Alex ftvgirls hot ass blonde gaping vagina

Alex ftvgirls hot ass blonde gaping vagina
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The Cruise Chapter 3 I awoke around 10am showered I put on some shorts and a t shirt I took a novel and decided to go the indoor pool relax and read on the way there I picked up a coffee and a snack the seats were arranged in threes and fours in small alcoves I found an empty lounger and made myself comfortable after about half an hour of reading my book I was suddenly aware someone was standing at the end of my lounger I looked over my book and it was Suzanne and Joanne from the coach trip can we join you Suzanne enquired?

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Yes feel free I said Suzanne asked if I would like anything I said a latte would be nice and off she went Joanne smiled at me and said she was going for a swim she took off her top and then peeled off her tight denim shorts she was wearing a tiny black bikini she looked like a typical cheer leader about five foot four inches tall, tanned, long blonde hair fairly large boobs I would say F or double F the bikini top was very small just two triangles covering her nipples and the bottoms were just a small triangle and some string that vanished between her perfect buttocks she caught me staring she raised her eyebrows smiled and walked over to the pool and climbed in I tried to return to my book a few minutes later Suzanne returned with the coffees we sat and chatted for a while she then said she was having a swim and took off her top and shorts Suzanne was wearing a swimming costume she was five foot eight inches tall with blond hair she had a slim frame with massive boobs again I couldn't take my eyes off them a few hours later we were all sat talking and Suzanne was insisting she had a book I simply must read as it was near lunch she said we should eat together and we would call at her cabin and get the book we gathered our belongings Joanne said she was staying for another swim so Suzanne and me set off when we got to her cabin it was massive in comparison to mine it was a suite with a balcony she asked me to take a seat she found me the book and excused herself to get changed out of her wet costume she went into the bathroom I sat and read the back cover with some interest a few minutes later Suzanne appeared wearing a short white dressing gown she then sat next to me on the sofa it was quite apparent from her massive cleavage she was only wearing the dressing gown I smiled and complemented her on such a nice cleavage oh these where a present from my first husband he was a tit man in more ways than one!

We laughed would you like to see them she said undoing her dressing gown she cupped her breasts and held them towards me I reached out and squeezed one with my hand they are 38 double J she said nice and firm I added they can be a little awkward at times but men seem to like them Suzanne continued she then started rubbing my thigh with her hand her hand worked its way up to the bulge appearing in my shorts I see you like my tits she said mmmm I replied still squeezing and rubbing them she stood up took off her dressing gown she was now completely naked then she knelt in front of me undid my shorts and pulled them off releasing my now stiff cock she held it at the bottom pushed my thighs apart and took it in her mouth she managed to get it all in I could feel it slipping down her throat after a few sucks she took my glistening cock and trapped it between her huge boobs she squeezed them together and started wanking my eight inch member the tip was just protruding at the bottom of each stroke I leaned back and closed my eyes the sensation was magnificent as I neared my orgasm she started licking the tip this drove me over the edge I looked down as I came the first spurt hit her under the chin then more spurts showered down all over her tits I glanced over to the bed and saw Joanne sat on the edge of the bed with her legs open watching the show and rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottoms I panicked a little like a kid caught with his hand in the biscuit jar I looked back at Suzanne and she looked at Joanne she said you were right he has got a big cock she stood up and walked over to Joanne who stood up reached out and wiped up some of my cum from her mother's fake boobs she then licked it from her fingers saying mmmm tasty she then leaned in and licked it straight from her mother's neck and boobs I thought the whole scene was very erotic and started getting another erection Joanne saw this and said "My turn" she came over knelt down sand took my cock in her mouth she wrapped her fist tightly round my member and started wanking furiously until it was rock hard I looked over at Suzanne who was now sitting and watching the action whilst sliding two fingers in and out of her wet pussy Joanne undid her bikini top and threw it to one side then slipped off her bottoms all the time with my cock in her mouth she was making a lot of slurping noises she then sat down on my cock letting it's full length penetrate her sopping pussy she began to ride my member like she hadn't had a fuck for months I looked at Suzanne who was watching the show she pulled her wet fingers from her pussy and licked them Joanne leaned in and said in my ear do you like watching my mother suck her pussy juice from her fingers I nodded whilst she still rode my cock well you're going to love this then she said she raised herself off my cock and got down in-between my legs and started sucking on my balls and stroking the shaft Suzanne came over and took the head of my cock in her mouth licking her daughters juices off my cock she was taking most of it in her mouth she then stepped over and sat down hard and started to very expertly fuck me after a few minutes and a couple of orgasms Suzanne got off and Joanne began to furiously wank and suck at my wet cock until I moaned and came on her face with the first spurt then two more across her boobs she stood up and Suzanne said come here darling let me clean you up and started licking my cum from Joanne's face and boobs once she had a mouthful she kissed Joanne on the mouth and swapped all my cum into her mouth Joanne looked at me opened her mouth and showed it all to me then closed it and swallowed as she was rubbing her war clit she had an orgasm there and then I could see her subtle 6pack as her muscles tensed we all took a shower together and plenty of kissing and fondling went on both women came again and I came on Suzanne's massive boobs then dried off kissed them both and left for lunch.

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