Alyssa Lynn Huge Tits Getting Cummed

Alyssa Lynn Huge Tits Getting Cummed
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Bank Teller My daughter is a bank teller at my bank. I am the president of the bank, thanks to my grandfather and my father passing the title down to me. Tiffany is a gorgeous twenty-five-year-old bombshell.

In high school she was the head cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, and of course she dated the Captain of the Football Team too. In college she was also very popular, part of a sorority, and she got excellent grades in business too. Tiffany is only a teller at the moment just to learn all of the jobs from the bottom up, like I had to several years ago. Grandfather had insisted that each bank president start at the bottom of the ladder.

Of course it is easy to start at the bottom if you already know that you are going to be the president someday.

Tiffany got married right after her college graduation. She married her high school boyfriend, the football captain. He also did well in college but not as good as Tiffany had. He was hoping to become a professional football player and was only a mediocre student in engineering. He got a decent job with a local manufacturing company. Within a few months of marriage they were pregnant. Because Tiffany and I worked together almost every day I was much more knowledgeable of what was going on with her pregnancy than either her husband or her mother were.

I had given her time off from work for her doctor appointments and knew the results immediately upon her return. She had shown me her maternity pants and tops that she had purchased on her lunch hours.

She had even shown me her maternity bras, the kind with the trap doors in them for nursing the baby. I was surprised when she showed that particular bra to me in my office by lifting up her maternity top. I got to admire her breasts in a bra that completely covered them.

She showed a lot more breast in her bikini as she swims in my pool or sits in my Jacuzzi at home. Of course with her top up I also got to see her elastic pants and the way they formed to her enlarging belly. I was also treated to the view of her bellybutton being turned inside out. When she was about six months pregnant she started complaining about her lack of sex. It seems that her husband had decided that he didn't want to climb her mountain to make love to her anymore.

Of course she thought that it was because he was having an affair with another woman. The worst part was that Tiffany was craving more and more sex but getting less or actually none. This had been going on for a couple of months and Tiffany was very frustrated. Tiffany talked more and more about sex and masturbating with me.

By the time she was seven months pregnant she actually sat in my office, lifted her top, and slipped her hand down into her maternity pants to relieve her discomfort. Right there in front of me! I tried to concentrate on my work but all I could do was stare at her.

Tiffany's pants were almost down to her panties, her hand was in her crotch, and she was moaning out loud. Finally when Tiffany had her second orgasm she opened up her eyes and thanked me. When I asked her why she was thanking me she said that it was because my presence had given her the two orgasms. When she masturbates in the lady's room or at home nothing happens but doing it in front of her own father was a real thrill for her. I told her that it was a thrill for me too.

Tiffany suggested that we masturbate together the next day. When she saw the expression on my face she said that I could hide mine under my desk if I wanted too but that she was thinking about wearing in a dress. I had trouble keeping my erection under control that day.

However it came back immediately upon seeing Tiffany the next morning. She did indeed have on a dress. It was probably the perfect length for a bank teller provided that her big belly hadn't ballooned out in the front and made it that much shorter.

Knowing my daughter like I did she had checked it out in a mirror several times before she actually decided to wear it into work. For her mid morning coffee break Tiffany came into my office and locked the door as she usually does. Tiffany sat in the chair with the high back so that it blocked anyone's view from looking in the window in my office door.

Not that anyone would disturb us anyway! Tiffany then lifted her dress up and tucked it lightly into the cleavage above her bra. Tiffany then lowered her panties to her knees revealing her very attractive pussy.

It was covered with brown hair that had been trimmed short.


Her pussy lips were swollen and puffy. Her clit was slightly exposed and her pink inner lips were partially visible too. Then Tiffany reached down, inserted a finger, and started masturbating boldly in front of me.

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As she fingered herself she spoke constantly too. She talked about playing with herself as a teenager while thinking of me.

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She talked about fucking some of her teachers in college because they were my age. She told me that she desperately wanted me to fuck her. Wow! My own daughter wanted me to fuck her. I watched as Tiffany gave herself three terrific orgasms.


She was finally satisfied and went to the lady's room to wash her hands and return to her station. I noticed that Tiffany was smiling more. She had arranged to have her lunch hour when I took mine and even ordered Chinese take-out for us both.

She knew that my favorite dish was Shrimp and Broccoli.

