I want to show you my handjob skills JOI

I want to show you my handjob skills JOI
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Matthew Ryder awoke to the smell of pomander, a fragrant reminder of where he was: in his sister Jo's bed in the house she shared with her mother and three other sisters.

A contented smile formed on his handsome features, overjoyed to be back in the bosom of his family. He didn't have a lot to thank his late father for but, meeting his Hannah March two decades earlier, had been one of the old man's better decisions.

Climbing from the small bed, it immediately dawned on Matthew that the suit and shirt worn for the previous day's funeral were all he had, the decision to stay made on the spur of the moment. A visit to the shops was essential and he didn't reckon on a lack of volunteers among the girls to help test the platinum card's outrageous credit limit. Whilst his father might have been an ill-tempered and self-absorbed authoritarian, he'd never let Matthew down financially.

The deep sleep necessary to recharge from the previous day meant that mid morning had arrived by the time Matthew was dressed. The house unusually quiet, the youngest, Amy, was at school, the eldest Meg and their mother at work. That left just the two middle sisters for company, sweet coffee-skinned Beth who was on a break from college, and boyish Jo, who was apparently looking for a job though not too hard, it seemed.

Unaccustomed to having a man around the house, neither girl was properly dressed yet, a barefoot Beth in a white t-shirt that barely covered a pair of pink panties, Jo in green pyjamas and huge fluffy slippers. Not that either minded unduly appearing before Matthew in this manner. He was their brother after all, and a very charming and handsome brother at that. Matthew accepted Beth's offer of tea and toast, following her through to the kitchen, eyes expanding as the petite sixteen-year old girl of mixed race stretched up into a high cupboard.

In doing so, the t-shirt rode up past her hips, revealing the panties nestled in the crack of her arse. No doubt about it, she was as desirable as hell. Not that the others were without appeal. Meg the eldest was pretty and assured whilst Amy was a blonde little cutie. Of the quartet, only Jo wasn't to Matthew's particular tastes, though he wasn't sure why. Then there was his hot mother, memories of what she'd done to him in the bath leaving Matthew craving more.

He hardly knew which way to turn. What a dilemma for a horny young man! But for now fate had cast its hand and dictated hanging out with Jo and Beth. Having disclosed his shopping plan, favourable responses were received from both girls, only too willing to help their brother spend his inheritance early.

Quickly they dashed off to change, Beth emerging in a smooth and silky yellow sundress, Jo in more conservative faded denims and a black vest top. The nearest town was a good ten miles away, so Jo's little orange 2CV was invaluable, the trio cramming in cosily. Matthew was ushered into the passenger seat with Beth behind, leaning over to hang on to the back of the seat and her elder brother's every word. They chatted merrily the whole way, asking Matthew all sorts of questions about his life in Manila.

Matthew responded honestly, happy that they seemed to enjoy his company. After parking up, the two girls planted themselves either side of their newfound brother. Arms linked intimately, they made him feel the proudest man in the world, the envious looks from passers-by inducing a rosy glow of contentment. As they moved from shop to shop, Beth grew more familiar, slipping her tiny brown hand into Matthew's. He accepted it warmly, administering a squeeze that caused both their hearts to quicken.

Jo was less tactile but Matthew couldn't have everything his own way. After a long trek around, finally they found a suitable establishment with numerous pairs of designer jeans hanging in the window, colourful shirts and jackets and fashionable shoes littering the display floor. A unisex store, the girls scanned the neighbouring window for items they might wear to Amy's birthday party or at least dream about wearing, for the prices were prohibitive.

The trio wandered inside to be met by a curvaceous gothic-looking girl in her mid twenties, ruminating on a slab of gum. Generously pierced and tattooed, she was clad throughout in black to match her raven shoulder-length hair. A clunky cross hung over a generous pair of breasts that seemed intent on bursting through her blouse. Moving quickly, Matthew availed himself of two pairs of reliable Levis, one black, one blue, a pair of tailored knee-length khaki shorts, a grey hooded sweatshirt emblazoned with a Nike swoosh, a turquoise Yves St Laurent shirt that looked suitable for the party and a white polo shirt.

