Random Girl at the Mall with an Amazing Body

Random Girl at the Mall with an Amazing Body
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and no one was getting hurt. Well, Carols asshole was hurting as I now refused to use lube with her and I was getting able to stay hard for a long time as I could bang for 30+ minutes without cumming or alternatively if I wanted to I could cum many times a night.

I had ejaculated 10 times in one night recently. I had long game and short game.It was a weird thing though, if I didn't cum for a couple of days I could stay hard for a long time and even the second and third and fourth times I would last, but after a lot of cumming I would ejaculate quickly and often. Some nights I would fuck Carol for 30 minutes straight and then make her suck my cock right away.

After a half hour of no lube assfucking my cock tasted strongly of her ass but when I felt her cunt it was always wet after a good asscock cleaning blowjob so I knew she was loving the way I was treating her. She was becoming a better cocksucker every day.

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The whoring was great for her cocksucking technique as every guy was different but they all wanted their cocks in her mouth and she needed to learn how to get all the different cocks to spew their cum into her cocksucking whore's mouth. That and the guilt that she felt using her body to pleasure cocks other than mine made her try with me to be the best she could.

I made her suck my cock softly sometimes, other times hard, I made her eat my asshole often which she excelled at and enjoyed so much that every time I farted she'd suck my sphincter clean and then I'd get hard and fuck her ass until I wanted to watch her suck for while.

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Some days I would cum in her ass and make her fart it out into a glass and drink it. I came in her ass 7 times the first day I had her do it because it turned me on so much to watch her drink my cum and I knew that her ass had added its own flavor and how much she was enjoying my dominance over her because I had my fingers in her cunt and when she lifted the glass to her lips she shuddered with embarrassment and her cunt flooded and heated up. I was in heaven from being completely sated all the time, and fulfilled by having money coming in and friends who appreciated using my sex slave for their own pleasure.

Some nights Carol would suck cock after cock until she had swallowed all the cum my four closest buddies could produce. Watching her suck 4 men over and over for a few hours was a real turn on for me I realized. I loved being a Master, and having a horny suck slut slave at my beck and call was the way I wanted to life be always. I loved how she used her own guilt to help program herself to enjoy being debased and training her own mouth to enjoy cleaning ass scum off my cock.

I felt like a king and that made me want to use my whore harder. This continued for the 2 years in Colorado it took to get a B.A.

in communications before we moved to the valley. When we first got to California in the 90's Carol started stripping at a valley club and easily fit in with the sluts working there.She whored herself to the customers like the other sluts that were pretty enough and young enough to do porn, and she brought home sluts to share with me.

By this I was demanding only anal sex from sluts and ass to mouth being mandatory.


That was pretty extreme for the times, but I want what I want. We got into making porn videos together and then started going to sex parties.

They were fun and I banged lots of sluts and Carol and I acted as Doms to some really subby sluts. I liked watching Carol whip these women and make them beg to be used by me. Then we got invited to better private parties, but almost right away Carol got hooked up with a rich older guy who wanted to use her as a whore. He paid double time and only ever had her sit in the bathtub as he peed on her or so she said. She took a double call from him everyday for a month after the first time and then he offered to make the deal permanent and buy her from me as a slave which shocked me but to which Carol agreed that she wanted me to sell her to him.

I was stunned, but Carol explained to me that my cock was like a drug, I had a harder cock than any other she had fucked and she'd fucked and sucked hundreds by then. She figured that I would become bored of her with all the strippers she worked with wanting me and the sheer number of sluts around in the valley that wanted me to fuck them and that she was becoming jealous.

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Carol figured I would be ok and that the old guy would take care of her and that she wanted to feel like a real slave and be sold by me into whoredom.

Carol figured that $18K for a month as a free range whore meant that she was worth a good $80K as an owned sexslave. She had told him that and he had agreed.

Carol asked me to use her fully for one last time and then take her completely messed up to the guy and see if he still wanted her. If he did she wanted me to take the money and sell her like any possession. I took her to the bedroom and used her for 6 hours straight finishing with my pissing directly into her stomach with my flaccid but still long cock deep in her throat having just finished ejaculating directly into her stomach after slowly but forcefully face fucking her against the wall for the previous 15 minutes all the while we held hands and gazed lovingly into each other's eyes.

