Fudendo a bucetinha da esposa puta

Fudendo a bucetinha da esposa puta
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Stolen Private Video By Blueheatt __I'm Jesse. I've gotten myself obsessed with my best friends boyfriend. He has everything I want in a guy except&hellip. he's with my best friend Wendi, and not me. I've tried not to think about him, not to look at him or even talk about him.

They have all failed. Wendi is a great friend but my mind is always trying to think of ways to get Blake and I together. She likes my being envious of her and likes to kiss him and fondle him right in front of me. We've discussed this and we just laugh about it&hellip.at least she did… on the surface. Her ego loves the fact I have a hot crush on Blake. It's now a little game we play. Privately I ask her what its like to be in bed with him and to tell me all the details.

She is more than happy to do it just to watch me get all aroused.

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I don't tell her everything I feel about Blake. At night I finger myself thinking about him.


I have very hot dreams about him and I having the best hot sex ever. Wendi told me about her dad's video camera and how she had some good videos of Blake and her at a picnic. I ask if I could see them. She smiled and said&hellip.well 'no', that there were some 'other' private things on there. I said just show me the picnic stuff, and that's all. She said 'ok' and got the disk hidden under her printer. She had me sit away from her computer screen while she found the picnic stuff.

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I just turned away not looking. I looked around her room and spotted a picture frame glass reflected her computer screen perfect.

Now I could see what she was not letting me see. I tried to remain calm as I saw Blake fucking Wendi and licking another girls pussy at the same time&hellip.I looked close to see the girls face he was licking&hellip. oh my god…oh wow&hellip.it was her ok, with a big content look on her face&hellip. it was Wendi's mom. I couldn't help but get a very hot feeling inside and shock to my pussy. I started talking about school to take my mind off what I'd just seen&hellip.but I had to have a copy of that disk.

Wendi found the picnic part and had me watch it. It was nothing special except who was taking the video?

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The shots were mainly of Blake and his tight jeans. I asked: "Who took the video?" Wendi laughed and said her mom did. She clicked off the video. Oh great, now I had two girls to try and get his attention away from. Wendi's cell phone rang and she walked away from the computer to talk private.

As she walked down stairs talking, I saw my chance. I ejected the disk. I had my laptop in my backpack. I copied the disk into it and put it back. I went down stairs and indicated I had to leave. I rushed home to watch the disk.

I waited until real late and got my laptop under the covers. Wendi and her mom had taken a lot of shots of Blake. The shot of Wendi and her mom both kissing on Blake. He felt both of them up and lifted their tops up and kissed their tits. Watching this was giving me a nice wet pussy.

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Next he was fucking Wendi and her mom moved her naked pussy right next to Wendi's head. Blake started eating her pussy as he fucked Wendi. I realized my finger was rubbing my own pussy. Soon they all went crazy fucking and Blake licking her moms pussy as they all climaxed.

Next was the picnic scene as I fast forwarded by that. Next was more foreplay with Blake fucking Wendi. Blake never fucked her mom. He only played with her to get all aroused as he fucked Wendi.

Her mom and Blake did everything but fuck. Blake&hellip. I knew that Wendi and her family were going to move soon and there would go my mom and daughter fucking.

I knew also that Jessie liked me. Jessie was a hot looking girl and got my interest up a long time ago.

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I decided to have a little charming talk with her. I told her at school I wanted to have a private talk with her. I watched her get excited. I said I would meet her&hellip.she blurted out: "At the old tree house!" a remote place we both knew about. No one was around as I went up the steps. I looked up thru the hole in floor and there she was smiling. She had on her cheerleader outfit with&hellip.oh my &hellip.no panties on. I looked at her hot looking slit as she squatted down to give me a hand up.

The next step put my face directing across from her bare slit. I smiled and said maybe we could talk right here? She moved forward and held my head an inch from her pussy.

She whispered: ("…up here Blake, your mine. Now you must kiss me first before entering.") She pulled my face right into her sweet pussy.

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I was kissing and licking her pussy and I wasn't even in the tree house yet. She ran her fingers thru my hair and guided my head to her clit as she humped my tongue. I was sure liking the start of this 'private talk'. Jessie&hellip.

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…I had to get his attention real good and so I used my fingering place to do it. What better place for me with all the times I had fingered myself and other girls too up here. The memories were taking on a new phase now. He would be the first guy I had take up here in a long time. I had my first fuck and orgasm right in this house. My first time to have a guy shoot cum in my mouth and be licked by a guy and a girl. This was my little private 'sex house' I called it. I let him now take another step up.