Arms loaded, he headed to the changing room as the two girls glanced over rails of clothes and debated mix-and-match options they couldn't hope to afford. Not one to dither, Matthew's philosophy was: if it looks good and it fits buy it. It had served him well in life so far. Indeed, every item did fit and, supplementing the purchases with a pair of black deck shoes and white trainers, boxer shorts and socks, he had everything required for the next few days.

All achieved in under fifteen minutes, he rested the items on the shiny black counter, handing the platinum card to the shopgirl. "Done already?" enquired Beth, gliding over to his side. "Why don't you pick whatever you want Beth honey?" Matthew suggested.

"You too, Jo." "Matthew, you can't!" they protested in unison. The handsome young man issued a smile of assurance. "I can. But quick, before I change my mind." Beth undertook a swift circuit of the shop, picking out a few possible combinations to try on, Jo seemingly less easily pleased. The younger girl headed to the changing rooms and back, insisting on catwalking the designs and canvassing the opinion of her siblings.

Though she looked utterly beguiling in everything she paraded, Matthew was especially taken by a red hotpants and halter top combination, issuing a satisfied sigh. "Mmm, a scarlet woman," he mused. "You like?" Beth enquired, her smile radiant, pleased that he was pleased. "Oh I do." "Jo?" enquired Beth of her sister. "Sorry.what?" Jo replied, seemingly distracted. "Yes, yes, it's lovely," she answered dismissively. Beth decided to act upon her brother's instinct and buy them or have them bought for her.

Returning to the changing room, she restored the yellow sundress and came back to place the skimpy red articles on the counter. "Are you sure, Matthew?" she asked with a pout.

"Yes I'm sure." He handed over the platinum card once more, leaving Beth effervescent with joy. With Jo still dithering, the shopgirl moved across the store to stand by her side. "Can I help at all?" "Oh God yes," Jo responded throatily, "I thought you'd never ask." The assistant grinned as, Jo removed a black skirt from the rack and enquired: "Do you have this in my size?" The girl looked Jo up and down pensively.

"I may need to look in the stockroom. You might want to come with me." Turning to Matthew and Beth, the shopgirl asked rhetorically: "Can you keep an eye on the store for a few moments? If anyone comes in, shout." With that she led Jo away, leaving Matthew standing idly, bags in hand, with Beth leaning on the counter.

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Matthew couldn't help but notice how in that position the golden sundress inched seductively up her dark thighs, revealing the lower curves of a dhapely arse that was smooth and peachy. The batch of security screens behind the counter focusing on the various extremities of the shop didn't go unnoticed either. Those extremities included the darkened stockroom into which Jo and the assistant stepped, filling one of the frames. His eyes, drawn away momentaily from Beth's beautiful butt momentarily, bulged with surprise.

Without warning the shopgirl extended her arms and pushed Jo forcefully against the stockroom wall. With that she screwed her face tightly into Jo's as they locked in a tight and passionate embrace. Matthew spluttered with shock, the first time he'd seen two girls kiss in real life.

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Beth, on the other hand, was a little more blas?"Jo never has been one for the boys," she observed with a giggle, reaching back to scratch her arse, and in so doing exposing half a russet bum cheek. Matthew's wide eyes flicked between the gorgeous exposed buttock and the spy screen, upon which Jo's face wrinkled in pleasure as the other girl glided sensuously down her body.

Passing over their sister's small but compact breasts, the shop assistant had but one target in mind. Lowering to her knees she tugged down Jo's jeans and thong in one easy action. The younger girl's snatch exposed momentarily, quickly it was obscured as the shop assistant buried her face.

At the counter, Matthew continued to observe open-mouthed as Beth toyed with the hem of the sundress, exposing her backside then covering it like some calculated little tease. A normally reticent young man around girls, this was almost too blatant a come-on to ignore. Glancing back, Beth's brown eyes invited him closer. Yet, as much as he wanted to, the thought of getting his cock out in the middle of a shop was prohibitive. Instead, reasoning that if someone did happen to enter there'd be time enough to untangle Matthew fell to his knees, shuffling up close to Beth and prising apart those shapely brown legs.

