Menina gamer sendo comida pelo irmao

Menina gamer sendo comida pelo irmao
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The next few days go by and now the Monday before New Years Eve. Uncle Damien told me he be back next month to check up on me and gave me his phone number just in case. I am at Mina's and she is all smiles when she sees me. She gives me a hug and as me come into the living room.

Her parents greet me with smiles and I sit in my normal spot. Mina first sees that I lost some weight and gets worried. She goes and gets me a piece of cake not a little piece but a medium size piece. She sets the plate in my lap and tells me to start eating. Zan, Helen, and Mina start telling me how their visit went and that their family wants to meet me. I give them a look and then lower my fork. I think Mina catches my expression and gasps.

Even her parents catch my expression. " What's wrong Alex, did we say anything wrong?" Zan asks me all concerned I shake my head no and feel my eyes start to water.

I feel emotional all of the sudden. Mina scoots over to me and Helen gets up and gets on other side of me. They try to calm me down so I can continue to eat and talk.

After a few moments i'm calm enough to continue eating the piece of cake and speak. " It's just you really want to be seen with me Mina?" I ask with a little sadness in my voice " Yes Alex, what's come over you did something happen while I was gone?" She in a wanting to know tone asked " Nonot really except the sheriff pulled over as I was walking and invited me to a Christmas Party at the police station.

While I was there enjoying the food there was different families enjoying the day. Watching them all made me remember how life was before my dad's accident." I explained " Aww Alex I am sorry I wasn't around hun." Mina tells me holding my arm with hers. " No it's ok Mina you needed to see your family. I am not sad of that it's just what Uncle Damien said what happened when he was at mom's before spending Christmas weekend with me." I explained to them as I finished eating.

" He did that was very nice of your Uncle." Mina with a smile said " Yes and he told me how everyone reacted to him telling them off in a way." I stated smiling After some more talk I informed Mina that Friday being New Years Eve I wanted to spend the day and evening with her. She looked wide eyed and her parents smiled. For some odd reason I think they knew what I had planned. Mina then smiled and wanted to know where she wanted to meet.

I thought for a moment and said there a park down from where she drops me off.

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I told her to meet me there Friday at 1 p.m. She said she wouldbut wanted to hang out until then I told her of course with a smile. That night Her parents insisted I stay the night so they could get to know me better like how my family are and what they do.

I told them about my family and all. They listened intently and gave me a small grin. But when I spoke of what happened to my dad they had sadden looks on their faces. The next few days went and it was Friday. I stood by a tree that faced the parking spaces and waited. About 12:55 p.m.

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Mina showed up and parked in the spot in front of me. She had a smile getting out of her car. She got up to me and gave me a hug and backed up and looked into my eyes. She asked me where we were going.

I told her it was a secret and asked her if she trusted me. She gave me a look and smiled and said she trusted me completely. I pulled a blindfold out and she acknowledged it. " What's that for Alex?" Mina asked me confused " Minafor you to go with me to hiding place, I have to blindfold you it was the deal Uncle Damien made." I explained to her a little scared she would say no She stood there for a moment then nodded her head yes.

I placed the blindfold over her eyes and took her hand. " You can't see can you Mina?" in a wondering voice asked " No Alex I can't see anything." She answered me with a bit of curiosity " Okjust trust me and let me be your eyes and I will help you when we get there also." I told her with a grin she couldn't see We started walking through the woods.

She kept hold of my hand while I walked us to my hideout. I made sure she didn't hit any trees or saplings. She kept asking me how far I told her not to much farther. It took actually 7 minutes to get to the hideout. I helped her in guiding her down the ladder. Once inside I told her to wait and not move yet. She said ok and I gave her a kiss on her lips and said I be right back. I went and lit the candles like Uncle Damien told me. I made sure the air mattress was still up and it was.

I went back to her and guided her over to the cot and sat her down. I took the blind fold off and it took a moment for her eyes to adjust. Once she could see she let out a gasp. What she saw was red candles, rose petals on the floor and a air mattress, and the dozen roses in my hand.

She gave me a big smile and took the roses. " They are beautiful Alex, but what's the occasion." She smiled asking me " Mina there something that I need to ask you, but please listen first." I exclaimed to her " Ok Alex hun." She responded with a nod I got in front of her on my knees.

I took her hands and looked in her eyes. " Mina since the day after my um.beating, you have been there every step of the way.

