Ella se la juega pero le falta un toro

Ella se la juega pero le falta un toro
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Ex-Daughter Grown Up, Part 9 Sex and Love Continues (Introduction: if you have read parts 1-8, you will know the people involved: a husband back working in the country he loves and where his grown-up 17y.o. step-daughter from a previous marriage has arranged for her 'daddy' to be taken care of by others…lots of them, and now I am flying to the Company's Hanoi office where Tinh, the receptionist and younger sister of Liem at the office I have just left, and Linh, their mother, housekeeper at my hotel, have both taken care of me before&hellip.and where my ex-wife, Ha, surprised me by being at the same hotel&hellip.) "Ha, yes, what a surprise, are you back for more business?

I just flew in from our other office, rough few days, and I am tired as hell, think I'll go straight up and go to sleep. How long are you here for, maybe we can meet tomorrow?" I knew I was babbling in my confusion, but I couldn't stop, and the more Ha stood right in front of me, the more flustered I became and she knew it. "Anh, calm down, it's just me!

I am here for the weekend, back to HCMC Monday and go home to Melbourne next week. Are you pleased?" I didn't answer, not sure if she was asking am I pleased to see her now, or pleased she was returning home to Australia. The Receptionist handed me my key, and a boy was waiting to carry my bags for me, so I mumbled a 'maybe see you for dinner tomorrow, if you aren't busy' and followed him, unable to avoid hearing Ha saying to my back "Oh, Anh, if you need to talk, I am in room 323 that's next to yours, isn't that nice!" I entered the elevator, turning to find her standing there looking at me: god, she makes me want her I thought, as the doors closed.

It was time for an early night, but I was hungry so phoned for a steak sandwich, remembering last time here they had made it really well; I asked for it well done, and when told 15 minutes, decided to unpack and have a quick shower.

I was done when the food arrived, grabbed one of the beers Tinh had thoughtfully bought for me I have to get some money tomorrow, I told myself again and watched the news for a while as I ate, but my mind was on Ha. Well it was until a knock came at the door and I opened it to find Linh, Tinh and Liem's mother; she was still in her uniform but looked ready to go home, so I guessed her shift had finished.

I invited her in. "Nice to see you, Linh, but I thought you were unwell, and Liem was looking after you at home?" "I wasn't well with 'flu for a few days, but came back here to work yesterday; I am fine now, Anh, thank you. Tinh told me you were checking in, so I wanted to say 'Hello, and good night' when I finished my shift, so I am glad you are not asleep, as it is very nice to see you again." I looked at her, at the zipper down the front of her uniform which I knew opened to big, big breasts, topped with long nipples, and a pussy hairier than most I knew.

My cock began tenting in my shorts, and I got up from the sofa, taking my empty plate to the table and getting another beer, water for Linh, hoping to calm down before I turned and went back to the sofa, sitting beside Linh but not too closely, not sure what, if anything, she wanted, but guessing it was closeness.

She sighed, and when I looked, she smiled and said "Sorry, a little tired, ready to shower and sleep and you, Anh?" I showered before my dinner came, but yes, I am ready for sleep and have an early start in the morning." She took a deep breath, "Can I shower here and sleep here, with you Anh, I have missed you cuddling my body since last time, and I would like to feel that again when I sleep, ok?" "Yes, Chi, we can sleep, and I will cuddle you; I also remember it was very nice, and I guess you have been lonely for a long time, but I don't know I am your answer for the future, Linh, so I don't want you to be hurt if you do this." She smiled, wistfully, leaned over to kiss me lightly and hold my head in her hands, "You are a nice man, Anh Steve, but don't worry, just to sleep with a nice man is a great comfort now and again.

I'll go and shower now." She kissed me again, and left for the bathroom, and I laughed and said "If there's no soap or shampoo, you need complain to the housekeeper!" She laughed and responded indignantly "I do a good job in every room, Anh, so there need be no complaints!" I finished my beer, tidied up, checked my clothes for the morning and set my alarm.

When I heard the shower turn off, I turned on the bedside lamp and the main room light off, and waited to use the bathroom and clean my teeth. Linh emerged, wrapped in a towel and smiled shyly as she passed me to the bed, and I turned for the bathroom. She called to me "Anh, could you hang this up please keep the housekeeper happy!" I turned to catch the towel she threw, as she slipped her naked body under the covers of the bed; "Which side do you want, Anh?" I laughed and pointed to the right side of the bed opposite side to my usual at home as I always did when in a hotel and continued with my own wash and cleaning after hanging Linh's towel on the rack, beside my own.

I slid into bed beside Linh, as naked as she, and wished her 'good night'; she had curled to the right on her side, and I snuggled behind her, curling my left arm across her body to hold as much of her left breast as I could not all of it, as she had large breasts, too big to hold fully but enough to show her it was a nice way to sleep.

Linh moved her buttocks back towards my body, cementing us together and I entwined my legs across hers and cuddled her closely from behind. My cock could not be controlled, and it rose to a half erect strength; I reached my hand down to push it to rest between her thighs, and Linh opened her legs, welcoming it to nest there, not urging it to do more, just to lay lie as a babe in arms, close to its source.

I slept until my bladder woke me to go to the toilet, and returned quietly to bed; Linh had rolled over, so we swapped and she cuddled me, though her actions were of one asleep. I lay on my side and her arm draped across my body; she kissed my neck, and I shivered involuntarily, and Linh kissed harder, and her hand across my body dropped lower to my groin, and she lightly held my penis. It throbbed within her fingers, and she gently rubbed her fingers around my shaft, and I throbbed and grew more, until I had grown to a length and width she had to hold more strongly and in her full hand.

But I didn't react otherwise, and she just held me: we had, after all, agreed to sleep, and I kept myself as calm as I could, let my cock calm also, and let myself fall asleep. It was never going to work for a whole night of course, and some time later, still dark, still night, Linh's hand was rubbing once more up and down on my prick, and I woke just as she pulled me flat and rolled herself on top of me, a rigid pole which she guided straight inside her wet, opened vagina, and laid herself down on me.

She sighed quietly, and worked her body up and down on me with her arms and hands leaning on the bed, lifting and dropping to the depths of her insides, but I didn't seem to be awake, and she continued as her own wants and desires directed her; she leaned down to me and picked one of my nipples to suck on, so small but clearly something she wanted to do.

Then she sat up, still joined, and I wasn't sure what she was doing as she raised her pelvis, but I could sense she was wiping juices from us on to her fingers, and doing something, and then she rose, letting my cock slip out, but she grabbed it while moving herself forward, and re-inserted me in a hole, but it was a new hole, her anus-hole I could tell, and she moaned as she sat down again, slowly, so slowly gliding me up inside there.

I had to show I was awake now no-one could sleep through this and I placed my hands to her breasts above me and fondled them with my palms rubbing everywhere, hard across her nipples so she cried out a little, even as she continued to force herself down all the way on my cock. "Did I wake you up, Anh? Sorry, I woke and had to bring back my memories of last time, and then I wanted something new again with you…oh Heavens, I have never done anything like this!

This is…this is unbelievable, and your, ah penis, is so big inside me, you are nearly up to my heart, I swear you are in my heart, Anh!" She had talked herself breathlessly and into an orgasm, even if she may have lost her concentration somewhat on the sensations, so she went quiet and resumed her motions, lifting up and sliding down, not just inside her anus, but deciding she could do both, she now lifted off and immediately shoved me in her cunt for a time, then changed back, all the time going from my tip to the end, until wherever I was hit a barrier inside her, at which point she just ground her pelvis down and around against me.

She seemed to be enjoying herself, and her trembles and shaking sometimes overtook her for long moments as she climaxed, and this is when I managed to pull her flat to me and kiss around her face and neck while she breathed in heavily, thrusting her big breasts on and to the sides of my chest, but her stamina was immense and she wanted to be up and bouncing more yet again.

I don't know if she had ever had a 'back-door' fuck, but Linh seemed to be consumed with my prick there, but I couldn't hold forever, and I felt a knowing pulse begin in my cock, and my hands went to her hips and on her next downward sit, I pulled her to me hard and held her there while I allowed myself to shoot the-all from within my throbbing prick into her, and she squealed at the feeling, and pushed even harder down, then bounced up and down for one more, while my juice dribbled inside her and down her thighs, mingling with her own, and coating us both.

She fell down on me, bursting the breath from my lungs, and as I sucked in air together with Linh, I pulled her hair to bring her mouth to mine and slobbered deep kisses on her and in her mouth, saliva mixing just like the body juices below, as we descended the mountain. I wrapped my arms around her, gently caressing my hands all around her back, twisting fingers through her hair, and as she lay her legs down along mine, I slipped out: truly, I wasn't sure where I had been, both front and rear felt like the warm embrace of the hole of birth, and were equally exciting and enclosing when my prick was inside.

Linh just lay there, heavy on me, yes, but I was not yet uncomfortable with the closeness and continued to caress wherever I could reach. It was nice. Some minutes passed, and then Linh stirred and apologizing for squashing me, she rolled to the side, groaning.

I smiled as she pushed herself up off the bed and said she should go to the bathroom; she checked the time on the wall clock, and my eyes followed: 02.30, time to go back to sleep, but I waited for Linh to wash herself and then followed her, doing the same.

My cock was sensitive, and I was sure Linh's body was also, as I crawled back into the bed, turning off the bedside lamp this time, and cuddling her breasts and kissing her 'good night' yet again. Linh rolled on to her back, but I held my arm over her chest, cupping her one breast, leaning over the other, and she pulled my leg up and on to her body, crooking my knee to nestle in the thatched hair of her groin. Her face twisted to kiss me, and she whispered "Once a month, once a week, once a day I could do this with you, Anh, it is so beautiful." I kissed her back, cuddled close and fell into a land where even dreams were sleeping.

Until an alarm rang not mine, but I had known Linh would need to leave early, so when she kissed me and whispered "Go back to sleep Anh, I must get home; thank you again" I did exactly that until the familiar ring of my mobile woke me.

I figured a mother of cousins of Ping was also included in Yen's circle of 'carers', but I was beginning to wear out, as I raised myself from bed and prepared for the day's business.

I had time for toast and coffee downstairs before the car arrived; it was Ban, the office manager's car, so Ban and I had a chance to catch up on matters as we were driven the short distance to the project site. He advised, as he had been doing in his weekly reports, that preparatory work was going well on site establishment, staff and workers were being recalled or recruited, ready for the major works to get underway after today's ceremonial dig with a shovel, and blessings of a Chinese-Vietnamese feng shui master for good luck on the project.

On arrival at the site, all went according to plan - with perhaps the exception of the attention afforded me by the girls from the client's staff: Ming, Hanh and Hung, the receptionist and accountants, who had teased me mercilessly last visit here to close the contract deal. They had also taken me to a disco and then a karaoke club, where I enjoyed Ming's large tits and huge clit, fucked Hung on the sofa, and when Hung took me home to my hotel on her bike, it was with my prick shoved inside her cunt bringing her to orgasm as we rode the bumps and corners.

Memorable to say the least and here they were again, whispering together and plotting I was sure. At the end of the blessing ceremony, Ban and the client each dug the shovel into the ground, and the project was declared blessedly, formally operational. All present clapped and drifted in to the shade of the site project office, out of the bright sunshine, and drinks and fruit were offered around it being too early (a little) for alcohol or a full lunch.

There was mingling and chatting, but gradually the actual project staff wandered out to check on their crews, and the office personnel also seemed to be enthusiastic to get back to the task at hand: ensuring a successful project for all of us. Tinh came over to me, asked if I was nearly ready to go, the car for me had arrived and she would accompany me if that was ok.

