Das Beste von Tory Lane Szene 3

Das Beste von Tory Lane Szene 3
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. THE HOUSEKEEPER AND THE DAUGHTER: Daina, the twelve year old daughter of Greg, was laying on top of the covers and cuddled up to her dad. "When is mommy coming back, Daddy?" she asked.

'I don't know, Baby Girl. She won't say." And with that she rolls on to her father and in his arms cries herself to sleep next to him. When he wakes up in the morning, she has already showered and was dressed for school in her usual very cute, but tasteful manner.

No tight blouses or panty showing skirts for her. She was very proud to be a girl, but serious about her honor, too. She as well as her father had received emails from Jacene, the mother, that morning. No indication of when or whether she was going to return home to those who loved her.

She did say that she was okay and in a fine situation, undefined to her husband and child. So, father and daughter went about their days with her three month absence hurting in their hearts. Greg had known Jacene, Jacey as she was known then, since they were in grade school grade four. It had not been love at first sight. She was a bit uppity about herself and Greg was a rather somber and shy young boy. Aware that he was nothing special in any way.

But as time moved on and they had several classes together, she began to pay attention to this very nice and helpful in class, boy. When they were together, he was happy to be with her and let her have the limelight.

And she appreciated that, having his steady hand to balance things around her as she did her prominence thing. By the time they got into high school, they were dating regularly for the same reasons. She had her sights set on one of the richer boys, but Greg would suffice for the present. As time went on, it was becoming evident to her that in her maneuverings with the more prominent boys, that Greg was becoming restive about being mostly only arm candy for her and getting only light kissing for his graciousness.

So, she began to up the ante as they progressed through High School and he was satisfied with that. Ninth grade was hand holding and light kissing only allowed to him. Tenth grade moved up to deeper kissing and light touching over her clothes. Eleventh grade graduated to his kissing of her tits and feeling her up under her clothing. And in their senior year, she gave up her virginity to him, for having been such a fine friend over the years.

Besides the boys that she was going to date seriously wanted her to have the messy unvirginizing over before they took up residence in her pussy. With her friendly services to Greg, she was fucking every guy in school that she thought that could advance her life.

But, they only thought of her as a fuck doll, they were not serious about her at all. She didn't get it. Greg's studies abilities accelerated greatly in his last two years and he got several fine scholarships because of it.

She was a mediocre student, but because of her parent's money, she got into the same college as him, and in the sophomore year of each, she became pregnant with Daina. It wasn't that she didn't love her little baby girl, she was just so busy in trying to still feather her nest, but now with college boys, that a little thing like having a baby was a monstrous inconvenience to her.

And besides, her parents went along with this 'princess' obsession of hers and thought that she could do much better than Greg, whom they never the less did like. But, with a baby on the way, there was no question about it, the kids had to marry. At least for the present. But, with the baby to care for, she settled down for a couple of years to being a rather good housewife, mother and lover of her husband. When Greg graduated with his MBA, he took work in the store of a local national grocery chain and quickly moved up in the company, to being a store manager within five years.

With this the parent's eyes were opened that Greg might just be a fine catch after all. Since, they really did love the little girl that he had made on their 'princess' after all.

As the years moved on, she took very good care of her home, her little girl and her husband.

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She gave him all of the sex that he could ever want and anything that he asked for within it. It helped that he never asked to really hurt her. The worst that she ever had to endure was the first times with anal, but even that advanced to be a delight to her. And she couldn't help thinking it being deserved after all of the shit that she had given him during their education days.

But, things began to become unraveled in their eleventh year of marriage when she was invited to joining the country club, by one of the guys that she had fucked on an effort to entangle him while in high school.

Nothing was said out loud, but it became obvious that she was being used there by a number of the guys and Greg was suffering a dramatic loss of her affections. Her mother, Marcia, got tuned into this and asked her daughter to come to lunch to talk. Jacene thought that her mother would agree with her effort to move up the social ladder, but to her surprise, instead she got a rather angry scolding from her.

"You get your ass back home and fuck that fine husband of yours! Your father and I always thought that you could have done better, but now we think that he is better than you. You bitch, fucking every lazy rich brat at the club, while your husband works hard to provide a life that most women would die for. I am so ashamed of you right now! Get home and make it well, so that Greg can go to work knowing that he has his loving wife ready for him when he gets home." So, that night when Greg got home, she was waiting for him in a truly skimpy outfit and a fine dinner to be shared, just the two of them.