You have stood up for me at times and encouraged me. Mina the passed months have been so wonderful being around you. I care so much about you and do I say this." I explained with a slight grin She listened to me intently and smiled.

" Yes, keep going hun, how do you say what." She encouraged me with a smile I was on my knees thinking of the words, I took a deep breath and continued. " Mina all the times with have hung out together and the times we just watched t.v. with your parents was very nice. And last week when you were gone it made me realize something and opened my eyes.

Mina I love you, will you be the sun that warms my skin, the moon that guides me at night, the stars that twinkle in my eyes, and the love that's in my heart. Mina will you be all those and go out with me as the young woman that captured my heart?" I asked with a scared smile She looked at me wide eyed and then got on her knees stared in my eyes and then she kissed me passionately.

She kept the kiss lingering as I returned it. We held each other for what seemed for ever. When she broke the kiss she looked in my eyes and smiled.

" Yes Alex baby I will be all those and more." She answered me so sweetly " will?" I asked her with a wondering look We helped each other up on to the cot.

She snuggled up to me as we sat there. " Alexyou don't know how long I have waited for you to ask. I have been in love with you the past month and a half." She confessed to me smiling " You have?" I asked her shocked " Yes, Baby I have, but it started with that first kiss under the tree." She exclaimed with a smile I just smiled as she was in my arms.


We kissed and talkedshe told me her parents so much cared and loved me. They thought I was the one for their daughter. I had to admit at first I was scared of her dad, but that changed over a month. As the day went on with us talking I looked at the clock and it showed 5 p.m. I asked if she was hungry she responded a little.


I got up and went to cook something for us. She came in and asked if I wanted help. I turned and said sure darlin. She just smiled and started helping. She started fixing some hamburger up and I did the fries. She then gave me a look that looked seductive. " Baby we're not going anywhere tonight are we?" She asked me with curious look " No, not unless you have to go home darlin." I answered her with a smile " No oddly I can't explain it, but Dad and mom told me stay the weekend with you to bring the New year in right and special." She told me sweetly " Wow, I didn't see that coming, why did you want to know?" in a concerned look I asked " You think you could go get my bag out of the car and lock it for me while I finish our dinner." She smiled asking me " Suredo I need your keys?" I wondered smiling She shook her head no and gave me a quick kiss thanking me.

I went and put my jacket back on and went out. It took me 30 minutes round trip to get back. I made sure the car was locked. As I went in the hide out I looked for Mina. I yelled for her and she said she was in the bathroom.

I set her bag on one of the cot's and went to find our food was done. She walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed my neck.

I turned and saw her in only her panties. My eyes went wide, she asked if I liked. All I did was nod my head yes. She started taking my jacket and shirt off.Once they were off she went to my jeans and found I had nothing on under them. She smiled big and wide. She licked her lips and said she would have to get me for dessert. She wanted me to stay naked since it was warm in the place.

I agreed with her and went up to her. She was surprised when I got down on my knees and put my thumbs in the hem of her panties and pulled them down. She stepped out of them and helped me up. We Kissed each other and broke it and went to eat. The cot was big for both of us.

We straddled the cot and our food in front of us facing each other. We talked about what we wanted the new year to bring. She said she would like us to go beyond Boyfriend and Girlfriend if that was possiblebecause she would never hurt me or leave me that wasn't her. I told her I would like the same.

To wake up everyday with her and go to bed at night with her in my arms. She gave me a big smile ear to ear. After we got done eating I went to put some music on. It was a cassette with love songs. I took her hands and helped her up and placed my hands on her hips and she placed her arms around my neck.

Her breast were against my chest. It felt so nice to have her in my arms. She placed her head on my right shoulder as we dance. We let the words of each song speak for us. She placed her feet on top of mine. They felt so soft that she never moved them. After awhile she wanted to cuddle up on the air mattress and just enjoy the feeling of being finally together.

I looked at my watch and saw it was 11p.m. I told her the time and she gave me a seductive smile. I asked her what and she said I would see. She started kissing her way down. My lips, my right earlobe, my neck, my chest, my belly button, then she slid her tongue from my belly button to my manhood.

She spread my legs and got between them. She started licking my balls and slowly up to the underside of my cock with her hands behind her back. I just watched in amazement as she licked all over the shaft and the head.