Now his head was even with my tits. I raised my jumper and bra up and let him indulge himself in sucking my hard nipples. I whispered while gulping for breath : ("…you and Wendi have been teasing me for a long time now,…… making out in front of me. Now it's my turn.") His hands came up and felt my (bigger than Wendi's) tits while he sucked on them. I just closed my eyes and loved it.

I leaned over and put my middle finger in his mouth as he licked it too. The very finger I always used to rub my clit with. I reached down and rubbed my wet finger all around my wet clit. I alternated putting it in my mouth and his. I had to make him forget all about Wendi and her mom right now. I felt his warm bulge in his jeans.

I firmly rubbed it up and down. I pulled on him to take the last step and sat him on the tree house floor. I leaned him back and undid his jeans. I turned around and put my pussy over his panting mouth. I had his cock out and started sucking on it now. I had fantasies about doing this very thing. His tongue felt wonderful as I deep throated his warm cock. Now I had him all to myself and I was going to make this 'unforgettable' to him. I felt his fingers go in me&hellip.oh Yesssss… I shuddered and &hellip.he felt like he was going to make me pee.

He knew things I had not tried before. His fingers found that spot that makes me moan. I dug my clit into his tongue as I knew I was going to climax real high&hellip.oh there…there…I squeezed his cock firm as I jacked it. I let out a yelling moan and my pussy went crazy with spasms. He jolted and hot cum filled my mouth, over and over.

We moaned together as it felt like the tree house was flying. The whole world got quiet except of our moans and heavy breathing. I got so weak and light headed as he gently licked me so cool.


I drifted in my mind as I was so buzzed with such a good feeling. We ended up laying there face to face on the old rug, holding each other and kissing for a long time&hellip. I wondered what Blake's reaction would be now.

The next day at school I didn't have to wait long. I was at my wall locker when he came up.

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He checked all around and then started kissing me on the neck. It was wonderful and I got hot instantly. We had to stop because people were coming. He walked with me between classes, his hands were always touching me.

It was like 'Wendi who?' We had long sexy talks and long looks in each others eyes. I had one more thing I wanted to do to make him happy, besides having our first fuck in the tree house.

He had Wendi's mom to play with and I wanted a second girl for him to play with. Now is when things happened I would have never ever dreamed of. My mom and Wendi's mom were good friends. When Blake started coming over all the time now, my mom knew about Blake, Wendi and her mom all getting it on. She never told me she knew all this. Mom started in feeling me out about Blake and what he was like. I figured it was just a typical mom wanting to know about a daughters new boyfriend.&hellip.but she had a plan in mind.

I got a hint when she started talking to Blake in whispers. Blake and my mom were getting real friendly. It took me some thinking but&hellip.my mom…Blake…what if.

The thought of my mom being the second woman for Blake kept entering my mind. Just like Wendi and her mom sharing Blake. It was time to have a girl to girl talk with my mom.

That evening we sat down to have that talk…"You know that &hellip."…&hellip.just then someone knocked at the door&hellip.it was Blake. I left the room. &hellip.He was so smooth he had my mom eat out of his hand in no time&hellip.she was definitely interested some party fun. He showed her my copy of the 'Wendy' tape. She acted surprised&hellip. She caught on quick and moved in on Blake's little plan. That night it all came together&hellip.mom and I put on our nighties I wanted Blake bad…mom did too.

We decided to share him, so we took him in to the bedroom. … We wanted to everything on the tape. We started the lap top&hellip.we slowly undressed him&hellip.mom planted a wet kiss to start things off. &hellip.

We turned on the low lights&hellip.he grabbed us and kissed us, we jumped him and mom held him down. She grinned at him and started kissing his chest and stomach&hellip.I strattled him and put my pussy up to his mouth…he immediately began to suck my clit&hellip.I started grabbing his hair and moaning.

My mom started in sucking his 8" and she deep throated it all&hellip.he held my hips and his tongue felt heavenly… &hellip.I scooted my mom off&hellip. I slid on… &hellip.Now was my dream was going to come true…I slid his dick all the way in&hellip.he grabbed my hair and started in fucking me furiously.

I tongue kissed him…my head was spinning with thrills. He rolled me over and up my knees came…I squeezed his back and I started to make noise&hellip.ohhh.ohhh.OOHHH.I had a glorious climax just as he shot a huge load&hellip.I saw the most beautiful colors in the world&hellip.we kept on pumping & pumping till the world stopped&hellip.and all was quiet&hellip.we felt little tingles all thru our body's&hellip.I looked over and he was fingering my mom and she was kissing his face… &hellip.I smiled and 'squeezed' his dick with all the muscle I had left&hellip.