Giant boobs titty fucking with samantha g

Giant boobs titty fucking with samantha g
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The party was great, music was thumping, sexy people were dancing on the dance floor, and I was having the time of my life. I am talking about the huge holiday party the company I work for throws every year and I never miss it. The food is great and the drinks stay flowing. This year I decided to get a room at the hotel where the party was being held so I could drink all I wanted. At the party, a beautiful woman caught my eye from across the room.

Her smile was glowing and her face was radiant with joy as she brushed her long blond hair to one side. Through the plummeting neckline of her silky blouse you could see her large, milky-white tits being held back by the thin material like two prisoners being held captive. Her chest had a dash of glitter sprinkled in between her magnificent cleavage that immediately drew your eyes away from her beautiful face and on her perky rack.

She also has an amazing figure from head to toe that was only accented by the short, black skirt she was wearing. It showed off her ample round ass and from underneath shot out her tanned legs which were a work of art.

They are not too thin or thick, having excellent muscle tone with the right amount of fat, and I immediately pictured them wrapped around my body. They were the kind of legs that you just wanted to spend an hour caressing and kissing every inch. They were also topped off with a sexy pair of high heels, and covered with a thin pair of nude stockings with a seam going up the back. Yes sir, she was definitely a catch and a half and for the life of me, I couldn't see how I ever landed her.

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I am, of course, describing my wife Angel to you. During the party we got separated for a moment when I was talking to my friends and that's when I saw her from across the room. She was talking to a guy that I worked with, and he was so checking my wife's body out.

Who could blame him though, and I'm sure he's not the only guy checking her out. After I had watched her for a moment or two she turned to scan the room and our eyes met each others. I winked at her and smiled and she smiled back while walking towards me. Being very excited about tonight's party, Angel went out and bought the sexy outfit that she was wearing and I know for a fact she has on a surprise for me underneath her outfit.

I couldn't wait until the party was over when all the men in the room would look on me with envy as I escorted my lovely wife up to our room. Angel finally made her way to me and we greeted each other with a sensuous kiss and then she grabbed my arm as we continued around the room socializing.

After a while we grabbed our seat to enjoy the meal and drink some wine. We sat with my friends who didn't know my wife that well but were very courteous and Angel enjoyed talking to them. After I had finished eating I reached my hand underneath the table and rested it on my wife's knee. Angel smiled at me as she reached down to grab my hand and when she did, she slid my hand across her nylons up her leg and underneath her skirt.

She stopped just before my hand reached her sweet spot and leaned over to whisper something in my ear. "That's all you get for right now," she said in a taunting voice and then she kissed my ear. I knew she was going to rock my world later on in our room. The music started up again and little by little people were making there way back to the dance floor so Angel and I decided it was time to do the same. We danced to a lot of music that really made you shake your booty and believe me, my wife definitely shook it.

As I was dancing I was captured by Angel's hypnotic body and loved watching her blouse try its best to hold her titties back from popping out.

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As the evening started to wind down, the D.J. put several slow songs on.


I held Angel close to me as our bodies grooved together while we danced. I loved having her body pressed up against mine and ever so often I would let my hand slip down and give her ass a firm squeeze. No one cared as the dance floor was packed anyway.

"Let's go to our room," I said whispering in Angel's ear. She grabbed my arm as I led her out of the large banquet hall and to the elevator. Once the elevator doors closed we immediately locked lips as our tongues wrestled in and out of each others mouth. Her lips were so soft and tasted of strawberry lip gloss. Before long, the elevator doors opened, and we stopped kissing long enough to get out and walk to our room.

"Now, when we get into our room, its hands off for a few minutes. I have something special to put on for you," She said. "Okay babe, you look so beautiful tonight," I replied. I was filled with anticipation and couldn't wait to see her body and all its glory. I sat on the bed as she went into the bathroom to change.