I gave out a moan when she got to the head of my dick. She looked up at me and smiled then with her lips she took the head of my cock and lowered her mouth around it. I gave another moan. I could feel her twirl her tongue around the underside and she started to suck on me.

I felt her hands go to my chest as she massaged my chest all I could do was hold onto the sheets that was on the bed. Her touches were driving me crazy. She was working me in her warm, wet mouth. The way she was doing this was amazing and wonderful. She didn't do this before like this night. She moved her right hand to my shaft that wasn't in her mouth, and her left to my balls.

She was making sure that I was pleasured. I could feel the top of her throat. She gave a moan and when she did oh god it vibrated. The vibration hit the head of my cock sent a sensation through me. I started to girate my hips up and down. She started to bob her head up and down faster.

I could feel myself getting close. I know she wanted what was hers now officially. I placed my hands on her head letting her know I was close. I ran my fingers through her hair. She didn't let up any on me.

Her tongue was twirling all over my cock under and over. I could feel my balls tighten up. My cock throbbed in her mouth. She eased some of me keeping the head in her mouth. She stroke me fast and at that moment I couldn't hold it much longer.

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" Oh fuck.Minaaaa" I yelled loudly I erupted in her mouth. My cum going down her throat like a river. It has been awhile since Mina and I did anything intimate. She sucked me milking my cock getting what was hers. After a few minutes she got up on her knees sitting on her legs. She opened her mouth to show me my cum then she swallowed it all. She kept stroking me to get me hard. She asked me what time it was and I told her 11:30 p.m. she gave me a smile, crawled up to me and kissed my lips while on her hands and knees.

She broke the kiss and smiled. " Baby, since we are finally together I want you inside me at midnight to celebrate our love coming together. Like coupling our love to a new level." She smiled at me saying " So our first memory as a couple is the start of a new year right?" I grinned at her asking " Yes baby exactly, but when and I mean when we get married I want to conceive our baby." She told me seductively I gave her a big smile and pulled her to me for a kiss.

she kept stroking me and at that moment I was hard.

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She wanted to be on top so I let her. Mina straddled my waist and reached between us. She lined me up and looked in my eyes and said she loved me before lowering her pussy down on my hard cock. She slowly started rocking back and forth, placing her hands on my chest. I reached up and started massaging her breast. The feelings we were sharing were genuine this wasn't for me, and it wasn't for her. This was for both of us, to show how much we loved each other.

And yes I loved her she was my hope and my beacon in the dark. She was moving around on me. Making circles on my cock with her pussy. Her clit rubbing against me. She didn't need oral to get wet she was already from giving me oral. Her nipples were hard and erect. I massaged them with my fingers. She gave out a loud moan that was so sexy.

She was digging her finger nails into my chest. I looked up in her eyes as she looked down into mine. And all I saw was love and desire. She raised her hips and was rubbing her g spot up and down on my cock. Oh god her moving like she was causing the head of my cock want more. We were both moaning loudly. " Baby.oh god.what.shit .time" Mina moaned asking me I looked at my watch and it showed 11:59 p.m.

I told her and she slowed a bit. She reached behind her and prop herself up still working my cock with her beautiful pussy. I counted down the seconds. She started speeding up a bit again. At 12 midnight she moaned Happy New Yearas did I. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her down ward at that time we both came. " Oh .cummmminggggggg." Mina moaned so loudly " Me.toooooo." I loudly moaned I could feel her gush on my cock and balls.

And I erupted deep inside her holding her hips down. She looked down in my eyes and I looked up in hers.

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We both said I love you to each other. She collapsed on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her, keeping her ever so close to me.We just laid there catching our breathes. I could feel her smiling on my chest. She was still milking me for every drop of cum that was hers. After about thirty minutes she got up and asked me to stand up with her.

She went to flip the cassette over and push play. She want to dance after we made love. We kissed while we danced it felt so wonderful to actually have someone that felt as I did. And Mina was that someone she wanted to be intimate and loving. She wasn't scared to see my body, actually she loved my body. Our kiss lasted a few moments.

She smiled looking into my eyes. " I love you Alex my love." Mina lovingly said to me " I love you my beautiful loving Mina." I expressed saying to her She smiled when I said that to her looking in her eyes. We danced for a bit more when she felt my cum running down her legs. She went to the little bathroom and cam back with a wash cloth. She cleaned my cock with it then her pussy.

