Sleeping mom her son room

Sleeping mom her son room
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I remember back when I was still just a kid, my brother and I shared a special bond.

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We were twins so we already had some what of a unique bond, but the bond grew stronger after we had shared a bed together. I sometimes wonder what our lives would have been like if we had not done what we had done. We are both in our late twenties now (twenty-nine to be exact) and we still share this bond. But that is not the point of this story, or at least not this installment of it. This particular story is about how my brother and I happened to fall in love and share this unique bond.

Let me first tell you a bit about my self up until this point. My name is Rebecca, but I go by Becks. I like that much more. For all my life, I was the outsider. The kid no one talked to and the kid the talked to no one, even family. The only friend I really had growing up was my brother. And ever then I'm not so sure he was too fond of me until we shared a different bond.

But my brother on the other hand, was a real people person. He loved to talk and had great social skills. He always had lots of friends and was the leader type, not the follower. He left the following to his friends. Because of this stark contrast between us, I grew up being the nerd type and my brother, Ryan, had been the cool stud type.

I had no friends while he had all the friends in the world. Because of my social rejection, I began rejecting the world.

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Looking back, I can see that I lost many potential friends because of my rejection of society. I began to grow cold and learned to live with out emotion, and saw emotions as something that got in your way. Growing up, the person closest to me was of course my brother since my mother had died when we were only six years old and because of that my father had gone off the deep end and buried himself with work to keep him from losing his mind. Though his self burial didn't seem to help much.

One thing I was grateful for was that he did not turn to alcoholism. My brother had always been like a hero to me. I admired him more than anyone.

He was strong when our mother had died. He never cried. And he was always there for me when I cried. I remember nights I would crawl into his bed and cuddle with him and cry myself to sleep. Because of this I began developing some what of a little crush for my brother, though I had no idea what the feelings were since I had no one to talk to about them.

Then when I was twelve I remember when Ryan had his first "girlfriend." I was so jealous. I must have been literally green with envy because of the looks she gave me. I don't remember her name but I sure as hell remember how angry I was that this girl that I didn't even know, was stealing my brother from me.

For the first time in my life I went and cried to Daddy. He reassured me that it was normal and that I shouldn't be so childish. And of course, I really was being childish.


I soon got over my brother having "girlfriends" and lost my self in reading books. I remember getting my first romance novel. I got it almost as a joke. It was close to my fourteenth birthday when I got it. I remember reading it and almost laughing at certain situations. But also pondering what this emotion of falling in love felt like. Needless to say, I did research as I did with everything.

I looked on-line and I looked in dictionaries and everywhere imaginable. After my fourteenth birthday, I came across a discovery that would forever change me.

It was the penis. Of course now looking back, it seems like no big deal, but back when I was just a lonely fourteen year old girl it seemed like a big deal. Every one at my age knew the difference between boys and girls and probably had a few experiences already, but I never really knew. My father had been real adamant about keeping my brother an I separate when we bathed or dressed or anything that involved one of us being scantily clad (or just plain naked) around the other.

He thought that if he did that, that the chance of incestuous behavior would decrease. So because of this and my rejection of society, I had never in my entire life seen a penis. I was both shocked and amazed when I saw it. I had this funny feeling in my gut all day. I thought it was strange because the penis I saw was long and stuck straight out. I wondered if this only happened on occasion or if it was some phenomena that this mans penis was much larger than ordinary males.

Of course I soon found out what the deal was after more "research" that night. I must have stayed up till four in the morning that night. Luckily it was in the summer so it didn't matter much. But I remember reading all about the penis and all the things it did. It may seem almost unbelievable but I had no idea that this was the way that we humans reproduced. I never had "that talk" with Daddy. Or rather he never had "that talk" with me, and I never got it from friends because I literally had no friends or any one to talk to aside from my brother who was always too busy for me or if he wasn't had no real interest in me by this time.

After my "great discovery" I began buying more romance novels and "researched" more. I had always looked at the male side of the equation but never the female. Which is why it took me a while to find out why my pussy got so wet looking at penises all day. I finally found out why and learned to have fun with it. Needless to say, masturbation became my new hobby. I began watching some what "educational" videos of men ejaculating and then moved on to material that was a bit more explicit.

Namely: porn. I remember watching my first sex video. The man's cock was just enormous and watching it slide in and out of a blonde nineteen year old pussy got me more wet than I could imagine. This is also where I learned that breasts could also be stimulated to encourage sexual arousal. I also began having fun with that along with rubbing my pussy raw.

