Young anal tryouts maia and her hot young friend threesome stockings

Young anal tryouts maia and her hot young friend threesome stockings
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It happened in the blink of an eye. We were at a training seminar in New York. We had seen each other throughout the day and had passed flirtatious glances and few a kisses at each other.

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As I entered the elevator there you are, looking oh so hot. "Going up" you say. "I'd rather be going down" I mutter under my breath. Apparently I wasn't discreet enough as you lean forward pressing the Close Door button and say "That makes two of us". You're slightly bent over as you press the button and you look over your shoulder and smile that sly seductive smile of yours.

As you straighten and turn to me I wrap my arms around your waist and you naturally step into me. We fit like hand and glove and ask the age old line "Your room or mine?" "I'm on the 45th floor" you say. "I'm on the 60th ." I respond. "Good, that'll give us more time to get acquainted." You say as you press my floor. Turning back to me I can feel the raw heat coming off your body. My cock hardens just being near you. You look up to me and as our lips touch your fragrance envelopes me and I lose all track of time and space.

Softly at first and then more fervently our lips touch, then press, then grind as your tongue darts out seeking my own. My hands, on the small of your back don't stay there long. One travels up to press you firmer to me, the other travels down, again to press you firmer to me. With your wonderful ass in my hand, your hot lips on mine, my cock feels as though it's made of granite. My nerves are strumming as I pull your hips into mine, pressing my cock into you.


I feel your breath catch at the touch of my hardness. We're there. The doors slide open onto a hallway with only a few doors.

We make our way down to my suite and its all I can do to get the key in the lock. You laugh asking if I always have such problems "getting it in". "I'm not use to handling such small things" I say, referring to the key. You laugh as the door opens onto a large suite. You barely notice though as you're in my arms as soon as we enter.

We kiss our way into a large sitting/entertainment area with a huge couch and coffee table. My cock, straining in my pants brushes across you stomach. "What have we here?" you ask, rubbing the front of my pants. "Are we a little excited?" "No, were a LOT excited!" I respond. At that you start to undo my belt and remove my pants leaving me there in my underwear. My cock has created a large bulge and you giggle at what's to come. As I remove my shirt your unzip your dress and let it fall to the floor.

We're both in our underwear as we come back together, mouths locking in a passionate duel. I can't keep my hands off of you. I want to touch you everywhere at once.

You look so hot. My cock throbs in my shorts.


I can see your nipples poking through your bra and it turns me on. I can see how your panties have formed a cameltoe and it turns me on even more. I can't wait. I have to have you. I reach up under your bra to release your breast and promptly drop my mouth down on your nipple. Squeezing it, making the nipple poke up I suck it in as far as I can, then as I release it I lightly drag my teeth across it.

I do this with one breast and then the other. Squeezing one while I suck the other. I then take both nipples in my mouth and suck at them both at the same time. Instead of dragging my teeth on them as I pull back I gently hold your nipples in my teeth, and apply some pressure. You've turned me on so much. Being able to run my hands along your body, feeling your heat, the touch of your breast on my tongue, hearing the quickness of your breath, it all adds to the passion I feel mounting within me.

I have to taste you. I long to inhale the scent of your womanhood.

With my hands squeezing your breasts, lightly tweaking your nipples I kiss my way down your belly to your navel. I run my tongue around inside it and then continue on my way down.

My hands leave your breast only because I need them to pull your panties down. As I do I look. I see. I slowly pull them down taking in the site of your pussy as it's slowly revealed. What a wonderful sight. I love the way your legs come together and outline your pussy. I love the way the lips appear, slightly swollen with desire.

And then it hits me.

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The smell of you. OH SWEET JOY!!!! The smell of you, your passion, your lust, fills my head and my senses reel in delight. I press my face into your crotch and inhale, taking in all of you. My hands slide around and grab your ass as I bury my face in your pussy. I Love It!!!!! I must taste this exquisite delicacy.


