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Cute babe is being seduced to take erected cock in moist mouth
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Episode 3: New User Zack continued to show the school that Claudia was his by kissing her in public again on Thursday, both at lunch, and after school. Though Zack was enjoying "showing off" his girlfriend, he also noticed something.

Not all of the stares they were getting were simply amazed. Some of them seemed a bit, well, hostile. Zack didn't let it concern him too much.

After all, who was going to overreact over a single girl? When Friday came, Zack decided to take it one step farther. He had sat down at his usual table, and Claudia greeted him warmly as she passed his seat.

"Hey, Claudia," he said. "Why don't you sit here with me?" Claudia paused, again only momentarily, before she nodded, and slid onto the bench beside him. He leaned over, and he received his usual, sensuous kiss. The stares were beginning to bother Claudia, he could tell. She broke off their kiss just as the principal, Mr.

DeVain, came up to them. "All right, you two," he said with a hint of amusement in his voice. "This is a cafeteria, not lover's lane. Let's keep the kissing out of school, okay?" "Yes, sir," they both answered in mock-subservient tones. Mr. DeVain was a "cool" principal, and he fit in well with the students. Though he insisted on proper discipline and respect for the teachers, he wasn't so overly strict that the students feared him. He struck a chord with them, as if he took some small pleasure in their antics, and only reluctantly would he bring them to a halt.

This made him popular with the students. The fact that the students did, in fact, listen to him made him popular with the teachers.

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As he was about to walk away, he stopped and turned back. "Oh, by the way, Zack, there's a new project the school is working on, and I think you'd fit in well with the team. Could you stay after school on Monday, so that we can discuss it?" "Sure, Mr. DeVain. What is it?" He got a devilish grin on his face. "Oh, I think you'll like it. It's right up your alley." Before Zack could ask any more questions, the principal walked off, leaving the two of them to eat their lunches.

Zack made sure to touch Claudia as much as possible. Claudia was torn by his actions. While she gloried in his touch, and longed for him to hold her close, she felt the disapproval of her classmates from across the room, where they sat at her usual table. When she got up the courage to look, the only eyes she connected with were Stephanie's.

The look was cold; brooding. She was definitely unhappy about Claudia's choice of dining companion. Well, maybe she'll feel better about him after the weekend.

----- Zack was back to being bored in computer class. He had completed his project, and most of the rest of the class was well on the way to finishing up theirs, so no one needed his help. He decided to get online for a while. Mr. Parks did not object to this, as it kept Zack occupied with something less intrusive than some of his more creative endeavors at keeping himself busy. Zack had once made every computer in the room print all of its text upside-down for the entire hour.

Except his own, of course. And any time the teacher would make him switch, it seemed like the virus knew where Zack was, and "fixed" whichever computer he was at.

It was child's play for Zack, of course, and it didn't do any permanent damage to the system. Mr. Parks never did figure out how Zack had infiltrated the system, and Zack wasn't about to tell him. But on this day, he kept his activity to just browsing. He did, however, catch one of his friends online. <Valkyrie359> Hey, Zmorph! What's up? <Zmorph> Hey, Val! Not much. CP class is a drag today. <Valkyrie359> Project all finished, huh? <Zmorph> Weeks ago.

Anything shakin' w/ you? <Valkyrie359> Nah. Say, did you ever take a look at that prog I told you about? <Zmorph> Yeah, actually, I did. <Valkyrie359> Well?

<Zmorph> Let's just say the program was not entirely bullshit. ;) <Valkyrie359> Are you shitting me? The damned thing works? <Zmorph> I never said that.

You didn't see me type that. <Valkyrie359> But it does, doesn't it?! <Zmorph> You may draw your own conclusions, Val. -> ;) <- <Valkyrie359> Yeah, yeah, I got ya. Worried about something? <Zmorph> One never knows when BB is watchin' the wires.

(By "BB", Zack referred to "Big Brother", or the school and governmental overseers of the networks.) <Valkyrie359> I hear ya, Z-man.

Well, I'm not a hacker like you, but my programming skills aren't too bad. think I could have a look at the newest version of the program? <Zmorph> I don't know, Val. I'm still in Alpha-testing. I don't think I'm ready for Beta-Testers yet. *Valkyrie359 groans <Valkyrie359> Okay, okay.

I won't press. but remember who led you to the damned thing, okay? <Zmorph> Always, Val. Gotta go, class is almost out.

Bye. Zack signed off of the computer, and shut it down for the day. It was just a few minutes before the bell rang, and he headed home for another work-free weekend. Unfortunately, Claudia lived across town from him, and her father was picking her up because her car was in the shop, so he had to settle for a simple kiss with her after school. Except that, with them, a kiss was never "simple".

Her tongue slithered across his lips, asking for entrance until he gave it, and then flitting only momentarily in and out of his mouth.

Her body was pressed full against him, and he could feel her heat rising. Just before things got out of control, she broke the kiss, smiled at him, and said, "See ya tomorrow!" And then she hopped into her father's car, and was gone.

Zack had seen the look of surprise on her father's face. He had to hurry to make his bus, still a little dizzy from the arousal her kiss had caused in him. He looked around as he sat down on the bus, and once more his mind wandered to each female form on the bus. He realized that, as great as Claudia was, there were definitely other wares to be sampled. Stephanie would merely be the first of many "second string" girlfriends. ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ The next day, Zack had managed to mute his excitement.

He knew the program worked, but it hadn't yet ever worked on the first try. Well, except with his mother, but that programming was minor, and he'd managed even to screw that up at first. His parents would not be a problem this day, as they were once again off looking for a new car.

His dad had said something about an afternoon with friends afterward, so he knew they wouldn't be home until late. His parents' "afternoon" with friends usually ended around nine or ten at night. Zack never minded, and he certainly didn't care this day. He had modified the basic "Claudia matrix" during the week, turning it into one specifically for Stephanie, he hoped.

He knew a fair amount about Stephanie's background from talking to Claudia, but still, he wondered if he wasn't missing something important. They showed up around one in the afternoon. Claudia was looking radiant in a tight-fitting T-shirt and a pair of jeans that must have been painted on. She gave him a hug and a brief kiss as a greeting, before she walked past him to let Stephanie into the house.

Stephanie was already glowering at Zack. Why she hated him so much, he was sure he would never know. Today, she looked beautiful, in her light blue button-up blouse and jeans, not quite as tight as Claudia's but still not leaving much to the imagination. Zack said, "Hi, Steph. Come on in." "Don't call me Steph, Zachary.

You know I hate that," she huffed as she pushed by him. For now, you do, he thought. "So, what's so damned special about some gizmo computer program?" she asked sharply. "Come on, let's get this over with. There's a sale at JCPenney." Maybe I should get Claudia to tell me why women love to shop so much, Zack thought irrelevantly. "Oh, Stephanie! You just have to see the program to know what it's all about!" Claudia almost sighed audibly, but held it in.

"Fine, fine. Let's go." As Stephanie headed off down the hall toward Zack's room, he held Claudia back a minute. He whispered into Claudia's ear, "If this works, I will give you an 'okay' sign. When I do that, here's what you're to do." Zack quickly laid out his plans for Claudia for that afternoon. They caught up with Stephanie standing outside Zack's door. "Well, don't just stand there, go in!" Claudia chided. Stephanie walked into the room, and looked around.

Zack had picked up, and so the room was neat and clean, if not entirely organized. He never seemed to get around to making any kind of sense out of all his books and magazines, so they were stacked neatly, but out of any logical order.

Stephanie took all of this in, including the Babylon 5 poster on the wall, and the miniature dragon sculpture on the dresser. She dismissed it all as junk. "You need to sit here, Stephanie," Zack said as he indicated his desk chair. "Just double-click the icon that says "PAO dash S" She sat down, and Zack turned Claudia to look away from the screen, just in case. There were elements in this script he did not want Claudia to pick up.

Stephanie stared as the screen blanked, and then brought up the Program Alpha-Omega logo. Suddenly, a sweet, almost lilting music filled the room, and swirled inside Stephanie's brain. The screen darkened, but was soon filled with softly modulating patterns of swirls, circles, and curves. The pattern was unpredictable, and it drew her into its depths. Stephanie quickly became lost amidst the sound and light. For the briefest of moments, she felt panic rise within her at the loss of her sense of direction, but it quickly eased when something told her, it's only a program.

She was never sure if that was her own thought, or if it came from elsewhere. She drifted. ----- As Zack watched the now-entranced Stephanie, he had learned to read the signs of being under long before the program ran its course.

He gave Claudia the "okay" sign, and she immediately headed out of the room. He knew she would be enjoying herself for some time to come. He sat back to wait for PAO to complete its job on Stephanie's will. ----- Stephanie's mind slowly descended from the highest levels of bliss. The program was so relaxing, so fulfilling. And now she knew that she was the property of Zachary Griffin.

Her earlier behavior to him seemed but a distant memory, but it was remembered. However, right now, it was not important. She swiveled in the chair until she was looking directly at Zack. Her eyes locked with his briefly, but then they quickly lowered to look at his shoes. She could no longer look him directly in the eyes. She saw the feet shift, and the legs moved as he rose from where he was seated on the bed.

She watched the feet cover the short distance over to where she sat, unable or unwilling to move, she wasn't sure.

Zack stood over her for several moments, wondering just what to do with her first. He thought to just have her strip naked, but he thought that would be too simple, too "normal". He felt she deserved a little punishment for the way she had treated him for the last few weeks. However, she looked damned sexy in her blouse and jeans, with her head bowed in respect like that, and his cock was straining against his own jeans to be let loose. "Open my zipper," he said. Slowly, Stephanie's hands moved to his pants.

She tugged until his zipper was fully opened. "Now," Zack said, "reach inside my underwear, and pull out my dick." Stephanie's hand shook as it moved inside his jeans and found the slit in the front of his briefs. She pushed her way through the fabric, and her hand brushed against his hard cock. She gasped at the feel of its heat. She let her fingers close around it, and found that she could just barely get her hand around his shaft.

Her hand slid lightly along his length toward the tip of his dick. Once there, she tugged gently at his manhood until she had him pointing out through the slit, his prick standing out from his body, begging for attention. "Suck me. And do it right." Stephanie's tongue slipped out from between her lips, and, almost without any conscious thought, she began to lick the head of his cock.

Around the entire head she went, her tongue slipping wetly over the surface of his cockhead. She kissed the shaft of his cock, working her way down toward the base of it. She kissed each spot along one side until she reached his underwear.

Then she slipped her tongue around the underside of his dick, and proceeded to plant kisses up the other side of his shaft, again making sure not to miss a spot. Zack was shivering with the feel of it, so intense was the pleasure of this. But he wanted to be in her mouth. When she arrived once again at his cockhead, he pressed himself against her lips.