I got on the air mattress and she followed me on the bed. We cuddled up together and kissed. She reached down and got the cover and pulled it up over us. She laid her head on my shoulder and placed her arm over my chest. We fell asleep like that.

With smiles on our faces. It was two weeks later and during those two weeks her parents were so happy for us they held a party. They wanted to show us they approved of us being together. The party was wonderful and nice. They invited a few people that they knew. And Mina and I was toasted to. It was nice to not have to feel unwanted or unneeded.

Her parents were awesome and caring. That night they gave me a key to the house saying I was welcome anytime. I accepted it with gratitude and thankfulness. Mina was all smiles and very happy that her parents was accepting us as a couple. It was the 3rd week of January that I would find things would change.

Mina said she would meet me at the park. I was standing up against a tree when I saw Mina's car coming up to where I was. But there was another car coming behind her and the car parked a space beside her. Mina got out of her car slowly and her facial expression gave me a sense that something wasn't right.

Stepping out of the other car was Chase and Maxine. Maxine hurried over to Mina and grabbed her right arm. Mina struggledbut Maxine held on tight. I looked at Maxine coldly and she gave me a look that showed a bit of fear.

Chase came walking over to where I wasbut kept a little distance. He was smiling at me oddly. Maxine walked up beside him was Mina in tow. " Alex, Alex, Alex hows it going man?" In a sarcasm way he asked " What do you want Chase?" I asked in a annoyed tone " Well I am here to tell you that David insist that you learn a few things called respect." Chase said with a evil grin " Well like what since none of you ever gave me respect, except three did at one time and one of them is here now." in a clarifying voice I told him looking at Maxine " Alex I still respect you." Maxine in a defensive way said " Yeah you use tobut not in the past how many months.

And the way you treating Mina shows me different." Saying my observation to her Maxine gasp at my words that I guess cut her in a bad way. She let go of Mina and just stood there with her head lowered. Chase noticed and took hold of Mina's arm that was next to him. Mina's face showed fear and her eyes were telling me not to get hurt.

She loved me so much that seeing me get hurt would scare her deeply. Chase just stared at me and smiled again. " Wimp you need to go back home, seems your mom isn't being so nice in the bedroom with Russ." Chase explained telling me " Chase you said respect and that doesn't count so come out with it." I was saying in a irritated way " It is respect, and you will go home and be the good son and be happy the way things are.

Or we take your girlfriend here and have our fun, and you know how David, Zack and I have fun." with a laugh Chase said " NoI would never have you touch me asshole." Mina exclaimed struggling Chase turned to her and slapped her which got a gasp out of Maxine.

" Yes you will bitch, after today you will be mine." he told Mina sternly I don't know what came over mebut him slapping my love and calling her that name made me react. I was running at him I took his left shin out with a running kick. He let go of Mina's arm to bend down and hold his knee as he screamed. I brought my right knee up into his chest and he went backward. I rammed into him shoving him back onto the hood of Mina's car. My blood was running hot.

My temper was showing a side of me I didn't know existed. I saw Chase lieing on his back on the hood holding his chest. I leapt in the air bringing my right knee into his stomach with my fist into his face. I made contact with both. I mounted his stomach and started pummeling him. Each impact with fueling me. I brought both my hands together and kept giving him a beating. I was putting all I had in me into each hit.

Keeping my legs up against his sides I kept him down on the hood. I felt my hands start to become numb with each impact to his face. I backed up a bit and started on his ribs.

He was screaming loudly like a little baby. After what felt like ever I felt hands pulling me off him. He slowly slid off the car hood and held his chest and ribs. I noticed Mina and Maxine holding me.

Mina jerked me out of Maxine's hands and held me. She looked in my eyes and say my own shocked look. She pulled me close to her and told me to relax and breath. I took in some slow breathes and felt pain in my arms and hands. I backed up a few steps and brought my hands up to look at them. I saw blood and blue spots. Mina looked also and gasped. Maxine was just standing there shocked. " Baby your fingers looked jammed and you have cuts. They need doctored honey." Mina expressed her words to me " No, hospital Mina." I said in pain " Mina." Maxine in a low voice said " What Maxine.

What do you want." Mina coldly said to Maxine " I was just going to suggest Terra she could doctor Alex's hands." She suggested softly Mina looked at her intently and I just stood there wondering if I could go there. Mina gave me a look of concern.