I looked for Ban and moved to say I would see him back at the office, and then I made my farewells to the client and his staff, Ming stopping me for a moment asking if I was free tonight for a special dinner a birthday party of a friend, and she would be so envied if she had a foreigner with her, and maybe we could go out after…?

I looked for Tinh and asked her when my flight was, as I hadn't yet even confirmed my movements; she replied tomorrow morning, as the Boss had phoned her to say 'let him stay over Friday night, and not need come to the office on Saturday; he's had a difficult week.' How nice of him, I said. I then nodded to Ming, ok, and she gave me her card to phone her later. Tinh looked at me curiously, so I said I had been invited to a birthday party with Ms.

Ming, and I could go. I pocketed Ming's card, and said my remaining farewells to our own staff and workers, and almost had Tinh drag me away to the car, where she sat with me in the back seat and pursed her lips. "What's wrong, Tinh?" I asked quietly.

"My mother is happy, I knew it when I saw her at home this morning; Ming will be happy I am sure! but I don't even get a dinner with you, Anh, not fair!" "Oh, em, Ming is the client's Receptionist and you know how important it is to keep Receptionists happy, right? That's all I am planning, keep the client and his staff friendly and happy with us, its part of my job." "I bet" she said disdainfully, "I wish I had made your flight for Sunday, not tomorrow." She looked so sad, I thought for a moment, "Ok, Tinh, you can do that make it first flight Sunday, and I will take you to dinner tomorrow night, just you, or maybe you and your mother if she is off…" I saw her face, "Tinh, I bet your mother doesn't get dinner out very much does she, what say we give her a nice time too?" "And then you and I could maybe do something together after your mother goes home come on, em, how about that?" I felt for her hand and squeezed it, and finally she smiled as we entered the office parking area, and we ascended in the lift, where Tinh ran for her desk, turning to me to say she would confirm my flight change in 5 minutes, or maybe less!


This time she beamed with a smile on her pretty face. I had nothing to do until meeting with Ban, whenever he returned, so I made my way around the office talking to those there, and before 5 minutes Tinh caught me to say I could get on the 06.00 flight, or the 08.00 if I really wanted to go early; I said 06.00 and 08.00 were a bit early for a Sunday, and Tinh grinned, "That's why I booked you on the 10.00 departure." She looked immensely pleased with herself, saying it, and said she would give me my confirmed ticket shortly.

I had a sandwich for lunch prepared by the lady who took care of such matters, and finally, Ban arrived back somewhat the worse for wear, and in no condition to have a serious discussion on any subject, unless perhaps the merits of Vietnamese whisky; I agreed we would meet tomorrow at least giving me a reason to stay another night. I suggested he go home. As Ban left, and I mulled over matters, I had a sudden recall of Ha at the hotel, and suggesting she and I could meet tonight for dinner!

But we hadn't made arrangements I was sure I had said 'maybe', and to be truthful, she scared me so much, I was relieved I would now phone Ming and confirm going with her, before any chance of seeing Ha.

I did and Ming was very pleased, not only that I had called and would be going to the party, but she now had my mobile number she said!

I rolled my eyes, and confirmed she would pick me up at the hotel about 6.30. Finishing the call, I returned to thoughts of Ha: of course, I wasn't scared of her, just she had such powerful effects on me, such a pull on my emotions, and I guess it was those I was scared of when around her. And, perhaps even more: Ha knew it, she always had. I called Yen, it was late afternoon in Melbourne, thought she would be home she was.

"Yen, hi little one, I am in Hanoi…oh, you know that of course…did you know your mother is here also?" "Yes, Steve, I knew; she phoned me last night and said she had seen you; Daddy, I can hear it in your voice: don't be so upset, she can't hurt you, really! When are you going home?" "Sunday morning, as I upset Tinh you know, younger sister of Liem, Ping's cousins, so I changed my flight because the Boss gave me the weekend off, and will fly home Sunday morning, and told Tinh she and I and her Mum would go to dinner tomorrow night.

Tonight I am going to a birthday party with people from our client's company, ok?" I asked tentatively, "That keeps me away from your mother Yen, understand?" "Yes, Steve, but she's not so bad! You can be strong and handle her I am sure and don't roll your eyes: you can!

Hechandole un palito a la guanaquita

'Bye Steve, I love you, and will be there in 2 weeks." How did she know I was rolling my eyes but I had, my own way of expressing confusion and disbelief. I felt a little better after talking with Yen. There was literally nothing to do in the office for me, so I soon followed Ban and went home well, to my hotel anyway.

I saw Linh near Reception, we smiled, but I went to my room alone, had a beer and got into bed for a nap. How wonderful an hour's sleep is in the afternoon, as I woke and called down for hot water for coffee; shaving, showering and relaxing with a cup of freshly-made caf?hen the water was delivered.

I even phoned Ha's room, but it went to 'messages' - I left her a message: I will be out with our client (well.) I chose my jeans and a loose blue top and was downstairs waiting for Ming at 6.30; she was on time, and I climbed on behind, soaking in her perfume and looking at her clothes and form from the rear as we headed for the party.

She was looking pretty good: her long legs were exposed from mid-thigh down, her knees locked together riding the bike, as she was wearing a black and white maternity dress, I call them, the current fashion, but she would have shorts underneath I was fairly sure, though holding my hands to her hips I couldn't feel any, rather risqu?f she hadn't! It was bunched under her breasts, and the bodice section I stared at when we dismounted at the party venue outlined and uplifted her large breasts and I wasn't sure I could stop staring at them all night.

Following Ming at first, until she paused to link her arm with mine, we walked up the stairs and entered a large function centre, branched off to the right and entered a heavily-decorated room full of a crowd of people milling around, or choosing their tables to claim for their group or family. Ming looked around, chatting to people she knew, and then spied her family/friends, waved to them and led me over. There were 2 seats vacant, held for us it seemed, and Ming introduced me. There was her mother, middle-aged, and I respectfully greeted her, before an aunt and uncle and their two children, and then three cousins, one guy and two girls, all around Ming's age, about 24-25.

Making up our table of twelve the remaining two were Hung and Hanh, and they greeted me effusively, sitting me down next to Ming and themselves on my right, and one of the cousins to my left. I scanned the room, noting the party was for the birthday of someone called 'Tung' who was 30 today.

I said to Ming "Who is Tung, Ming? We didn't wish him/her 'Happy Birthday' yet." In Vietnamese, a name doesn't necessarily give gender hints, 'Tung' could be either a male or female name, as many others. "Oh, Tung is my cousin, and ok, come with me, Anh, we'll go find him." We excused ourselves, Ming explaining what I wanted, and we rose and she led towards the front corner, where we found Tung in a group of fellow well-wishers.

Most seemed to be men trying to be women, at various stages, all with heavy make-up but dressed nicely in unisex-style suits Ming pushed her way forward, holding my hand, and stepped up to Tung, kissing him on both cheeks, and introducing me as she wished him 'Happy Birthday'; I followed suit, with a traditional wish for many more to come, and handed my envelope of money to him as my present.

Tung was a beauty, no question, and he squealed and hugged me, and kissed my cheeks loudly and wetly, speaking English and telling me I was such a nice man to come to his party.

Ming dragged me back, said sternly yet jokingly to Tung "Hands off, cousin, I saw him first!" Tung pouted at her, and gave me a wink as Ming pulled me away, back to our table where, thankfully, beer had been served for me, whisky and sodas, and soft drinks for the others. The food began to be served at the tables, and most people began eating; I looked around, counting tables and calculating almost 250 people here. I was rather surprised, as Vietnam is hardly open to people who may wish for a different lifestyle than the mainstream unlike Thailand which is a mixture of differences as varied as the spices making tom yung goong.

But as Tung ascended the stage I felt I began to understand a little more; he made a large effort to portray his masculinity as he gave a speech of thanks; there were no effeminate gestures, no giggles. I clapped loudly as he finished, applauding a person who was a man for the outside world, but I felt wanted to be a woman for his private life. He began going round the tables, joining in toasts and the usual jokes which go with such occasions.

When he reached ours, he stood between Ming and I, rubbing against us both, arms around our shoulders, and the video man and the still photographer wanted several of Tung with this special foreigner 'special' because I was the only one there! I had to accept such demands, they happened regularly given my propensity to remain close to locals and perhaps too distant from the foreigners circles.

It was my choice, and no regrets: I always had a good time, and I was doing so now. Ming leaned across to me, but Tung pushed his face down between our heads and after kissing Ming on the cheek for the camera, turned his face to mine and when he was told 'hold it' he planted his lips right on my own, when I had been expecting a cheek kiss also.

He quickly released me, stood and moved his mouth around as if he had tasted a good wine, then smacked his lips together and asked the video guy "Did you get that, my first foreigner at my party deserved something special, thank you Anh Steve." He winked and proceeded to the next table and on from there. Ming looked at me, "Well, Tung must fancy you, Anh he never kisses me like that." "Perhaps Tung left that for me to do with you, em, though maybe somewhere a little more private." Hung and Hanh leaned over towards me, "Ming you have more to fight off than just us it seems!

" Hung laughed at her joke, while to my left Ming's cousin, one of the girls had leaned in close to me, close enough to rest her hand on my thigh for support and said "So, what's the prize for this fight?

I might join in if it's worthwhile. My name, Anh, is…well, you can call me Tung - that might be more exciting for both of us." I took 'Tung's' hand off my leg, and squeezed myself up and out; "Girls, I will leave you to your contest, and go to the bathroom. But, you know, it isn't really polite to talk about me like I was a new handbag in a competition you wanted to win.

Maybe I don't want to play this game, huh?" I turned, but then turned back, and with a grin on my face, said "But, if you girls are having fun well, just let me know who wins!" I left them giggling as I looked around and found the sign to the Men's room, and when I returned, the girls had all gone.

Ming's mother told me to sit and eat, she hadn't seen me eat anything, and then offered a word of caution: "Those girls are up to some tricks, Anh, so you be careful." I nodded with a smile and 'don't worry, Chi' and ate a few morsels for her benefit, as I wasn't hungry, but I did look around for a waiter to bring me more beer and ice.

In the event, it was a waitress who served me, and she had a cute smile also as she leaned closely to place my glass on the table, but I reached to take it from her hand and clasped her fingers also.

She jerked but smiled at me as she swirled her tiny body away, glancing back to see if I was watching: I was. Then I also saw the four girls appear, approaching the table from the direction of the Ladies' room. They all looked mischievous, no doubt, and I turned back to my beer, facing away from the sight of 4 gorgeous girls converging to my table, and sitting on their chairs, dragging them just that little bit closer to my sides or each other.

They said nothing, turning to their food and Ming raised her glass for a toast around the table for Tung's birthday. She placed some rice and prawns in my bowl, and I thanked her, ate that and complained of fullness. I asked the cousin beside me what is her real name, and she replied "Tuan" close to Tung I had to smilingly agree. I stood, filled my glass and said I was going outside for a cigarette. Leaning over the balcony, the waitress who had served me earlier came past.

She was carrying a tray of plates and glasses for washing, and it appeared so heavy and she was struggling, so I dropped my cigarette and put my hands under the tray, taking it from her "I can do that for you" I said "Just go and I will follow." She was flustered and tried to refuse, but I motioned her on, embarrassed or not, so she headed down the balcony corridor and I followed, carrying the tray without problems, and still able to look at her; she was quite tiny, yet did not appear to be very young, maybe 22-24, something like that, she was just small.