Almost reluctantly, her lips parted to admit him, slowly taking a portion of his seven-inch length into her mouth. She moved her head on his cock, moving back and forth slowly, making sure he was enjoying every movement. She inched him further into her mouth with each stroke, until she felt him at the back of her throat. She had never taken a guy further than this before, and wasn't ready to do so now.

She started to increase her pace on his shaft, using her tongue and sometimes a gentle swipe of her teeth to stimulate his pulsing organ. Zack was doing his best to hold off his blow. He had learned a bit of control in the past few days with Claudia, but it was still a struggle. Stephanie's mouth was doing wonderful things on his dick, and it was hard to keep his cum inside, but he was enjoying this, and wanted it to last as long as he could hold out.

Stephanie was determined by now that he would not hold out much longer. She rubbed the head of his dick along the inside of her cheek as she sucked on him, pulling him into her, trying to literally suck the cum from his balls.


Her lips and tongue worked in concert to cover every last fraction of his pole, lavishing on it the attention she knew it deserved. Finally, Zack had all he could take. He took hold of Stephanie's head, and pulled her against him. He felt the back of her throat, and he pushed past it. He felt her gag, but she soon relaxed, and his cock passed down her throat. Once there, he blew his load straight into her stomach. The force of his come was like nothing he could remember, and it left him a little dizzy.

As his eruption trailed off, he pulled his softening dick from Stephanie's mouth, and staggered back to drop down onto the bed. He looked at her, and smiled. She almost looked him in the face, but her programming forced her to look down once more.

"While I recover for a bit," he said after a moment of catching his breath, "Why don't we go see where Claudia's gotten off to?" Zack led Stephanie down the hall to his parents' bedroom.

There they saw Claudia, lying on the bed, completely naked. Her hands danced across her body as she pleasured herself, completely oblivious at this point to her new audience. Stephanie fought between looking away from her friend's private pleasure, and devouring that lithe young body with her eyes. Zack obviously wanted to show Stephanie that she was not his only girl.

It occurred briefly to Stephanie that it was Claudia who had brought her here, that she should thank her for that. The program had been wonderful, and she felt so at peace with herself. Stephanie tried to move toward Claudia, but was restrained by Zack. She actually let out a small whimper at that.

Zack held her firmly, though. He leaned over and whispered. "Not now. I just wanted you to know that Claudia is having her own fun, so you needn't worry about her. Now then, let's get back to my room." As Stephanie tore her eyes away from Claudia's writhing form, her eyes swept over an object that almost froze her in her tracks. It was a camcorder, set up on a tripod, and recording the events on the bed. Stephanie's blood went a little cold as she considered what that might mean for her future.

She could see that the scene had aroused Zack, as his cock, which was still poking out of his pants, was once again erect. Back in Zack's room, he had Stephanie stand in the middle of the room, arms at her side, legs slightly apart.

He walked all the way around her, examining her body. He ran his hand across her ass, and felt a slight shiver from her. He liked that. Moving around in front of her, he began undoing her jeans. Having them fully undone, he knelt to untie her sneakers, and then he had her lift each foot so that he could remove her socks and shoes.

Then, slowly, he began to peel her jeans down off her body, slowly revealing the smooth, soft flesh of her thighs and legs. He ran his hands briefly along her inner thighs, not touching her pubic area, before he returned to the task of removing her pants. As she stepped out of them, he sat back to admire the view. He wasn't entirely happy with it. Yet. "Put your hands behind your head," he ordered. Stephanie did just that, which raised and lifted her tits to allow them to stand more firmly from her chest.

He liked how it accentuated her curves. He stood back up, and began unbuttoning her blouse from the top down. He paused in mild surprise as he finally realized that she was not wearing a bra.

"Hmmm, very nice." He said to no one in particular. He fully unbuttoned the blouse, but did not remove it. Instead, he grasped her panties, and pulled them down her hips, having her step out of them. Now she stood before him in nothing but her blouse, her hands clasped tightly behind her head, her legs spread to shoulder-width, giving him a nice view at the vee of her crotch.

He could see her pussy lips poking out through the thin hair on her pubes. He stood back to look at his prize. She was very sexy. ----- While Zack was admiring Stephanie in his bedroom, Claudia was working toward her first big orgasm of the day. She didn't know why Zack wanted her to tape herself masturbating, but she would do as he asked. And the thought of what he was doing to Stephanie drove her wild.

Her one hand stroked her breast while her other hand slipped between her legs, pressing a finger into her already dripping snatch as her mind contemplated the joy that Zack would give Stephanie. Her finger moved quickly in and out of her cunt, her other hand twisting her nipple.

She moaned aloud for the tape to hear, and her fingers were making a squishing sound in her cunt. She pulled her one tit up to her mouth, sticking out her tongue and flicking it across her abused nipple. The sensation sent her over the edge, and she cried out in pleasure, her orgasm rocking her body, her hand continuing to thrash into her pussy while her juices flowed freely down onto the bedspread.

She wriggled about on the bed until her orgasm passed. But she did not cease her activity. She slowed for a few moments, but Zack's instructions were clear, and she kept her hands working across her body. It didn't take long before her body began to respond again to the ministrations of her deft fingers. ----- Back in Zack's room, he had heard Claudia's screams.

He knew that Stephanie had, too. and the blush that spread across her chest was beautiful. He rose from his crouched position, and approached his toy. He placed his hand against the middle of her chest, where the blouse was pulled open by her posture. She shivered at his touch, her eyes closing slightly. He could actually see her body trembling. He moved his hand slowly inside her blouse, letting his fingers slip softly beneath the material. He guided his hand over her left breast, letting his fingertips pass gently over her nipple, which hardened under his touch.

He kept his caresses soft as he moved his hand over to her right tit, and repeated the action, just barely rubbing her nipple, but bringing it fully erect. He stepped around behind her, so that she could not see him. He slid his hand, still beneath the fabric of the blouse, down off her breast and down her side.

He could feel her shake with the mixture of sensations and emotions that were rioting in her mind. His stroke continued down her side, and finally reached her ass. He lightly fondled her cheeks, stroking gently across each one, sliding his hand into her crack and down, reaching almost between her legs, but stopping before he touched her most private of areas. By now, Stephanie was positively shuddering with her need for release. But she could not, would not, say anything to Zack.

She didn't need to: even a complete fool would have been able to read her body language. He kept his hand in light contact with her hip as he stepped back around to face her. He enjoyed the mixed look of lust and shame on her face. He knew what she needed at this point, and he was just about ready to give it to her. His hand moved over her hip, and slipped down between her thighs. His middle finger contacted the bud of her clit, and she convulsed with the pleasure of it.

He continued moving his hand further back, keeping in contact with her clit. She was having trouble staying upright, so much ecstasy was rolling through her body. Then Zack slipped a finger into her cunt.

Stephanie's pussy seized on his finger, pulling it further into her. Her vaginal muscles contracted around it, feeling like a million small fingers all caressing his at once. But Zack was not content to be passive in this encounter. He started to shove his finger all the way into her.

She was so wet and lubricated that he made it all the way to the third knuckle with almost no resistance. But he did not pause, but started to pull back out. He felt her pussy sucking on his finger, resisting its withdrawal, wanting it to stay within. But he had other plans. His finger started to dance a rapid pace inside her twat. It was only a few strokes before the first moan escaped her lips, and they became an endless string of moans, groans and squeaks from then on.

Zack's finger moved feverishly, and then he added a second finger. Her body was beginning to rock as she tried to thrust herself down onto his fingers. When he added yet a third finger, her body seemed possessed, as she shoved herself down onto his hand just as hard as she possibly could. Her grunts and screams were very exciting to Zack. He was about ready to try for a fourth finger when her body gave a massive convulsion, and his hand was flooded with her juices. She let forth a long, loud, "Oh!" and she spasmed on his hand.

He had to grab her to keep her from falling down, but he kept his hand moving inside of her. Her orgasm seemed as if it would never end, but it did, finally, start to taper off. Stephanie was drenched in sweat, her hair and her blouse clinging to her body.

Zack unceremoniously let her drop to the bed onto her back. Her legs splayed off the end, opening widely and invitingly. Having gotten her off in such a way had really made him horny, and he would not be denied what he wanted now. He shucked his clothing in a matter of seconds, and stood over her naked form.

Stephanie had little chance to register what was going on. She was just coming out of her ecstatic fog as she saw Zack lean over her body. Fear and excitement battled for control of her mind, but somewhere in the back, revulsion lay in waiting.

None of it mattered as his cock entered her. The sensation to her already excited snatch was one of pure electricity. She was so wet that he slid home easily, and buried himself to his full extent in one swift stroke. Zack enjoyed the sensation of Stephanie's hot cunt.

She was tight, and she was hot, and she had the moves to go with it. As Zack began to move within her, Stephanie's body responded to him, rocking in synch to his motions. With each thrust, her body worked to pull him further inside of her. Zack mauled her tits as she lay on the bed beneath him, her body moving against his as though they were one body.

She was again shrieking with the joy of her body's sensations. She writhed beneath him, adding to his pleasure. This time, however, Zack was able to hold off. He pummeled her throughout her orgasm, but slacked off when he felt himself getting ready to climax. He continued to knead her tits until her gyrations subsided, and then he pulled out of her. Stephanie was aware enough to know that he had not come.

She knew he would not finish with her until he had come. She wondered if she would be expected to suck him off again. She was not ready for what did happen. Zack reached down and flipped her over onto her stomach. He pushed her further up onto the bed, so that her knees were thrusting her ass nicely into the air. She wondered what was going on until she felt his shaft slip back into her warm wetness, and stroke again. Her body started to heat up again, moving swiftly towards another orgasm.

But just as she reached that pinnacle, Zack pulled his prick out of her cunt, and pressed his cockhead against her asshole. Though she made a feeble attempt to move away, there really was nowhere for her to go.

As lubed up as his cock was, the head slipped into her ass with remarkable ease. As he continued to push, however, the discomfort built quickly. Soon, Stephanie was grunting with the pain. Still, in the back of her mind, was the sense of how pleasurable this was going to be. Zack didn't want to hurt her, and so he took it slow, but steady, until he was fully inside her.

And he moved slowly back out again. He pushed in and out, moving just a little faster each time. Stephanie's grunts and groans were urging him on, whether that was her intent or not. His dick was as hard as he could ever remember it, having it rammed up her sweet, tight little ass. Soon he was rocking into her with his full force, and she was grunting and pushing back at him, having raised up to her elbows to better force herself onto his dick.

Her hand strayed down to play with her clit, giving her even more stimulation. He rode her ass wildly, his hips slamming into her ass, his hands gripping her hips to help him ride her harder. Finally, Zack had reached his limit.

He leaned over and started to massage Stephanie's tits as he pummeled into her ass. Her hand was a blur as she frigged her clit, and she came again before he did. As her orgasm ripped through her body, her ass clamped down on his dick in a most pleasant way, overloading his control. He shot his cum inside of her ass, filling her up.