A couple years past and I was now sixteen. I began noticing that over the summer my breasts had grown considerably. At the beginning of the summer I was swimming in a B cup and by the end I was confined in a D. Just a few weeks into the school year I had to up grade to a DD. I noticed also that even though I was just sixteen I now looked more like a mature, grown up woman than the girls in my classes. I was indeed a late bloomer but when I bloomed, I really did bloom.

I noticed that I was getting more stares than any girl in class. I even caught the male teachers eyeing me on occasion. And despite my cold attitude towards every one, especially boys, I still got hit on by countless guys in the school each and every day. Even if I rejected a guy it would seem that he thought he could try again after an hour. I noticed that even my brother had become more friendly with me.

Often walking me home from school and offering his help on anything I may need it for. It was a nice change because my brother and I were finally becoming friends again. My brother whom I loved so much. And this is where the real story begins.

It was now winter and half way through my junior year in high school. I was sixteen and lovin' life. Now that I looked more like a grown woman than any of the girls at school, I made sure that every male saw that. I would wear my straight, dark brown hair down, which went down a few inches past my shoulders. I wore bras that would really show off my DD cup tits. And wear low cut shirts and blouses so show off my cleavage. My ass was shown off in tight low rider jeans or shorts.

And of course I would flaunt my sexy, womanly voice in the faces of my female classmates who still all sounded like the teenagers they were. After all the years of being the one rejected, I finally had my chance to get back at every one.

In reality I was being extremely childish but I didn't care. It felt good to be wanted by every one around me and then crushing them when I would ignore them completely. I did this to every one except for my brother. He noticed it too. It puzzled him. He would ask me about it and I would just tell him it was because I loved him too much because he was my big, strong brother. He would just shrug and say "whatever." I loved it when he would do that. He looked so cool. It really felt good now that we were finally drawing closer.

We would watch movies together every Friday and Saturday night. I most often picked horror movies because it would allow me the chance to cling onto my brother. He liked to pick action or comedy. Which I liked but it never gave me an excuse to cling to him or for him to hold me because I was "scared." Winter break came and Daddy had a special conference out of state.

I was really happy to see him getting out of the house. He looked so happy as he left Ryan and me for a few days to go kick ass at a conference. That was a Thursday night. The next day was of course Friday. Movie night. Ryan and I decided to do sort of a double feature thing.

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We were gonna watch four movies. Two on Friday and two on Saturday. We each picked two movies. And for once I didn't pick horror. At first I thought, "Well I wont be able to cling to Ryan." but then I thought, "But I can sorta cling to him and if he asks anything I can tell him how I feel about him." So this was my plan. I picked a couple of comedies and Ryan got action flicks.

When we got home, we played Rock, Paper, Scissors to figure out whose movie we would watch first. The loser got to pick one of the winner's movies to watch. I lost of course. And we began to watch Ryan's movie. At this time it was the dead of winter so I was cold as shit out side since it was snowing. While we watched the film, I grabbed a blanked and wrapped my self in it. "Hey, Becks," Ryan said, half whining. "You gotta share. It's fucking freezing." "Hell no!

You won so you must suffer!" I said jokingly and adding a dramatic, "evil" laugh at the end. Ryan just gave me that "Dude, you're fuckin retarded" look and grabbed at the blanket. "Becks I'm not kidding. It's really cold." I smiled and scooted over. My plan had worked. Earlier I had moved the blanked on his side of the couch so that this situation would arise when we watched our movies.

We were both wrapped up in my blanket now. I leaned against him and rested my head on his shoulder. He looked down for a brief second then looked back at the movie.

The movie was now at a heated point where the main character and his attractive mistress were undressing each other. The woman's large breasts exposed as the couple began to fuck each other like they had one day to live. I watched my brother through out the whole scene. He shifted uncomfortable and licked his lips.

He was getting aroused and I could tell. Several times I shifted myself and bumped my breasts into his arm. Moaning softly as I did. It was really cold now and Ryan and I were crowed close to each other.

My large breasts now pressing tightly up against his arm. I let my hand wander and it met his. I laced my fingers with his. Gripping his hand tight in mine, I snuggled closer to him. "What'd you do that for," he asked keeping his eyes on the screen. "Because I want to," I softly replied. "Weirdo." The movie went on until it finally was over.

Now it was my movie. During the first ten minutes of the film, Ryan and I laughed like we had never laughed before. While we laughed I managed to snuggle even closer. I gripped his hand once again. This time he said nothing. After a few minutes I said something. "Ryan. I'm cold." "Me too.