Not really so tiny, petite was better, but beautifully proportioned in her uniform of white shirt and black skirt, and I had no trouble keeping up with her small steps, so that I almost bumped into her when she stopped at the kitchen washing area. She was still flustered as she motioned for me to put the tray down, and I accomplished that without dropping or breaking anything, and stood up. She flickered eyelashes at me, so cute, and said quietly "Thank you, sir." I smiled gently at her and replied "No problem, em, I just saw it was about as heavy as you, and thought I could help." She giggled, "Thank you, you should go back to your friends now." "I am sure they are wondering where you are…""That is also no problem…what is your name, may I ask?" "My name is Ha, Anh, and yours?

Why are you making your eyes like that?" "My name is Steve, em, and sorry, just my ex-wife's name was Ha, and it brings back memories whenever I meet someone with the same name. I am sorry, my eyes do that when I am thrown into confusion about something don't worry, I am not crazy or sick!" She laughed again, "I didn't think that, Anh, I think you are a very nice man." She looked at her watch, "Now, I am finished, and can go home…where do you live, Anh?" "Well, Ha, I live in HCMC, but at the moment, I live in the Hotel…" and when I mentioned the name, she said "Oh, I know it it is around the corner from where I live; it is a pity you are not going home now, I could take you and drop you off…" "Actually, em, if you could that would be a really good idea my friends have a plan to kidnap me, I think, or something else just as bad, so if you don't mind, I will tell them something a little 'white' lie, maybe: 'I feel sick' and can I meet you out front on the street?" "Oh, this is exciting, Anh - yes, ok, 5 minutes I will wait for you!

Go left outside on the street, Anh, I will wait there. " I smiled and then changed my expression to a grimace as I made my way back to the table; I didn't sit, but rather put a restraining hand on Ming's shoulder and whispered to her "I don't fell so well, em, I am going home, sorry. No, don't get up, I have a motorbike taxi waiting out front, you stay here and have a good time I'll call you, and thanks for inviting me, I am sorry.

Please tell Tung, thanks for the party." I held Ming down as there was a collective groan from the other girls, but they quieted as I made a respectful "bye' to Ming's Mother and the others at the table. Ming's Mae gave me a conspiratorial wink and said, soothingly "Yes, Anh, go home if you don't feel well; it was nice to meet you, and I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you at our family party." I almost smiled, but made it a pained look as I thanked her for her concern: she knew I was making my escape from whatever her daughter and the girls had been planning, bless her.

I left by a side door, made my way to the street, and checking behind me for 'secret spies', a la '007', I did spy Ha waiting and jumped on behind her, inadvertently pressing myself closer than I had intended against her body. She opened the throttle, and I had to hold on to her, perhaps as she intended.

As we rode through the streets, I asked over her shoulder "Is this your full-time job, em?" "No, no, Anh, I am at Uni, and just do this for extra money; that's why I finish early, I only work short hours most times.

Tonight I could have worked more, because tomorrow is Saturday and I don't have school or anything to do, but better to finish early." "Have you eaten dinner yet?" I asked; "No, I might make something at home, if I can find anything, but no problem." "Oh Ha, maybe that's why you are so small maybe because you don't eat enough; can I invite you to have dinner with me? Good." I directed her to the lakeside restaurant I had eaten at before yes, there was another girl named Ha working there, but I enjoyed the food, and hoped this Ha would also; it was not far from my hotel and therefore wherever Ha lived, and she knew it when I described it, so she agreed.

It was not Ha who greeted us at the entrance, and as he ushered us to a table, I enquired if she was working; "No, sir, Miss Ha is off for a few days, gone to the countryside I think." He showed us to a small table overlooking the water, said he remembered I like beer, and asked Ha what she would like; she chose to share one beer with me, and then she would drink water.

I passed her the menu across the table where she had been seated, but instead she picked it up and stood, moving around to sit beside me so we could both look at it, she said. I let her flick through the pages, seeming to settle on some items, but when she asked me what I would like to eat, I said simply 'beer'. She said "Anh!" But I replied "I ate at the party, enough for me; this is for you, my treat, em, order as much as you can eat, and I will drink beer." She groaned and pouted, but I put my arm around her shoulders and gave her a squeeze, saying "No problem, Ha, really; what do you want?" When the waiter returned with our drinks, she was ready and ordered far more than I could ever eat at one sitting, but after he had gone she was even able to groan at another item on the menu, and say "Oh, I wish I had ordered that too!" I rolled my eyes, and she giggled at that, so I said "I hope you eat all you have ordered and where do you put it anyway, you are more bone than I am!" I clasped her tiny wrist with circled thumb and forefinger, and had plenty of open space after they met, and in response Ha tried to do the same to my wrist.

However, as thin and bony as I am, I am naturally bigger than most Asians, and her fingers could not join. When we reluctantly let go of each other, I picked up our glasses, handed one to Ha, and wished her good health and happiness, as we clinked the glass. She asked if she should return to the opposite side of the table, and I smiled "Why, don't you like it here?" She blushed as I continued "But, I will smoke now, so if you don't like, yes, you should move." She didn't move as I lit a cigarette, facing away from her and exhaling out into the open air.

But, as I often did, I became self-conscious of my smoking next to a non-smoker, and before half-finished, I reached for the ashtray, placed it down beside me on the ground, and stubbed out my cigarette, blowing the last of the smoke from my mouth, and picking up my beer to toast with her; she hadn't spoken a word.

"So, what are you studying at Uni, tell me about yourself, em." Waiting for her dishes, during her eating of the dishes, and after, Ha and I talked, mostly Ha, who was studying Vietnamese and Asian Literature, and she regaled me with quotes from poems, and quips from tales, and information tidbits she had picked up during her studies. She was enchanting, and mostly I sat enraptured listening to her, facing her, sipping my beers, and between her words, watching her devour the food on the table as if she hadn't eaten for days.

She laughed at times, noticing me watch her place a spoonful of something in her mouth, and said "You must think I am terrible, eating all this! It's just that I didn't eat last night, or this morning, because I was studying, and tonight…well, now I am eating tonight for 2 days." "What I am thinking, em, is: what an interesting woman, and how lucky I am to have met you, and had this short time with you tonight: thank you, Miss Ha." She swallowed the food in her mouth, took a sip of her water, and looked at me seriously "Does it have to be only a 'short time' Anh?

I live in the Uni dormitory alone; I don't have to go there tonight…" I thought for a moment, but before words could come from my mouth, Ha interrupted by placing her hand across my lips; "I guess from your wedding ring, you are married; please don't worry, Anh; I also know you live in HCMC, so please let me be logical and when I offer to be with you, I know it is just to be with you for a night; please also accept that I don't offer myself to any man, or even a foreigner, just because I meet them at a function, or even because you carried that heavy tray for me: I like you now, for tonight, whatever happens or doesn't happen." "You sometimes talk a lot, Ha, that's why I haven't had a chance to tell you of myself.

Yes, I have a wife, she is Thai and lives in Bangkok, but it is a marriage of convenience these days. I would like to continue our conversation, and can offer you my hotel if you would like but, please, say 'yes' only because you want to come with me." "Let's go" she said, and I called for the bill, which Ha checked and I paid for.

This trip, I wrapped my arms around her waist, as tiny as the rest of her body, and she parked on the street, letting me off and saying she would take her bike to the dorm, then return: 'promise' she said, so I said I would let Reception know she was coming, and there would be no problems.

I did and there weren't, and within ten minutes Ha was in my room, smiling and confirming there were no problems. She asked if she could shower first, and I showed her a towel in the bathroom, and left her to it, changing out of my clothes into shorts and taking a beer to the balcony.

Ha came out behind me, a towel around her, placed a hand on my shoulder; "I also used a toothbrush, hope that's ok, Anh." "Of course, em, now I will shower; you do what you want for 5 minutes." I stripped and cleaned my own teeth first, head over the basin rinsing when I felt the door pushed open. I was only half aroused, but when Ha saw my prick for the first time, she said "Wow, I have never seen a foreign man like this; are all foreign men the same size?" I was gargling with Listerine at that point, and my cock was bobbing with both the movement and the stimulation of her eyes on me.

I finished and stepped into the shower area before replying "It isn't exactly normal for men to go around comparing, so I can't answer you, em." I turned the water on and soaped up, while Ha continued to stand there, inspecting me, and most particularly the lengthened cock bobbing around at my groin.

I was self-conscious and turned my bum to her while I finished and rinsed off. She said "You aren't very fat either, Anh, you should eat more." "Everyone seems to say that, but I eat sufficiently, and am healthy enough, thanks; also, I have never been any fatter, so this is me take it or leave it, Miss Ha." "I'll take it thanks, Anh," and she left the bathroom while I dried myself.

When I opened the door, she was in bed, minus the towel, and sitting there waiting, seemingly relaxed. I left my towel hanging in the bathroom, walked out turning off the main light, but leaving the bedside lamp on, as I pulled the quilt back and stood looking at Ha. She appeared so tiny, small breasts with pointed nipples, thin everywhere, a bare slit protruding from her thighs, above slim legs; all a nicely golden brown colour, head to toe, except for her long black hair.

I whistled, "You are lovely, Ha, really beautiful, and so cute." I slipped in to the side of her, rolling to roam a hand over her naked body; "You look like a very young girl, em, are you sure you are old enough to be with me?" "I am 23, thank you Anh, and don't be afraid: I had a boyfriend before and I have done this before, though he wasn't anywhere as big as you will it hurt?" For reassurance, I took her small hand and put it to my cock so she could get used to it a little, and she ran her hand up and down, unable to hold it easily, but seemingly liking what she felt, especially the pre-cum which collected at the tip.

She curled her free arm over my back, urging me to roll on top, but first I wanted to suck her breasts, and I leaned my head down and swallowed one whole, making her groan more, as I could hold her entirety in my mouth but have a free tongue to lick and slurp on her outsized nipple. I sucked and licked, eased off to hold her nipple between my teeth and licked it more, then moved to her neck and around and down to the other breast for a second serving, while I now let my hand wander over her body.

She tensed, but in anticipation I thought, when my hand stroked her in between her thighs, that bare pussy wasn't a shaven one I could tell it was just completely bare and I smoothed a finger from top to bottom and further around and under to her tiny puckered hole.

She opened her legs wider, and my hand had freer access to stroke a now wet slit, just waiting for the tongue which I now moved down and used, my knees in between her legs, my hands sliding up to fondle her breasts and nipples more. I slurped my tongue down quickly, and stabbed for her hole and she jerked, and then my upper lip bumped her clit and I transferred my mouth to grasp the bump which, like her nipples, was quite sizeable in contrast to the body as a whole.

She groaned and clawed nails on my shoulders, then hands urged me to come up her body; I slid my torso down and pushed against her pelvis, and up on her abdomen, flattening breasts against me as I lay my weight gently down, covering her fully. As my mouth reached hers she gasped for me, her hands all over my back and then holding the back of my head to keep me plastered there, while my cock began its own search for a comfortable place to rest its stiffness.

It was found when Ha lifted her hips, opened herself up and wide, and I reached one hand down to guide myself into her slowly, very slowly, expecting, and finding, a small, tight vagina which also very slowly flowered open, accepting me and sucking me inside. We had to stop when I was perhaps more than half-way in, allowing Ha some moments to absorb it thus far, before she reached her hands as far down my back towards my buttocks as she could, and she pushed against me, so I slid further in, noting her groans but not detecting any pain as I again slipped my tongue in her mouth and she sucked there also.

I urged her to raise her legs up, plant her feet flat on the bed, and this helped open her thighs even more, and I buried my sword just as she shoved her feet hard on the bed and pushed up at me, and she screamed loudly in my mouth.