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"You're going to like what I have on," she said as the bathroom door opened. When I saw Angel I immediately became rock hard. She had on some black thigh highs that covered her toned legs and they were connected to a black garter belt. Underneath her garter was a pair of sheer, black panties that I could see straight through to her pussy which she had completely shaved. Her perky D cup tits were covered in a black sheer bra allowing her pink nipples to be clearly seen.

This is one of the sexiest outfits Angel has ever worn for me. As she walked toward me I could here the tip tap of her high heels that she still had on. As soon as she reached me she knelt down on her knees and began rubbing my cock through my pants.

Before I knew it my cock felt like it was about to bust the seam out of my pants it was so hard, and so it was to my relief when she unbuttoned my pants and pulled my dick out. With my thick hard cock staring my wife in her face she wrapped her delicate hand around my shaft and began stroking me as her lips and tongue explored my purple knob. Within a minute my cock was fully engulfed inside her warm mouth. My dick twinged with excitement as it grew harder and harder inside her tightly wrapped lips sliding up and down.

The thought of cumming in her mouth further excited me and I was getting closer to orgasm with every slurp and gulp from my wife's mouth. Angel's pace increased and she sucked amazingly hard trying to finish me off and after a few seconds of her sucking my cock I spewed out a giant load of warm cum into her mouth.

This was followed by several more spurts of cum but Angel kept my dick in her mouth to slurp all of my spunk up. It had been a while since we had sex and I definitely had a large build up of jiz that was just released down my wife's throat. After a few gulps she pulled my dick out of her mouth and said, "Did you like that big boy?" It wasn't often that my wife swallowed my cum or even let me cum in her mouth for that matter simply because she didn't like it too much so this was definitely a special occasion.

"Oh baby you were awesome, but now it's my turn." I replied. I stood up and made her lye back on the bed with her legs spread and began kissing them one by one. My lips made their way up each leg, brushing over the thin nylon material that covered them. Once I reached her Sheer panties I could tell they were already soaked through and through with her sweet juices and I pulled them to one side, exposing her shaved pussy, and slid my tongue deep into her pink slit.

"Oh god!!!" she yelled out as my tongue penetrated her tight hole. Angel's pussy tasted so good and I really enjoyed eating her out when she shaved. I love diving my entire face in it and getting covered with her juice, especially when she cums and squirts all over me. Angel was deeply aroused as my tongue swirled softly around her swollen clit and sucked gently on her thick, pussy lips.

Heavy moans fled out of her lips as my pace increased and my tongue flicked over her clit with great pressure. "Eat my fucking pussy!" she said over and over. One thing I loved about my wife is that she loved talking dirty during sex. I wrapped my arms around her thighs for extra support and continued assaulting her pussy with my tongue.


"OH God! Oh god!." she yelled as a heave gush of liquid shot all over my face. I didn't stop though and continued with my tongue as a couple more streams of her orgasmic juice fled out of her hole and trickled onto my face, soaking the bed.

If there were any people in the rooms to either side of us they definitely heard my wife's swearing and moaning. Both of us got off the bed and stripped off our clothes, and as soon as we were naked we got underneath the sheets.

Our bodies locked together passionately as we began to make love and caress each other as if it were the first time. My hand slid up and down her leg as it draped over my body allowing my cock to rub her crotch. Angel's wet pussy lips rubbed up and down on the underside of my shaft as she teased me and kissed my neck and chest.

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"I bet you want to fuck me now, don't you?" she said. After she said that I forced her onto her back and threw the sheets off of us. I spread her legs and held them up in the air by grabbing a hold of her ankles as my cock slipped into her juicy little cunt. I began drilling her body with my cock and pounding away at her luscious body sending her perky tits bouncing up and down.

Her mouth dropped and sighed with pleasure as she enjoyed having such a hard cock inside her. After a few minutes of holding her legs up I let them go and she wrapped them tightly around my back as I laid on top of her and began sucking on her nipples. I continued to thrust my cock deep inside of her sending moan after moan out of her mouth.