" Baby I hate to say it but I agree, Maxine is right your mom needs to doctor your hands." Mina expressed to me I thought of her words and just nodded. She took me to the passenger side of her car and had me to get in. She went back to the driver side and was about to get in when Maxine spoke. " Mina can I come along?" In a soft voice Maxine asked Mina stood there thinking I guess.

She looked at Maxine sternly, but didn't glance away. " Maxine, get this straight, you have been distant to Alex and I. You been hanging with some that treat my baby like shit." Mina with anger said to Maxine Maxine gave her a wide eyed shocked look.

Then she lowered her head and said words that seemed genuine. " I am truly sorry Mina, but please let me come along." Maxine pleaded looking at the ground Mina kept looking into Maxine's eyes and stood there with the door open so I could hear them talking.

" Maxine, If you are really truly sorry for all you have done and the way you treated us then get in, but it will take a long while to earn our trust back." Mina explained to Maxine " Okay Mina and I will do my best to show I am sorry for all I have done." Maxine proclaimed to Mina Mina got in the driver seat while Maxine got in the back.

We left Chase there to fend for himself. It was quiet going to my mom's except for the winces of pain that came from me. After 20 minutes Mina pulled up in front of mom's. I didn't consider it my home still. Because I still felt unwanted. Mina and Maxine helped me outbecause I couldn't bend my fingers all that well. We walked up to the front door and Mina knocked on the door. I turned and noticed mom's car was there. After a few moments the door opened and there stood mom.

She looked different and sad. " Mina, Maxine what is wrong why are you both here?" Mom asked in a concerned tone " Terra we need your help.actually Alex needs your help." Mina said explaining " What, where is he, what happened?" In a panic voice Mom asked At that moment Mina and Maxine stepped aside and I stood there. Mom stared at me intently looking at my face. I have lost a little weight here and there, but she could still see it was me.

She came up to me and shyly hugged me. I could feel a few tears starting to fall on my shoulder. She backed up and looked sad. " Why won't you hug me, have I hurt you that bad that you don't want me as your mother anymore." with tears mom asked me I stood there shocked and stunned. I shook my head and brought up my hands. She gasped at what she saw. My fingers looked like they swelled a little bit. She had us to come in the house and told me to sit on the couch.

She went to get here first aid kit.

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Mina sat on my right with her left arm around my back. Maxine sat in mom's chair just staying quiet. Mom came back and started on doctoring my hands. She hand Mina hold me while she pulled the fingers that were jammed. I screamed like never I did in awhile. Mina was rubbing my back trying to calm me down. Mom was bandaging me up and was shaking a bit. She wanted to know what happened.

Mina and Maxine explained all that happened. That Chase was taunting me and he slapped Mina and the name calling. And how I just lost it and stood up for Mina and myself. Mom gave me a shocked look and then I saw something I haven't seen in a long while a small smile. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my cheek.

After she was done doctoring my hands she went and put the first aid kit up and came back and sat back by me. The whole time it was like standing on shaking ground. It was hard to find the words to speak. but it was mostly Mina and Maxine talking. Mom seemed to want to talk, but didn't want to push me into a conversation. It was about a two hours later there was a knock at the door. Mom went and answered it leaving Mina and I on the couch and Maxine in the chair. She came back with Sheriff Aaron following her.

Mom came and sat by me and asked what his visit was about. He explained that Chase reported that I started a fight and beat him up. Mina and Maxine stepped in and explained what all really went on.

He listened to them strongly and after they were done he looked at me. " Alex I still need to take you in for questioning." He told me in a serious voice " Wait.what we told you everything that happened. Alex was defending me and himself." Mina was telling Aaron " I understand you are standing up for your friend Alex Miss." Aaron exclaimed to Mina " He is my Boyfriend Sheriffand more then that to me, please don't take him from me." Mina in tears was saying " Miss I will bring him backI just need to ask him some questions." Aaron reassured Mina I stood up looking at Mina.

She stood up and I hugged and kissed her deeply. After a minute I broke the kiss and looked in her eyes. " You will wait here for me won't you darlin?" in a sad voice asked Mina " Yes baby, I will be here waiting. Then after where do you want to go?" Mina asked assuring me " I guess back to my hiding place." I told her Mom caught what I said and spoke up. " Alex you can stay here at home. It's always been your home." Mom told me standing " I don't knowthe past months I have been told differently.