She had to thrash her mouth away to suck in deep breaths, quietly now mouthing "oh, oh, oh, yes…" I withdrew and slid straight back in to her depths, moving my hips to roll my cock within her insides, and she sighed and moaned and jumped her body at mine, clawing nails on my back in a climax which overtook her, and I plunged yet again, wanting her to feel more. I stayed there, and then pulled back to the end of her, and she whimpered 'no' and I tickled around just inside, in and out before re-starting the journey to the ends inside of her, surprised her tiny body could take my whole length, but I shouldn't have been: Women are so adaptable, it seems, when the process of making love is in progress.

I paused for a minute, locked within, and stretched to kiss her face and neck, asking "Are you ok, Ha, I hope I'm not hurting you?" She mumbled something, and I let her come down a little, and she managed to say intelligibly "I feel wonderful, Anh, are you finished?" My answer was to restart, shallow, deep, fast, slow, until I felt like she was climbing the Mountain again, and then I pumped fast and deep until I blew my droplets of misty Rain all over her insides, and followed with several cloudbursts, drenching her and us together.

I relaxed my arms and let myself lay fully on her, and she clasped her hands around my back; thankfully, this time, she was stroking without nails, fingers sliding over my skin and her mouth kissing my hair and my head, while she whispered motherly noises at me, and I eased my breathing to a more regular rhythm, energy levels at low.

Finally, I raised myself on to my elbows, my face close to Ha's, and I asked if she was full. She giggled, and pulled my face to hers for a kiss, and she whispered "I still am, feel this…" and she wriggled her hips with my cock inside hitting the sides of her walls. I was deflating and soon her movements caused me to slip all the way out; she moaned, asking "How can such a thing be so big and so much smaller afterwards?" There was no real answer to that, without delving into fields of physiology at the least, so I resisted and made no response, just pushed my arms under her to hold her to me, and then I rolled and pulled her on top of my body, her weight almost as light as the proverbial feather laying on me.

Ha crossed her elbows on my chest, her body so lithe and light even my skinny body could tolerate it without pain; she cocked her head and smiled at me "You know, Anh, I said I had done 'this' before, but I haven't done 'this' before, never." "I have never had such feelings, thank you for showing me, giving me…" I put my hand over her mouth gently shushing her, "Ha, it was wonderful for me also, but that's where you should stop talking, however; I don't want you to regret anything, but I also don't want you to expect more than the little I can give." "Oh, Anh, don't worry and you have given me quite a lot: I can feel it!" She smiled and kissed me to show she was not in a totally serious mood, but I could see it in her eyes, and feel it in her hands cradling my face, and I worried.

I burrowed down to lay my head on her breast, my fingers trailing around her nipple, watching it grow quickly and pushing her mounded breast over towards my face so her nipple was in my mouth, and I sucked on it, as she sighed onto the top of my head.

It wasn't usual, but I could feel myself growing, and Ha obviously felt it also as I was nestled in her groin, and I released her nipple and rolled her to the side, growing until I entered her slippery channel from the rear, and we made love again, my arms to her breasts under my hands, my mouth around her neck and ears and back, and my cock inside her, slowly but penetrating all the way, waiting for her climax, a long, deep sigh of contentment confirming to me when she reached it.

I was rock hard, and just stayed there cuddling her, and we did what most people do when physically tired, and because I wouldn't let her go anywhere away from our joined bodies; we slept right through the night.

I hadn't set my alarm, but it was still normal 07.00 when I woke; with no urgent need to get to the office early, I lay cuddled to Ha, not inside anymore naturally, but growing rapidly. However, I slipped away and out of bed, heading for a shave and shower while Ha rolled on her back and slept on.

I came out and Ha was lying there, awake, so I sat on the bed at her side, "Good morning, Miss Ha, have a good sleep?" "Oh yes, Anh, but I feel so empty inside now." "Oh, are you hungry, I can order up breakfast?" She laughed, "Not hungry for food, Anh; I was full of you all night and now I feel that emptiness; never have I slept like that, never have I felt like that, it was …I can't describe it, but it was the most powerful, most emotional, most fulfilling night of my life!

Thank you, Anh." She was smiling as I leaned down to kiss her, then I buried my face to her breast and again swallowed it whole, and she arched her back when I swapped sides and hissed at me.

I sat up, and Ha said, "You have to go to your office, right?" "I will shower and go home, I have study to do, and need get my mind off you and sex!" She jumped out of bed and made a great show of hip-swinging as she walked leisurely to the bathroom, certain my eyes were fixed on her.

A momentary thought of joining her, but I shook my head, put on my clothes and made a coffee while waiting. Finished, I began packing, but then realized I had agreed to stay over and take Tinh and her mother to dinner tonight, so instead I checked I even had clothes to wear, and decided to put it all in the laundry basket and called down to Reception, saying I needed express service for my washing, ready this evening please.

Ha emerged from the bathroom, hair washed and glistening, and smiling like a nymph; "I thought you might have come in with me, Anh…" "Me too" I said with a sigh "but I held myself back, worried about giving your body more than it can handle, or hurting you, em." "Anh noi dua!" she retorted, accusing me of joking at her, which was true "You know my body could take you more, and more…anytime" "Seriously, I do have to go to the office, do you want breakfast here first?" "No, I will eat some noodles near my dorm on the way, thanks; I'll be ready in five minutes Anh", and amazingly she was.

She put no make-up on, and didn't need any one of the reasons I find Vietnamese women so beautiful is their natural beauty and natural skin smoothness and glow, whereas Thai girls can be beautiful with the help of much make-up and creams.

Ha was beautiful. We left the room, and with a glance at the door of another Ha's room, hoping it wouldn't open, I went with Ha to her bike, lifted her hand between us and kissed it, "See you again, em." She smiled and nodded, hopped on, but as she started her engine, she paused "Anh will you give me your mobile number, is that ok?" I pulled one of my cards from my pocket, where I always kept a few, and gave it to her, and she rode away with a wave.

There was no Ha in the dining room when I went for breakfast, ordered an omelette and coffee, and phoned Tinh asking if the car could pick me up soon. But there was Ha when I stood to go and meet the car out the front some time later; I stopped when I saw her coming through the lobby towards me. "What about dinner tonight, Anh; busy again too busy for an ex-wife?" I realized she was as equally sardonic as asking a real question, so I tried to smile, replying "Actually yes, Ha, I promised a dinner to the mother and daughter oh, they are aunt and cousin of Ping, you know Ping, Yen's friend." I saw the car pull up outside, so was able to quickly excuse myself, without further need to converse, but I knew what Ha was thinking as she said 'see you later': 'my ex-husband is as malleable as ever, I can eventually get him to do whatever I want'.

After I thought this, I answered myself 'maybe she is right.' At the office, Ban met me even before I could greet Tinh; he was apologetic for his rather sorry state of yesterday, blamed it on the clients, but we met for an hour and covered not only the main project, but a general review of affairs, and then I truly had no more to do.

I wandered the office for a while, speaking to anyone who wanted, and finished up standing at Tinh's reception desk, where we had the opportunity to confirm dinner and a time, and that she would pick me up as her mother would go on her motorbike and meet us at the restaurant which Tinh had chosen.

I agreed to all, said I would be ready at 18.30, and I went back to my hotel, only stopping to buy a few more cans of beer to take back: ah, a lazy morning and afternoon in front of me.

But that was a wasteful idea, and instead I decided to go to the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, one of my most admired men in all history.

I had been there once before years ago, but felt a desire to re-visit it. I was still dressed so grabbed my camera, which I had carried but not taken out all week, left my room, hopped on a motorcycle taxi and was soon there; as usual, there was a queue, but I only waited 30 minutes before I entered this inspiring place.

Unable to stop, the queue is kept moving around, but the fleeting moments in the presence of one such as Uncle Ho are inspiring, and I was awed as I left and headed outside, and at the pavement, I was facing Ming and Hung! We all gasped in surprise, and then laughed, but I quieted us down given where we were, and led them away some metres. Ming took one of my arms, and Hung ran behind to take my other, and Ming said "Now, you can't escape us again, Anh; you're our prisoner." I took the cover off my lens, stepped away and snapped a fast photo; "Now, I have evidence to show the Police." "Do you like taking photos, Anh?" Ming asked, "We can do that, can't we Hung?

And, we would like you to spend time with us and take our photo; where should we go?" "First, we go for a beer," I said, so the girls took my arms, lightly this time - as it is still not readily accepted in Vietnam, particularly in Hanoi, for local girls to be too close to foreign men, and I was well aware of this.

We strolled across the plaza to the other side from the mausoleum, and found a little roadside cart with beer and some plastic stools, so we sat there under the shade of a big tree, and we each ordered a beer and ice.

"Where do you want to go, girls? But, I must be back at my hotel by 5.00pm ok?" I sipped my beer, lit a cigarette after they agreed; it was only 11.30, so the girls said we could ride a little way out of the city to a lakeside restaurant which they thought would be picturesque, both for lunch and photos.

Hung left to get her bike from the parking area, and Ming took the chance to remind me that while I had had sex with Hung in the karaoke bar, and Hanh had told how she took me home on her bike, riding on my prick to orgasm, she, Ming, had yet to feel me, well my cock anyway, inside her and she wanted to, and she promised she would today!

I couldn't say anything. Hung returned on her Honda Dream, and I declined the danger to be in the middle, getting on behind Ming and trying to at least have my skinny bum as comfortable as possible on the seat, necessarily pressing close behind the denim skirt-clad behind of Ming.

We took off, negotiating the traffic in this congested area, but soon somewhat lighter in the suburbs; I had either to hold the crossbar behind me, but it was far more comfortable and safer to, instead, hold my arms loosely around Ming's waist, hands lightly resting on her thighs, making sure it neither looked a case of impropriety nor allowing Ming to wiggle under me to make it so the hardening cock shoved against her I had no such control over.

Concentrating on our surroundings, it was becoming greener and semi-rural, when Hung took a turn at Ming's directions and we bounced along a narrow, gravel road; I hoped not for long as I was rubbing up and down Ming's bottom each time I was jumped upwards and back down to the seat. Ming had turned her face around towards me several times, calling to ask "Are you comfortable, Anh, everything ok?" I smiled each time and nodded, but this time responded "And you, Ming, are you comfortable?" In answer, she thrust herself back at me and now, on the empty stretch of road, she placed her hands on top of mine on her thighs, and slid them and her skirt up until she forced my fingers to be at the crease of her thighs against her panties.

She was wet, and when I pressed my fingers there, she groaned enough for Hung to swivel her head and ask "What's going on?" Ming didn't answer her, but she did answer my question:"No, Anh, I am not comfortable; I need take these panties off to be comfortable!" I drew my hands away from her begging cunt, pulled the hem of her skirt the few cms down it would stretch and willed us both to calm down, now only holding her hips innocently, until we pulled into the shade of some trees, and a lovely little lake and restaurant was indeed in front of us, so hidden I guessed only people who knew, or heard about it, came here.

Obviously, quite a few did, and being a Saturday and heading for lunch time, it seemed our arrival spurred others to also begin arriving within minutes of us getting a table with 2 hammocks slung in trees nearby. But first I excused myself, asked for the toilet, and struggled to pull my dick out just to calm it down and become presentable, before heading back to the table, rubbing my bum. "Everything ok, Anh, you want me to massage where it hurts?" cooed Hung, lying and swinging in the hammock, legs stretched as far as her short stature allowed, crossed at her ankles, slim and brown and smooth, and her arms up over her head, pulling her breasts up also, enhancing them though they were not overly large I remembered.

I sat on a plastic chair at the table, crossed my leg under, and shook my head with a smile as I turned attention to the girl bringing my beer. She was young, perhaps only 14-15, and cute and shy as she served this 'foreigner', but I spoke to her in Vietnamese and tried to put her at ease, even though my southern accent was difficult for her to understand, as northern accents were often for me.

