Cute nude boys gay sex first time When Evan suggested his bootie to

Cute nude boys gay sex first time When Evan suggested his bootie to
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I peeked my head over the top of the fence, watching my neighbor play basketball. Justin Rhodes was the most gorgeous hunk of man I had laid my eyes on, in all my years. Not only was he only six foot eight, he had the toned, thin physique of any basketball player.

And I mean toned. He wasn't like the football players in my high school who were just straight-forward muscle. He was smooth, built agile and with little extra bulk. He was the modest owner of a very nice set of abs as well as a nearly eight inch pole of man meat. Before you ask how I know, we're neighbors. And we're both guys. We had skinny-dipped in his pool before, or hung around naked or in just towels after a basketball game gone astray. Justin is also six years my elder and he is back on Spring break from his university on the east coast.

I had been scratching the days off my calendar to count how long it would be before I saw the perfect 21-year-old again.


We'd grown up close our families were practically always at each others' houses. Being 6 years younger, however, I had started off seeing him as a big brother. In a house full of only women, I clung to any masculinity I could find.

I still remember when I ran crying to him in a dress after my older sister forced me into it about three years ago. Enough about him and, in a way, "us". My name is Elliot.

I'm 15 and I'm just starting to attain any sort of true masculinity to me. I was no longer in the awkward preteen phase where my body was just… well, awkward. I still wasn't fully grown or filled out, as my lack of muscle or body bulk of any kind would indicate.

I still didn't have much hair on me, though I pride myself in saying that I had a blonde patch above my not-yet-so-manly-manhood that had trailed, however thinly, up to my navel. It was the only real patch of "fur" other than the dirty-blonde hair on my head. Well, let me tell you that I literally screamed like a girl and fell on my butt when, out of my daydreaming about his body, Justin was right in front of me.

I stared up at him from behind my fence and he stared down before he started laughing and walked to the gate. He came through and I had to quickly think of my sister's ugly bubble-butt in her tight jeans to keep my erection from throbbing. He was practically covered in sweat and on his tanned skin it just made me want to pounce. He held a hand out to me and I took it, dusting my loose pants off once I was up. "El, you want to play? You've been staring at me for like… a quarter of an hour.

If you want some quality time, you know you can ask," He grinned, the teeth inside his mouth almost perfect. He had lost one of his teeth in a basketball accident his senior year in high school. It was a charming smile all the same. "Yeah man, I'm game. Just let me go change into some cooler clothes.

If I'm gonna be running around, I don't think being in sweatpants is the best option." He nodded and I heard him say he'd be in the driveway when I was ready. I didn't really catch it. I walked in through the backdoor of my house and listened to the emptiness.

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My oldest sister was in her senior year of college, and my other sisters were a sophomore in college and a senior in high school. I was the baby. They must have all left, because I heard nothing. Not one thing. I headed upstairs to my bedroom and parked my ass on the bed for a minute, looking out my window.

My dick throbbed in my pants as I watched him shirtless shooting hoops and waiting for me. I knew I had to get rid of this damn hard-on before I actually went onto the driveway. I tried desperately to think of all the most terrible things I could. My sister's bubble ass; my mother's fried steak from the other night. I even thought of my own father and groaned when everything just seemed to be turned back into Justin.

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I wasn't a big masturbator, but the feeling was enough to make me. I'll tell you now I always preferred it when I was pleasing someone or someone me. I guess I'm more a people-person than a solo-person. I'm amazed I made it to when I did without losing my virginity. I gave up trying to fantasize my hard on away and changed into one of Justin's old basketball jerseys and a pair of loose gym shorts. I traded my almost-but-not-really-gay boots in for sneakers and headed back outside.

I was quiet and sneaked over to the fence. I knew where to go to and kneeled on the grass near a pretty large hole. Before long as he ran around, I had shoved down my shorts and boxer-briefs so I could grab my six-incher. I didn't know much on cock sizes, but I felt that I had something. At least, length wise. I wasn't very thick, but It didn't matter much. I stoked myself up and down, slowly at first then faster as I watched him. From the first touches to my cockhead, I felt ready to blow.