What do you want me to do about it," he asked sarcastically. "Never mind," I said sadly, letting go of his hand and scooted away from him. "C'mon what're you doing? Just cuddle up with me ok? I'll even get another blanket," he said. I nodded. He paused the movie and got up and left to get a blanket. I truly was cold but I also wanted to get as close to Ryan as possible. My tits were beginning to get uncomfortable in the bra so I took it off and laid it at the opposite end of the couch. Ryan walked back in and spotted my pink, laced bra on the couch and then pretended not to see it.

He silently laid back down with me and covered us with both blankets now. As he covered us, I kissed him softly on the lips. This was a mistake but a mistake I was glad I made.

I had really aimed for his cheek be he turned at the last second and I ended up scoring his lips. It was my first kiss. And a damn good one too.

Ryan most have forgotten I was his sister as he kissed me for those ten maybe twenty second. At the end of the kiss I could feel his lips parting and his tongue rubbing up against my lips. As if he wanted them to open for his tongue. He must have then realized what he was doing and stopped. "Whoa. What the hell was that?" he exclaimed as our lips parted.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to do that, but what the hell are you doing kissing me?" "You kissed back so whatever," I said looking away. "Sorry. I just wanted to show you that I appreciate you and love you. Sorry." "Well, I'm not saying it was bad, but we're brother and sister so we shouldn't do that." "Then why did it feel so right, Ryan?" I asked.

My eyes piercing into his. He said nothing as our eyes stayed locked. "Ryan…" "What?" "I love you." "I know. I love you too Becks," he said, our eyes still locked. "No.

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I mean I'm in love with you, Ryan," I said keeping my eyes on his. "What?" he said startled. "You love, love me? Like that kind of love?" "Yes." "Why? Dude, that's just weird," he said looking away. Those words cut deep into my heart. Here I was telling my brother I had the deepest feelings for him possible and he responded with "Dude that's just weird." Needless to say, I was hurt. I quickly got up and began to run to my room.

"Becks! Becks, I didn't mean it like that!" I could hear him call out as I ran off. My face was hot and tears began to roll down my red cheeks. I shut the door and locked it. I went straight to bed and laid face down and began to bawl my eyes out.

The happiest moment in my life had turned into the worst. I remember a few minutes later I heard knocking on my door. Ryan apologized and apologized for what seemed like hours on end. I never responded.


I stayed in my room for the rest of that night. For a while I vowed to never talk to him again, but realized that going that far was just dumb. I woke up early that morning, just slightly before six. It was really dark so I turned on the light.

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During the course of the night I had changed into my PJs. Which was always the same thing, pink tank top and some form of athletic shorts, the real short kind. Since it was winter, I was freezing my ass off when I awoke.

My nipples were so hard they hurt. I began to rub them. First in little circles, then pinching them slightly, then squeezing my tits. I moaned ever so slightly. I was getting wet, but then I remembered.

Yesterday Ryan had cut me deep. I stopped playing with my tits for a second. As much as I hated him for what he said, I loved him even more. The kiss we shared was good and I wished it could have lasted for ever. I began rubbing my tits again and imagining Ryan and I together. Him kissing me and holding me. His strong body cradling mine and his hands roaming my body. My own hands then began to wander.


I lifted my tank top up, exposing my large breasts. I brought one to my mouth and licked it. It sent chills down my spine.

Juices were now flowing out of my pussy. I reached my other hand down to… well… give my self a hand. First I did what I always did when I masturbated. I rubbed my clit in circles and alternated to going up and down then side to side and then back to circles. As I rubbed my clit I simultaneously licked at my tits. For a moment I paused and got my self naked. Then I resumed after throwing a thick blanket over myself to keep me warm as I masturbated my self to bliss.

I stuck my index finger into my pussy. I could only ever fit one in my virgin cunt, but by god did it feel good when I did. I began frantically licking at my nipples and sliding my finger in and out of myself.

I took my hand off my tits and started rubbing my clit while I still had a finger inside myself. My pussy felt hot and images of Ryan fucking me with his cock started popping in my head.

My moans became soft screams until I burst. It was my strongest orgasm yet. I screamed and shrieked as juices erupted from my cunt. My heart raced in my chest as my orgasm seemed to last for an eternity. I kept moaning and screaming. Then came a knock on the door. "Becks! You okay in there?" I heard Ryan yell from out side of my room. I said nothing. I still didn't want to talk to him.

Plus I was pretty sure he knew what was happening. "C'mon Becks you cant give me the silent treatment forever. Are you ok? Please just say something so I know you're not dead or something." I sat there for a second in silence. "Fuck you Ryan. Go away," I yelled at the door. I didn't mean it. In reality I wanted him in there with me. To fuck me and tell me he loved my too. "Becks… I'm sorry okay?