She ran away laughing after serving, and I smiled to myself: nice to be in the countryside and with country folk, I thought. Ming rose from her hammock and came to the table to drink some of her Coke; I took the bike keys from Hung and got my camera from where I had packed it in the storage bay under the seat. I took one of Hung as she swung the hammock gently, smiling straight at the camera, but not posing for it I hoped this meant she was going to be a natural subject for the camera.

Ming looked at me, asked "What do you want I do, Anh?" "Just be natural, em, whatever you feel like, but naturally" and she opened the top 2 buttons of her blouse and poked her bra-enclosed large and voluptuous breasts at me; I took the shot, cutting off her head for now, and as she swung around at the table to stretch her legs out, I took those too.

She wasn't naturally natural, as Hung was, but she was certainly beautiful, and her legs filled the frame as her breasts had done moments before. As I framed again, Ming opened her legs wider, and I took the shadowed region between her thighs as her skirt hiked higher, then I found another lower body entering the frame as Hung joined us, and she sat on Ming's lap and lay back, kicking her legs in the air so I had 4 legs to capture in the shot.

I looked around; only the young girl who had served us was nearby, but people were coming and settling I had to be fast, so I focused and pressed the shutter, and they sat up and Hung cuddled Ming's neck and pressed herself against her body and I shot that, with faces this time, as Ming's breasts were hidden, and they could have just been 2 good friends as they were.

When Ming pressed her face against Hung's smaller tits, I said "Whoa, cannot girls, not now." I motioned around, and indeed now was not the time to draw such attention as fellow diners were arriving in numbers. I covered my lens and invited the girls to settle and order lunch. They reluctantly complied, and I placated them, Ming especially, by some 'normal' lunch-time shots at the table: beautiful, smiling, laughing, happy girls at a table in the countryside.

The girls talked over the menu items and ordered, while, per usual, I sat back and drank my beer, whatever food coming would be sufficient for me I was sure. While waiting, Ming, who was opposite me, buttoned her blouse one button up, while Hung unbuttoned one of hers.

They raised their glasses of coke, toasted all together, and drained them, then called for our waitress to being beer for us all 'oh, oh' I thought. But I didn't stop looking at them, lazing on the other side of the table, defiantly looking at me, and I smiled and took that shot also.

Then I put my camera away as the food arrived, and used the time to push my cock straight down inside my pants somewhat. Ming and Hung took turns placing food in my bowl, while the little waitress appeared constantly to refill my beer. At one such time, the sunlight through the open side produced a soft halo-effect around her, so I asked her to wait for a moment, adjusted my camera to compensate for the backlight and took a close-up of her waist up, then I asked her to move to my other side to get more light on her features and took that one also.

With no thought of posing for the photo, she was as perfectly natural as youngsters often are, and as she changed expressions in front of me I took a fast sequence and considered I may very nearly have captured the inner essence of her, and I was pleased at the thought.

When I put my camera down, she ran off giggling, and Ming said, "You like your women young, Anh?" Blushing, I replied "No, Ming, but I like taking photos, and she is cute and natural, that's all bit like you and Hung, but still young and innocent!" I drank my beer through my laugh, as they gasped and looked for something to throw at me, but broke into smiles and laughs of their own, as they went back to the business at hand: eating.

Having satisfied whatever little hunger I had, I sat back and drank, moved out from the table a little and lit a cigarette. My young photo subject came and served me, then shyly offered me a piece of paper; it had her name Vang and an address, and she asked if I could send her copies of the photos I had taken. I promised I would, asked her how old she was 17, so I had been way out with my own estimate, as I often was with Asian youth and if this was her family's restaurant; she said it was, but she only helped on weekends when not at school in Hanoi, where she lived during the week with an aunt.

She was in her final year and expected to start Accounting at University after final exams coming up. I was surprised and said "You are very young to be nearly finished em?" She smiled and blushed "I am lucky to be a good student and my family has helped me so I have jumped some years by going to a private school. I would like to be an accountant when I finish." "That's what I am; here, take my card, if you need a summer job or work experience place, call me and I will help you." She blushed again as I gave her my HCMC card, and also one with our Hanoi office details, and she ran off to show her parents I surmised.

It was a good feeling if perhaps I could help in a small way for a next generation person to progress, and I smiled.

I turned back to find Ming and Hung staring at me; "What?" I asked. Hung responded "Nothing, Anh, we just agreed you are a nice man oh, Anh, you don't need to go red, it was just a compliment. Here: Cheers!" We all raised glasses and I tried to force the hot flush from my face why do I embarrass so easily, I wondered yet again.

The girls had cleaned the plates, but asked to order one more dish, a specialty from here, Ming offered; I waved my hands in acceptance, whatever they wanted would be fine, so she called over and gave the order to Vang, and also for more beer. While waiting, the girls relaxed back in their hammocks and, when I noticed their eyes closed, I stole over and took one of Hung first, and when Ming decided I was not taking her, she closed her eyes again and I waited until she had a peaceful, calm look on her face and took her from swollen breasts up to her face, and snapped another as her eyes opened wide, smiled and returned to my chair, where Vang appeared, bringing another bucket of ice and refilling glasses.

The food arrived: it was a catfish but when I tasted the sauce with it well, that was special and gave the soft, moist, flesh of the fish a tangy extra succulent flavor. I complimented Ming, and also Vang and the cook when next she came to our table.

I ate a surprisingly large amount, and left the girls to finish it to the bones, rubbing my stomach in satisfied fullness, eventually being joined by the groans of the girls as they slumped back in their chairs, sated. I gave them fifteen or so minutes to recover, not complaining at their burping now and again to relieve the pressures on their abdomens, and announced I wanted to walk around the lake a little and I would take some more photos.

I finished the beer I had, motioned to Vang we would be back in a short time, and dragged the girls both up from their chairs. Vang came over and I told her if we didn't come back, the Honda was hers by way of guarantee; she laughed, but with the inherent trust of country people, waved us off with a 'have a good time!' To the right were more shady trees on the edge of the lake curving away, so I headed that way.

The girls said they'd rather be sleeping in the hammocks, but I told them the light and the shadows should make for some nice photos, and after they could sleep. I found a patch of grass under some trees, not too thick to prevent a nice light filtering down, and with the water as backdrop, told them to sit/lie down and relax or whatever, but with Ming the taller and bigger of the two, had her on the side away from me at that stage, with Hung closer.

Ming lay back flat and Hung lay with her head on Ming's shoulder, and I said "Beautiful" and shot when they smiled; Hung leaned over Ming and cuddled her and they laughed as they tussled, and I shot that, and now they were alive and out of their stupor after eating and ready to play.

Hung's thighs under her skirt were becoming more exposed as she wrestled against the bigger Ming, and when she laid one leg over Ming's lower body, I took that frame, and another as Ming fought back, exposing hints of her hidden self also. They were only hints, and yet they were erotic enough to swell a cock dangling in my pants, and when they separated and lay on their backs side-by-side I had to get on my knees, lean down and kiss each of them in turn, with passion.

Deep closeness, my lips pressed fully on their mouths until they groaned. Then I stood and took those photos of the looks on their faces, lips wet, glistening, upturned, a sense of waiting for more etched there, an expectation of sex in their groans and writhes of their bodies.

I couldn't control myself, couldn't resist my own urges: I put my camera on the ground, and laid down on the grass between them, facing Hung, thinking devilishly this would stir up Ming, and I put my hand inside Hung's blouse for a moment, cupping her breast within her bra, but I felt Ming grabbing for me and I did owe her, so I rolled and pulled her to me, my lips seeking her neck and one hand curling through her hair under her neck, and the other unbuttoning her blouse, wanting to be inside and holding her breasts in my hand.

She was helping me, and I felt Hung also behind me, undoing my jeans button and zipper, and two hands groping inside, digging for the length of my prick constrained within.

I had Ming's blouse open, and I used my hand behind her to fumble and pull and eventually undo the clasps on her bra, and I dove my mouth to her nipple as I pulled her bra aside; I clasped my teeth around her, remembering how big they were, and I sucked with my mouth, perhaps too hard and she squeaked, but pressed her hands against my head against herself tightly.

This left my cock in the hands of Hung, I vaguely thought, and she held me in one hand, doing something else with her other; then I understood as I felt bare skin and pointy nipples and breasts squashed against my back. My jeans were not off completely, but my legs had enough movement to swivel over Ming and be on top, and with Hung's hand still holding me I stretched an arm down, groped under Ming's skirt to her panties, pulled them roughly aside and Hung directed me straight up and inside Ming's wet, waiting cunt.

I slid inside fully, and gasped as Ming groaned in shock, "Is it this you wanted, em?" She answered incoherently as I pulled back and drove deeply in again, moving my hips to grind my cock against and around the walls of her, and she pulled my head to her and I was able to feast again on her breasts and nipples, even as my lower body did its own scooping of the offerings available to my prick: the juices of Ming coating my cock as she pumped her orgasm at me.

I shoved once more, hitting the ends of Ming, and she almost shrieked, so I withdrew, and did some slow, shallow probing with my cock inside her, feeling the walls of her channel, almost romantically I hoped in a fleeting thought, and then I felt a mouth sucking and licking on my bare buttocks: obviously Hung feeling left out.

She made me dig inside Ming again, deeply thrusting and Ming jetted against me again and groaned deeply under me as she felt the explosion within herself, and then I felt, and perhaps Ming also, the tongue of Hung slurping between us, behind me and down beneath me to where I was joined in a very wet coupling with Ming; Hung licked and sucked with loud, sloppy noises.

Ming groaned yet again and seemed ecstatic and sated, and Hung pulled my buttocks away, pulled me out of Ming, and rolled me over to her own body, where my cock met a bare set of thighs as I was pulled over to a bare, new cunt thrust up at me, and I was buried inside that home of all human life, this one a smaller version, a tighter channel than where I had been moments before.and Hung shrieked loudly at the penetration, so I eased back and allowed her to take a deep breath and re-gather her readiness for my prick.

She was clearly ready and she came before I had even fully filled her with another probe, and I was happy to have given them both a feeling of satisfaction, with perhaps more yet available. I wanted to slow down and regain my own breath, so I made slow movements inside Hung, who was much smaller, narrower and therefore physically sensual internally than Ming, who needed my full length and girth to fill her bigger size everything.

But now my buttocks were assailed by another set of lips, and they sucked and delved into my crevices, causing me to shove forward and bury myself within Hung, who noisily came at the unexpectedly quick return of my prick to the ends of her insides. I still had a mind working: my left hand was groping Ming's large breasts, and I moved my fingers to her mouth and circled her lips; my right hand was buried under Hung's buttocks, lifting her to meet my thrusts so, whose mouth was now behind me, driving me to this distraction?

Now a hand squeezed itself between multiple bodies and gently felt me, and pulled and pushed me, as I eased in and out at the urging within Hung, who groaned now continuously, and then jetted a load of juices out between us and over the hand below also.


Now that hand probed up to my buttocks, slathering a trail of wetness, before a finger suddenly penetrated my anus with a suddenness I couldn't, and didn't expect! And it pushed, and I reacted by pushing on my knees up and against the finger, pulling away from Hung but also pushing towards the new woman behind me, and she dug her finger straight and hard until I pulled fully away and rolled over, my prick long and hard and wet from Hung, and my hands now flailing in the almost final moments of passion denied me.

Then, flat on my back and eyes frantically trying to focus, a smooth downward thrust popped my eyes open to see Vang with her eyes closed, but inexorably lowering her body down on my rigid prick, and I knew, as of course did Vang and everyone else within earshot the moment her hymen was pierced, and she busted herself through and flattened her pubic bones against my own. She spluttered and gasped and tears rolled from her eyes down her cheeks, and I put my hands to her hips and tried to lift her up and away from the pain.