But it just wouldn't come soon enough. The climax I had hoped for eluded me for quite some time. I hadn't noticed that the basketball had stopped bouncing because by then I wasn't even watching. I was leaning with an arm on the fence, biting my lip and fantasizing. His body over mine. I tried to imagine what it would be like for him to tug and pull on my nipples. I let the memory of his abs under my fingers when we had been wrestling once slip into my fantasy. My hand roved over the muscles and I shuddered.

I was so lost in my mind that I didn't hear the gate open. "Eliot! Get your ass out here!" My eyes shot open and I quickly pulled underwear and shorts up.

I knew I had been so close and then he had to come and interrupt. I was angry at him, a little, but it faded as soon as I came around the side yard into the back and saw his bright green eyes. "There you are. Christ, El, took you long enough. I thought you had decided to chicken out." "Nah, nah. Sorry. Had to find the jersey. You know that I think this old thing is my lucky ticket." Which it was. That jersey had earned me sucking a football player's dick in the movie theatre once, after his date walked out on him.

He had even returned the favor by giving me a handjob two weeks later in the locker room showers. It had also struck me more 100s on a test then sucking a teacher could. It helped me ask Mallory out when I did at homecoming. And I got that date. "Shit El, you're so crazy." He ruffled my hair and I followed him into the driveway.

As we talked I eyed his body over and felt a hard throb in my pants. I was reminded that I had quite the problem and I just hoped that it would go away with no problem. "Alright. So first to ten wins?" "Sure." I knew better than to argue that. He never went less than 10. I think it was to keep it fair. He was a basketball player.

I was in choir. The odds were always against me. I wasn't bad, but he was really good. And that made the difference. We began and I managed to make the first point, stealing the ball and getting a good aim.

We played fair and then it all went out the window. This is how we played. It was like a dance, almost. Mind you a somewhat rough, sweaty, sport-based dance, but a dance all the same. He stole the ball from me and I could only think to trip him. And god did I regret it. We landed in a heap and the basketball bounced into the grass. I groaned and it took me a minute to figure out I had hit the concrete and the warm, somewhat wet thing above me was Justin.

It also took me a minute to note that no amount of loose shorts was going to hide the hard on in my pants from his stomach. He seemed just as out of it as I had been until he went to move and the look on his face went from pained to surprised. "Eliot, dude, why the hell are you playing with wood in your pants?" It was the stupidest expression I'd ever heard and my mind blanked.

I couldn't give the real explanation. Telling him 'oh, I was masturbating to you just a few minutes ago and I've wanted to suck you for the past two years' just didn't seem like an option. I shoved him off in a hurry I think the only reason I was able to even move him was the adrenaline.

That, and he wasn't stable on his hands and knees. I took off into my yard and into the house without thinking. I slide down against the kitchen's island and took a deep breath. I had to clearly think this out.


This had to be given a reasonable explanation. Justin had other plans however. Two minutes after me, and I suppose after initial shock, he walked into my kitchen and kneeled beside me. I couldn't even look at him. "Hey El. C'mon. I get hard-ons all the time to.

It's a normal part of being a guy. Did Mallory send you a sexy photo or something?" Of course he went straight to Mallory. I'll admit that Mallory was a gorgeous girl, and we'd been dating since homecoming. I really did like her, and I like the relationship.

Sexually, however, I'm not attracted to her or any girl. I never have been. I knew that put me on 'gay' on the sexuality scale. I finally cleared my throat.

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"Look, Justin. It wasn't Mallory. You're so far off it isn't even funny." His face contorted in confusion and I just wanted to strangle him.

I didn't even think I could be this hard as ignorant as he was acting. My groan of displeasure apparently made him come to a realization and he sat beside me. "So far off. So like, does that mean what I think it means?" "You tell me, dipshit." "El, are you gay?" Hallejuah! There's that deduction skill of him. Justin is a hottie, and he's smart, but he can be so dense it hurts. The expression on his face at the moment was also just annoying. The smirk, like he was all cool and knew from the start.