I turn you so the couch is behind you and I push so that you're sitting down. You giggle like a little girl as I move up, gently parting your legs. One arm on each thigh, my fingers encircle your pussy, one hand on either side. The smoothness of your lips calls me and I have to experience it with my tongue. I lean forward, licking the outside of your pussy and smile as I hear your moan of approval. I try to take my time, teasing you, working your desire. It seems like forever that I like the outside of your lips, then, finally I part your lips with my hands.

There you are, hot, moist, your juices are flowing and I'm there to lap them up. I part your legs more and you lift them back, feet of the floor, spreading yourself open. I run my tongue from your hole to your clit, flicking my tongue across your clit several time. My left hand pulls your back exposing your clit. My right hand spread you open exposing your hole. My tongue travels from hole to clit and back. Again and again. Slowly at first then with a little more force.

Then I ease up a little and repeat the force again. This goes on for some time. I love the taste of you. I love the slick feeling of your pussy on my tongue, on my face. I speed up my efforts using my tongue and lips together. My whole face wants to bury itself in you and experience all of you. I reposition my hands to spread you out some more. My right hand, wet with your juices now seeks out your hole. I insert one finger while I'm licking your clit.

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Then I insert two fingers while I increase the speed. I can feel your pussy twitching as your hips push forward. I insert my three middle fingers, thrusting them in and our while I suck on your clit. I suck it in as I did with your nipple. No teeth on the withdraw though. Instead I grasp your clit between my tongue and my lips and slightly pull.

You moan and I'm pleased. Now my other hand takes over, circling your clit and then flicking across it, slick with your juices is slides so easy yet so forcefully. Gently at first I pick up the speed and then the force of my hand on your clit.

My other hand thrusts in and our of your pussy, your juice drips off my pinky onto your ass. As I thrust in I let my pinky touch your asshole. The sensation sends a shiver through you. With each thrust I press a little more. Eventually your asshole loosens up as the apprehension becomes a desire and my pinky slip in, slick with your fluid.

I stick it in to the first knuckle and leave it there while I thrust in and out with the rest of my hand. My other hand has become a blur over your clit. You're squeezing your breast and I can feel the spasms start deep within you. I'm pressing down on your clit as my hands massage it at breakneck speed, while thrusting in and out and tickling your asshole.

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Your back arches as your orgasm approaches. Hips bucking wildly its all I can do to hang on. Your pussy clamps down on my fingers and I can feel the spasms as they pass through your from your pussy to your ass and back. I ease up on your clit as the waves pass and as you lower yourself back down to the couch I slide my hand out, gently. The glazed look in your eyes is priceless. I move forward, my cock is so fucking hard.

You have turned me on so much and I WANT YOU!!! At the first touch of my cock on your pussy you suck in your breath.

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I'm gentle though, I know how sensitive you are right now. I use the pre-cum oozing from my cock to coat the head as I slowly insert it in. DAMN YOUR HOT!! It's like entering a furnace. I feel my balls tighten and it takes some stern concentration not to cum.

As the initial feeling passes I slowly start to stroke. You're well lubed and the position is good. Again you lift your legs so your feet are off the floor exposing all of your pussy to me.

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As my thrust increase I reach up and grab your breast, one in each hand. Your pussy feels so good.


I want this sensation to last forever. You let go of your legs and put your feet on the small of my back, pulling me in deeper. My thrust are deeper, stronger, it won't be long now. You on your back, a breast in each hand, the sight of my cock sliding in and out of your pussy, the feel of your pussy around my cock, the smell of you……I can't hold back any longer and I come with all the ferocity known to man. I feel it from the very bottom of my balls, no, the very bottom of my toes as they curl up.

Wave after wave of intense pleasure as my cum shoots from me time and time again. OOOOHHHHH…………Uncontrollable spasms again and again. Eventually they die down leaving me spent and well satisfied……for the moment. You look into my eyes as you pull me down beside you.

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We turn and lay on the couch snuggling in the afterglow………