He pulled his dick out, looking down at her stretched asshole, and seeing his spunk leaking out of her. Though she was wobbly, Zack stood her up and had her face him. Then he did something he had as yet not done to her.

He took her face in his hands, and he kissed her. His tongue forced its way into her mouth, and he played with her tongue. Finally, he broke off the kiss, and stood back, looking at her. She looked like a well-used fuck toy. "You know you're mine now, don't you, Steph." It was not a question.

"Yes, Zack. I'm yours." ----- Zack spent some further time playing with Stephanie's body, but he really was too tired for further sexual escapades.

They finished up with a shower where he let Stephanie wash him - all of him - and then she dried him off and helped him get dressed. Which was hardly necessary, since he was only wearing sweats and a T-shirt now, but he had liked having her do it, anyway.

It was all part of her punishment for treating him like shit. Finally, they went to collect Claudia. Once again, Stephanie had to restrain herself from gaping at her friend's gorgeous body. And they arrived just in time to watch her orgasm for yet another mind-wrenching blow of ecstasy. As she came down from this high, she noticed that she had company. Zack moved over and turned off the camcorder. He helped Claudia to her feet, but she was very unstable, and could barely stand, as weak as her almost-continuous orgasms had made her.

She would be sore, and she was very tired. But she was also very happy. The look on his face told her that she had made Zack happy today, and, besides, her fingers had made her cunt very happy today, as well.

Zack had to get undressed again to help Claudia take a shower. She could not walk well, and there was no way she would be able to stand under her own power while the water washed away the remnants of the day's activity. They were both too tired to fool around in the shower, though they did some heavy petting while the water washed over Claudia's beautiful form.

Finally, with all three of them washed, dried, and redressed, Zack walked them to the door. Claudia was regaining her balance, and Stephanie just looked a little confused.

Zack beamed at both of them. "Bye, girls. See you in school on Monday!" "Bye, Zack!" giggled Claudia. "Good-bye, Zack," said Stephanie in a subdued tone of voice.

She still was uncertain of her feelings right now. She got in the car with Claudia, and they drove away. But her revulsion was pushing itself from the hidden place where it had lain to stalk the jungles of her mind. She did not like Zack Griffin. Did she? ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ Sunday passed quietly for Zack.

His parents had returned Saturday evening, still not having found a car. The entire family lounged about on Sunday, doing little more than watching television and snacking. For the first time in a couple of weeks, Zack did not have a conquest planned for Monday morning. It was as if his life had reached some new stability. This was not to be the case. ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ Zack arrived at school just as Claudia was getting out of her father's car.

She saw Zack immediately, and ran over to give him a hug and a kiss. Students stared openly at the audacity of a sophomore flirting with a senior. For some reason, it was socially acceptable for sophomore girls to go out with senior guys, but guys weren't allowed to "date upward". They broke their kiss as Stephanie pulled up in her little red sports car and got out. She walked over to the two of them.

Her face seemed bright and cheerful. "Hi, Claudia!" she said. "Hello, Zack," is what followed. Zack gave her a quick hug and let her go. Even this garnered him further attention from the students. The first bell rang, and they split to go off to their respective classes.

Zack breezed through his, not paying full attention, but knowing that he'd remember it all for the test, anyway. He spent the majority of his time looking around at his classmates, evaluating the females for their desirability.

He discarded most, made note of several, and decided that some he'd have to know more about. His third class of the day, however, was English. And in that class was a desirable object to put most of the others in the dust. Her name was Kate, he knew, but he had to call her Ms. Pinches. She was his English instructor, and she was gorgeous. Though her breasts were of average size, her curves were well-proportioned and very sensual.

Her ivory blouse and tan skirt accentuated her features nicely, giving enough glimpses of flesh that he knew he wanted more. Her brown hair tumbled to just below her shoulders, framing an oval face with a warm and inviting expression. Her brown eyes sparkled with a zest for life, and her lips always carried a slight smile. All in all, it made him hard just to think about what he could do with her. But how to get her under his spell?

There wasn't even a computer in the room.

Zack ignored the bulk of his English class to ponder this problem. By the time the bell rang, he had come to the disturbing conclusion that he had no idea how to ensnare her. He vowed to find a solution to this problem. But his next class was Biology, and he always paid a little more attention in this class, program or no program. This was his toughest subject. After Bio, it was time for lunch.

This was a time of day that Zack had really started looking forward to. Just being able to sit at the same table as Claudia was a wonderful experience. As they sat down, she gave him her usual kiss. Even after several days, it still drew attention from the seniors tables.

As Zack began to eat, Claudia noticed Stephanie walking by. "Stephanie! Come sit with us!" Zack looked up, interested in her reaction. He could see the indecision on her face.

Not good. He would have to see how well his words to her worked. "Yes, please join us, Steph." Her face darkened as he used his pet name for her, but she moved slowly over to the table and sat down on the other side of him.

Looking askance at Claudia, he said, "What, no kiss for me?" Stephanie stiffened. She had not expected him to make their affair public information, in light of his status with Claudia. However, she was compelled to give him what he asked for. She leaned into him, and pressed her lips against his.

Though not as hot or as sensual as Claudia's kisses, Zack still found it satisfying. He glanced out of the corner of his eye as they broke their kiss, and he took note that many of the seniors, mostly guys, were staring overtly at him now. Jealous, boys? He smiled quietly to himself as he began to eat again. He did not carry this thought to its next step. ----- As they were leaving lunch, Mr. DeVain reminded Zack that he had agreed to meet the principal after school.

Damn, I'd forgotten about that. ----- The last bell rang, ending an interminably long class in Computer Programming. Mr. Parks was going over review, again, and Zack was nearly bored to tears.

He wasted his time by playing around on the Net. He was half-tempted to break into the school's computer system and change everyone's grades to a C, but he resisted the temptation. He headed for the door, and found Claudia waiting for him on the other side of it.

"I remembered that you couldn't wait with me for my dad. I can at least give you a good-bye kiss." Before he could say anything, she was all over him, her tongue dancing inside his mouth, her hands rubbing his upper arms. For over a minute, their lips were pressed tightly together. Then, she pulled away from him. Reluctantly, but with a smile.

"See you tomorrow, Zack!" she called as she walked away. Zack leaned back against the lockers and waited for his head to stop spinning. He wondered if he still had any of his fillings left after that kind of kiss. Then he remembered that he was to go see the principal, and headed toward Mr. DeVain's office. Zack got within a hundred feet of the principal's office before he was stopped by four rather large seniors.

He recognized all of them: they were the sports stars of the school. The leader, a big guy named Kyle, was quarterback of the football team. Tim was captain of the baseball team. Mike was head of the weight team, and Bill had been kicked off of both the football and basketball teams for being too rough during games. "What's up, guys?" Zack asked, nervousness creeping into his voice.

Only now did it occur to him that the senior guys might not appreciate him poaching on their turf. "Think you're something special, Griffin? Think you can just dance in and take away some of the seniors from us?" "Hey, guys. I. I can't help it if they like me, can I?" "You're going to wish you'd never messed with either of them, Griffin," threatened Bill. "Look, guys-" he never had a chance to finish that sentence. Mike let loose with an upper-cut to Zack's midsection, doubling him over in pain.

Kyle kneed him as he was bent over, sending him flying back against a set of lockers. Tim and Bill grabbed his arms, and held him in place as Mike approached. Mike was a weight-lifter, and it showed. His arms bulged and rippled with strength. He was as bulky as a teenager had any right to be, and he could probably pick Zack up with one arm. He looked down menacingly at Zack. Then he started in. Mike's blows might as well have been delivered by a sledgehammer.

The pain was intense. Mike repeatedly struck to his midsection, making Zack worry about broken ribs. But that wasn't what Mike was interested in. He paused for a moment, and looked at Zack. "Maybe after this, they won't want you." And with that, Mike struck him square in the face, just to the left of his nose. His head flew back, and rapped against the metal door of a locker. Mike waited for Zack's head to roll back forward for another blow.

But the sound of a locker being struck drew the attention of Mr. DeVain. The principal stepped out of his office just as Mike was drawing his arm back for a second blow to the face.

"I don't think so!" he nearly screamed. The boys backed away as the principal stormed toward them. The look on his face was as near to hell as any of them ever wanted to get.

"How DARE you bring this kind of violence into my school! I let you boys get away with a lot, because you're star athletes, and you've always been decent role-models for the younger kids.

But THIS!" he gestured to where Zack leaned back against the lockers. "This is intolerable! Get out of my school building. Don't you dare come in tomorrow. And I will be calling your parents. Now, get out of my sight, before I decide that a call to the police is more warranted!" The boys scattered like leaves before a wind.

They wanted nothing to do with the fury they had drawn from Mr. DeVain. They had seen what happened when "Principal Cool" melted, and it scared them badly. But he turned his rage off almost as quickly as he had turned it on when he turned to Zack. "Are you okay, Zack? Geez, they really did a number on you.

Come on, let's get you to the nurse's office." They walked down to the nurse's office, where Ms. Shannon was still sitting at her desk, looking over some forms. She gasped when she saw Zack. "My Lord in Heaven! What happened to him?" "Some seniors worked him over pretty good.

Find out if anything's broken, while I call his parents, would you?" "Of course, Mr. DeVain. Now, Zack, you just lie back, and rest. Where does it hurt?" Zack started to laugh, but ended up having a coughing fit, his ribs hurt so badly. He finally managed to say, "It would save time if you asked where it didn't hurt." Ms. Shannon smiled warmly at his attempt at humor.

She ran her hands very carefully along his neck, and across his collar bone, and then down his ribs. She noted the places where he winced in pain. When she was finished, she withdrew an icepack from the freezer, and placed it in a thin towel, and gave it to him for his eye, which was already swelling shut. By this time, Mr. DeVain had re-entered the room. "Your mom will be down in a few minutes to get you, Zack. Now, I need to know, what were those boys beating you for?" "I don't think they like my choice of girlfriend, sir," Zack responded, trying, and just barely succeeding, to sit up.

"Well, I can understand that, in a way. You are going with one of the cutest seniors in the school. I guess I could have warned you that you should watch your step.

Sorry." "Not your fault, sir. I should have had enough brains not to flaunt it. If anyone's to blame here, it's me and my stupidity." "Now, that's no way to talk, Zack," chided Ms. Shannon. "Love makes a fool out of many a man." "Yes, Ms. Shannon, I suppose so." ----- They left Zack alone, after Mr. DeVain told Zack not to bother coming in the next day, either. His school work would be assembled for him, and sent home via Claudia. Shortly thereafter, his mother arrived, and nearly panicked at the sight of him.

She insisted, without chance for argument, that she was taking him to be looked over at the hospital. He wanted to tell her what an insult this was to Ms. Shannon, who was a real nurse, but his mother was hearing none of it. The doctors, after poking, prodding, palpitating and x-raying him until he'd have rather been beaten again than endure the process, said what it had taken Ms. Shannon five minutes to figure out.