The young and inexperienced Matthew might not know much about sex yet one area in which he did excel was in the art of cunnilingus. During their illicit liaisons in Manila, middle-aged Filipino maid Mae-Lin had shown her eager employer's son exactly how to pleasure a woman with his mouth and tongue. Eagerly dragging the panties to Beth's knees, Matthew began by nuzzling the soft golden-brown flesh at the top of each thigh, causing the downy hairs to stand on end. Beth adjusted, pushing her backsiode up and out to allow easier access.

Before he'd even reached her pussy, Matthew had his sixteen-year old sister highly aroused, cunt lips glistening and a feint aroma of female sex clinging to the air near his nose. Teeth bared, he nibbled the skin in a firm yet considerate manner, causing Beth's body to quiver uncontrollably and a gasp to fall from her lips.

Unable to see the screen, the voyeur in him was anxious nonetheless to learn what was going on downstairs in the stockroom. Coming up briefly for air, Matthew implored: "Tell me what's happening with Jo." Her cheek pressed flat to the counter as her brother's breath vibrated her sensitive labia, in a husky voice Beth replied: "She's having her pussy eaten out." "Oh boy," Matthew enthused, licking his lips and moving in.

"Like this?" "Yesssssss," enthused Beth as his roving tongue forced her pussy lips apart. "Oh God yesssssss," she reiterated, fists clenched on the counter as Matthew went to work with his expert tongue, exposing the soft pink centre beneath the brown surface.

Slurp, slurp, slurp went his tongue. "Oh, oh, oh," went Beth. "What's happening now?" he entreated between licks. "They're kissing," Beth reported through gritted teeth and sharp intakes of breath before realising the full implication. "Oh God Matthew, Jo must be tasting herself on that girl's lips." "Mmmmmm.

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Is she enjoying it? SLURRRRRRRP." "Oh she's loving it. You should see her face." With that, Matthew stood, lips drenched with Beth's delicious cunt honey. Pulling his younger sister to him, he mimicked the act on screen, his tongue darting in Beth's warm mouth, forcing the girl to taste herself on him. She moaned back into his mouth, pert tits pressed tight to his chest. Easing back and hesitating for a brief moment, Matthew watched the screen as Jo took a firm grip of the shopgirl's black blouse and tore it open, sending buttons popping off in all directions.

The older girl's breasts, upon which hung the crucifix, were absolutely humungous, barely contained within a black bra that was strained to breaking point.


Jo tugged at the oversized garment it had to be a FF cup minimum - freeing a pair of tits that jiggled like balloons filled with water. Wasting no time, Jo rubbed her face in them, sending the gothic slut into rhapsody. An anxious glance to the shop door, the coast seemingly clear, Matthew returned to Beth's rear, allowing a second to admire the delightful sight of her brown bubble butt before smacking his lips. His tongue flicked vigorously at his sister's clit as the middle finger located the opening, digging its way in.

Plunging back and forth masterfully, he quickly brought Beth to the verge of orgasm, squealing, screeching and crying with sheer joy. Fists banging the counter top as Matthew worked her cunt into a treacled frenzy, she breathed: "Oh God Matthew, yessssss. Now they're rolling on the floor, eating out each other's.cunnnnnnnts." The words prompted Matthew's finger to pump furiously at the tight hole as he dabbed at the swollen clit with an eager tongue tip. "Cum for me Beth baby," he mouthed.

"Oh God yes Matthew, yesssssss. They've finished up. QUICK!" Pulling his face away, Matthew stuffed two fingers into the tight moist twat.


Stabbing repeatedly, he tipped his little sister over the edge, her body erupting in spasmodic jerks. Matthew felt the spray eject on his face as his dirty little sister came furiously, writhing on the counter top like an eel.

Little time to savour the delicious orgasm, Beth readjusted the sundress and pulled up her panties as Matthew licked his fingers clean. "Give me some of that," Beth commanded, taking the sticky digits between her lips and sucking them dry with a squeal of delight.

At that moment the couple re-emerged, flustered and as ruddy-faced as Matthew and Beth. Yet, despite the fervent games in the half-dark, they'd nonetheless managed to find the right skirt, plus a pretty maroon top to go with it. The shopgirl, it seemed, had used all her training to achieve the sale, at the same time gaining a most satisfied customer.

