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Mighty man organizes cock riding homemade and hardcore
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''John' . ''JOHN!'' . '' WAKE UP!'' . ''Come on John, get up! '' . [Stretching] Looking about, I see everyone's gone.

. I don't remember much about the night.


. [Sitting up] I hear noises, tires and motors, the guys are leaving. .


. [Looking around] ''Come on John .John, get up! . '' . John does not move. I get up off the love seat. I look about the living room.

John is out; he looks dead to the world, for this night anyhow. Hell, I don't even know what time it is. ''Aaaaaaargh!'' My back is stiff. I head for the bathroom to take a piss. . [The sound of .] . '' AHHHHHHH!''. . [Looking in mirror] I wash my hands and head toward the bedrooms to see where Marie is. . I look first into her room then the spare room . no Marie . ???????? I don't know where she is? I worry about Marie.

I wonder if she has gone out with the guys. . Not too likely; pausing; thinking to myself. Marie is John's wife; she is 29 years of age, near five foot nine.

I would guess she is about one hundred fifty pounds.

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She keeps her brown hair shoulder length and usually knotted in the back of her head. I like that silly little pony tail she has when her hair is knotted. Marie has a great body. Her skin as far as I can tell is blemish free. Her breasts are maybe a 'B' cup. Marie' hands and feet are beautiful to the eye. Her figure is toned; her arms and legs are in perfect proportion to her frame.

She could have been a model I would have thought. Marie's ass is something else .

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great shape to her legs and one fucking fantastic personality. Marie is also a tough minded woman of Scandinavian heritage. All John' buddies want to fuck Marie. Marie laughs at them and will say: "Not a Chance in this life time buddy." . John on the other hand would love to see his wife fucked by his buds.

John' a cuck, he even brings this up in front of Marie when he is drunk. Marie chides John severely for this behaviour. John usually laughs it off but we all know that he secretly wishes she would give in. I think to myself, what a stupid man John is; to have a woman like Marie is a blessing, so why throw it away? . Going to the refrigerator I wonder where she might have gone.

I get a bottle of water and open it.taking a sip; I keep thinking to myself about Marie. I gulp the water down, I am thirsty from drinking. . I look outside to see if she is seated on the deck or walking about her lawn. I pick up my cell phone and dial Stan, one of the pack. "Hello Stan . we talk . . " .Stan was catching a ride home with little Jimmy. I close the cell phone.

My stomach is nauseous, my heart hurts. I feel like I have a hole in my gut the size of an impact crater. I stop for a minute. My breathing laboured; holding my hands to my stomach; I slowly make my way back to Marie' bedroom. I feel like puking. Stepping through the doorway I turn on the light. I see a bed with blankets, sheets, and pillows in a mess, piled up and strewn about the bed.

Moving closer I see a tuff of light brown hair. Moving the blanket back slightly I see Marie' face. Her hair and face are covered in dried semen. I let the blanket fall back in place covering Marie again. Stepping back I stand still, numbed by the knowledge that my friends have fucked, no raped, John' wife and my very good friend Marie; fucking bastards. According to Stan; John was complicit in Marie' raping; God damn them.for this . I'm standing in her bedroom, I can't breathe, panic.

Oh God.

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Why did I drink so much? I could have stopped this from happening. Thinking back, trying to remember what Marie was doing.

Marie was having a blast and getting pretty drunk as I remember it, and why not, Marie was with friends. There was the usual teasing about Marie giving in to John' friends. I passed out I guess or fell asleep.

. Stan said they got her drunk and sneakily gave her a drug to add to the affects of the alcohol and leave her impaired. They started feeling her up with Marie trying to defend herself but she was not able to.

Stan said all three of them where after her once they realized her state.

They stripped Marie; sucked her tits, and fingered her cunt. Mike, the biggest and dirtiest bastard you could ever meet knocked Marie to the floor. Stan said he was in her in a second, pounding on her and then came all over her face yelling "Cunt "at her. The other two guys took their turn with John hooting and hollering and throwing back Vodka straight.

Stan said John barely lasted through the fucking of his wife before he passed out. According to the story teller big Mike picked up Marie, naked, and carried her up to her room where the three of them took turns fucking her in the mouth and in her cunt. Stan said Marie was sort of conscious but not fighting much. Stan said this took about an hour. Little Jimmy fucked Marie in the ass. They were so proud because she yelled out in pain when Jimmy took Marie' anal virginity; even though she was drunk and drugged.

Stan said the only thing he regretted was big Mike pissing on Marie. . Standing there, looking at the bed with Marie in it I knew I was going to get big Mike. I did not know how because he was a tough big SOB. My feelings towards my three friends changed as my anger rouse. Just then the stench of piss hit my nose and I knew I was not going to let Marie waken to that smell.

I'd been in this house often enough to know where Marie kept her house hold items. I went and picked out PJ's for Marie. I gathered some bed linen and new clean blankets for her bed.