I wanted to wipe it off of him. And I did. I set my hand on his neck and he turned. I moved my head up as I pushed down and kissed him. It was short and sweet. But it made me groan softly. My groin burned and if I wasn't too far gone already, I was after the next moment. I felt him reach up and grip my hair and at first I thought he was going to pull me away but he didn't and instead he pulled my head to his and we locked lips again.

God those lips were so good. He was sweet and even "asked" to shove his tongue in my mouth. He didn't have to give but one lick to my lips and I opened for him. He moved his body to get a better angle and all I could do was close my eyes and hope this wasn't a damn dream. The kiss became more heated and I know he was smirking when I gave something of a whine. He pulled away too soon and I almost wanted to whimper like a dog.

I stared at him, cheeks flushed, cock twitching and throbbing, nipples hard. My whole body wanted him right now like never before. "You're a fucking good kisser for a fifteen year old." "Thanks. I've had practice." I had.

I've made out with Mallory but that's as far as either of us tend to be willing. Not to mention the occasional guy in the movie theatre. We didn't speak but I noticed when he moved that his nice sized shaft was probably semi-hard. I licked my lips and he must have noticed because he reached down to his groin and began rubbing his dick through his shorts.

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It amazed me that he could do that and then start and continue a conversation with no problem. "So why are you dating Mallory if you're gay, El?" "Because I do really like her. It's hard to explain, Justin. I like the relationship, just not the sex with a girl thing." My eyes never left his groin and I could feel my own throb as his dick became harder.

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"So you're gay with straight tendencies? Isn't that like your dad too?" "Yeah. He's not a fan of boobs or pussy, but he likes how sweet and romantic the relationships can be.

I'm cool with the boobs, but pussy bothers me." I licked my lips as he rubbed harder. I wanted that thingin between my lips. He laughed a bit and looked at me. I was staring intently and I think that it made him harder. He stopped rubbing his member and I had to stop myself from telling him to continue. I was glad I didn't when he pulled his pants down and began rubbing his fully-hard, eight-inch long, two-inch thick cock skin-to-skin.

I instantly reached to my own shorts and pulled them to my knees which by this time I was sitting on so I couldn't get them further without moving. I began rubbing, slowly as I set my head on his shoulder and took a deep breath. I felt him chuckle more than heard it. I watched him jack off as I did the same. I didn't even notice when the shoulder my head was on moved a bit. I jumped when his fingers touched my ass and then he squeezed.

I gave a low groan and looked at him. I dreamed of this. Well, not of this exactly, but the point is that it was happening. I hadn't held my breath. Justin had been engaged two years ago, but he broke it off when he found his fiancé cheating on him. Admittedly, it was the first real relationship I'd seen him cry over. He had really loved that chick and she tossed him to the curb for another guy.


Her only reason for cheating was that the guy had a bigger dick then Justin too. Still. He was now touching me. Me. Of all the people, it was me. He rubbed and occasionally squeezed my ass cheek and after a short time I felt my body tighten. My much needed release came and I closed my eyes as several loads of jizz came out. On my hand, on the floor and some even on his leg because I was so close at that point.

He stopped rubbing himself and I instantly took over. Based on the expression on his face, he hadn't expected that. The surprise was replaced with a silly grin as I pumped my hand up and down his erection and he squeezed my ass. It wasn't long before he gave a hard squeeze and a grunt and I watched him shoot more spunk than I had seen one person give in one sitting. I let go after and brought my hand to my face and began licking, suckling my fingers clean. He was breathing a bit heavy when he finished and pulled his hand off my ass.

I liked how he watched me lick his cum. The expression was… almost hungry. He stood, pulling up his pants and walked to the sink. I felt a rag hit my face and I tossed it back. We did that a few times before I cleaned myself up and the floor. I pulled my shorts up before I stood and then stopped.

"Hey, Justin. You just gonna let that cum dry to you?" "Huh? Oh, nah… I'm going to go home and shower." He walked over to me. I stared up as he stared down. He seemed a little edgy but soon it faded. "The 'rents aren't going to be home this weekend. I can shell out some cash and tell them I'm renting movies. Maybe some porn?" "That sounds fine to me." I watched him walk out and went to the kitchen window to watch him go into his house and then I realized what I had agreed to and I moaned softly in anticipation.

The week would not go fast enough.