She wouldn't allow me, swatted my hands away gently; "I chose this when I saw you with the girls, Anh, now it is up to me." She leaned closer to me, moving her pelvis around, and I reached now under her loose-fitting shirt, found the uncovered breasts awaiting my hands, and lightly stroked and played with them, the nipples hard, the mounds small and firm, and so smooth.

I pulled them towards me, bringing her head to mine also and I kissed her lightly as I now began moving my prick within, slowly and carefully, but inexorably heading for the heart within her vagina, until she sighed and opened her eyes with a smile, and now I kissed her more fiercely, my tongue within her mouth, my hands strong on her breasts, as I now rhythmically began to fuck her, lifting my hips to push in and relaxing, and then taking my hands to her hips and helping her rise up and down, hard, against this first maleness inside her.

I had forgotten the two ladies I had come with, with whom I had started this, but now found lips on either side of my face, my neck, and even teeth around my own tiny, yet erect, nipples my shirt pulled up and covering my face.

I thrust up, even as I pulled Vang's hips down, and now she squealed, but in an orgasm, a cry of 'womanhood cometh'. This is what I hoped to myself and she groaned more as I then felt the first outpouring of her juices, easing the passage of my prick which was now becoming more frantic in its thrusts, deciding it was time for my own juice to be relieved.

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Vang wailed again as I hit up home, and she squirted yet again wow, she was a virgin ready to experience this for the first time and she fell forward against my chest, breathing raggedly. I cradled her head, my hands now free, and kissed her hair, cooing softly to calm her as I stroked her, before being roughly pulled to my right side and Ming pulled me on top of her; "I want you to finish inside me, Anh; it's my turn." And she thrust her pelvis up against me until my cock, (slimy and perhaps bloodied didn't seem to bother her) found its way in, and slid hard to her depths; a few strokes and I could hold no more, and as she felt me pulsating inside her, Ming clenched her hands tightly against my back and buttocks, driving me so hard into her I released and she followed, and the emotional and energy-draining spurts of me lodged themselves within her; the force spent now, I could do nothing but lay on her and find her breasts to fondle.

I looked to the side and found Hung lying, smiling, but Vang seemed to have gone as quietly as she came.


I am getting too old for all this activity, I told myself, as I rolled to the side, realizing my jeans were off by now, and my shirt was bunched up on my chest. I groaned sitting up, then at least dressed and felt a little presentable; the girls did the same, and I gave them the spare tissues from my pockets to help clean up, and then I finished the last few shots on my camera by taking 2 women as they now looked, in contrast to the vibrancy of before, now they were disheveled, wet, vaguely re-dressed, worn out - in short: messy and totally fucked!

When they had straightened their hair, tidied their clothing, and appeared more 'normal', we walked back to our table and sat, Vang appearing with new beers for us. She smiled at me, and I returned the expression, asking how she was, and she said she felt like going for a lie down, as she felt very tired! I reminded her she was welcome to contact me for summer vacation job or if we had future openings once she had finished her course.

She beamed, thanking me and heading off to ask her mother to prepare our bill; it was time I hustled the girls up to get me back to the hotel I still had a dinner with Tinh and her mother, Linh, to negotiate. Finished our drinks, I paid the bill and the 3 of us tiredly climbed on the bike and headed home, or hotel in my case. Even Ming, in the middle in front of me, was too tired to do more than lean back against me, but no games beyond resting her nice body against mine as I supported her and she dozed off!

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Stopping near the hotel, I got off, and Ming squirmed back towards the rear of the bike, looking down between her legs where the seat was all wet and slimy with the juices which had been leaking from her panty-less crotch during the trip.

She laughed and said she would leave it there for them both to remember our afternoon. With a light kiss to their cheeks, and a promise to bring the photos to show them next trip, I waved them off, got my key and decided I had an hour to sleep before needing to get ready, and flopped on the bed. An hour later, I woke refreshed, and then, shaved and showered, I made a coffee and sat on the balcony letting my long hair dry in the gentle evening breeze.

I decided to dress in good casual, and had just finished buttoning my shirt and rolling up the sleeves when a knock announced Tinh's arrival. "You look beautiful, em" I gushed, staring at the light blue, sheer ao-yai.

Her small, lithe body was moulded within the traditional outfit, the national dress of Vietnam, and there is no innocently sexier dress in any culture, at least when worn by a typically slim Vietnamese woman (contrasted by fat, big-hipped Western ones who think buying an ao-yai when visiting Vietnam will instantly turn them into slim and beautiful the same: sorry, ladies, stick to loose shirts and jeans to hide the fat).

Tinh leaned against me for a light kiss, as forthright as usual feeling for my groin, "You look pretty good also, Anh; are you ready, my Mae is waiting out on the street as she thought it better not to come into her place of work and meet a guest." I ran to the bathroom for a last brush of my still-wet hair, and grabbed my money and cigarettes, leaving my mobifone on the table deliberately.

Locking the room, Tinh linked her arm in mine and we headed out to the lift, the doors opening and Ha stepped out. She looked at us both, a slight smile to her mouth and, before the doors closed, said to Tinh "Be careful, Steve loves girls in an ao-yai." "That's fine with me" Tinh responded, and I couldn't have said anything anyway, as my brain was as disturbed as ever in Ha's presence and the worst of it all: Ha knew it. The doors closed, and I breathed, and Tinh asked "Who was that, she must know you?" "That was Ha, my ex-wife, mother of Yen, my ex-daughter; got it - it was Yen and I who met Ping, your cousin, and through Ping to Liem and you and your mother…and on, and on.

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Ha is here on her own business, and by coincidence well, I hope it is, but with Ha it's very difficult to know what's true and what's not she is staying in the room next to mine. She wanted to have dinner with me last night and tonight, but not only did I truly have other things arranged like tonight with you and Linh but she makes me confused and I am a bundle of nerves anywhere near her; so I try not to be." "Oh, right, Ping told me she had met her in HCMC at a dinner with you, but I didn't know what she looked like; she is very beautiful, Anh.

Do you love her?" There was that bluntness from Tinh again, but we were now in the lobby, and I handed my key in and began walking out before answering "To be honest em, I don't know; now, let's go meet your Mae and go to dinner." Outside, I wouldn't let her link arms, as Tinh wanted not the done thing in Asia, especially not an old foreigner with a young woman not his wife, and I was very sensitive to cultural do's and don'ts here.

Tinh's Mae was waiting a few metres up the road, and she took my breath away for a moment too, dressed also in a sheer material pink ao-yai, but with a fuller figure than her daughters, the effect was an even faster rising prick. The thing is: the national dress is not overtly made to be sexy, absolutely not: it just is when enclosing a beautiful female Vietnamese form. "You look truly beautiful Linh; I am a very lucky old man to be going out with two such beautiful women, truly." I think Linh even blushed as she greeted me, waving away my 'old man' comment as I kissed her lightly on both cheeks.

She turned to her motorbike, Tinh climbing on behind and me last, snuggling against Tinh to ensure my tailbone wasn't going to crack against the metal behind me. Maybe my cock would crack in front instead, as Tinh pushed her tail back hard against me as Linh accelerated away. It was a new restaurant for me, when we pulled up a short while later; on the river and another with a countryside theme and menu, not to mention the waiters and waitresses dressed in country-style ao-yai.

Letting the ladies precede me, I looked around: almost full always suggests a popular restaurant, and this appeared to be, as we were led to a table on the side overlooking the water. I suggested they sit together on one side so I could smoke on the other. Tinh ordered beer for me even before I could, and the pretty waitress smiled at me as she turned away to go for that first. Tinh and her mum looked over the cocktails before deciding to have one each to start with, but Linh said that would be her alcohol limit for the night; I winked at Tinh and behind my hand whispered "Maybe…" as Tinh laughed, and Linh asked what was all that!

My waitress returned, popped in some ice and poured my beer; I thanked her in Vietnamese, asked her name Tung and she smilingly replied, complimenting me on being able to converse in Vietnamese, before slightly turning in profile to take the girls' order, allowing me to study yet another slim, flat-bellied pretty girl until a kick under the table pointedly told me not to stare!

I drank some beer, lit a cigarette, and turned my attention to the present, and its beautiful ladies opposite me. Linh asked when I would be back again, and though I couldn't be sure, suggested monthly visits at least.

Their drinks arrived, and we toasted, Linh giggling at the alcohol, which she rarely drinks she commented, whereas I knew Tinh drank some beer at least. They then pored over the menu, asking what I wanted/did I like this or that…I said I'd leave it up to them. Miss Tung appeared regularly to top up my ice and beer, asked a new question or two every visit, so by the time she brought me a new bottle she knew all my pertinent details, whereas I only found out she was 23 and from Sapa, a very northerly mountain town I had yet to get to, and virtually the only area in Vietnam one might have a sprinkling of snow though with the environmental and weather changes these days: who knows the future?

When I said I would love to visit her home town, she promised to give me a contact number for when one day I made it there.

I smiled at Tung, then Tinh said "Oh, we might all go, we haven't been there yet either!" Thankfully, our food began arriving and Tung made space, and placed the dishes in the middle of the table, along with a bowl of steamed rice.

As the youngest, Tinh served, first towards me, but I protested her mother should be first, and soon we were all eating the variety of dishes they had ordered: fish and pork, chicken (which I don't eat and won't); vegetables, and rice, and in about ten minutes I was full, and sat back patting a full stomach, content to watch Tinh and Linh clean up all the rest of the food. I needed to go to the toilet, so excused myself and looked up for a sign; Tung appeared, but a sense of d?

vu prompted me to decline her offer to lead the way; I just asked for a pointer, and found it without much problem. Returning to the table, the ladies were sitting back, now with a glass of water in front of each, but I noticed their heads closely together and their mouths moving; as I emerged from behind them, they sat back quickly guiltily, as if caught in a conspiracy and I sat myself down to await the plans they may have made.

Soon after, we all seemed satisfied, and called for the bill. I added a tip to Tung's hand directly, and a smaller one to the restaurant, and we stood, whereupon Tung pressed a slip of paper into my hand, and said "Call me when you are able to come to Sapa, and I will arrange for you to have a good time." She smiled as I thanked her, before Tinh linked her arm with mine and gently, but forcefully, led me out.

Linh said she was feeling the cocktail's effects, so Tinh drove, Linh taking my arms to clasp around her waist, high up, under her breasts. Leaning back against me as much as possible for support, Linh might have been having her desired effect, but for me a stiffening in my pants against her buttocks wasn't what I intended. Three on a bike looks quite normal here, and of course it was dark, so I wasn't noticed as a foreigner until we had to stop at traffic lights; Linh, at that point, at least sat up straight, and we continued on the roads to the hotel; Tinh stopped to let me off, near the hotel, said she would park around the back and 'would I like to have a farewell drink with them in my room before I flew out tomorrow'?

What could I say other than 'sure, come on up'. Linh released my arms, but reached behind to feel my groin; "Oh yes, daughter, he would like." I took my key from Reception, and reminded them I would be checking out in the morning 'what time am I flying?' I asked myself, mentally noting to check if Tinh had even given me my ticket!

In my room, I got a beer my first thought and opened the door to the balcony for a cigarette and the evening air. A light knock on the door, but I had left it open, so they both swept in and closed and locked it behind them, smiling in greeting.

Before I could forget any more rational things, I had to ask: "Tinh, did you give me my ticket? What time am I to leave?" "Yes, anh, I gave it to you; fly out 10 o'clock, car will be here 8 o'clock, plenty of time and Mae and I will wake you up, no problems anh." I gulped, and Linh, laughing at me, said "I am on shift at 0700, and Tinh needs to take me home first, as she needs the bike tomorrow.