And what happened at Thanksgiving showed me." I said with a sad expression " Alex please, your my son and I have missed you so much. I feel lost when your not here." She explained saying to me " I.I don't know, things still feel the same." I told her feeling still unwanted Her eyes seemed moist like she was about to cry.

I turned to the sheriff and said I was ready. He gently took my arm and escorted me to the door. I could hear silent sobs behind me. We got out the door and to his car. He placed me in the back without handcuffs. I looked up at the front door and saw Mom holding Mina like she was giving her support. Maxine also holding Mina. I sat there hoping Mina would be safe here. It was about thirty minutes later I was seated in a room with a big mirror. Aaron was seated across from me asking me questions.

I answered them honestly and he listened. Awhile later the door opened and a female officer walked in carrying three paper bags. She emptied them placing the food in front of me. I just gave Aaron and her looks. Aaron nodded to me and the female officer nodded also. Aaron thanked Chloe and she walked out the door smiling to me.

I looked at the food and started eating. I didn't eat anything all day up until now. He discussed a few things to me. I was on the 3rd and last burger when he caught me off guard.

" You will go home everyday after school not to the place your granddad had built." He was telling me with a grin I just looked up at him with a shocked face. I asked how did he know, all he said not to worry that he wouldn't tell. At that moment I knew he must be trusting. After three burgers, two things of fries, a milk shake, and a large Dr. pepper I was totally full.

My stomach felt like it would bust. Aaron just looked at me astonished at how much I ate.

We talked for awhile longer him telling me that he took care of Chase telling him he must of said or done something to provoke me. Aaron told me all Chase did was give a blank look and a growl as to feeling defeated. Good to his word Aaron was taking me back to my mom'sbut he made a detour and stopped in front of a gym. " Everyday at 7 p.m. you will show up here to work out, train how to defend yourself right. Your hands could of been worse." Aaron tells me explaining I gave him a quiet ' Okay ' as he drove out of the parking lot of the gym.

Not to long after the gym he pulled up in front of my mom's. He reminded me about what he asked of me and I promised I would do as he asked.

He told me to have a nice night and he see me tomorrow. After getting out of his car I watched as he drove off. I looked over and saw Mina's car still here and went up to the door. I turned the doorknob and opened the door. I didn't know how to feel walking back in this house, but I promised Aaron I would. I shut the door behind me and locked it.

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I walked into the living room and saw Mina, Maxine, and Mom all sitting on the couch. Mina saw me and came to me fast. She hugged me so tight I told her I needed to breath.

She eased up somebut still hugged me. I gave her a kiss that felt so wonderful. She broke the hug and kiss and started to take me to the couchbut I pulled her to my old chair and sat with her in my lap.

I noticed mom had a sad look in her eyes. Mina I think noticed to, but she didn't say anything. Mina informed me she called her parents and told them she was staying with me for a few days to make sure my hands heal right. Mom got up and walked over in front of my chair and leaned over and kissed my cheek then stood back up and went up the stairs with tears. I looked at Mina and Maxine and they had sad looks. After several moments Mina suggested we go up to my room and talk. Maxine, Mina, and I were sitting on my bed talking.

They filled me in that mom really missed me and has hardly ate. She doesn't feel the sameshe just going through the motions like work, home, sleep and starts the whole thing over the next day. They say Russ has been a little hard on her saying she needs to straighten up and try to be more of a girlfriend. They were telling me all this and the more I didn't like the guy. Then their conversation turned to Maxine. Maxine stayed quiet while Mina told me things I didn't know. She told me that Maxine had a crush on me for years that it turned into love that she was scared to say anything of taking the chance of losing me.

I just went wide eyed looking at Maxine with shocked. I was floored by all this. Maxine looked at me in a wondering gaze.

Mina gave me a small smile like saying it's ok. I told them both I need some air and they both gave me a concerned look. I told them I would just be out front and not far. I am standing outside my back up against the wall of the house. Looking up I see the moon shining bright and the stars twinkling strongly. I stood here thinking that Mina and Maxine both loved me, but I was with Mina first how could I have two girlfriends that is if I asked Maxine.

Was all this truly real. I started thinking of what dad or Uncle Damien would say about all this. As my mind was wondering what to do I felt a arm wrap around me. I looked and it was Mina. She was giving me a small smile again.