I thought to myself, there's a spare bedroom in this house; I walked over to the spare bedroom and checked out the room and bed. It was clean, so I knew what to do. I went back to Marie and stood once more listening to her sleep. Her breathing seemed normal. I was standing listening to her breath when she snored a little. I thought perhaps I should just leave well enough alone and not get involved, but then the stench of piss hit me square on the nose.

. I pulled the comforter off the bed, and tossed several pillows to the floor. Moving the blanket aside once more revealing Marie' face then her shoulder.

I noticed a hickey on her shoulder along with teeth marks on the back of her neck. Moving the blanket farther down her back I noticed more cum on her. DAMN . those guys . what the fuck where they doing. When I got to her hips the blanket was tucked under Marie some so I had to pull hard to get it free.

The blanket was wet and I got piss on my hands. YUK! With one final tug I got the blanket off Marie and I could see her body. She had teeth marks on her ass and upper thighs and calves. Her bum was red from spanking. I could make out finger and hand prints outlined in red on her cheeks. Damn, they must have really given it to her.

Looking down at my friend Marie I felt tears well up in my eyes. I had always respected Marie even though she was harsh towards me. Marie liked to call me Ugly. I had a scared face from an accident when I was younger.

Now she lay in a pissed bed, with a marked body from rape. I was very afraid she would awaken from this ordeal a destroyed woman. As I looked at her I wondered how I was going to clean her. A wet cloth would be useless. I left the room for the bathroom and ran a tepid shallow bath for her.

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I walked to the spare room and stripped. I did not want to get piss on my clothing. Returning to her bedroom I slowly rolled Marie toward me onto her back. The smell of piss was strong. Placing her hands and arms on her chest and stomach I picked her up and carefully carried her to the bath.

She was heavy from dead weight. It took some doing but I got her into the bath without hitting her head on anything. Marie was out of it. I wondered what they had given her. Getting a wash cloth I rinsed Marie's hair, holding her head back so water did not run into her eyes or mouth.

Laying her head down in the shallow water I spent several minutes patting her face clean with a damp wash cloth. Tilting Marie's head first one way, and then another, keeping the dirty water from her mouth and eyes. I noticed her lip was bruised. Marie had semen in one eye brow; this took several minutes to clean. I took the shampoo and washed her hair, again being care full not to get shampoo in her eyes, nose or mouth. Marie liked big sponges.

I took one of her sponges and placed it under her head thus elevating her head. I used the telephone shower to wash her body clean of cum, spit and piss. I used her bar soap.

DOVE. While I was washing Marie I noticed her inner thighs where red, her breasts had small hickeys on them and her nipples where red. I noticed in the light a slight swelling on the bruise to her upper lip. If I had seen Marie' body under different circumstances I would have been wowed. There was NO WOW factor to seeing a woman' battered body. Even when I put my hand between her legs to wash her I got no thrill.

I was numb, and nauseous. My beautiful friend Marie lay before me damaged. Self satisfied with my nursing I picked her up out of the bath. I know she is only about one hundred and forty too one hundred fifty pounds, but damn that is heavy when the person is out cold.

Carefully, carefully, carefully, carrying her to the spare room I placed Marie on the towels I had laid out on the bed. I started by patting her dry and covering her with towels to fend off a chill as I continued looking after Marie. I rolled her from side to side getting her top on. I slide her bottoms up her legs, lifting her legs I started to raise her hips so I could get her bottoms over her hips when I stopped.

There was some blood on the towel. I lifted Marie up moving her legs high and blocking them with my body cross wise. Spreading her lips and cheeks I checked her for damage. There was a small amount of blood on her anus. I dabbed her with the towel and pulled her bottoms up, satisfied that she did not need hospital care.

I moved Marie and the bedding about until she was tucked in, gently moving a pillow under her head. Picking up the dirty laundry I headed for the door. I noticed Marie moving onto her side after I had covered her. Turning off the light I started to close the door. . "Thank you Ugly! " Marie' voice was a bit raspy. . I stopped, "Your welcome Marie". I said and closed the door. I heard a muffled word, I opened the door again. "Ugly, would you stay the night?" "Yes, of course I will Marie." .

I shut the door. . Heading for the stairs with dirty laundry I thought of getting dressed. What the hell I thought, no sense getting my clothes soiled. Naked, I carried the laundry to the basement and started the washing machine. Back upstairs I started cleaning up the house. Doing dishes, tidying up, etc. I checked on John, he was still passed out.

I picked up around him and left that part of the house alone. I have a new box spring and mattress in my garage. I will take the pissed on one from John and Marie' bedroom and replace it with that new one from my place. I know the mattress fits because I bought John and Marie their bed as a gift. . Oddly, I felt free walking about John and Marie' house naked. I was quite happy cleaning up their home at three in the morning. 'Thank you ugly' . Marie had said to me. Somehow she didn't seem harsh this time I mused whilst I picked up an empty Vodka bottle.

I noticed my reflection in a mirror. I paused to look at my reflection.

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I am smiling. I never smile!