Daina was staying with her grandparents for the night. She pulled out all stops to please him that evening. She went on to her knees and sucked him off as he tried to enjoy his dinner.

Then left it standing on the table and pulled him over to the stuffed ottoman, to lower herself for him to power fuck her up her ass and then dump into her mouth deeply right from the back alley. She allowed him to dry hump her in the shower and cuddle her as they dried off. Then in bed, she rode him in reverse cowgirl and finished him off with a face sitting and a missionary power fucking to end the fun.

Then at four in the morning, she wrote out a loving letter to him and left it on the kitchen table with the dirty dishes and leftovers still in place.

She then gathered up a prepared suitcase and moved out to enter a car waiting for her, to suck a driver's dick on to wherever they were going to. When he got up, he saw the empty place next to him, and then saw the note and the dirty dishes and spoiled leftover foods. So, he took time before preparing for work and cleaned up the mess and then moved to go to work and evidently live the rest of his life without his beloved wife.

Before he could read the letter, he got a phone call from her parents and her mother told him that she had gotten an email from Jacene and after reading it she advised Greg to not read the letter left behind.

It would probably not be respectful to all that he had done for her.

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So, Greg took it and lit in on fire and left it to burn in a large cooking pot on the stove. The fire alarm went off for a couple of seconds and then quieted down, like his heart wouldn't do for some time. The afternoon after the tears of a twelve year old daughter on his pillow found him when arriving home from work to finding her just finishing her homework and avid to talk to him. So, as he was sitting on the couch watching another Mariner's loss, she gathered up on his lap and kissed him on the face.

Then she very seriously asked him, if there wasn't some other things that she could do to make up for her mother's absence. He knowing perfectly well what she was offering, shook his head and with very loving expressions told her that No, nothing else was required from her, just for her to remain his beloved little girl and grow up to be a fine woman.

That weekend, Daina happened to mention a girl that she had known for several years at school. They were sitting around their small swimming pool and just chatting to pass the time. Daina mentioned that she was three years older than she should be for the ninth grade, but was doing well this year.

Would probably finish the year with a 'C' average. She was a bit slow in her intellectual activities, but was a nice looking girl of sixteen and very affectionate. But, the boys because of her learning difficulties were scared of her and so she had had no dates.

With that Daina mentioned that she was also still a virgin, to Greg's offhand relief. So, she mentioned that the girl, Maggie, was not expected to move on to high school and would therefore be aimless for the coming years. But, since she was such a good friend of Daina's and was reputed to be a fine housekeeper, maybe she could come and live with them and take care of their home, and maybe him too. Greg smiled at the suggestion coming from his young daughter, but upon reflecting upon it decided that it would be worth looking into.

So, he contacted the reputed to be best detective agency in town and asked for them to look into this girl's life and reputation. And it turned out to be just as Daina had represented it to be. So, Greg made a phone call for an appointment for an interview with her parents before he approached Maggie on the matter. And he asked Daina to not let anything out to her, either, to not get her hopes up. When he arrived at her home, he found that the father had taken the siblings out for a movie and lunch so that the mother might handle this interview herself.

Maggie was upstairs beyond hearing the interview, but very curious as to its nature. Paula welcomed Greg into her house and guided him to the living room to carry out their discussion on a possible future of her daughter.

Greg mentioned the conversation that he had had with Daina about Maggie. And then his interest in taking her into his house to care for it for that time forward. He advised her of the missing wife that was questionable in returning, and his daughter, twelve years old that was already very fond of Maggie. He set the record straight with the thought that Maggie would get room and board and a modest monthly stipend for her serving the interests of the house.

Marcia thought for a few minutes and evaluated the offer being given. Then she decided that this would be a very good beginning for her daughter, who would not be going on to high school anyway. And this man seemed to be a fine person, to boot. As she was thinking on this he interrupted her thought process with the assertion that he was going to get her on to a 'learn as you go' online course to advance her education at her comfort level, with a lot of help from Daina and him.

This sold Marcia on the offer and she called her daughter downstairs to meet her future boss. When she appeared in the room, it was obvious that she was extremely shy, but also excited about this chance for her to start carving out a future for herself. She took the chair opposite of his and presented herself in a very demure way, but it didn't hide the fact that she was a very fine looking young lady and her shyness was attracting to him, not off putting.