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As we ate in my private office she devoured her food like a starving animal. Then she lifted her dress up and lowered her panties again. Tiffany opened the flaps on her nursing bra and squeezed her breasts making her nipples secrete milk. That was very interesting. I hadn't seen that since a year after Tiffany had been born and had stopped nursing on her mother. Amazingly Tiffany leaned over and sucked on her own nipples to relieve the pressure in her breasts. I was impressed that she had stared to lactate so soon.

Tiffany said that she had been working at it and had induced it herself. Then Tiffany begged me to fuck her.

I told her that I just couldn't and used the excuse that someone might look in the window in my door and see us. The very next day the Glass Company showed up to install a two-way bulletproof mirror in my office door. It was the kind that was a mirror to those trying to look in and a window for me to look out through. I couldn't help but smile as the man handed me the work order.

I looked right at Tiffany. She smiled and gave me a cute little wave. I approved of the work order and gave him access to my office. I sat in there for security reasons as he installed the mirror.


It was not all that difficult and didn't take him very long at all. He said that the measurements that he had been given over the phone were perfect. Lunch that day was a pepperoni pizza. My lovely pregnant daughter Tiffany started it out by getting completely naked in front of me. Then she leaning over supporting her big belly on my old oak desk as I slipped my cock into her pussy from behind. God was that ever good! My daughter had the softest, warmest, and wettest pussy that I had ever been in.

Pushing my belly against her ass was another thing. It was nothing like her mother's ass. It was firm, taunt, and a pleasure to bump up against. Then of course I had to reach under her and cup her swollen breasts as I fucked into her. All in all it was the fuck of a lifetime.

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I had never had an incestuous thought in my life but it was obvious that my daughter had. As I pumped my cum into my daughter's love hole all I could think about was doing it again and again. She was the most incredible fuck of my life and I knew that there was no way that I could ever give it up.

We took a break from sex for a few minutes to eat and then I had Tiffany again for desert. This time she lay on the thick rug on the floor as I fucked her missionary style. I loved that position when I fuck my wife, and fucking my daughter was no different.

I bumped bellies with her gently as she kept her legs up around my waist. She had been craving a cock for weeks and now she was enjoyed every inch of it. My daughter relaxed, her eyes closed, and she started to coo just like her mother does before her orgasm. I reached down and stroked my daughter clit to make sure that she had a couple more orgasms before I climaxed in her.

Afterwards she fell asleep contented. I called my secretary on the intercom and told her that my daughter was taking a well-deserved nap and to have somebody cover for her.

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An hour later Tiffany woke up with a smile, she was satisfied. She kissed me, thanked me for the wonderful sex, and started to get dressed. As she put her bra on she noticed that her breasts didn't hurt any more so I told her that I had been enjoying some of her mother's milk.

She told me that she could provide the cream for my coffee anytime that I liked. I sure was looking forward to getting a cup of coffee now. Tiffany's doctor allowed her to work up to her eighth month of pregnancy because of her job.

She could sit, stand, or take a break practically anytime that she needed too. That last month after she stopped working Tiffany still came in to eat lunch with me every workday.

On that last day I even fucked her between her contractions. She went to hospital a couple of hours later with my cum still in her pussy. I am now the proud grandfather of a seven pound four ounce bouncing baby boy. Just a week later Tiffany came in for lunch and brought her baby boy with her. Instead of lunch she wanted sex. I watched as Tiffany undressed. She was a little embarrassed that her body hadn't recovered yet and that her belly was pretty flabby. She placed her baby boy on his back on my desk and then leaned over lowering one of her nipples to his mouth.

That was all the coaxing that he needed. He latched onto that nipple with a vengeance. I very gently slipped my cock into my daughter's tender pussy and stroked into her. As we both gained confidence I got a little more aggressive. Finally I was cumming and banging into her ass baking her tits jiggle all over the place. That little guy never let loose of her nipple, not even once.

Tiffany was just happy to have my cock inside her body once again. When I pulled out Tiffany smiled at me, hugged her baby to her breast, and said, "Well Dad that was his first 'milk shake!' I'm sure he would like many more!" Tiffany got dressed, kissed me goodbye, and said, "Thanks dad! See you for lunch again tomorrow!" I just smiled and watched her leave my office. I went to the window in my door and watched her walk to the front door.

She turned and blew me a kiss, knowing that I would be watching her. The End Bank Teller 101