Sweetheart loves passionate fuck a lot

Sweetheart loves passionate fuck a lot
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Little girl, only 14 but from east LA it's not a surprise she is already hanging with the wrong crowds. Does drugs if pressured to and dosn't seem to get trapped instead is not very impressed by drugs atleast not up until now. One of the guys (older guys) in this 18th st gang gets this little 14 year old to shoot speed which she has never done and did not really know what to expect but to look cool and show she can hang with the men ofcourse she went along with it.

This guy from 18th st purposely mixes up a massive dose which is way to much for this girl but he wants to get her so high to whare he can fuck this little virgin daughter which is his homies daught who he is in thegang with. He is 32 years old along with this little girls daddy who is also 32 but at work while his daughter is about to be taken advantage of by his friend Monster who got his nickname due to his massive cock which you would hear horror stories about the girls who got tooled by his un forgiving and fierceful cock.

Ok he site her down, ties her arm and tells dont worry it dosn't hurt a bit and in a sec you will feal better than you have ever felt before. Following his little comforting words he shot the massive 1 gram of jelly consistancy speed into her vain. she instantly gets up with a look of fear on her face and before she could say or think anything of what she is being intensly thrown into a rush which had her dripping wet almost instantly and then Monster gently but firmly places his hand over her pants and starts pulsating her pussy which sends her into uncontrolable orgasm and her pants are drenched in cum.

a couple miniutes later she is still shivering from the extreme orgasms she just experienced which was also her first orgasm. Up until now she has stayed clear from boys but all that is about to change.

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Without monster making any signs of desiring her to strip down she anxiously got undressed as fast as she could, If she was able to tear the clothes off she would have. Then immediately jumping on monster, smothering him whith kisses he unzipped his pants whare his rock cock awaited.

moving her hand to his cock with out her expecting this package she has now wrapped her small hand half way around, she looks down and as soon as her eyes meet the monster her pussy goes wet and starts pooring pussy juice. ahe has never experienced anything like this but right now she was willing to do anything which is exactly what monster was hoping for.


He calls jamal from the living room to come join him and as he walks in he sees the young girl stripped down and her pussy dripping wet and without second thought walks up drops his pants and sticks his dick in her little mouth with braces on her teath. She sucks fiercely and is obviously frustrated for her inability to get the complete length of this black 9 inch thick cock down her throat. He says to her i have a tric k that will help so he has her lay on her back at the edge of her bed with her head hanging over the edge.

Looking up she sees has a clear view of the bottow of his shaft and sees his dick disapearing in her mouth above.

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she gags but does not care, as the black man mouth fucks her harder she get more and more arounsed. soon he is slamming his dick down her throat and she is puking up stomach vile but loving every miniute of it. Monster gets on the bed and starts licking her little virging pussy while looking forward to the pain which his friends daughter is going to love so much that the blood will make her cum even harder while her cunt is going to be left stretched out and only satisfyable by monster cocks which in turn will turnh this girl into a sex maniac in the near future.

He cant wait anymore so he signals to black guy to pull out while he wraps his arm around the girls back and flips her on her stomoch and telling her to get on all fours. As soon as her head was up the black cock was back in her mouth and her drull and spit was all over her face and the phat cock in her mouth.

With out warning she fels something cold touch her butt then realising it's vasaline but not knowing why someone would be smearing it on her behind she soon found out. Monster is pushing thehead of his 10 inch huge dick into this tiny girls butt which would normally be screaming in pain due to the drugs she is creaming in pleasure but without her knowing her ass was being beaten to the point of no return.

Little girls manages to get the black cock out of her mouth for a second and asks if there are any other guys there. well 4 more homies were chilling playing cards so monster askes her how about 4 more and a smile stretches across her face like no other so i tell ok after the nigger cums we will get the other guys in here.

she quickly grabs the black guys dick and while she has it down her throat she manages to mumble out fuck me in my pussy now please. The black guy takes his cock out of her and gets in front of her facing her so natrally starts kissing her little face while trying to find the hole he is supposed to streth out and de virginize.

Slowly he starts pushing his hips in and monster is fucking her butt from behind but that made no difference the black guy held her tight by her sholders to get a good grip to jam his dick in this tiny pussy was going to take somd force.

He counts to three in her ear and follows by pushing his body into her as hard as possibly barly getting the head in butounce the head was in the next thrust went in as the monster was also on it's way into her bleeding ass hole. she was is ecstacy high out of her mind without the ability to reallly comprehend what is taking place.

blood rushes out of her newly de virginized pussy joining the blood from her ass while the 2 older men continue to fuck her with no shame. First monster feals his balls tighten and has little time before squirting his load so he pulls it out and jacks off in her face covering her cute little face in blood contaminated cum and soon after the nigger also was ready but instead of following suit he decides to pull his cock out out of this tiny pussy and slam it in her butt.

he pulls out and comes slamming down with dick and all his body weight following behind it. Slam his dick goes in so hard and deep spatters of blood shoot out and she gets the wind knocked out of her and without choice the 4 guys walk in not knowing she is out of breath because she was just body slammed the first guy drops his pants and pushes it deep downher throat.


tears are now flowing and she cant stop what she started her self because she didn't want to disapoint the guys. after the nigger cums in her ass 2 more guys get behind her and start doub le penetrating her. She forgets about the cock in her mouth and enjoys the orgasm which she is being overtaken buy.

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The intensity will not stop raisin finally she loses all control and her body is shaking in orgasm and com is flowing out of her which she did not know she even possessed such a sweet juice before today. Finally what turned into a gang bang is over and the guys let her lay in bed while they go to another room and start playing cards.

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Little girl still horney and needs something bigger than those cocks which she was just drilled by and she suprisingly noticed a steal baseball bat by the door which she was in no condition to walk over to so instead she rolls to the edge of the best aqnd stretches out to reach the bad.

Once having the bat in her arms she hugs it with great anticipation and immediately proceeds to stick the blunt end up her vagina. Obviously it was not a good fit and her pussy was not wide enough yet but she was cummjing just from the sensation of her pushing it against her pussy and slowly she starts pushing it harder and harder. Pain blankets her body but she is obsessed and wants the huge batt up inside of her little newly devirginized twat.

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whimpers start to come out as she is pusheing her body against the bat but soon the whimpers turn into sobing and squeaking meanwhile her pussy is bleeding. finally she stops frustrated she remembers the creqam she gabs the vasaline and covers her raw whole with it and the bad the slamms the bad in as hard as possible making her scream but succedding in inserting the bats head completely inside of her body. Quivering and coming all over herself quietly so the guys wont hear her she starts fucking the batt fiercefully and after losing count of orgasms reached she quickly pulls it out and slam it toward her ass.

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bruising her cheek bone she managed to get it barried enough to push it in the rest of the way. now while fucking her butt with the end of the baseball batt she carefully curls up and proceeds to fist fuck her pussy.

she is unabl;e to stop this behavior for hours on end and everyso often on of the guys would walk in and fuck her again.