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So, he asked her if she was interested in coming to work for him in taking care of his house. And with a very small smile, she assured him in a very young voice that she was.

So, Paula excused her to pack up her immediately needed things to leave with him right then. Her other things would come in a couple of days. Paula then moved to the chair and sat on Greg's lap and kissed him very smartly and asked him to take very good care of her beloved daughter, perhaps even more beloved because of her challenges.

And with a smile informed him that she, Paula, was not a prude and hoped that he would take care of that need with her, too. Greg smiled and let her know that that would be up to Maggie and no pressure would ever be put upon her in that matter.

Paula then hugged him again and got up to check up on Maggie. On the first night in the Asplain home, she slept with Daina and then went off to school.

When she got home, she got busy with catching up on some of the housework and helped prepare the designated bedroom for her to receive her things in a day or two. When they were delivered and placed in proper order in her new bedroom, she found her nice bed, vanity and high bureau there for her. She also had her screen mounted up on the wall and her internet equipment installed on a small desk and ready to use. In her closet were her clothes, all very mildly attractive, with cute nighttime wear for her sleeping times.

Things settled in with her finishing her ninth grade year and taking up her work around the house. She showed herself to be very able and helpful in her presence in the home. During this time Daina and Greg continued to get emails from Jacene, but they were not explanatory at all, just reassuring that she was okay and wishing the same for them.

Jacene did ask of Greg as to whether he had moved on to have another in his bed to take care of his intimate needs. He ignored the question from a loved wife that had abandoned his bed without any notice before or reason after. After the school year was over, the household settled down into summer mode. And Maggie's siblings were advised that for five hours each Saturday they would be welcome to come over and share in the fun of the pool.

They were very excited over this and since it was in the afternoon when Greg was home, he acted as the host for these pool parties and wiener roasts. This let Maggie play in the water with her siblings and Daina. And they all became very good friends. About a week later, Maggie and Daina were in her room watching a silly movie on the screen. Maggie brought up the subject of her father's loneliness with no woman to fill his bed at night.

She was well acquainted with the fun that lovers had, but with no personal experience herself. She had prematurely lost hope of it ever happening for her, but had walked in on her parents a couple of times and so knew that adult people liked this very much. Maggie asked if Daina's father would welcome her into his bed.

Daina, being sensitive to this subject after having been rejected herself in offering this service, just said for her to try it out and see. So, with her monthly allowance she went to a sexy store and bought a very red and slutty garment. She then appeared to Greg in his bed that night as he was about to fall asleep. He noted and stated his appreciation for the very sensual garment and she then moved under the covers to be with him.

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He asked her if she knew what this could lead to, and she affirmed that she did, but asked for him to proceed slowly, since she had no experience with lovemaking at all. So, he assured her that he would.

The first fortnight, he contained himself to just hugging her and kissing her lightly. After a very tense first experience with this, she came to love it very much and her enthusiasm increased as the two weeks moved on.

Then for the next couple of weeks, he contained himself to share in what was already experienced by her and added caressing of her body over her clothing. This she caught on to very quickly and after a couple of days returned the favor, along with her getting hers.

Then for the third two week period of time, he contained himself at all of the previous affections with now added by him to orally pleasing her and her taking him up into her mouth, too. This led to 69, shared usually with her loose night gown on and his head buried up under it to suck on her pussy and ass.

By this time she was really in to their love play and didn't want to hand him over to an absent wife, ever. About this time, Maggie was seventeen and Daina was thirteen, just about fourteen. And Daina, though happy with her father and Maggie's connection, was still stung by the rejection of her sharing her body with him, too. But, in the meantime, she was dating one of Maggie's brothers to her considerable enjoyment.

Nothing personally intimate in action, yet.

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One day, Jacene's mother invited him for coffee at her place to talk alone. After hugging him at the door, she moved him to the living room for some very confidential talk. She informed him of some facts that he was evidently unaware of and needed to know to prevent a tipping over of the fine balance that he was trying to manage in his home life. First of all, she mentioned that she very much approved of Maggie.