"He'll be fine, but he should take it easy for a couple of days," said the one doctor. Well, duh. On the way home, his mother finally got around to asking him what it was all about. After he explained it to her, she just nodded. She couldn't think of what to say to him that would make sense. She couldn't discourage his relationship with Claudia, as she was the only girlfriend he'd had in months, and, truth be told, the others hadn't been around long.

On the other hand, she worried for her son's safety, if this was the kind of treatment he was getting for going out with a senior. Her indecision meant that she could only say to him, "Be careful, Zack, okay?" "Okay, Mom." He limped to his room and flopped down on his bed. His head was pounding, it hurt even to breathe, and he couldn't see out of his left eye. Just now, his life sucked. ----- Zack spent the rest of the day in his room.

His mother brought him dinner, but he had little appetite, and left most of it untouched. He seethed in frustration. He should have been able to at least put up a fight, he thought. He dozed fitfully, reliving the attack over and over in his mind, trying out different possibilities of what he might have done.

In each case, he ended up in the same condition. He tossed and turned, his nightmares tormenting his tortured body. He bolted awake after one particularly nasty one in which he'd ended up a lot worse off than he really was. He had come to a decision almost immediately upon waking up. I've got to find a way to defend myself from those guys.

Zack wasn't stupid enough to think that carrying a weapon into school was a good idea. Besides, his parents didn't own a gun. It wasn't Zack's style, anyway. He needed to think of something more subtle, something less openly aggressive. He would have to think about this further, but right now his head was throbbing, and he needed to get some aspirin. ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ He slept unevenly throughout the rest of the night.

He woke up the next morning, his bed soaked with sweat. His head and ribs still ached, and it was still hard to see out of his left eye, though the swelling had decreased quite a bit. On entering the bathroom, he looked at his reflection, and he understood what Mike was trying to do.

His face looked like nothing but a mass of bruises, and he wondered that Claudia would even be able to look at him in this condition. He stepped into the shower, and let the hot water wash over his body, helping to relax sore and aching muscles. He leaned against the shower wall, just hoping that the pains would go away. His mind was blank; he had nothing left to think about at the moment. He had a big problem to deal with, and not even a direction to turn in which to find a solution.

Briefly, the idea of using the program on them crossed his mind, but he thought, How would I get them to look at it?

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'Gee, guys, we've been such good friends, why don't you come over to my house and look at this neat computer program I've got!' Somehow, I don't think that's going to fly. He pondered the problem until the hot water ran out, and then he stepped out of the shower, and dried off. He dressed in his weekend outfit of T-shirt and sweats. It felt strange to be so dressed on a Tuesday, but that's how life was for him at the moment.

His parents were both gone to work, and so he made himself a bowl of cereal, and slumped down in front of the TV to see if he could find anything worth watching on. After an hour and a half of flipping channels and finding shit to watch, he went back to his room. At the very least, he could play a video game or something. Once his computer powered up, however, he got the sudden urge to do some more work on the program.

It works fine, why tamper with it? he thought. But still, he returned to the code. He had a fair understanding now of what each part of the program did, and how. He spent a few hours looking through some parts, and he found three or four places where the algorithm could be made to run faster, cutting down the amount of time necessary to run the program.

The difference would only be a minute, maybe a minute and a half for a single-person matrix, but that was twenty-five percent of the total running time as it was.

After trekking back to the kitchen to grab something to munch on as he worked, Zack got down to rewriting these sections of code. He wondered how to make sure they worked, and then decided he would try them on himself, as he had all the other major changes. He figured it was only fair: he was tampering with minds, he might as well be his own guinea pig.

After a few hours of coding, and several compile attempts, the code compiled correctly. He first ran the program without a command script. This allowed him to time it without getting caught up in it. It ran for four minutes. He had cut the run time by a full two minutes! He was pleased with himself, but now he needed to make sure that the matrix still worked with this new setup. Inserting his usual "relaxation" script, he booted the program. He saw the usual start-up effects, and he immediately felt better.

He could no longer feel his aches and pains. His body no longer felt stiff or sore. He was floating, weightless in a paradise of color and sound. And, once again, his maidens appeared. <<Welcome back.>> Thank you. Do you have any new lessons for me? <<Zack, we have never given you new information.

We only reveal to you that which you already knew, but refused to see.>> I don't understand. This time, I want a straight answer. Who are you? <<We are you.>> What the hell does that mean? <<We are your deepest thoughts and feelings. We are the part of you that does not need to defend itself from the world. In short, we are the 'you' that wishes to be real.>> So. why are you all girls, then? <<You do not need us to answer that for you.

You know what your desires are.>> Conversation ended at that point, because a dozen women descended upon Zack, caressing him and stroking his suddenly bare skin. He wondered when his clothing had been removed, but then realized it was a dream, and it didn't really matter. He felt hands caress his legs, his arms, his chest. The Claudia-maiden kissed him hotly on the mouth, and he suddenly felt another mouth engulfing his prick. An hour later, relaxed and at peace, Zack emerged from the dream state.

He felt more alert and focused. Looking at the clock, he realized that the programmed time had indeed elapsed, and that the new program worked exactly like the old one. Before leaving, the maidens had reminded him that he had not changed the two items in his own matrix.

Now knowing that they were simply his subconscious, he went in and changed them. He ran a simple command script on himself, to allow the new matrix to take hold. He felt no change, but he wasn't sure what he'd expected to feel anyway. His thoughts were interrupted by his mother coming in at that point. "Zack, how are you. Oh, I should have known you'd be doing fine so long as we didn't take away your computer." Her voice was soft and uplifting.

She felt his forehead; for what reason, Zack didn't know, because he wasn't sick. Then she ran her hand through his hair, and asked how he was really doing. "A lot better, Mom. I think I'll be okay to go to school tomorrow." "Okay, but you take it easy. If it turns out to be too much for you, Dad or I will come get you." "Thanks, Mom." A knock at the door startled them both, and his mother went to see who it was.

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Shortly thereafter, Brian bounded through the door. Brian had been Zack's best friend since the third grade. They'd gone through all the major events together: puberty, voice change, hair in weird places, the whole nine yards.

With one exception: Brian was still a virgin. He was short, at 5'3" tall, and had curly black hair. He had the thick glasses of extreme near-sightedness, and his gray eyes could be so intense that they intimidated a lot of people.

Not Zack, though, who knew that Brian's gaze had more to do with trying to see than anything else. "Hey, Bri!" Zack said in greeting. "What are you doing here? Hey, how was the family reunion?" Brian had been away for the last two weeks at a family get-together for his grandparent's fiftieth wedding anniversary. "Don't ask. If I never see some of those relatives again, it'll be too soon.

Claudia asked me to drop off your homework: her dad was taking her and the rest out to dinner or something, and she didn't have time. What the hell happened to you?" "Senior bullies," Zack said with a scowl. "Damn, what guys' girlfriend did you steal?" "Potential girlfriend, I think. Claudia." Brian's face paled. "You're shittin' me! No way would Claudia go out with you!" Zack had told Brian every detail of his life up to this point. He had described in minute detail his first sexual encounter.

It didn't even occur to him to keep the program a secret from him. "I did a lot more than go out with her, man. I got laid." "Bullshit! Okay, if you got laid, what did you drug her with, and where can I get some?" he laughed nervously. "Not a drug, man, but you're close. I've got a computer program." "You've always got a computer program. What's this one do?" "It controls people." "Bullshit!" "No joke, man.

I've got proof. but I can't show it to you here. I don't have a VCR that's private enough." "We could take it to my house, man. I've got my own in my room. Hey, why don't you come over for dinner? Mom's making homemade pizza." "Cool!

Why don't you call your mom and see if it's okay, and I'll go ask my mom." "All right." Zack left as Brian picked up the phone to call home. Zack found his mother in the kitchen. She readily agreed to let Zack go over to Brian's house. Zack gathered up the videotape, and, on reflection, he put the program on a ZIP disk. Brian also had a computer, and had a ZIP drive, so he could easily take the program to show him.

They rode to Brian's house in Brian's beat-up Ford pickup truck. It wasn't much, but it got him around town. And it was more than Zack had. It occurred to him to use the program to get his parents to buy him a car, but he really didn't think they could afford it.

They were trying to find a cheap enough replacement for the car his mother was driving, because it was always breaking down on her. So, Zack shelved that idea as not practical. Once at Brian's house, both boys rushed back to Brian's bedroom, taking only long enough to say hello to Mrs. Selman, Brian's mother.

He closed and locked his bedroom door, and then turned to Zack. "Okay, what's on the tape?" Zack fretted a moment. "Won't your mother be suspicious about a locked door?" "Nah. I've started doing that a lot lately. She thinks it means I want to be alone. Usually it means I'm jackin' off." Zack shrugged, and put the tape in the VCR. He sat back as Brian hit the PLAY button. It took mere seconds for him to realize who was on the screen, and what she was doing.

"Holy shit!" Brian whispered. It was the tape Claudia had made, and Zack had wound it to the best part. Her legs were spread apart, her knees raised. Her chest heaved as her fingers slid in and out of her pussy. Her moans were evident on the tape. Her movements became more frenzied as her fingers continued to slip in and out of her cunt. Finally, her back arched, and her body froze as she screamed in orgasm. Brian sat stunned as he watched the tape.

Zack let it continue for a few more minutes before getting up and ejecting it from the machine, putting it back into his book bag. Finally regaining his voice, Brian said, "How in the hell did you manage to get a tape like that?" "I asked her to make it for me," Zack replied simply.

"And she just said, 'Sure, Zack. No problem,'?" "More or less. Well, I had to keep her busy, I was screwing Stephanie at the time." "Jesus Christ! You got tape of her, too?" "Nah, just Claudia.

Stephanie's a lot of fun, though." "And you expect me to believe that you got this because of some damned computer program?" "Yep." "Well I'll be dipped in shit and rolled in feathers." It was Brian's favorite expression for not knowing what to say.

He didn't really doubt Zack: Zack had never lied to him about how he got things, or how he did them. Brian was also a skilled computer programmer, but not on Zack's level. Zack understood intuitively things that took Brian a day to figure out. "So, where's my copy?" Brian asked. "It's not that simple, unfortunately." "What do you mean?" "Well, so far, it still has to be configured for each person you use it on.

It took me a bunch of tries before I got it to work on Claudia. My parents weren't as big a challenge, but I screwed it up with my dad the first try.

Stephanie's the only one that hasn't been a problem, but I got a lot of background on her from Claudia." "You fucked with your parents?" "Had to, to get them to ignore what I was doing with Claudia." "Shit, man!" "I know. Ain't it cool?" Just then, Brian's mother called them down to dinner. Brian and Zack raced down to the dining room.

Mrs. Selman's cooking was quite good. The two boys were the first ones into the dining room, and they sat together around the circular table. Mrs. Selman began serving the pizza to them, even before the rest of the family came in. Mr. Selman, she explained, was off at a conference, and wouldn't be back until Thursday. Zack was too young to know whether that was a veiled reference to him having an affair or not, but Mrs.