She loves it when I swirl my tongue around her nipples and suck on them while I'm fucking her. I continued doing so, sending her closer and closer to orgasm.

"Give it to me!" she yelled out. She always says those words when she's getting ready to cum to let me know it's time.

I put every ounce of energy I had into my thrusting and as my cock cruised in and out of her tight pussy lips and into her pink hole I came. As I began to fill her up with my cum I could feel Angel's body convulsing on my dick as it became more and more lubricated with her juices.

"I'm cumming," she said softly barely getting the words out of her mouth. I kept thrusting lightly into her body as she rode the sensual waves of her orgasm.

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I collapsed on the bed next to her and held her as we were both worn out, and soon enough we were fast asleep. The next morning I awoke to find Angel sucking on my cock. I had a massive boner and she was licking it up and down underneath the covers. "Ready to fuck me?" she said once she realized that I was awake. Without even letting me answer her rhetorical question she jumped up and straddled me sending my cock soaring into her pussy.

There's nothing like sex in the morning. Angel's tits were brushing my face so I grabbed a hold of one of her nipples with my mouth and sucked on it as she rode me like a cowgirl.

She bobbed up and down hard for several minutes. I could always last longer in the morning for some reason. After a few more minutes Angel stopped and laid on top of me half out of breath. "So you think you can go forever this morning don't you?" she said in a naughty tone. "Let's take a shower together," I replied. We both got out of bed and I went to start the shower and get it nice and warm while Angel grabbed our shampoo and soap. Angel stepped in the shower as I followed her and she got underneath the water first.

I stood back and watched as she ran her hands up and down her slippery, wet body and drenched her long blond hair.

I loved watching the water trickle over her nipples and run down the back of her ass. I stepped underneath the water with her and began rubbing her wet body. My still hard cock brushed up against her round ass and she instinctively bent over waiting for me to ram her. I slid my cock into her pussy from behind and began to fuck her hard. She kept moaning and yelling with every deep thrust.

I loved bending her over and fucking her tight pussy.

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It was even more exciting doing it in the shower. After a few minutes I pulled out and she turned to face me allowing the water to hit her back. She lifted one of her long legs up against my side to allow my cock to enter her.

Her mouth dropped open as I slid up into her again and not in the easiest position. I caressed her wet tits while I continued to fuck her deep and hard. "Let me know when you are going to cum," Angel said. "Okay babe." I kept ramming her body with my prick and before long the awesome sensation from being inside my hot wife's body overcame me and I had to blow. "I'm going to cum!" I yelled. Angel, without hesitation, pulled my cock out of her, bent down in front of me, and began stroking my shaft with her hand.

My cock was aiming straight at her face as she jacked me off. The thought of cumming all over Angel's face sent me over the top. I was getting ready to explode as Angel's hand gripped my cock and stroked it for dear life. She held her mouth open and just then it happened. I watched with pleasure as she held my dick close and stream after stream of my cum landed on her face and lips.

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After I had ejaculated on her face she sucked my cock for a few seconds to finish me off, and I couldn't get enough of watching her face covered with my spunk. She stood up and rubbed my cum into her face as if it were a lotion of some sort just before she turned around and washed off underneath the water. "That was so fucking hot!" I told her. "I thought you would like it," she replied handing me the bar of soap to wash her back with. I lathered my wife's body up with soap and rubbed her down with my hands.

We both got dressed once we were done in the shower and we had to go pick up our kids from the relatives. Even when Angel isn't trying to dress up she still looks hot. I watched and drooled over her as she put on a tight pair of faded jeans with black heels that showed a little toe cleavage. She also put on a tight cotton shirt with a swooping low neckline to show off her amazing rack.

I was tempted to fuck her again but we were running late on checking out of the hotel so we left. It's not often that Angel and I get to have nights like the one I just described because we have two kids and life is really busy.

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I wouldn't forget this night for the world and after we picked up the kids that day and put them down for a nap, I fucked her again. THE END