I'll leave ya alone now." I could hear the tone in his voice. He was really sorry. I quickly got up and wrapped my blanket around my luscious naked body.

I ran to the door, unlocked it, and opened it. He stood before me in the door frame. We stood there, peering deep into each others eyes, for what seemed like ages. I moved. I grabbed his hand and laced my fingers in his.

Silently I walked backwards and led him to my bed. Almost eerily we walked never unlocking our gaze. I lay on the bed and beckoned him to mount me.

He shook his head. "Becks, I'm sorry. We cant do this. It's just not right." "Ryan, please. Just shut up and fuck me." "No," he replied and walked out. I felt like I was going to burst into a puddle of tears, but some how I was able to contain myself. I lay on my bed and stared off into nothing.

Eventually I got up, unwrapped myself, and got dressed. I walked down into the kitchen. "I made pancakes," Ryan stated plainly as I sat at the kitchen table. "Good for you, Ryan," I said coldly. "Don't start this, Becks. I really don't wanna get involved with you're psycho rants anymore. You're so fucking annoying, Becks. I cant believe…" I hauled off and fucking hit him, square in the face. I don't think I had ever been more mad in my entire life.

I had been called psycho countless times but never by Ryan. I looked down at him. His nose was pouring out blood. I had really hit him hard. "The next time you call me that… I'll kill you Ryan," I said as I walked away from him. Next thing I remember I was waking up on my bed.

What the hell happened? I sat up. Then blind siding me out of no where was a pain like none I had ever felt. I clutched my head and screamed. Almost instantly, some EMT guy ran into my room. he gripped my hand and yell out, "She's awake!" I blacked out again. I woke up this time with a different EMT guy at my side. I saw Ryan and the first EMT guy standing behind him.

They seemed to be conversing among themselves. "She's okay. It's just a minor concussion. She'll be fine by tomorrow. Just make sure she doesn't move too much," I heard one of the EMT guys say to Ryan. Ryan then pointed at me.

"Look. She's awake." The EMT guy began to restate what he had just said, but I stopped him and told him I had heard.

After about ten minutes the EMT guys left and Ryan and I were alone again. He walked to my bed and sat beside it. He took my hand in his. "Becks, I'm so sorry." "What the fuck did you do to me, you asshole," I said yanking my hand way from his and clutching at my head.

"You fucking hit me so I hit back. Harder than I meant. You fell… and… oh god Becks. You were fucking cold! Jesus I thought I fucking killed you," he said, tears streaming from his eyes and his words coming out almost unintelligible.

"I fucking called the EMT guys and they came out.

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Thank god you're okay." I didn't say anything. I couldn't. My brother had almost killed me, and here he was bawling his eye out about it. I felt kind of bad for him. Over the last twenty-four hours we had been through a lot. I took his hand in mine and "shushed" him. He looked at me, still sobbing. "Dear god Becks, please don't ever fucking die on me. I swear to god I'll protect you from now on. And take care of you like I should.

And…" I cut him off. "Ryan… please… just… don't talk about it okay? It's over. It's the past. Water under the bridge, okay?" It really wasn't but I just wanted him to stop crying.

I loved him and I really did feel bad for him. He nodded some what stupidly and got in bed with me. He cuddled me close and kissed me. "I realized something, Becks." "What?" I said after a pause. "I love you too." "What?" I repeated. "Fucking c'mon, Becks. I'm in love with you too. Like you're in love with me." "No you're not." I said. I knew he probably meant it but I was almost too mad to accept it.

It was at this point I realized, if Ryan hadn't nearly killed me, he would have realized his true feelings for me. "You know, Ryan. I'm kinda glad you almost killed me." "What the hell?

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Why?" "You would have realized you loved me." "Becks, I always loved you. Just not that way. Not till now," he said. "Make love to meRyan," I said pulling him closer. He said nothing, and neither did I. We didn't speak a word for the rest of the night. We were much too busy having the time of our lives. He fucked my virgin cunt for three hours that night.

He shot his cum into me countless times. After each time he came, he would slide his big cock out of me and kiss and lick his way down to my pussy and lick all his cum out of my pussy. It was the best night of my life. After three hours of fucking each other silly, we crashed. I remember thinking that I never wanted that night to end. I love my brother very much, and for all the years up until now, we fucked each other.

We still do. And those stories are what I will tell you next. Hope y'all liked this story. Sorry for its lack of sex but I promise that the next part of the story will have lots of teen nympho sex.

Till next time, your girl, geekyhorndog.