Selman's deep blue eyes didn't seem to show dismay. Zack watched her move about the dining room, how her short blonde hair flipped as she turned her head, how her skirt flowed about her legs. He was just starting to notice how her breasts pressed nicely against the flowered blouse she was wearing when the three girls came into the dining room.

The first in was Pam, Brian's oldest sister. She was eighteen, and a knockout. She had tits at least as big as Claudia's, and just as firm. Her flowing blond hair reached the middle of her back, and her blue eyes sparkled.

She was wearing a pullover blouse and a pair of jeans that showed her ass to good advantage. Zack was not the only one admiring the view. He quickly glanced at Brian, and noted that he was enthralled with his sister as well. Zack took inventory of the other two sisters, who were both still in junior high. Bonnie was fourteen, with thick, wavy brown hair and gray eyes. Her round face was open and friendly.

She was developing the same buxom appearance that seemed to be a family trait. Zack could think of worse traits to inherit. The rest of her was about average for a fourteen-year-old girl, but still fun to look at. Brian's remaining sister, Wendy, was short, even for her thirteen years. She stood only 4' 6" tall. To atone for that, she had the only red hair in the family. She had the pale skin to go with it, as well. Her eyes were a dark brown, and her smile was incredible.

She, also, was developing the family chest, and Zack figured she must have been the envy of many a classmate, despite her height. Actually, he found her very attractive. After they all greeted each other, the feasting started.

Zack was thoroughly enjoying the dinner, almost enough so to forget about his wounds. Until he'd chew too vigorously, and then his face would start to hurt.

Once, when Bonnie told a joke she'd heard at school, he'd caused himself a coughing fit because he laughed too hard. Mrs. Selman looked concerned, but he assured her that everything was fine, and dinner resumed. Dessert was a wonderful homemade ice cream, and Zack enjoyed it all. His mother did not have the talents to do much home cooking, and most of their meals came out of a box with instructions on it.

He spent a lot of meals at Brian's house, for that reason. All the kids were aware of what had happened to him, and why, but it was a carefully avoided subject at the dinner table, until they were finished. As Pam got up to help her mother with the dishes, and the boys were about to head back to Brian's room, she handed him a note. "Claudia asked me to give you this if I saw you before you got back to school. I guess she didn't think to give it to Brian." Zack took it, and nodded.

"Thanks, Pam." "No trouble. See ya!" And she headed to the kitchen to help her mother. Pam was the "perky" type, and she loved doing household chores. That alleviated the amount the other kids had to do, and they loved her for that. Once they made it back to Brian's room, he closed and locked the door again, and then turned on Zack. "Just what would it take for me to get a copy of that program?" "I told you, Bri, it has to be specially written for each person." "Okay, okay.

I don't suppose I can write the custom stuff, huh?" "It would take you forever to learn it. It did me." "Well, would you be willing to write it for me?" "Hmmm. Depends on who you want it for, I suppose." "I want it for Pam." "Your sister? You want to do your sister?" "Yeah.

You see the way she looked tonight? She always looks like that! Damn she is hot! Look, you know my luck with the girls at school. I have no popularity." "I can sympathize man. Okay, okay. let me think." Zack pondered for perhaps fifteen seconds. He actually needed Brian to want the program, because he needed Brian's help. Or rather, his sisters' help. "Okay, here's the deal. I'll write you a program to control Pam, IF," he paused for effect, "You will install another program on your other sisters' computer." "You want Bonnie and Wendy?

Why?" "Well, not them specifically. but I've seen some of the girls at the junior high, and they are choice, man. Definitely worth the effort." Not that he felt that Bonnie or Wendy weren't, mind you, but there were some things you don't say about family members.

"Okay, that's fine. Do with 'em what you want. I don't have a problem with it." "Cool. Hmm. Probably easiest if I just write it right here. why don't I call Mom and ask if I can stay for a few more hours? Will it be okay with your mom?" "Sure. She'll take you home, I'm not allowed to drive after dark. It sucks." "Okay." Zack called his mother, and, after making sure he didn't have too much homework to do, said he could stay until nine.

"Will that be enough time?" "Should be. problem is, I've always just had whoever I wanted to see it, run it." "Pam doesn't trust me with stuff on her computer." "I know. Which means we have to find a way to sneak it onto her machine." "If we can get it done in the next hour or two, she takes a shower before she goes to bed." "Okay, but how do you get her to run it?" "Hmmm.

no way to make it run automatically at a certain time?" Shit! "Does your sister use a screen saver?" Zack had a new idea now, and it was forming up quickly. Brian could see it, and the energy was contagious. "Doesn't everybody?" "Then I can turn it into a screen saver. One of the keys of this program is how it tends to draw a person into it.

Once she sees it, she'll want to keep watching it. I'll have to write in a loop, and a time limit." Zack was already booting programs on Brian's computer to start making modifications.

Brian, not able to keep up as Zack's hands flew over the keys and scrolled through pages of code, dug out the tape of Claudia again, and started to play it through, with the sound muted, so it wouldn't disturb Zack. Sound wasn't really necessary, anyway. An hour and a half later, Zack sat up straight. "Time for a test run!" He noted for the first time what Brian had been watching.

There on the screen was Claudia, with her hands buried at her crotch, her body contorted in ecstasy. He snapped his fingers. "Hey!" Brian finally snapped out of it. "Sorry, man, but. damn!" "Yeah, yeah. Make one of your sister to watch. That one's mine. We're ready to try a test run of this program." As Zack booted it into the screen saver module, and was about to press "Preview", Brian stopped him.

"What's this going to do to us, Zack?" "I've loaded a special script into this. If you or I see it, we'll feel some effect, it'll be energizing. If your sister sees it, then the special programming I wrote in goes into effect." "What did you write for her?" "I told her she wanted to be your love slave, that she was to do anything you wanted her to at any time.

And a bunch of stuff like that." "Shit! You think this will really work?" "It worked on Claudia and Stephanie." "Boot it up, then!" Zack clicked "Preview", and at first flashed the familiar Alpha-Omega logo. Then the program started. Zack could feel the energy coursing through him, it was almost like an adrenaline rush.

Which, he figured after considering it, it probably was. After about ten minutes, the program continued to run, but neither boy felt any further effects. "What happened?" Brian asked, obviously having been under the effect as Zack had been. "Time limit kicked in. It lasts for right around ten minutes. Otherwise, she'd be stuck staring at it until someone else came in and turned it off." "Zombified!" Brian said in jest. "That's about the size of it.

interesting way to keep someone out of the way for a while, I suppose." Having completed the program, Zack and Brian fooled around until they heard Pam walk down to the bathroom for her shower. "Okay, let's go!" Brian said in a hoarse whisper. The two boys dashed down to Pam's room, making sure not to be seen. They could hear the water running in the bathroom even from here, so they knew she would be a while.

She had even conveniently left her computer on, with its screen saver running. "Shit, she'll notice the new screen saver right away!" Brian worried. "That's okay, it shouldn't matter. Now, I don't know if this new program will work in one dose or not. Honestly, I can't say for certain it will work at all, but I can keep tweaking it until it does work." "Cool. So, how long do you think before I see results?" "If she comes back and stares at it, she may be screwing your brains out before I manage to get home!" He smiled at his friend.

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"Naw, really, how long?" "I'm serious. If it works in one dose, and she sees it tonight, she will act on it tonight, or as early as is safe to do so. I wrote that in, that she needs to be careful about your parents." "Okay, cool. You done?" "Yeah. She's got the delay on ten minutes, so it should kick in before she gets back in here." "Yeah.

She won't be back for another twenty minutes, at least." "Let's get out of here, before your mother comes looking for us." "Gotcha." ----- After that, Zack packed up his stuff, and Mrs. Selman drove him home. He thanked her and headed inside. After greeting both of his parents, he went to his room. Only then did he remember that he was carrying Claudia's note.

He took it out to read it. Dear Zack: I'm sorry I wasn't able to bring your homework to you. My dad insisted we go to eat. I am also terribly sorry about what happened to you because of me. I will understand if you never want to see me again after this. I really missed you at school today, and I hope we can still at least be friends. Love Always, Claudia He knew he had to call her right then, so she wouldn't worry about this. He dialed her number, and reached her mother.

"Mrs. Merris? This is Zack Griffin. Can I talk to Claudia, please?" He waited as she went to get her. It seemed forever before she picked up the phone. "Okay, Mom, I got it," she said. They both heard the click of the extension hanging up. Claudia would be in her room now. "Zack?" she asked. "Hey, Claudia. Missed you after school today." "I'm so sorry, Zack. I can't believe those boys-" "It wasn't your fault, Claudia. They're just jerks." "But it was because they were protecting me, or my reputation, or I don't know what!" "And neither do they, I'll bet.

They just thought they might have a chance with you, I guess, and were trying to get rid of the competition." "No way, Zack! I would never go out with anyone but you." she hesitated for a moment.

"If you'll still have me." "Claudia," he said in his softest voice, "If you were here right now, I'd show you the answer to that question." He left no doubt as to what he meant. "Oh, Zack," she responded in relief. "So, I'll see you in school tomorrow, right?" "You're going?" she asked with surprise. "Yeah. Can't hang around this dump all day. I'll be there." "Okay. My car still isn't fixed, or I'd pick you up." "Not a problem. I'll see you when I get there." "Bye.

Love you." "Bye, Claudia." He waited for her to hang up the phone before he hung up, listening to hear if another extension had indeed been active. It had not. He hung up considering her last words, but wrote them off as just part of the programming he had instilled in her.

He put it all aside with the thought that he had two days' worth of homework to do. ----- Back at Brian's house, Pam exited the shower and dried herself off. She looked herself over in the mirror, believing, as she always had, that she could drop a pound or two.

Her family tried to tell her that her weight was fine, but she was insecure about her appearance, and had always struggled with it. She covered herself up with her robe, and walked back down to her room, wrapping her hair in a towel as she went. As she entered the room, and stripped off her robe to put on her nightgown, she noticed her computer screen appeared different.

Normally, the screen contained the usual "Curves & Colors" screensaver that came with her Windows computer. This screensaver, however, was like nothing she had ever seen. Forgetting her nightgown, she sat down at her computer to watch it.

Her body felt warm, energized, and yet completely relaxed. She felt completely at peace and at rest. The cool, soothing colors of the screensaver enfolded her, and for the first time, she noticed the soft pitch of music coming from inside the colors, it seemed.

She felt as if she were both falling, and soaring, yet with no sense of fear. Her mind reeled, but was not confused. Her senses were overloaded with the changing scenery, and with the pleasant sense of completeness she felt. Meanwhile, the commands that Zack had written into this version of the program were planting themselves deep into her psyche. The program's audio-visual presentation opened up the pathways to her inner being, allowing the commands to be planted there, to integrate them into her being.