Why, are you scared of something, Steve?" She moved towards me, her hands reaching to the lowest of the what are they called, I stupidly asked myself, forgetting the name of 'hook and eye' clips as I watched her movements clips, undoing it with feigned difficulty I thought, and she asked "Anh, could you help me with my ao-yai, just to loosen it a little, maybe it's too small for me these days…" She stopped in front of me, turning slightly to the side so I could help her; I undid the second one, she stayed there, so I undid higher, exposing the bare skin of her sides and abdomen with each one; she didn't move, "Enough Linh?" "For now, Anh…thank you" and she unbuttoned my shirt to the top of my pants, and then she stepped away to close the curtains a little, and when I turned back Tinh was in front of me.

Pointing at her ao-yai clips, and waiting, I began the process again but she didn't stop me until I was at her armpit, exposing the side of her bra underneath, and she turned towards me, pulling my shirt from my pants and off my body. Then Tinh also headed for the open balcony door for some air, and her mother walked back towards me; "Anh, I am feeling tired, and I am sure Tinh is also; can we go to sleep for a while, before we go home?

So, would you undo my ao-yai for me please?" She leaned in to press her lips against mine, pressing her breasts well: against mine and undid my pants button before turning side on to me and holding her arm up a little, willing me to continue undoing her clips.

Naturally, I did; "Is this it: the plan you girls had at the restaurant going to all this trouble to get me to invite you to stay? You probably should have just asked me!" I now kissed Linh in return, using my hands to undo the clips one by one, but pausing when I could reach under the material and clasp a bra-covered breast, time for my own tormenting moments. I felt Tinh behind me, unzipping my pants and reaching inside; I moaned, as did Linh when I reached below her bra to tweak a nipple, then I removed my hands and continued until her top fell.

Her bare shoulders were there for my mouth and I kissed them as I felt behind for her bra clips, 3 of them because she was a big-breasted woman, and when it too fell away, I lowered my mouth to a nipple and clasped it in my lips, while my hands found the side zipper of her ao-yai pants and lowered it, until they too fell down, and my hands could reach for her pussy, clad in sheer panties which I pushed down with both hands, even as Tinh did the same to my underwear and pants, and I stepped out of them, as Linh did also.

I kissed up Linh's throat to her mouth, lingering, but then turning to Tinh to repeat the undressing. I thought, even as I kissed her bare skin as I uncovered it: this is like a sex story I could read on the websites where I read such erotic stories a mother and daughter, and one man, enjoying a threesome, and I more feverishly undid Tinh's ao-yai and stripped it from her body, her smaller bra no problem, her smaller breasts filling my mouth when I lowered myself to one, then another.

I could feel her mother's breasts pressed against my back, her lips kissing all around my skin, and I was becoming frantic to have a whole body lying down for my mouth to explore 2 bodies in fact. More especially, when Linh's hands grabbed my hardened prick, and she it was who led me to the bed.

She quickly threw herself down, still pulling on my rod, and no sooner was she flat with opened thighs than she pulled me on top and thrust the head of my prick at her opened cunt; I went straight in, and as she released me, her slippery insides let me slide in and in, and she squealed, thrusting her pelvis up until her bushy haired-pussy met the bones of my own and she held it, squeezing my cock with her vagina inside walls, and climaxing immediately under me.

I fastened my mouth over one huge tit, and sucked a nipple between my lips as hard as I could, prolonging her feelings yet needing no further movement of my prick inside her to achieve her satisfaction.

God, what a woman she was not having had sex for years I believed her when she had told me this before she came fast and wanted more, and her walls gripped me as tight as a virgin vice as she tried to milk me.

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But I was emptied after the activities earlier in the day, and I felt I could hold the strength in my penis as long as she wanted, and without bursting any flood of cream out. I moved my mouth to her other mound, and feasted there. Knowing my prick was going to tickle her insides still, I concentrated on sucking and licking that breast, and relished not only the taste of her, but also her moans and up-thrusts of her pelvis at me, which caused even more groans and squeals and she shook again as I felt her release juices to coat my prick and add to the slipperiness within which I was buried.

I hadn't forgotten Tinh, but had been more involved with her mother for some minutes, until I felt lips and a tongue at my buttocks and sliding along the slit down to the back side of my ball sac and anywhere which could be reached, including the juices oozing from her mother's pussy.

Linh shook beneath me, dislodging my mouth from its failing attempts to swallow her whole tit into my mouth, just too big, but such fun to try, and her hardened nipple tickling the walls inside my mouth was a new sensation, and added an extra incentive to my own excitement as I moved again, in and out slowly but hard the full distance inside her walls, and Tinh's tongue slurping wet juice all around us all.

I reached one hand down Linh's body, until I found Tinh's hair fanned out on the bed and then searched until I could at least be touching some part of her head or skin, showing her I was paying attention to her involvement.

I gently pushed her head away so I could roll Linh over, and I gently pushed on her breasts, indicating she should sit up, staying joined; after a few dazed moments she got the idea, curled her feet up to place alongside my body and now she began to do some work of raising and lowering herself on me; she sighed, liking this position, and experimented for a few strokes before finding the rhythm she seemed to find most pleasurable.

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Now I could pull Tinh towards my head, and join with her, at least by mouth, digging my tongue hard inside, and finding her small breasts, excited and pointy within my hands. I pulled her body higher and swallowed one tit, sucking it hard, my tongue darting around her nipple, nipping it with my teeth, and she jumped.

I swapped sides, and she pressed against me, but I released her and pushed and prodded until I could get a hand between her legs and hold her pelvis, dragging it towards my mouth. She straddled me then, facing her own mother and she almost sat on my face at the first swipe of my tongue into her wet slit; she squealed somewhere up above me, and I put my hands around each side of her buttocks and pulled her up and down to my mouth, my tongue just sticking there: dipping inside her on the pull down, slurping on the up, until I held her down and my tongue jerked around her, found her clit to slave over, grasp lightly in my front teeth, and causing her to empty juices down and into my mouth; I swallowed: I really could give up beer in exchange for a supply of such sweet, filling nectar, I thought stupidly as I slurped it up with my tongue and she gave me some more.

Tinh and her mother were both moaning, and then I felt both their weights moving, more groaning, and then the unmistakeable sounds of kissing how wonderfully open to feel able to share that, and very unexpected from a normally reserved people.

I felt them both lean back, and then a feeling of suction on my cock as Linh eased herself up and totally off, dragging my length with her until it slipped out from her lips, and I felt her heavily flop down on the bed somewhere to my side, panting and laughing, so I smiled under Tinh's hairless slit above my face. A small hand took hold of my prick, and I was amazed to know it was still long and big and hard as Tinh moved up from my face and propelled her feet and body down until she could sit on that rod in her hand.

She sighed as it filled her from the opening of her vagina lips to the cervix walls, and though I was looking at her back, I sensed she was smiling with that enigmatic 'Mona Lisa'-type smile which one can see on some women is from erotic contentment. Well, I hoped it was so, hoped Tinh was feeling such, even as I looked to my side and saw Linh smiling in similar contentment, looking up at both me and her daughter riding me; well, at least it didn't seem as if Linh was going to kill me for making love with her daughter, I thought, and I stroked her face gently.

Tinh found some energy and began bouncing on me, trying to burrow fully down on my prick, and then she leaned slightly forward and clearly the friction of me sliding in and out hit her clit or another erogenous spot for her, and she tensed, jamming me up and writhing herself around on me until she bawled out unintelligibly and shook as if hit by a fierce storm. I released Linh's face and scratched my nails lightly up and down Tinh's back, around her sides and to the side mounds of her breasts, and she erupted in goose bumps and shivered, even as she rose enough to almost slip off, then sat heavily down and squealed again, this time with juice flowing down between us.

She leaned back, internal energy spent, and while my cock followed her, it soon became a painful angle and I twisted her until I could draw her off, and then snuggled her in my one arm, the other reaching for Linh to join us higher on the bed and I circled her also, caressing both women with total fondness. I was hard, but the immediate excitement was being replaced with tenderness, and within a few minutes I had thankfully shrunk to a more relaxed size, with the ladies regaining their own composed states.

Linh was first to rise and head for the bathroom, turning on the shower - which triggered a need for my bladder to suddenly feel overfull, and I slipped away from an aggrieved Tinh, knocked on the half-closed door and asked Linh if it was ok to come in, then entering anyway to lift the seat lid and direct my erupting stream into the bowl with a 'whoosh' sigh of relief.

I heard Linh laugh, looking across at me, and I smiled back, "Couldn't wait" I said, and she replied she could well see that! I finished, shaking myself, and hopped in the shower stall with Linh, who was soaping her pelvis and lower body, the lather sticking to the bush between her thighs until she rinsed it off.

I took some soap in my hands and slicked it over her breasts; she sighed and leaned back against me, my prick jumping up hard against her buttocks. I played with her nipples and they reacted as expected; I washed around her neck, then directed the spray to rinse her, and leaned my mouth in to kiss her neck and her ears, nibbling as she moaned, lifeless against me.

More soap and I pushed a hand between her buttocks to wash her crack, sliding all the way under to meet her own hand resting on her furry cunt. I was about to slip a finger inside, but Linh turned to me, pressed her body against mine, one hand holding my cock, and her mouth hard against my own. A long kiss later, she squeezed and let go; "Oh, anh, I want you so much, again and again and there's the problem…I want you now too much, I am afraid. I don't want to, but I am going to get Tinh up and we will go home I can tell she is feeling the same; sorry, anh." She kissed me again as I stood there, and as she stepped out, I said: "Linh, don't ever say 'sorry' to me, please; I like you and your daughters too much also, so I understand." I let her dry her body, admiring it before I soaped myself and washed off the sweat and juices of the night.

I also cleaned my teeth, so when I came out after perhaps ten minutes, I found Tinh also dressed and they were both waiting to say 'bye. I said "Tinh, you can shower if you want…" She held up her hand, before walking up and kissing me lingeringly, before stepping back and smiling "You smell fresh, anh; it's ok, I will take Mae home and shower there it is better if we leave now, even if neither of us wants to. Thank you, anh, see you next trip." She kissed me again, and then Linh did also, and they smiled as they left quietly.

Then Tinh pushed the door open again, "Remember, the car will pick you up in the morning, ok? Don't forget or forget, if you want to." She winked and closed the door, as I turned to firstly set my mobile's alarm, then grabbed a new beer and swallowed some, smiling at the memories and wondering seriously if I could avoid becoming too involved with any or all of these lovely women connections all of whom somehow linked back to Yen's promise to 'take care of me' in her absence.

I turned to folding and packing the remainder of my clothes, then opened the curtains again and stepped out to the balcony with my beer and a cigarette. I had no clothes on, but wasn't concerned at this late I should have been… "You don't look any fatter than I remember, anh, not when you are naked; and you still seem to have some life left in your 'cuu'" I turned to face the voice and outline of Ha on her own balcony, her use of the Vietnamese word for 'cock' stirring that appendage without any conscious thought.

I jumped over to the brick wall side of my balcony, hiding myself from waist down, before replying "Oh, good evening, em, you're up late" "I had been hoping to see you for one last drink, anh, but I waited downstairs a long time and didn't see you; now I am happy to see you so how about it, 5 minutes and a drink for old times' sake?" She knew me, knew how rarely I could refuse her anything in all our years of marriage, and since, the only thing I refused, for a long time, was to let her divorce me: even then she won in the end.

"Give me a few minutes, and to put some clothes on, Ha, and I will bring one beer to have with you; agreed?" "Sure, anh, that will be nice; and you can smoke on my balcony also, it's ok with me; see you in a minute, Chong em." Oh, she knew how to get to me, calling me 'her husband'; in truth, I don't know how to succinctly say 'ex' in Vietnamese: clearly Ha wouldn't say it at all.