After Matthew's card had borne the expense, the trio left as quickly as they'd came, though not before Jo and the assistant had exchanged numbers. "Now that was a fun shopping trip," mused Matthew on the walk back to the car.

"Mmm, wasn't it," growled Jo. Beth breathlessly agreed. "We should come more often." After stopping for a croissant and coffee, the satisfied trio headed out of town in Jo's little car, discussing their purchases. Halfway home, Beth's mobile phone rang.

"That was Alice," she announced after a short conversation. "She's bored and could do with some company. Could you drop me off, sis?" Jo agreed, leaving Matthew barely able to contain his disappointment. He'd so been looking forward to getting Beth back home and finishing off what they'd started in the shop. Now all he had for company was the lesbian. Observing Beth's long brown gazelle-like legs as she climbed out merely served to heighten the sense of longing.

Beth rewarded him with a little peck on the cheek and the promise of 'later', her dark eyes twinkling. Heading off she waved excitedly as Jo reversed back into the road.

Matthew was silent the rest of the journey, reflecting on what might have been. It did not go unnoticed. "Well you've no need to scowl like you've drawn the booby prize in the raffle," Jo stated, a glance aside. Matthew forced a smile. "Sorry." "You saw, didn't you.in the stockroom?" He nodded. "And?" "I can't deny it really turned me on," he admitted.

"Did you wish it were you instead of the shopgirl?" Jo asked with an impish expression. Matthew exhaled, struggling to find the words. He wasn't sure what she was getting at but this bore all the hallmarks of some elaborate tease. "I guess not then," mused Jo. "No.I." "Beth has that effect on most boys," she replied, patting his knee. "Apparently you've a very talented tongue," she added with an impudent grin. Matthew's face turned a deep shade of scarlet as Jo giggled.

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"She mentioned it while you were ordering the croissants. You should know sisters have no secrets from one another." The words caused Matthew's face to turn a deeper shade, bordering on purple. But what followed took his breath away completely as a slender hand moved across to rest at the top of his thigh, close to the groin. "Matthew, you know who my father was, don't you?" Matthew didn't, prompting Jo to clarify: "Your uncle David." "Uncle David?" Matthew was taken aback by the revelation.

David was his father's elder brother.

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Another who'd been tragically struck down early in life, Matthew had never met his uncle thanks to his father's stubbornness that cut off his whole family.

"So, let me get this straight," Matthew deliberated. "Mum met your dad, David, first, gave birth to you and then moved on to the younger brother, my dad, and had me." "The filthy slut!" they cried in unison. "And of course you know what that means?" Jo speculated.

Matthew pursed his lips, not fully realising the implication. "Of the five of us, you and I are the most biologically close." "Wow yes, I guess we are," Matthew concurred, those additional strands of shared DNA accounting for their shared looks and all too similar traits.

It made sense now, though his brain was a jumble of disjointed ideas. And why was Jo's hand stroking his cock through the crotch of his trousers? It was a cock that had started to respond to the unexpected though not unwelcome attention.

"I don't normally.you know.with guys," she clarified. "But in your case I'll make an exception." Matthew exhaled dramatically. "You want me, don't you Matthew?" "God, yes," he enthused, seeing her suddenly in a whole new and very attractive light. Jo single-handedly swung the 2CV into the driveway, following which the pair sprinted inside, not relenting till they were the other side of her bedroom door amid the pomander-sprinkled air.

Falling on the bed, the excited pair stripped one another naked before beginning an hour of the most sensual foreplay imaginable. They rubbed every single inch of the other's body amid an arousing voyage of discovery. Then they replaced the fingers with lips and tongues and did it all over again. By the time they were ready to make love, Matthew's cock stood bolt upright like a tree, whilst Jo's pussy was as soaked as a shower sponge Not entirely her first time with a guy, experience was nonetheless at a premum which suited Matthew just fine, given that his own expertise was lacking too.

As Matthew towered over his eighteen-year old sister, cocktip poised at her pussy entrance, Jo disclosed that the men she had slept with had been drunken one night stands that had merely served to push her closer to girls. With Matthew though, somehow she knew it was going to be different, the bond between them as strong as kevlar. And it was different.

