Kinsey Sue fucks the Champions League final

Kinsey Sue fucks the Champions League final
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Kim is a very sexy woman.

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At 5'6" with a set of 36D tits, a perfect black ass, a hairless smooth cunt, and a set of legs smoother then brand new glass she is most men's wet dream. Her skin is a light brown the color of a good cup of coffee. Her nipples are rather large even for most black women at about 3 inches in diameter and they harden fully when she's aroused. This is the story of one day this beautiful goddess had one of her fantasies happen.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kim had been walking home from work thinking about how much she wanted her boyfriend to bury his cock between her legs when she was jumped from behind.

A cloth covered her mouth before darkness. She was puzzled when she woke up groggily. All she could remember was walking past an alley by her house and then nothing. She opened her eyes or tried too. Her heart began to race thudding in her chest. 'I'm blind!!!' Her mind yelled. Then she noticed a fabric across her eyes and realized she was just blindfolded, somehow this calmed her down just a little.

That is until she tried to move her arms and legs and realized she was tied down. That was when she started to thrash and yell causing her to realize she was naked. When her screams came out as a muffled sound she realized there was a wet soft cloth ball in her mouth gagging her that tasted kind of good. She began to get wet when she realized her predicament because she had always fantasized about being tied down and fucked.

A chuckle sounded from somewhere around her and she TRIED to say 'Who's there'. Again her voice came out muffled. She jumped when a masculine hand stroked her face gently as if afraid to hurt her. It slowly wormed its way down her body to her breasts and began stroking them worshipfully. Her cunt flooded and she blushed ashamed of her body's reaction to this. Another hand joined the first in its massage of her breasts. Skillful fingers traced in just the right places pinching and flicking her nipples.

When they hardened enough the hands left only to be replaced shortly by two rubber coated clamps. Kim winced slightly in pain and groaned when it felt something like pleasure. The hands returned pulled lightly on the clamps causing Kim to thrash lightly in alarm at the pain.

The hands left the clamps where they were and stroked her body lightly down to her cunt and then avoiding it just barely they stroked her legs. Kim moaned as a mouth began sucking on the hollow of her throat and she started moaning through the gag a little louder.

The hands gripped her ass and pulled her up hard so her cunt was met with the abdomen of her captor. The captor nipped at the hollow then got up. Kim groaned loudly causing another chuckle from her captor. Kim heard a shuffling of things on a metal table and then a small squirt.

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"This pain your about to feel is a drug being injected into your system. It will make every pleasurable thing you feel multiply by five. It will also make you insatiably horny until I inject you with its antidote," Her captors voice said "Of course I could just release you without giving you the antidote… wouldn't that be fun?" It sounded oddly familiar.

Then she felt a prick in her clit and began thrashing but a hand pushed her down firmly and held her still until she felt a liquid flowing into her clit. A heat radiated from her cunt pulsing through her body making her nipples harden and her pussy get engorged on blood and even her legs to tighten and loosen in anticipation.

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Her clit quickly hardened to its full extent and extended a full half inch from the hood blood pulsing in it. The hands returned yet again to place another clamp that exuded a slightly lower pressure was placed on her clit. This made her buck as a small orgasm flowed through her body due to the mixed pain and enhanced pleasure. A tongue began teasing her crotch. Her shaved pussy quivered from eagerness to have something buried in its hot soaking wet depths. The tongue continued to tease her with barely touching licks along her inner thighs and then one long one right up her cunt causing her body to explode in pleasure as a huge orgasm enhanced by the drug ripped through her body.

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Her captor removed her gag and gave her a fierce passionate kiss before he moved off. "Please, oh PLEASE fuck me sir. FUCK ME PLEASE!!!!" She begged heavily. She would be ashamed of this later right now but right now she didn't care she just wanted to be fucked.

Fucked hard and ragged like a naughty little slut.

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A chuckle sounded in the air again making her think of where she heard it before her captor slid a small vibrator into her ass and turned in on high. This caused yet another huge orgasm once again enhanced. When she came down off her high what felt like an eternity later she felt a hard cock pressing against her cunt. "Beg for it my little slut beg for it," Her captor's voice rang out.

She complied easily. "Please oh please shove your hard cock into your slut's soaking wet cunt," She moaned out.


"Beg and call me master," The voice rang again and again she complied desperate to get something in her to douse that insatiable fire. "Master shove your cock into your sluts cunt please oh god please," She yelled. The cock at her cunt shoved into her pussy hard and fast hitting her cervix.

Her pussy was stretched to accommodate this foreign cock. She felt full and was highly satisfied when the cock began thrusting in and out causing an orgasm with every thrust due to the drug.

She was fucked ragged for 15 minutes moaning like a whore and screaming in pleasure 'MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!' when her newly named master came deep inside her cunt causing the biggest orgasm so far. The man leaned over and kissed her gently and starting at her feet he removed her bonds then before her arms he removed the blindfold revealing a very familiar face.

It was her lover, her man, and her loving boyfriend Tim. He was smiling lightly and kissed her again before removing her arm restraints and getting tackled mounted again to fuck again with Kim kissing him passionately before he stabbed the tip of another needle into her injecting the drug that would counteract the one making her insatiable before continuing to make love to his goddess.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The End.


Or is it? That readers is entirely up to you.