Whatever else Pam had been, she was now becoming one thing more. Ten minutes later, she was shivering in front of her computer. She had not realized that she had been staring at the screen for so long. She thought to yell at Brian for putting a screensaver on her system.

As soon as she thought about Brian, she knew there was something more than screensavers she needed to talk to him about. But not now. Not with their mother in the house.

That was too dangerous. Thinking thoughts about Brian that she had never had before, Pam climbed into bed, without her nightgown. She fell asleep with her hands between her legs, her dreams, of Brian. ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ Zack got off the school bus the next morning, and faced the large brick edifice of Thorndyke High School.

He hadn't gotten as much sleep as he would have liked, and, while his program could keep his mind fresh, his body was a bit stiff and sore. He still moved slowly, because any sudden moves jarred too many sore places.

As he approached the front doors of the school building, he took horrified interest in who was there waiting for him. Obviously, Principal DeVain had allowed the four toughs back into the school, for they were waiting for him on the front steps. "Come on up, Griffin," said Mike. "We need to finish our chat from the other day." The others nodded and egged him on, rubbing their hands together as if waiting for a meal.

Just then, the door to the school building opened up, and out came Claudia. The look in her eyes was venomous. "Get the hell away from him. I don't need you four telling me who I can and can't date." "We were just-" Kyle started to protest. "Yeah, I know what you were 'just' gonna do.

Stay the hell away from my boyfriend!" Zack was astounded at her ferocity in his defense. He had not thought his program worked that well. As soon as the boys had moved off, she moved over to him, hugging him so gently that he didn't feel a single ache. She kissed him on the cheek, and led him up the steps into the school. "I'm sorry I couldn't pick you up this morning. I don't want my dad to know about you.

That's wrong, isn't it? I should tell him about you tonight." Zack shook his head. He didn't need yet another guy telling him to stay away from Claudia. "Don't bother, Claudia. It's not necessary, and he might not like me very much." "Okay, Zack, I won't, then. You want me to help you get around today?" She was being as helpful as she could. She was being a little too helpful.

She was being. and Zack smiled as he realized, She's just being a girlfriend. "That's okay, Claudia, I'll be all right. Why don't you just go on to your other classes, and I'll see you at lunch, okay?" "Okay, Zack." But she didn't go without giving him a good-bye kiss, which reminded him why all the bumps and bruises were worth it.


He stepped into Mr. Farley's Algebra II class, and tried to forget about his bruises, and get back into the swing of things. ----- He had seemingly slipped back into normalcy by lunch. He had even had a few more fantasies about Ms. Pinches. But he still had no way to act on them, and so once again set them aside.

On his way to the lunch room, however, he was yet again accosted by the seniors. This time, it wasn't an outright beating. They walked down the hall, two on each side of him, shoving him into one another, causing him to almost lose his balance several times.

They broke off at the cafeteria door, before the principal could see their actions. Zack wasn't about to tell Mr. DeVain what was going on: he didn't need them thinking that he couldn't fight his own battles, and would tattle on them.

That was the last kind of bad reputation he wanted to have for the next two years and a month of high school. He found Claudia waiting for him at his table, and she kissed him quickly as he sat down.

He still noticed the stares, but they didn't seem as nasty now. It was almost as if they felt he'd been punished for his indiscretion, and that he could now go about his business. Why, if that's the case, are those other four still beating on me? His train of thought was broken as Stephanie walked right past him, without even looking at him. "Steph," he called, "Why don't you sit with us?" Stephanie paused, and looked at him.

Still, she couldn't look him in the eye. But she hesitated longer than he would have liked. Why isn't her programming as strong as Claudia's?

He patted the bench beside him, and finally she came over and sat down. He decided not to risk giving her a kiss. If she rebuffed him in public, it could cause really bad things to happen for him. "So, Zack," Claudia started in, "Are you really okay? I mean, those guys didn't hurt you too bad, did they?" Zack took a chance to glance at Stephanie before answering. Her look was cool, controlled. "I'm fine, Claudia.

Really." She leaned over and said to Stephanie, "Those boys beat up on Zack because he's going out with us." Stephanie said nothing, but nodded curtly.

What's going through her mind right now? he wondered. "Steph, can you come over to my house tonight? I, um." He had to think fast, he had no reason to want Stephanie at his house other than to screw her brains out, but he needed to check why her programming wasn't holding. "Yes, Zack. I will be there. What time?" Hmm. Guess I don't have to think up a reason. "Seven." "I will be there." She repeated.

Her voice was almost toneless. Zack didn't understand why her demeanor wasn't the same as Claudia, who nearly doted on him. Not that he minded that, of course.

"Good." They finished up their lunch in silence, not having much to say just then. Zack enjoyed being seen with two of the most beautiful senior girls in the school, but worried that this might mean further trouble for him. ----- Pam Selman's day had been one of distraction. She was thinking about her brother constantly. She had had a sudden revelation about him last night, and she knew that she must act on it. She wondered why it had risen so strongly to the surface, but it didn't matter.

It was here. It was what was meant to be. She walked in the door of their home that afternoon, sweaty and disturbed. She'd run all the way home. Normally, she would only run halfway, and walk the rest as a cool-down, but her thoughts were so disturbed this day that she had kept running, in an effort to outrun them. It had not worked, as they were waiting for her at her destination. She went upstairs and took a long, cool shower, to try to cool her body down, both from her run, and from the heat that was building inside of her.

Though the shower did make her clean, it did nothing for her arousal. Maybe playing on the Net will help. ----- There were exactly 18,372 lines of code in Program Alpha-Omega, not counting the command scripts. It could not, therefore, be considered Zack's fault that he had overlooked eight of them. They were not eight in a row, or even paired.

These eight lines of code were dispersed throughout the 18,000+ lines of the program.

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They were designed to be hidden. The program also behaved in a fashion similar to some computer viruses. Once it had been run on a machine, it would wait until that machine logged onto the Internet, and then it would send a message to a secret location.

Had Zack known about these eight lines of code, he would have been able to find and remove them. But the sections in which they occurred did perfectly harmless things, and Zack had not checked closely enough to make sure they did what it appeared they did.

When Pamela Selman accessed the Internet at 4:32 pm that Wednesday afternoon, she sent a beacon to that secret location, and it gave her IP address, as well as her email address, as obtained from her mail program's registry entries.

Nothing showed on Pam's screen, no files were tampered with or erased. And as soon as the message was sent, that function of the program was disabled, and the email would never be sent again. At least not by this version of the program. ----- The man sat once more in his darkened office.

He was typing out specifications for new hardware and software. The newest systems were going to be very costly, but he knew they would sell. His company was making a fortune. He was interrupted, again, by a knock on the door. His temper flared momentarily, for he hated to be interrupted. But his staff knew that, and an interruption could only mean it was important. That muted his response somewhat, but not all the way. "Come!" The door opened, and William stood before him again. So, our program develops new information.

"What do you have for me, William?" "Sir. this is odd. As I told you, we've been attempting to track down the person who accessed our program." "I know this. Have you not gotten me a name yet?" "No, sir. Unfortunately, the individual is very adept at hiding his tracks, and has routed through multiple systems before going over the network, so we haven't been able to track him back yet.

We do know his local Internet Provider, however. Once we can track him back to a specific number, we'll be able to look through their databases, and get a name from that." "William," the man said patiently, "You are giving a discourse on Net Tracking to the person who taught it to you.

Now, what news do you bring me?" William gulped, and hurried on. "Sir, we've got a strange anomaly. Someone else is running the program, from the same provider as our unknown, but this one cleared through directly, and it was not hidden in any way. Sir, I doubt this could be our person." A slight smile played at the man's lips.

"You are most certainly correct, William. What conclusion do you draw from this?" "Sir? We, uh. We've not been able to come up with a good reason for this, sir." "Think, William!

Our friend downloads our program. We've gotten a couple dozen emails from him or her, indicating that they have continually been changing the program, but always with a scrambled locator code." "Yes, sir, that's correct. But what-" "I said, think! What are the four possible reasons for moving it to a different computer?" "Well, sir-" the man cut him off.

"I'll tell you, William, to save you the stuttering. First, he, and I'll use 'he' neutrally here, as it could easily be a female, doesn't feel his computer is secure anymore. But if that were the case, the same protections would be in place on the new system. "Second, he could be calling in reinforcements: another person to help him with it. But, if that were the case, then he would certainly have his associate protect his computer in the same manner as his own.

"Third, we could have another person working on the program. I reject this out of hand, because the idea of two hackers that close together geographically being unaware of each other is beyond the realm of possibility." "What says they don't know each other, sir?" "William, you're a good programmer, but you never were a hacker.

Hackers teach each other all the tricks. If they knew each other, they'd be using the same defensive measures. No, this person is not another programmer." "Sir, that covers all the bases, doesn't it? "No, I said there were four possibilities." "What's the fourth, sir?" "That it works, William. I believe our friend has made a program that actually works." William just stared at him, wide-eyed in disbelief at the concept. Finally, he regained his voice. "Surely not, sir. With all the minds we have here who couldn't get it to work-" "Never assume you are the best at anything, William.

The programmers here are good. The person we are looking for is better. The whole point of Operation Second Chance was to find just such a programmer. I want him. Find me that programmer!" The man's voice boomed across the room, and William scurried backward out of the office, closing the door before his boss could yell at him further.

The man did not return to his specifications; instead, he paced the floor, considering how to handle a possibly malevolent person with a functional mind-control program. My God, what have we done? ----- Brian arrived home at five-thirty that afternoon. He had spent some time at the public library, getting his term paper ready.

He saw Pam's book bag on the chair, so he knew she was home. Their mother wouldn't be home until around six-thirty. He went to the kitchen to get himself a glass of juice, and found a note on the table saying that his mother was going out with friends, and wouldn't be home until nine or ten. This was common for her when Dad was gone, and so he thought nothing of it, but looked in the fridge briefly to find what he would have for dinner later.

Having decided that, he rinsed out his juice glass, and headed up to take a shower. ----- Pam had also read the note, after taking her shower. She had played on the Internet for a little while, but then she had gotten bored, and made herself something to eat.

By the time she had returned to her computer, the screensaver had kicked on. She was immediately drawn into it, and her mind absorbed its message freely.

For the next ten minutes, she was in bliss, and her body's urges did not bother her. However, the euphoria did not last, and she felt the need more urgently than ever when she came out of her trance-like state.

She knew her brother would be home soon, but she didn't know how to present herself to him. If she put the situation to him the wrong way, she thought, he would scare off and tell Mom, and that would be bad for everyone. How to do it? ----- Brian was already soapy by the time Pam entered the bathroom.

She moved stealthily, and so he didn't hear the door open or close. Pam had already removed her clothing, having only a robe on now. This she removed and put on a hook on the back of the door.