And she stated with the two meetings of her with Maggie that she had been very impressed by her respectful and affectionate manner. Marcia asserted that she hoped that he was fucking her, because she didn't think that he would ever find her equal as a kind-hearted lover. Then she mentioned that she had gotten another email from Jacene, that she was fine.

But, now that she was determined to never come back to home to be with him.

She was happy where she was. And she asked her mother to convince Greg to sign off on a divorce for her. She said that she didn't want any settlement, so that he could take care of their daughter in the right way, she just wanted her freedom.

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So, in symbol of that, Marcia got down on the floor, to beg him, he imagined. But, to his surprise, she opened his zipper and brought out his cock. She said this was on Jacene's account, since she still loved Greg very much. So, Marcia took Greg's cock very tenderly and gave it the first class sucking that Jacene had directed her to do.

When it was completely uprisen, she turned around and lifted her sun dress and with no panties on planted her pussy down on Greg's cock right up first her pussy. After riding it for a while, she moved it to being up her ass and moved and pulsed inside until he completely emptied up into her. As Greg sat back completely knocked off his feet by this unexpected service by his soon to be former mother-in-law, he was further shocked to be told that Jacene had firmly requested that her mom give him services at least once a month and with an all nighter once in a while.

She said that her husband was on board with this, since he had a little friend to take care of him on those nights.

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And she admitted that she and he felt more than a bit guilty over how they had treated him over the years, thinking that he was not good enough for Jacene, when the opposite turned out to be the truth. So, they were going to in their little way make up for this in the only way that they could. And that was not the top shocker of the meeting.

She then told her that she had had discussions with Daina, who had begged her to do something about getting her and her father together. Normally, she wouldn't have interfered in this, because of the blood relationship between them. But, the other secret was that Daina wasn't of his blood.

Jacene had gotten pregnant by one of her secret lovers and then had Greg marry her to be a better father to her than the lover would have been. So, it wouldn't be incest between them, if he gave in and gave her what she wanted.

But, that for her heart's sake, that secret should remain between them and Daina should never find out about it. So, he agreed to that and said that he would consider the other, but that he was very busy with Maggie and that now he would have her to care for, too.

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But, Marcia asserted that he could do it for all of their sakes. When he got home, he immediately ran into Daina in the living room and she picked up on him looking at her a bit differently. She asked if anything was the matter, but he shook his head and headed to his bedroom to sort all of these things out. As he laid on the bed, he realized that this was Daina's birthday and that she was now fourteen.

She still looked little girlish, but she had very open desires for Greg. As he rested in nearly a nap on the top of the covers, she came in and with Maggie out for some time, she undressed and cuddled up to Greg to try to get what she had yearned for, for several years. This would be the most special birthday gift that she had ever received. As he was semi-conscious, she moved up and opened his zipper and fetched out his cock. Then she moved up to being over him on top with her naked body and began to kiss and suck on his tongue as it became available to her.

In the meantime, she was rubbing her pussy against the exposed dick of her dad and it was rousing up. He had planted a load into Marcia's vagina that day and so was a bit delayed in getting into fucking shape, but she didn't mind and she was in no hurry to get what she had yearned for since she had been twelve.

Finally, he roused enough to be fully aware of what was going on and he asked her if this was really what she wanted, because once started there was no turning back.

Virginity lost was a hallmark of a woman's life and she changed nearly as much from it as she did her first pregnancy. Daina assured him that it was exactly what she wanted. And to emphasize it, she lifted her belly a bit and worked his cock up into her pussy right pass her 'cherry' with little pain involved. She bled only lightly on his shirt and then began to fuck him with a rolling motion that soon had both of them crazy with desire.

And then with her feeding her tiny titties to his mouth, he strongly came up into her and she simply melted into his body in relief to finally get that long desired goal.

She then told him that she knew about the DNA and wanted him in a sharing mode with Maggie for the rest of their lives. But, first she wanted to wait until she was at least sixteen and then have a baby by him, along with Maggie getting hers.

And then they would have more as a united family as long as he wanted them. He was so overwhelmed by this, that he just nodded and later Maggie upon getting back home moved into the bedroom and found them still connected.

So, she put away the perishables and came in and undressed and joined them on the bed. He sent off the divorce papers the next day and life went on with three sexy women to care for. Marcia never did tell him what became of Jacene, and for some reason (actually three good ones) he accepted that just fine.