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I delivered her to the old guys house and he seemed pleased with her filthy state and thanked me while writing me a check for $85K for selling him a piece of used furniture.

That was $5K more that we had agreed upon so I was thrilled. I had talked with Carol about this and she said to treat her like an object and to sell her and walk away. I shook his hand, pocketed the check and walked out of his house with her lying on the floor without a look back.

After that I saw them at a couple of sex parties but she was masked and so i kept my distance. That's when I bought my first house and began to tour with rock bands as a 23 year old kid until now as a 35 year old faded rock guy I'm an expert cocksman and a filthy minded bastard who likes sexually compliant and eager women as partners which my years of banging groupies had given me plenty of access to.

I figured that I could bag the star slut of one of the porn shoots that I would work on in order to get the handle on the biz because fresh meat is what that industry lives for and I have the look that says stud. I wanted to choose the shoot carefully, I had found the porn whores that were dirty enough on screen for me to be sure that privately I could have the lover I desired. My personal fetish is not just ass fucking but anal preferential, in fact I prefer to have anal only penetration with my women, not vaginal, and deep throating straight from any asshole I choose to fuck and all cum eaten, preferably shot straight into stomach from deep in her throat.

Analingus should be keeping her slutty mouth busy if it is not occupied with cock throating. Orgasm from gagging and ATM as well as degradation and humiliation and complete sexual obedience, that's what I need in a woman. I put the screen shots of the porn whores I was interested in on my buddy Phil's desk and outlined why I wanted to see them live. Phil just laughed and told me that I was exactly the partner he needed. I had fantasies and fetishes beyond that of most men had but no compunction about wanting it or demanding it.

I got a call a couple of days later to come in for briefing. Phil had arranged a 1/2 day shoot with my #1 pick as star and had her doing some basic nasty stuff to make sure that she had nothing to hide from me when it came time to show her talents.

Phil also booked a slut duo for the fluffers who he already had under contract. These two 21 yr old whores were lesbian lovers who were anal freaks. Phil had also contracted them to be our whores for 2 days so after he introduced them we drove over to his place which has a dungeon and put those two through their paces. The girls were told to 69 but eat ass only until it was clean and ready to be reamed. For the next three hours we ass fucked and then throat fucked these whores, whipping them with various implements and they were obedient and sucked our cocks clean and ate our cum from the other whore's asshole when we came.

They ate our assholes in between bouts of ass drilling and throat fucking. Hot horny filthy whores.


Just what I needed, I had come four times already. The scent of the sluts was enough keep me getting hard.

Phil was done after the third time and fell asleep so I had Trish sucking my asshole and Lisa holding my cock in her mouth waiting for it to twitch so she could suck it hard enough to assfuck her tiny dirty hole. I did that for two cums in a row and then switched the slut's places.

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Lisa was a great cocksucker, easily throating my cock when it was partly erect and vacuuming it to full hardness. That was a nice trick and got me ready to assfuck her faster than Trish's cocksucking had. That's why I had made her suck me twice, I really liked her sub slut sucking as she seemed to be constantly trying to improve her oral worship of my cock, I liked that drive and wanted Lisa to know it.

Trish's sucking of my ass was improving and it was good for her to get more practice. Trish had a smaller mouth and was timid in her cocksucking which just aroused my dominance so I got Lisa to handcuff her and I held her by the neck and forced her to take my cock in her throat over and over until I could push her face right to my body.

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Once I had finally deep throated her and she could do so at will, I was ready to assfuck her hard so I made her eat my cum from Lisa's asshole while I was reaming her ass. When she had swallowed the two cums worth of my semen from Lisa's ass I was nicer and uncuffed her and ordered Lisa to get under us and eat Trish's twat while I fucked her ass.

I found out later that Trish was Lisa's lesbian slave since they met and was happy to eat cunt and loved having her cunt licked anytime. I had fucked both of these sluts asses hard and they had taken it like champs.

I had cum six times already tonight and I was balls deep in a tiny slut's asshole with her eating cunt and being eaten at the same time. I stopped fucking Trish's asshole and thought this was good but I wanted more.

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Much more. I figured I'd let the whores go after just the one night but warned them that I was just saving myself to build up stamina for the shoot the next week so as to fuck the living shit out of my chosen slut Sasha ***** but I could use their help getting her to be my sub slut slave if they wanted to join me.