Nude, she stood and watched his form inside the shower enclosure. The acrylic panels were frosted, but still allowed you to see the person's shape inside. She waited, knowing that he would wash his hair soon, and that was what she needed. ----- Brian rubbed the shampoo into his hair, lathering it up well.

Then he stuck his head under the water to wash off the sudsy substance. He spent a good forty-five seconds making sure it was all out of his hair, before he pulled his head from underneath the blasting stream of water. He hadn't heard a thing. He turned around to grab for the soap, and nearly had a heart attack, for standing before him in the steamy shower enclosure was his sister Pam, completely naked, holding the soap.

"Is this what you're after, Brother?" she asked. She never called him "Brother". It was always "Brian", or "Brain" when she was in a teasing mood. "Yes- Pam- what the-" he realized he was turning into a blithering idiot, but seeing his sister's gorgeous nude form before his eyes was quickly shutting off brain functions. "Let me help you, Brother," she cooed, and stepped toward him. Brian was rooted to the spot, and couldn't have moved to stop her if he'd wanted to, and he didn't want to.

Pam moved into the stream of water, wetting her own body down, and also lathering up the soap. She started with his back, moving the bar of soap in her hands along his skin in long, smooth gestures. She allowed the water to wash off the suds before she continued, soaping up his shoulders and neck.

Brian was really enjoying this. He finally realized that this was exactly what he had asked Zack for, and he was getting his wish. His sister Pam had become his love slave. Well, we haven't gotten that far yet. Let's not get over-excited here. But it was impossible to avoid that, as his dick was already standing out iron-hard in front of him. Pam began to work further down his front, but she didn't move around him. Instead, she pressed herself right up against his back, her nipples were hard points stabbing into him, and he leaned back against them.

She rubbed her hands down his chest, rubbing his nipples especially before continuing down to his abdomen. Pam was a good four inches taller than Brian, and she looked over his shoulder down to his crotch. Quietly, she said to herself, "Mm." She moved around to let the water run over Brian's shoulders and wash off the suds on his chest.

She knelt down before him, looking up into his eyes, and said, "I don't think soap would be good for this, Brother." Before he could ask her what she meant, her lips had encircled the head of his dick, and her tongue was dancing across his pisshole.

She did her level best to suck the cum from his dick, but he was holding out with everything he had. She began to take more of him into her mouth, sliding her lips down along his shaft as she held it in place with one hand. Her other hand was busily fingering her clit. Her mouth reached just over halfway on his cock, and then she started slipping off of it again, her tongue sliding along the bottom and sides as it pulled slowly from her mouth.

When just the head was still in her mouth, she began to descend again, only faster this time. Her mouth moved back and forth on his dick, sending wave after wave of pleasure through Brian's body.

This being the first sexual contact of his life, at least with another person, he couldn't contain himself for long. His cum was soon splattering the back of her throat. Pam held it all in, not letting a single drop slip from her beautiful lips.

Then, when it seemed he was finished, she swallowed it all. Her mouth slipped off his dick, which he had expected to soften now. He found, to his amazement, that he was just as hard as he was when she'd started. He looked up at her, as she had stood back up in front of him, and she asked him, in no uncertain terms, "Do you want to fuck me, Brother?" "Oh, God, yes!" he answered. She turned around and placed her hands against the tile wall of the shower.

"My pussy is yours, Brother. Take me!" Brian quickly moved forward. His dick was soon at the entrance to her cunt, but he was unsure how to find the opening. Somewhat frustrated, Pam reached back, and took his shaft in her hand. She guided the head of his cock to the right spot, and screamed, "Push!" Brian did, and her pussy was so steaming hot and dripping wet that his cock slid all the way into her on the first try. He rested when his balls touched her clit, and he just felt her around him.

Her pussy held him in its velvety grip, contracting along his length as if to pull him further inside. Her smooth skin was hot beneath him where his chest rested against her back. He reached his hands around her sides, and took her wondrous tits into his hands. He rolled them around her chest, finally grabbing her nipples and stretching them. She moaned with the sensation, but she wanted more. "Fuck me! Go ahead and fuck me, Brother!" Brian did not let go of her wonderful globes, but he did begin to move his dick in and out of her pussy.

First, in long, slow strokes. As his excitement grew, he started pounding into her faster, and his hands mauled her tits as he became too aroused for finesse. Pam did not care, she just wanted him to fuck her. Faster he went, and louder she became, encouraging him, and moaning and screaming in her ecstasy. It didn't take long before Brian's cum shot deep into her twat, filling her, sating her, giving her what she had wanted all day. She had come twice during their session, and that was unusual for her, but it was her Brother - Her Master.

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He pulled out of her, and she turned around to embrace him. She looked down at him, and then their lips met. The kiss was soft and sweet, but still held passion. Though they broke the kiss, their eyes remained locked. Pam whispered softly, "I am yours forever, Brother. You are my Master now." "Yes," replied Brian, in what voice he could find. He noted that the water was beginning to cool, and they got out of the shower.

He made her dry him off, and the sensation of being caressed in that manner was very erotic. Soon, he was hard again. "Pam," he said, "Come into my bedroom. There are some things you need to teach me." It's a good thing Mom's not going to be home for a while.

----- Somewhat later that evening, about a mile away, Stephanie walked up to Zack's house and knocked on the door. Zack answered it, and still enjoyed the view, even after having seen her naked. Today, she had on tight green shorts and a light green blouse, tied just below her tits so that her abdomen showed. He enjoyed seeing her like this, and couldn't resist caressing her in the living room. She started to step away from him, thought better of it, and froze. "Steph, let's go back to my room." "Yes, Zack," she intoned.

He didn't remember installing a robot voice in her, so he knew that she was trying to keep something under control. He didn't know what it was, but he knew a way to find out. Quickly, he wrote a few new lines to her script. He knew that he would have her as his again, for at least tonight. He wondered if he could stand the sex in his condition. He thought, Well, at least a blowjob. Soon, Stephanie was under the trance of the program.

Four minutes later, it had run its course. Boy, it's amazing what a difference those two minutes make! Stephanie turned to him with lust in her eyes. He backed away and sat on the bed.

She did not make eye contact, but moved over to him, standing in front of him, her eyes now on the floor in an effort not to make eye contact.

"Steph, take off all of your clothes." Quickly, she removed all of her clothing. Zack would have preferred a striptease, but he hadn't ordered that, and it was a little late now.

Something to remember for later. "Okay, now I want you to kneel before me, your hands behind your head, and your knees as far apart as you can comfortably go." These orders, she complied with.

It was a very arousing sight, and Zack's dick was, indeed, aroused. It was straining against his jeans now. He reached down and undid his own jeans this time, lifting up to slip his jeans and underwear down past his knees. He then sat back on the bed. "Whenever you and I are alone," he continued, "You will assume this position, unless I have given you another task to perform.

When you have completed any tasks I have given you, you will return to this position. Do you understand?" "Yes, Zack." "Good. Now, come blow me." Immediately, Stephanie crawled over to where he sat, and her mouth plunged down onto his dick.

She deep-throated his entire seven inches in one swift maneuver, and he just knew that she was going to have a sore throat in the morning. But just now, he didn't care, because the feelings she was sending up his dick were divine. She kept up her sucking of his dick, moving almost off it, and then plunging all the way back down. She let her one hand fondle his balls, but her other hand was rubbing at her tit.

Eventually it strayed down, and wormed its way into her cunt, flicking in and out at the same pace as she was sucking Zack. It didn't take long before Zack was ready to come, and Stephanie could tell.

She quickened her pace, both of her mouth and her finger, and began to frig her clit with her thumb. Just as his cum began to spill down her throat, she felt her own orgasm rip through her body. Her fingers were coated with her juices, and she moaned on his dick, causing him another few spasms of orgasm.

She made sure to clean up every last bit of his cum from her lips, and then licked off her own hand. Once finished, she moved back, and resumed the position he had ordered for her, awaiting further instructions. Zack sat back for a few moments, examining how she looked in that very open pose. His cock was beginning to stir again, and so he figured he'd better get on with what he was trying to find out from her.

"Stephanie," he used her full name, as she preferred, in an attempt to maybe placate whatever hostility she might have toward him, "I insist that you always tell me the truth, and the whole truth, at all times. You are not to lie to me, misrepresent anything, or to omit important information. Do you understand?" "Yes, Zack." "Do you like me, Stephanie?" He knew the proper answer to this question. "No." Well, not a programmed answer, but I told her to tell the truth, not a programmed fiction.

Good. "Is that why you haven't been following my instructions?" "I believe so." "You're not sure?" "I don't understand why I would follow them in the first place, Zack, so I cannot be certain why I'm not following them, either." Logical. "But you believe the reason is because you don't like me?" "Yes." "Why don't you like me?" "Because." He could see she was struggling with herself, trying to fight the command he had given her. "Stephanie, answer me, now. Why don't you like me?" "Because you don't deserve Claudia.

She's too good for you." "I see. And who do you think is good enough for Claudia?" He asked this question out of curiosity, more than any formulated plan. He didn't know how to deal with this. She was fighting off the matrix because she didn't like him? How screwed up is that? He also noted that she hadn't answered his question yet. "Answer me!" "I am." What? 'General Protection Fault: error at memory location: answer to question!!!' "Please say that again." "I am good enough for Claudia.

You are not." The hurt in her voice was evident. "Are you telling me that you have a crush. no, that you are in love, with Claudia?" "Yes." Well, shit. "Are you a lesbian?" "No. I am bisexual." "I see. But, us sharing Claudia would not be acceptable to you." "No." "Well, you know what, kiddo? That's just too damned bad. Because I have Claudia, and I intend on keeping Claudia. Now, get dressed. You can go home now.

You will come back to this house every three days. Kiss me, and you may go." She stopped pulling on her panties, and came over and kissed him hotly on the lips.

When he broke their kiss, she finished dressing, and left, without him escorting her to the door. In love with Claudia.

Well, I'll be damned. ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ When Brian Selman woke up the next morning, he almost believed that the previous evening had been a dream. If it hadn't been for his sister's panties lying on his dresser, he might have actually thought it to be so. But, no, he was no longer a virgin, and his sister was his love slave. Life was very good, but he now had to live up to his part of the bargain.

He dressed quickly, and took the ZIP disk to his younger sisters' room. They had already left for school with their mother, and so he was alone. Pam walked to school, stupidly, he thought, for the exercise. On the other hand, it keeps her looking like she does. He turned on their computer, and slipped the ZIP disk into the drive. He quickly inserted the right file onto their computer, wondering briefly what paosswb.scr stood for.

He could guess at some of the letters, but the rest were a mystery. He copied the file to the right place, and set up their screensaver to use it. They had theirs on a five minute delay, so he figured it would activate even more quickly with them. For a moment, he regretted the loss of his sisters as potential targets, but he figured he might be able to trade Zack something to get them back, if he really wanted them.

