Gay boys having sex galleries After jamming his gimps backside and

Gay boys having sex galleries After jamming his gimps backside and
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Rob's fingers played over my ass, covering my cheeks, crack and opening with a smooth, slippery layer of lube as out tongues danced together. I reached back searching for his cock and slid it against my slippery cheeks, lubing him up and making myself crazy in the process.

Ali and I were facing each other.

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I released Rob's kiss and turned to my neighbor, covering her face in little kisses as the guys applied the lube and began exploring us. I felt Rob slip one, then two fingers inside me as Ali and I shared a deep kiss.

My hands went to her breasts and squeezed each in turn as I relaxed and let Rob's fingers explore and stretch me, preparing for his beautifully shaped cockhead. As I felt his third finger slide in, I pushed back and gasped "Oh yeah, Rob, oh my God yeaaaaaaaah……" His fingers kept rolling and swirling around my ass, softly stretching, relaxing me and making me completely crazy for his entry.

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Bryce must have been as talented as Rob, as Ali pressed against me with a soft moan, letting her mouth slide down and suckle my nipples as she ground her hips against Bryce's probing. The lube was slick and warm, and the guys were absolutely rock hard as Ali and I broke one last kiss and turned to fulfill our end of the bargain as we had promised them. After all, when two good looking guys let two women fuck them with strap-ons, shouldn't they get whatever they want in return?

I rolled Rob over and straddled my prize, smiling down at him as I let his pulsing cock slip up and down my ass. Looking over at Ali, I saw her slip her leg back over Bryce and open her ass up to his waiting cock, moving her hips to slide him in as she caught my eyes.

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I positioned Rob between my cheeks and slipped slowly down on him, letting that lovely shaft stretch me out as I buried him to his base. As I let him in, I reached for Ali's breasts, pinching and tickling her nipples as she began to fuck Bryce.

I let one hand slide up to her mouth and slipped my fingers in, feeling her suckle and tease them as we each cared for the cocks so hungrily invading our asses. I began rocking back and forth, very aware of the size of the Rob, loving how his cock pushed and prodded against my walls, squeezing his cock as I rocked slowly.


Ali flipped over and rolled up to let Bryce enter her face to face, and I felt and heard their syncopated slapping and sighing as he pushed and probed. Rob had begun grinding up into me, so I started bouncing on him as well; matching his thrusts and feeling him slide in and out.

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Rob's pace was superb - he obviously was enjoying taking me this way, and I was so enjoying being taken. The feeling of this stud pounding steadily away as my cheeks slapped down on his thighs over and over was heavenly and I let myself go, surrendering to the feelings as we fucked, concentrating on each thrust and withdrawal as if it were the last I would ever experience.

I watched Ali's face slip into a smile as she looked up at Bruce, his eyes closed and mouth agape as he steadily drove in again and again. Her legs wrapped around her man and kept him from pulling all the way out, not wanting to lose a moment of contact as she and he fucked with utter abandon.


The four of us were completely lost in this lust when I had a plan pop in my head. I hopped off Rob moved Bryce off Ali. Positioning myself in a 69 with Ali, I motioned for the guys to move behind us and get back inside immediately. The guys took the opportunity to w switch, and I felt Bryce's cock slam inside me as I watched Rob's shaft slip between Ali's cheeks and disappear in her ass.

My tongue began playing over Ali's clit and lapping at her wet pussy, while my head and nose were nuzzling against Rob's balls as they slapped against Ali's ass. The feeling of Bryce's cock deep in my ass and Ali's tongue on my clit was exquisite torture. I knew I couldn't twist and turn, because they'd both be lost to me, but all I wanted to do was clamp down on both and let them fuck me all night!

Gasping and groaning, I unleashed a furious attack on Ali's clit, nibbling a suckling with abandon as she squirmed and wiggled. I was rewarded with a muffled scream of pleasure followed by a wave of warm juices covering my face as my neighbor came all over my face. Her climax was enough to send r Rob over the edge as well, as I felt his cock pulse and tasted the spill over as his cum dribbled out of her.


I began wiggling in earnest against Bryce, teasing him and willing him to unload again in my ass, and was rewarded as he unleashed a powerful jet deep inside me. Spent and woozy… we collapsed with the guys still inside and our faces still filled with the aromas of our couplings as we nuzzled and kissed each other's pussies while the guys gathered themselves.

I reached out and took Rob's cock as it slipped out of Ali and licked him clean, receiving a contented groan and sigh for my efforts. My neighbor/lover had promised me a night of hunting, but I didn't know just how wild her game was! Now tat I did, I was already looking forward to our next adventure.