She came closer to me and wrapped her other arm around me. " Baby what are you thinking about?" She asked me concerned " All that you told me about Maxine seems weird. How could that really work I mean you and I know we want to be forever, but Maxine?" I left it as a question I needed to know She looked into my eyes and let out a sigh. " Baby, you know I am deeply in love with you and to me love can be strong even if there is another to love." Mina was explaining to me then added " Honey, Maxine has been your best friend for years, even though lately things have slipped between you both she feels so bad because she hurt you.

All I can say is give her a chance. Let her love she has for you heal the hurt, let her show that love." I stood there listening and thought all those years of growing up with Maxine seemed so right. At that moment Maxine came out and found us up by the wall of the house. She walked over to us and lowered her head. " MinaAlex I think i'm going to walk home. I am just being in the way and you both need some time for yourselves." in a sad soft voice Maxine said to us Mina looks at Maxine and asked her to go back in the house and to my bedroom and wait.

Mina told Maxine she wanted to talk to me. Maxine nodded her head and went back in the house. Mina waited a moment and started to express how she felt.

Mina started to tell me that she knows deep in my heart that I had feelings for Maxine. Because I couldn't let six years of friendship end like it would of. I listened to what all she was telling me.

She went on to say to give Maxine a chance and to let love heal what Maxine hurt. Let it heal the last several months and let Maxine back into my heart that beats.

Mina also expressed that Maxine has been jealous since she watched Mina and I the night of the school dance. I gave Mina a shocked look in which Mina just smiled. It seems Mina liked another woman to watch and since it was Maxine it was a thrill to know. Maxine rested her head on my left shoulder and massaged the spot over my heart.

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She continued by saying that my heart was big for two young women that wanted to be with me and to let the second one in. I stood there thinking that maybe I should. Maxine has been a big part of my life and I just couldn't dump her out of my life.

I held Mina with my arms around her. We stood there for a while longer and then went back in the house. As we entered my bedroom there was Maxine on the edge of the bed. She was staring at the floor with her hands in her lap. Mina shut the door and led me over and we stood in front of Maxine. I just looked down at the one best friend I missed. Her hair just above her shoulders. I missed the times seeing it flow in the wind. Maxine raised her head and looked up into my eyes. I could see she was feeling hurt for all she had done and wanted to love me.

I looked in Mina's eyes and saw what she was telling me. Mina gave me a smile with a nod and I turned and looked at Maxine. She had a few tears slowly sliding down her beautiful face. At that moment I felt a urge to hold her in my arms. I got down on my knees in front of her and wrapped my arms around her. She let the tears fall saying she missed me so much and kept apologizing to me over and over.

I told her I missed her also and wanted my best friend back. She confessed she loved me and wanted to spend the rest of her life standing by my side. I told her this was the first step to that journey in life. Mina took a few steps and sat by Mina and wrapped her arms around us both. We stayed like that for awhile until Mina said it was a long day and lets get some sleep. We were all three laying in bed under the covers talking. Maxine and Mina expressed there would be no jealousy and that we would have a equal love between the three of us.

I was between them both on in each arm and their heads on my shoulders. I noticed Maxine looking at me and into my eyes. " Alex today when you was hitting and kicking Chase what came to start all that?" She asked in a soft concerned voice I saw her eyes expressed wonder and concerned. I laid there thinking of that moment earlier when I stood up to Chase.

It felt so good getting back at him for all the times I got shoved by him and David. I looked back in her eyes and answered. " Maxine he slapped the woman I love and it hit me totally wrong. I just couldn't let him get away with it." I responded with a stern expression " Would you have done the same if it was me getting slapped?" She asked softly " Yes I would of Maxine we are best friends even if the past few months were awkward." Telling her with a sad voice We all talked a little bit longer then they both fell asleep on me.

i just kept looking at each of them Mina then Maxine. Their soft breathing relaxing me so much. I thought of how this new year started and how things some things felt right. Holding Mina and Maxine was that right feeling. What did the future bring I had no clue, but if it had these two beautiful young women in it I know my heart was healing. Tomorrow would be the start of my going to the gym and being trained by Aaron. Also Valentine's Day was next month and knew at that exact moment I had to make it special.

I gave Mina and Maxine's forehead's a kiss and said in a quiet voice good night. I went to sleep with a smile on my face and two hearts beating with mine. To Be Continued.