bare skin, the most beautiful shade of brown I have ever seen.

I kiss above your navel as the shirt moves higher, my thumbs catching your bra as well.

suddenly, you feel the cool airconditioned air on your nipples as I trail kisses up your stomach. Goosebumps form in the cool air, drawing your skin tight as I reach your breasts, kissing the underside of each perfect orb before taking a nipple between my lips with a firm suck.

You gasp, looking down into my eyes as I stare back at you while rolling the nipple around in my mouth using my tongue. Your mouth drops open trying not to make a sound as each suckle tugs at your breast.


You pant for breath as a free hand comes up to hold the back of my head. As I switch breasts you realize I wont stop, and at the same time you also realize that you don't want me to. It is meant to be. My teeth grip your nipple, pulling back and lifting your breast away from your body, stretching slowly until it slips out from the rough ridges of my teeth.

A startled cry escapes your mouth as I bend down to apply the same treatment to the other breast. Alternating back and forth, each time brings an outcry from you mixed with pleasure and discomfort. You don't say anything to stop me though, and bite your bottom lip each time I begin to pull back, gently carrying your breast back with me before it snaps back to its spot on your chest.

Watching silently as I stop, now moving my lips up between your perfect breasts, I kiss your throat, planting small soft kisses in a line up your chin to your lips.

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Soft and full, they part as we come together, our tongues dancing out to meet each other as my fingers reach for your shorts. Our kisses continue, passionately as I deftly work open the buttons holding the shorts on your shapely hips.

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My hands gently work, rolling your legs together to one side, and then beginning to shimmy your shorts down over your smooth taut skin. AS I lean back, gazing at your angel like appearance with your hair arrayed around your head, you look more like a work of art than a young teen girl.

"Are you ready for this?" I look at you with your shorts hanging off of one foot. You give a gentle kick and send them across the room. "Yes, Take me how you want me." Your words still betray a hint of nervousness, but excitement as well.

I slide down, away from you, and you sit up on your elbows to see what I am doing. Grabbing your ankles I spread your legs and lower my head between them, keeping eye contact with you at all times. The first licks are tentative and soft, and your head falls back with eyes closed as I explore your silky pussy.

It's lips part as my rough tongue pushes and slides between them before my lips encircle around your clit. A few deep, powerful sucks and you gasp out "Oh god!" I lift my face from between your thighs and grin at you. "So I finally found someone then? I have to say I am very impressed with her. I just want to know one thing. Who does this belong to?", and with that I begin to blow across your wet pussy.

Your whole body shivers, and your hips move forward to my mouth, but I pull back just as far as you moved forward. Blowing in circles I ask again, "Who does this belong to?" "You, sir?" You say unsure of what I want to hear. "Who?" I ask again, but this time I swipe my thumb over and off your clit in a fast move. The pleasure spikes to your brain causing you to fall back, arching off the bed with your legs spread open. "Oh FUCK!" You shriek.

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"You do. Daddy." you moan out. With that I am Licking and sucking again. Making love to a part of your body in the most intimate way. You are so close, on the edge of a very big orgasm, your body melts with each touch drawing deeper into your soul. And with that I lean back Whispering, "I want your first cum with me to be with me inside you." You moved quickly to the edge of the bed, tearing at my belt trying to get my jeans off as I removed my shirt.

my shirt discarded, my fingers play with your pussy, keeping you on edge as you pull my pants down. Both your hands grip my cock one on top of the other leaving the head above them. As you bend to take me in your mouth, my hands lift under your arm pits, throwing you into the air and landing you one the bed with a bounce. "you can do that after sweetheart. I need you right now" Holding my dick now, I rub the head up and down in your pussy lips to pick up moisture.

Lining up the head with the entrance, I pause and look you right in the eyes.

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Your chest heaving with excitement as you spread your legs wider I say, "I'm not going to last very long the first time, and I wont stop or pull out either. Do you understand?" You swallow hard, nodding your head up and down. "Do it. I need it too. Now fuck me!" And with that I give a firm slow shove. The tight velvety sheath encompasses me.

The feeling is exquisite and I feel like I died and went to heaven. With your back arched off the bed, each of my firm deliberate thrusts rocks you back and forth on the bed. Your fists grip the blankets at your side tightly while your legs wrap around my back. The sight of your stomach rippling with pre orgasmic spasms is unreal, and then it happens. Waves of pleasure wash over you, Your body is no longer under control as your spasming tunnel milks me. I lose control and begin to pound into you hard and fast as a loud wail comes from your open mouth.

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Your arms wrap around my back as I make a final thrust forward as far into you as I can, I unleash my cum into you. I know that it is all for you, and give you everything I have as My lips mould to yours. With your hands continuing to rub and squeeze my back. Slowly as our orgasms fade, our kisses slow down.

The sweat glistens on our bodies as I lay over top of you. I roll over, holding you to me to place your much smaller and lighter body on top. Whispering between gentle kisses I tell you how wonderful you were. "You know I could get pregnant right?" you ask looking up at me. "Yes." I reply with a smile. Your head lays down on my shoulder and your arms hold tight to me. "What are you gonna do?" "Well, this sexy girl just gave me her body and told me it belongs to me.

I don't think I'm going to take a chance on her getting away." You look up at me surprised and puzzled. "What?", you ask. " Looking you straight in the eye I say, "Well, I hear that girls love to plan their own weddings." "I am so gonna make you unable to walk after today!" You say. Your head comes up to smile at me, your eyes shining brightly as I brush your hair out of your face. You slide down, my now soft cock coming out of you with a wet sound.

"You promised, remember daddy?" and with that you took me into your mouth, sucking and working on me with your soft talented tongue. As I began to grow again, you took me deep, your gag reflex squeezing me as you pull off.

"Again?" You ask as you stick your tongue out between your teeth playfully. "Yes, but not here." I pick you up and carry you in my arms into the bathroom. I set you in the shower and turn on the water as I climb in behind you.

My hands find your stomach and pull your back into my chest. I caress your belly and ask, "What do you hope it will be for our first?" As the warm water cascades down your skin you turn in my arms, looking up into my eyes before standing on your toes to kiss me. Your hands join mine making soft circles on your tummy. The end.