She swept inside her room. I emptied my beer, decided I would at least clean my teeth again and be able to greet her freshly, threw on shorts and a t-shirt, brushed my hair stupidly hoping I looked still reasonably good to her - and ran around in circles wondering what else I was trying to remember: oh, a beer and my cigarettes.

I stopped to draw breath, a deep one, telling myself I had to get over this irrationality every time Ha appeared in my life these days. When I felt a degree calmer, I took a fresh beer, cigarettes, and my room key, and went out, three steps, and knocked politely on her door. She opened it, wearing a smile and a sheer, black teddy, hiding little and showing what little was hidden to magnificent, cock-erecting effect.

Come in, anh; I bought this today, do you like it?" and she twirled a circle in front of me, the hem fluttering up enough to show a bare set of buttocks, and her breasts and nipples clearly visible when she stopped with the light full on her body, and a shadowed pelvic area beckoning the eyes down. She left the door open for me and swayed sensually across to sit on the edge of the bed.

I turned my eyes away, closed the door, and feeling as if I was sweating already, walked over to sit on the couch, across from Ha, away from Ha, feeling like a sheep in the lion's den. I looked up at her as she crossed her legs, clearly showing me her bare cunt first, then those strong, smooth legs, and I stared mesmerized as she bounced her foot around nonchalantly. I had to break the spell, so I opened my beer; I looked at her to offer 'cheers', and she asked if I could get her a beer from her room fridge, laughing at my surprised look, "I do drink it some times, anh, and thought I'd ah, join with you once more, ok?" 'Join with me…' I repeated to myself, oh god what did she mean, did she mean anything or nothing or something.all I knew was: my brain was fuddled, my cock was alive, and I would need another beer in no time at all, hoping for calmer nerves.

"Well, anh, could you get me a beer and glass please?" "Oh, sorry, I was day-dreaming for a moment, Ha; you look beautiful and took my senses away, but don't you think you might be a little under-dressed to receive me?" I went to her fridge, poured a glassful and carried it over to her. "I only bought it for you, anh, for whenever the next time we met; I won't wear it for anyone else." Before handing the glass to her, I leant over and said "Excuse my manners, em, I didn't even say 'hello': hello Ha" and I gently touched my hands to her shoulders.

I kissed her lightly on one cheek, and then her mouth when she tricked me away from her other cheek, but I made it short and stepped back, walking back to lift my own beer and we toasted, "To us, anh, past, present and future" said Ha, but I could only smile, marveling at her skilful manipulation of both me and the situation, and knowing I was as powerless to compete with her just as if I had been drugged.

God, she is beautiful, I thought to myself, and an enchantress (or maybe a devil) and she knows it all. I had to break the spell so I took a cigarette and my beer out to the balcony, needing the 5 minutes it would take to regroup my senses and calm both my thoughts and my body.

She came out to join me, standing beside me, but I turned away to sit in the chair, pointing out I was smoking and didn't want her upset by it; she only smiled, waved away my attempt at an escape and said she was often around people who smoked, not to worry, and came to sit in the other chair beside me, but at least with a small table between us. I looked at her; I saw the life we had had, the love we had had, and then I saw the lies she had told me, the other life she had kept secret, other men… and then I forgot that part, and knew I still felt a need for her.

"Do you remember what I said at the airport, when I dropped you off after we had made love again in HCMC?" I nodded without replying; "I said, and I asked you, 'we are not finished…are we Anh?' You didn't answer, but I was sure I knew you agreed; I am right, aren't I Anh?" I paused to drain my beer, motioned I would take one of hers from the fridge, and after she had nodded and I had returned to sit down, I said "No, I didn't answer then, Ha, but after you had gone, I told myself that when I walked into the terminal to catch my flight, I had to leave thoughts of you outside the doors.

What I recall telling you is this: 'we can't go back Ha, only forward'. Ex husbands and wives, I think, can never truly be finished, em, but that isn't the same as maybe you expect from me: you seem to want it all to be the same as it was, and truly I so often wish we had never broken-up, but as much as I might desire that, how can it be: it happened in our past for reasons, and while no-one knows tomorrow, the present moment is all we can be sure of.

At this moment, no, we are not finished, Ha, and yes, I love you in this present moment in time." It was a long speech, and I withdrew into my beer, glancing at Ha, who stood and moved to me. She took my beer and placed it on the table; reaching for my hand she pulled me upright and led me inside to the bed, standing me next to it while she slid my t-shirt up and over my head.

When I began to speak, she hushed me with fingers to my lips, and slipped her hands inside the waistband of my shorts, pushing out to slip them over my hips and dropping them to the floor. My cock bobbed up and she was close enough to feel it bounce against her; she looked at me with a smile and turned to pull the quilt back on the bed before lying down and raising a hand to motion me to join beside her. She didn't coerce me, she didn't beat me into submission, she hadn't even spoken, yet I was so weak in her presence I just did whatever she wanted; I lay on my side and then jumped up and ran into the bathroom: at the very least I would have a fresh mouth to place on her.

I used the spare toothbrush, and returned to the bed where Ha was still in the same position, the teddy so alluring and adding to the desire for her, everything just a tantalizingly thin material thickness away.

I leaned closer, supporting myself on my elbow, and placed a gentle hand over her left breast, enclosing the mound as I kissed her cheek and around to her mouth, lips glistening, waiting. They parted as I also opened my mouth, and I delved my tongue in, slowly licking her insides and playing with her tongue as she moved it around back at me.

My hand was caressing her and her nipple was erect as the palm of my hand moved over it, the material crackling as if with electricity, adding to the sensuality of the caresses. She slipped her arms up high to encircle my shoulders and hold me close, and this pulled the teddy higher, my cock now throbbing against the bare flesh of her thigh, pre-cum seeping out.

I rolled in between her open thighs, two hands wanting to feel two breasts, and she sighed into my mouth through her own, changing the pitch to a moan when my knees pushed her legs wider and my prick bobbed around her pelvis, now open and uncovered. She arched towards me and I took my mouth away, replacing my right hand on her breast with a greedy pair of lips and my hand reached between us to push my prick down and into the crevice of her thighs, holding it while I lathered her with pre-cum from the crack of her arse up her slit, wagging it at her clit which I found easily, sticking there like a flag inside the folds of her bare pussy.

She messed my hair with her hands in throes of passion, and then scratched at my back with her nails, pushing her pelvis up at me, a clear signal of what she wanted, and I swapped breasts for my mouth, gently holding her new nipple in my teeth as I inserted the head of my penis into the receptacle it was designed for, and my hands now twisted under her buttocks to lift her angle, and I penetrated her as slowly as if she was a virgin but this a seamless, barrier-free journey along a tunnel with nerves and ridges to feel and tingle, but also fluids to smooth the passage ahead, to the end of that tunnel where the sperm should gush forth (if such I had) to wriggle their way in the darkness in that search for an egg to also penetrate, just like a new vagina.

It was a voyage which could only have been designed by the heavens, and I felt mystical at this moment as I lived every nanosecond of that first insertion back into Ha, my ex-wife, my ex-love, who was now inextricably back in my life. No, we weren't finished, she was correct, but only in my own mind could I admit this, for now perhaps.

She seemed to have felt these powerful few moments also, as she pushed against me hard and climaxed when I reached that end of her tunnel, and she squeaked and dug her nails deep into my back, and bucked up at me strongly. I just as slowly retreated out of her and left just the head inside her as I stretched up to kiss her; she bit my lip and hugged me so tightly I had to force her down to draw in breath after a few moments, and she collapsed back, gasping, so I flattened myself on her and pushed in again, and then I made love to her, and with her, with an intensity of desire beyond sex, a passion of furious depth which eventually left us both spent and clutching at each other as we climbed the heights together yet again.

After the satisfaction achieved in our opening position, my stamina required I roll Ha over so I could recover on my back, and she had taken over the dominant role, raised enough to allow me to both hold and squeeze and suck and kiss her breasts, her neck and shoulders and at times to her mouth; she squeezed her thigh and vaginal muscles to sometimes make the sliding down and up she did almost painfully slow, but the feelings were incredible, and I reached down to cup her buttocks and aid her movements.

She poured juices at me several times, and when this happened she had to lift from my mouth or my shoulder to allow herself to vent moans and groans and squeals up into the open air, meanwhile coating us and the bed below, and our hair became wet and streaky with sweat and almost tangled together in their own coupling.

I bit her ears when they came within reach and her nails must have clawed my flesh everywhere on my upper body. I recovered my breath and after she had collapsed on me, I stroked her back for a few minutes, rigid and pulsing within her, and I felt now was coming the time of my need to cum myself, so I withdrew and coaxed her to the side on her stomach, and moved myself over her from behind, laying flat along her after re-inserting my cock into a sopping wet cunt, and there I just gently moved around inside her, my hands squeezed under to tweak at her nipples and my mouth roving with kisses up her spine and upper body, nuzzling through her wet hair to her sensitive neck area.

She was continually moaning into the pillow, kept on the edge of cumming, and I leaned back then, reaching my hands to her hips and urging her to raise her buttocks and pelvis, squirming my knees upright between her thighs, spreading her wide, and then I buried myself strongly within, hitting her cervix even more forcefully in this position, and I almost howled with the feelings.

I withdrew, and a tense Ha under me wriggled at me, and I plunged in again, then more rhythmically a few times, hitting the back wall inside her again and again, and receiving the desired moans and rising pitched groans in response. I slowed for a time, and then felt an urge to put together a series of different strokes, varying the number until I plunged hard at the end of each sequence.

I couldn't last, nor could Ha, and she groaned at me, almost speaking for the first time, but I sensed a greater pulsing within my prick and a shove back from Ha, and I rapidly stroked, building until she thrust back, tensed and buried her face to scream as I reached the peak and a lightning storm flashed in my brain as the massed Clouds split and emptied a torrent of the elusive Rain, sealing us together for that defined moment of Bliss.

For a moment of eternity, nothing happened in the world; that's how I remembered it moments later when I collapsed against Ha's back and re-lived it; drew breath, snuggling against her, kissing her, my hands under her holding her to me, emptying inside her. I rolled us both to the side, still within, but able to cross my arms across her chest and hold both breasts, kissing her neck and shoulder closest to my mouth, whispering nothing but whispering in her ear, and perhaps it meant something to her as she placed her arms across mine and squeezed us even closer.

Ha hadn't spoken at all since she had led me to the bed perhaps neither had I but now she twisted her head enough towards me and she did: "Anh, I told you, and now this proves it: we came to an end, but now this is the new start. You felt it just as I did, Anh: The Earth Moved, didn't it Anh? You belong to me; you belong with me, and only with me." I was still lying there with my cock inside this woman, holding each other, and yet she was talking as if I was an object, a teddy-boy against her negligee teddy, told what I am and what I should be.

"Ha-oi, yes, the earth moved, but it wasn't a sign that I belong to you." I slipped out of her and un-wrapped our entangled bodies; "I should go, Ha, I have to leave early for the airport. I love you, Ha, still now as I did before, but I am more cautious now, and I trust everyone a lot less than before. I am sure we will meet again, em, good night." I kissed her, lovingly and with my heart; gathered my things and threw on my shorts, headed out and back to my own room.

I bothered with nothing, turned the a/c on, closed the door, and fell onto the bed, a satisfied body containing a tortured soul. In the morning, I showered, drank coffee and checked out, waiting for the car when it arrived, and, a few hours later, arrived home in HCMC, my mind a little calmer and less filled with images and recollections of my ex-wife's pronouncement of the night before.

Yet, she remained in my mind so strongly&hellip. (End of Part 9)