Having finished what he was doing, he shut down and turned off their system, and headed back to his room. He had promised to get the disk back to Zack as soon as he had loaded the other program. He didn't want to piss Zack off. Not when he had this kind of gift to give. ----- By now, Claudia's car was out of the shop, and she picked up Zack at his house. He kissed her warmly before they started to the high school. She was wearing her usual jeans with a pullover shirt, and she looked beautiful as always.

Her hair laid softly across her shoulders, and her mouth puckered as she concentrated on the traffic. He wanted to kiss that pucker, but he figured that would cause an accident.

The boys were waiting for him out in front of the school again this day, but walked away at seeing Claudia. I can't believe I need to be protected by a girl!

He vowed to find some way to better protect himself from people like them. He also figured that he'd need to find a suitable way to get revenge on them for his beating.

He rejected changing their grades; anything he did would probably be an improvement for them. He couldn't think of anything, and it distracted him until they got to his first hour class, and Claudia kissed him good-bye. He put his troubles aside as her warm lips pressed his, her tongue just sliding out to caress his upper lip, before it slipped back into her mouth, and she broke the kiss, and was gone.

----- Somehow, at least two of the four seniors managed to harass Zack between each of his classes, making him almost late for class each time. And each time, one of them would say, "You know how to make all this stop, Griffin." I'll be damned to hell before I let them win like this! At lunch, he made a point of calling Stephanie over to him. She obeyed meekly, her memory of last night still poignant in her mind. She was embarrassed that she had told him those things; she was upset with him for making her tell him, and she was also still horny, for he had not given her anything last night.

Sure, his cum was good, but she wanted it up her cunt, not just in her mouth. Dear Lord, what am I thinking? Zack broke her train of thought by giving her a kiss on the cheek.

She smiled at him dutifully, and attacked her lunch. Zack and Claudia carried on a conversation around her.

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They didn't seem to mind she wasn't involved. ----- Actually, Zack noticed her quiet behavior, and correctly attributed it to the previous night's encounter. What he still didn't know was what to do about it. He couldn't just give up Claudia to her.

For one, he wanted to keep Claudia. For two, he was having too much fun with Stephanie. He decided that he'd have to see if there was something in the matrix that could be adjusted.

After all, a mind control program that didn't work on your enemies was worse than useless. ----- Later that day, a problem began to emerge, but Zack didn't even know about it. Sarah was a friend of Stephanie's. She and Stephanie had been good friends since eighth grade.

That afternoon, in gym, she got Stephanie alone in the locker room. "What the hell is up with you and that guy you've been going with?" "You mean Zack?" "If that's his name. I hear he's already going with Claudia Merris. What, one girl ain't enough for him?" "I guess not," she responded aimlessly. "And you're going to put up with that shit?

You? Miss 'I can have any guy I want'?" "Well, it's not like I've got that much of a choice in the matter. Look, can we not talk about this? We're already late for warm-ups." She hurried out of the locker room, leaving behind a stunned friend. Doesn't have much choice? ----- Though Zack's wounds were healing rapidly, he wasn't in good enough shape to fool around with Claudia for more than a little petting, which they did on the way home from school.

She dropped him off at his house, only to hear a horn honk behind them. It was Brian. Claudia waved to him, blew a kiss to Zack, and drove off. Zack walked over to Brian's truck.

"Hey, man. Believe me now about Claudia?" "Shit, Zack. I believe you about everything. Never did manage to catch up with you today. Here's your disk." "Does that mean.?" "Virgin no more, my man. And my sister. Damn!" Zack knew just what he meant.

"So, you installed the program for your other sisters, right?" "Yeah. Say, I been meaning to ask you, what the hell do you call this program, anyway?" "'Program Alpha-Omega'. Has a real nice ring to it, don't ya think?" Brian snorted. "Whatever. Look, if that prog works as fast on my little sisters as it worked on Pam, you'd better get over there, or they're gonna be tearing the walls down looking for you." "Let me tell my mom I'm going, but you don't have to worry about that sort of thing." "Why not?" "It's not in their programming." Zack walked off to the house laughing, and let his mother know he was going to Brian's.

----- Once they were in Brian's room, they just sort of wasted time. They were waiting for his sisters to come to them. Zack had explained, for the most part, the programming he had used on Brian's younger sisters. Once programmed, they would go to Brian seeking Zack.

If Zack happened to be there, great. If not, they would insist that Brian take them to Zack. So, they spent about an hour waiting. Finally, there was a knock at Brian's door.

"Who is it?" "It's me, Wendy. I need to talk to you." "What do I do?" Brian whispered. "Just let her in. Act normal," he answered. Brian opened the door, and his sister came in, ready to say something, until she saw Zack. At that point, she faced Zack squarely, came to an almost military posture, and said in a soft voice, "Your servant Wendy is ready to do your will, Master Zack." "Shit!" Brian breathed.

Zack just chuckled. "Don't worry, she won't talk like that all the time. Just when I need to give her instructions." To Wendy, he said, "Wendy, you are in the seventh grade, correct?" "Yes, Master Zack." "Okay.

I want you to pay attention in school tomorrow. I want you to look at all the girls. I want you to find me girls." He hesitated here, not sure he wanted to say what he was going to say in front of Brian. He said it anyway. "I want you to find all the girls who are as pretty as you are, or prettier." "You think I'm pretty, Master Zack?" She blushed.

"Yes, I do, Wendy. Now, once you find those girls, I want you to take their picture. Do you have a camera?" "Yes, Master Zack." Brian whispered into his ear, "It's a cheap piece of shit camera." Zack whispered back, "How do the photos turn out?" "Okay, if she uses the flash. Which she does." Zack nodded and continued. "I want you to take a picture of each girl, and I want you to bring those pictures to me.

After that, I will give you further instructions. Do you understand, Wendy?" "Yes, Master Zack." "Good. Just one last instruction. Make sure your sister Bonnie looks at that cool new screensaver we installed on your machine, okay?" "Yes, Master Zack." "Good girl. Now," and he paused as he wanted to make sure he had her attention for the code phrase, "go play." Without a word, Wendy walked quickly out of the room, shutting the door softly behind her.

"She will now do everything I told her to, without questioning, or knowing, why." "Shit! You've got your own little robots! Should I even bother to ask what you want with pictures of all the cute seventh graders?" "I don't think there's really a need for you to." They both laughed. Five minutes later, Brian's sister Bonnie came in the room, and Zack repeated the process. She did not have a camera, but Brian loaned her his so that she could complete her assignment. Soon, she also walked out the door.

Then there was another knock at the door. They looked at each other for a moment in confusion. Then Brian shrugged and said, "Come on in." His mother poked her head in and said, "Dinner in fifteen minutes you guys. It's just burgers and fries tonight, I'm not much in the mood for cooking." "That's okay, Mrs.

Selman. It's still good food." She beamed at the teen, and left. Brian had something else on his mind, though, that his mother's entrance had reminded him of. "Zack?" "Yeah?" "My parents are going to be a problem for Pam and me." "Well, I can give you the program that I used on my parents." "Won't work. They have zero interest in computer programs of any kind. They never touch the things." "You couldn't convince them to come look at one?" "Hey, I've tried before.

With normal stuff, like a picture I wanted my mom to see, or whatever. They just have no desire to mess with the machines." "Well, shit. Look, I'll work on it, but I don't know what to do.

What do they have interest in? What do they do when your dad is home?" "Mostly they watch TV." Shit! "I wonder." Zack's eyes got that glazed look that Brian recognized as clearly as a light bulb going off over his head. "You thinking what I think your thinking?" "If we can port the audio-visuals to a television." "Yeah!

Then I can just trick them into watching it!" "Perfect! IF I can find a way to port it to a TV." "Come on! You're a genius! Of course you can do it!" "Flattery will get you nowhere, Bri," Zack said, laughing.

"Well, let me know if you need my help with anything." "Sure will. We better wash up for dinner." ----- Zack spent the entire night after he got home thinking over three problems. First, he had four big mean guys who wanted him to leave Claudia alone, which he wasn't willing to do. Second, he had a girl who was trying to break the control of the matrix, and she was able to do that simply because she didn't like him.

Third, and perhaps most annoying, he had to figure out how to port his program to another, less stable, media. Computer screens have far more fidelity than TV screens, and he had no idea if that would matter to his program or not. Well, only one way to find out. He spent the night writing down ideas. He didn't have any video-porting hardware in his computer. Up until now, he hadn't needed any. However, the school DID have such equipment, but he didn't have access to it under normal circumstances.

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I could probably get away with saying that I want a copy of my multimedia project for Mr. Parks. That would work fairly easily, I think.

He went to sleep that night, figuring he had the makings of at least one solution in his mind. ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ Friday, he got up and went to school, carrying his familiar ZIP disk with him.

He also had his portable drive, in case the school's system didn't have one. He had asked Claudia to hurry, and he'd left her, rather reluctantly, well before the bell rang so that he could speak to Mr. DeVain about using the school's multimedia systems. On seeing him in the office, something triggered Mr. DeVain's memory that he still had a question to ask Zack. "Good morning, Zack! By the way, if you have a few moments right now, I want to talk to you about that project I mentioned last Friday.

Come with me." "Okay, Mr. DeVain." Zack figured he could butter him up by agreeing to whatever project the principal had in mind. At this point, whatever it took to advance his work on the program, he'd do. Mr. DeVain led him down the hallway, to. the media lab. Zack had not expected them to go here. This was the room he needed access to. The principal led Zack in, and led him over to a corner, where a mass of electronic equipment was covered in plastic. "Zack," he said, "The school system has spent a lot of money linking every school in this county with ITV." He pulled the cover off the system, to reveal a few boxes of equipment.

"Trouble is, nobody bothered to tell us how any of it works. Oh, they did give us a manual," he pointed to a one-inch thick book labeled, 'User's Guide', "But no one on staff has the time to learn how this works. We'd like to get this system up and running as soon as possible. Do you know how to work anything like this?" "Well, not this particular item, sir, but all electronic equipment is basically the same.

I'm sure I can figure out how to run it, given a little time." "Look, take the book home with you, and look it over. Monday morning, come back to me, and tell me what's possible, and what isn't.

Maybe you can even show me how to hook all this stuff up. They wired every classroom for the connections for this thing, but nobody knows diddly about which plug goes where for what." Zack stifled a laugh.

Adults. "Sure, Mr. DeVain. I can look this over, and probably be able to get it running for you on Monday." "Great!" As they started to leave the media room, he asked, "By the way, what was it you were in the office for?" "Oh, nothing.

It can wait until later. I don't want to be late for class." "Okay. Thanks again, Zack," the principal said before heading back to his office. Zack went to his math class whistling.

For the first time in two days, he wasn't harassed on the way there. The toughs had obviously missed him. And now he had an inkling of an idea far bigger than one he could have hoped for last night. Convert to TV? How about convert to ITV? He chuckled to himself as he sat down in math class, and began to daydream. and to plan.

∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼ ∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼∼≈≡≈∼∼