And he was different. Careful to spread his weight evenly as he shifted position, no more than the merest contact between their bellies and lips, he stoked her spiky hair lovingly and she stroked his back, gazing up with wondrous hazel eyes. "Take me Matthew," she begged. Matthew took a brief moment to reflect. At the start of this reunion with his long lost sisters, he couldn't for one second have envisaged this incredible outcome.

Even more incredibly, Jo would have been the last one he'd expected to be making love to first. It just went to show that appearances could be deceptive. Up close, pressing her body she was without doubt the most beautiful creature on earth.

As he angled the throbbing and bulbous cockhead between her thighs, nothing seemed more right. Whimpering lightly, Jo spread her knees wide, allowing her brother to slot the bloated head in. She groaned as it stretched a pussy that was accustomed to fingers and tongues, vibrators and dildos. A hand crept round to cup Matthew's left buttock to hold him there, though he was going nowhere fast.

Both savoured every precious moment as he eased forward, filling the tight cunt with shaft, inch by inch by inch. Locking her fingers behind his head, Jo drew him close into a long and lingering kiss. Her head swam, thinking the big thick shaft might never end. Finally, with a groan of lust and relief, their navels touched and the brushing of the respective thatches of pubic hair confirmed that at last he was fully inside her dilated cunt.

As Matthew arched his spine to ease his cock away, Jo felt her pussy walls constrict, clamping tight like a Venus Fly-trap. It needed some effort on Matthew's part to free his cock. When it appeared out in the open, he could see that the shaft was coated in a film of cunt honey, a teardrop of his sister's juice hanging from the tip. Stealing a breath he drove the rock hard cock back in forcefully, eliciting a gasp of desire from his willing partner as her body moved with his like a well oiled machine.

It was like they were designer built for having sex together. "Fuck me, baby brother," she moaned, staring deep into his eyes. Little encouragement needed, Matthew ploughed in deep, taking Jo's breath away. Back and forth his buttocks moved purposefully to guide the blunt tip into her cervix.

Over and over he thrust, building a steady rhythm. Soon he was pounding away like his life depended upon it. Jo wailed as, for the first time ever, a male lover brought her close to orgasm, hands lowering to carve nail tracks down his shoulders and back. They copulated wildly for a good five minutes, mouths sucking the air out of one another's lungs, bodies pressing tight. In and out went his stiff cock, her pussy walls gripping tight.

Such was the ferocity that Matthew found he could hold back no longer, grunting as he detonated inside her, drowning her pussy in spunk and flooding her womb. Jo came too like never before, no dildo, vibrator, carrot or corncob able to replicate the delicious sensation of having ten cc's of man-seed pumped furiously inside a tingling pussy at two hundred miles per second.

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Matthew's hard cock remained inside till finally it subsided. An hour of dreamy sleep later, they awoke in one another's arms. Jo could feel the erection pressing at her belly. "Is there ever a time you're not hory?" she enquired with a filthy smile. In present company Matthew didn't imagine there was.

"Okay, a question," Jo mused playfully, turning over in profile to face her brother. "If you could have a threesome with me, you and any other person in the house, who would it be?" "Oh that's such a horrible thing to ask," Matthew complained bitterly, though the idea was anything but. "They're all so nice in their own ways." But Beth, it had to be Beth, his brain was crying.

He could just imagine her delicate brown skin between them in the bed. Yet Meg too was not without appeal, cool and confident with a killer body and a wicked sense of adventure. Then there was Amy, cute as a button and virginal. And last but certainly not least was their mother now that was something else entirely. Oh God, their mother how hot was that thought? As they debated the candidates, Jo had to fight off her brother's persistent advances.

Yet the topic of conversation merely made him hornier. At that moment, the downstairs front door opened and Matthew sprung up in bed in surprise and terror.

However, Jo had hold of his cock and he found himself going nowhere. "Maybe we'll just have to wait and see who fate brings us," cooed Jo with a filthy grin. "You're not serious?" he asked, gripped by cold fear. "Never more serious bro. Mmm, God, give me that hard cock now." "Jo!" Footsteps on the stairs caused Matthew's heart to pound.

"Hello, is anyone home?" --- Feedback welcome, part 3 will follow shortly.