The two whores giggled and smiled and Lisa said she knew Sasha and thought she was a sexy slut and that Trish and her had fucked and sucked each other while watching Sasha's videos many times, so to help with a live seduction was a fantasy come true!

Lisa agreed and said "Me and my slave Trish will be there ready to help you dominate that bitch and turn her into your willing sex slave slut." I blinked and said "Trish is your slave?" "Yes, she's my sexslave cuntmuncher asslicking slut. Aren't you my sweet?" She said as she stroked Trish's cheek and traced around her mouth. "Yes Mistress" Trish whispered. "Good, good," I said, "that works well for me.

Be at the shoot next week but before you go Trish eat my asshole again while I have Lisa suck my cock as I probe her asshole and feed her her own anal mucus, knowing that you two are on board and a slut couple makes me want to cum deep down your throat again." Those sluts slid into position gobbling my ass and cock as smoothly as if they'd been doing it for years.

I was truly impressed with Phil's coup in selecting this slut and her slave and I thought that it was a great sign of how good our new porn video label was going to be. The stage was set for my seduction brutal, now could I entice my prey? So there I am putting away my gear and horny as hell after a week of not cumming and watching the three whores sucking all the cum in the room out of every cock other than mine.

Just then the star slut walks up to me in her robe and asks why I didn't throatfuck the fluffer-whores since they were still hanging around and looking in my direction.? I looked down at her big eyes looking up at me from under her trademark bangs framed by her straight black hair past her shoulders and locked gazes. "Because it's your throat I want to fuck and those are two are slutty but they aren't who I have in my sights.

It's you my sweet little whore and I wonder if you can handle what I demand from my women" "What are you in the mood for, stud?" She said breathily. "Bingo slut. I'm a stud in search of a horny slut who is so filthy of mind that she's never found the man capable of molding her into his perfect little sub slut slave" I said with a smile while still locking eyes.

"I need a slut who is my slave whore bitch, who helps me use and abuse herself and serves or assists in subduing any other whore slut I fancy." "She better want to learn to serve and service me, catering to my desires and pleasing me to her best ability." "I demand a submissive horny bitch who needs a master to mold her into a proper sex slave slut whore." Her shoulders twitched and she touched her fingertips to her mouth, moved her hips around a bit under the robe and then smiled back at me and started laughing.

"Sounds fun!" She said "I'd be willing to give it a try." "Do or do not. There is no try!" I said, quoting Yoda. She laughed again as she touched my chest and then felt my arms and then calmed and composed herself.

Then she shuddered again and squatted down throwing off her robe and drove her hands between her legs her right rubbing her clit and her left behind her jamming her first 2 fingers up her ass, she looked at me and began to frig herself hard for a good minute then she started sucking on her ass fingers and slapping her pussy and she started to cum! She squirted once super hard and then again even harder and then just a little bit.I had started shooting this display with my minicam and I caught all her slutty action up close.

She deep throated her fingers and groaned as she flicked lightly at her clit for a minute or two while she recovered then she started to rub her clit harder and she withdrew her fingers from her throat and then she drove three fingers into her ass and rubbed her clit harder as she pulled her ass fingers out and shoved them into her mouth sucking them hard then back into her ass for several strokes then she clenched her fingers and fed herself her own anal slime as her whole body began jerking, she then took the fingers out of her mouth and leaned back spreading her knees wide and she began to squirt again.

She squirted two huge sprays and then three smaller ones while leaning back balanced on the balls of her feet and her left hand while slapping her wide open pussy with her right. Once she had stopped convulsing she sank to the floor in a heap for a few minutes until her glazed eyes began to focus again.I put down the minicam and offered her a towel and a hand up.

After a minute or so she had dried herself off and taken my hand and stood back up. She said "I've just come twice without you touching me. I'm so fucking horny that I could come again right now you filthy bastard!" "How could you do that? I fucking want to believe that you are as nasty filthy and horny as I hope. I'm free for the next 8 days until my next shoot. I'll be your sub slut whore bitch if you want, I'm yours master." I said "In 8 days you will be a much better slut, more sexually capable, sluttier, hornier and without shame or limit.

At that point only a life with me will suffice. Then I'll make you work hard for my attention. Still want to be under my control? Still want to be trained by me?" She swallowed. Nodded. "Aloud whore!" I yelled. "Yes! Please take me and train me to be a better slut! Please use me like no one has ever before. Please teach me. Please!" She yelled. The only ones left were her, the two fluffers, me and a cameraman/sound guy who needed a lift back to my neighbourhood. He looked startled.

I laughed and said "Ok but let's start with you obeying me right now! Jack him to orgasm with your tongue in that kids ass." "Now Slut!" I barked She grinned at me and knelt down and crawled across her discarded robe as sexily as hell over to the young guy and knelt at his feet and reached for his belt as she said "You heard my Master, I need to tonguefuck your asshole kid so I can then rub your cock until you squirt a load of cum for my Master. He has ordered me to and I want to obey and thereby please him." "You two!" I yelled at the fluffers "Get you slut asses over here, my new whore slave needs an audience!" By this time the kid's pants were off and the horny little whore had her hands on his hips pulling him into her mouth as she was sucking his already stiff cock.

It took about 30 seconds and she had him on the edge of cumming. She popped her mouth off and turned him around and pushed down to have him kneel in front of her so she could eat his ass. The kid looked back at me to check what to do.

"Spread your asscheeks Radar! Do it so she can get her face right in your crack and her tongue deep in your asshole!" "You two get over there and spank the slut until she comes, she needs to learn that her whore ass is mine to use and I like the cheeks hot and red and sensitive. Spank her tits too and push her face into that guys ass." The two young fluffer sluts fell to their knees and were kissing and slapping my new slaves ass cheeks in no time at all.

One of them reached under my porn slut slave and pulled and pinched her nipples and the slapped her tits. Meanwhile Sasha my new slut sex slave was doing her best to tongue fuck the sound guys asshole as if her life depended on it. That made me horny so I moved into position to assfuck her. I was pleased with her effort but I knew that there would be weak points in her sexual prowess that I could demand be strengthened and keep her trying her best to fulfill my perverse fetishes.

I poked her asshole with my cock until it expanded and then short stroked my way until I was fully deep into her ass, she was a better assfuck than asslicker to be sure, but she was still effective and Radar was about to cum so I ordered him to turn around so she could suck his cock and gather his cum so she could show off his load before swallowing it. She had hardly taken his long thinnish cock in her mouth before her cheeks bulged with his ejaculate squirting into her mouth.

He squirted a dozen times and then pulled away as Sasha turned her head toward me and opened her mouth to show off the cum pooled there. "Good whore, now swallow and remember what he tastes like because you are going be able to identify him by cum taste alone soon. You will know all men and women by the taste of their cum or cunt juice. Understand my Slave Sasha?" "Yes Master! Thank you for teaching me how to please cock as a suckslut!" I had forced my cock into Sasha's asshole while she was sucking Radar which made me happy that she had done her best to accommodate my cock into her ass, and now that her mouth was empty again I wanted to use it.

"Eat my cock, whore!" As I pushed her head into my lap. She took my cock in but as I filled her throat she gagged and then gagged again and then some puke rolled past my cock and dribbled out her nose.

I let her up and she apologized for not being able to throat fuck without gagging. I told her that I would do whatever it took to train her to be the best throat fucking slut whore ever if she would let me. She looked at me through her tear stained eyes and said that she would do whatever she needed to be the no gag cocksucking slut I wanted her to be.

I said "Great! There's lots of improvements to your whoring sex skills that we can make." Smiling at her like the proud owner I was.

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"For instance your ass licking was too sloppy with too much saliva and nasty noises. I expect my whore slut to be an eager slime sucker who gobbles ass juice but daintily and silently bitch!" I am a demanding bastard. "Ok Whore! I'll whip you for your slovenly ass sucking later, now I'm in the mood for group sex so you and Radar there ride with me and you two fluffers can follow if you'd like to help me use Sasha as her slut body was intended to be put to use.

Trish and Lisa were the fluffers' names as I knew from our night together the week before and they were very eager to join us. "One last thing. Everyone who comes to my place is my slave, you will obey me without question and will eagerly perform regardless of the sex act I've ordered!" "Agreed?" They all agreed, including Radar who seemed a bit bewitched.

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