Watch my sexy gf play with her perfect pussy with blue vibrator

Watch my sexy gf play with her perfect pussy with blue vibrator
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The Fuel Stop This is a story about a journey home after a shopping trip that Chas and I went on recently. We were on our way home after a good day out shopping. We had been in a lot of shops, and I had tried on several articles of clothing, always leaving the curtain of the changing cubicle open a bit for other men to see me change as when I took off my short tight dress I was naked underneath except for my black stockings and suspenders as I wasn't wearing any underwear, giving them a good look at my tits and shaven cunt.

One guy that must of been in his fifties came up close to one of the cubicles and looked right in. I had taken off my dress so all of me was on show. He was rubbing the bulge in his trousers. He reached in and asked if he could touch me. I nodded to him.

His hand reached for my breast and he sqeezed and mauled them, then moved down to my cunt where he began to rub then inserted two fingers up me, wanking me off until I cum. After, I said one good turn deseves another and got down on my knees infront of him.

I unzipped him and got his cock out and took him in my mouth. He groaned as I licked and sucked until he thrust his groin hard towards my face. With his cock up to his balls in my mouth he shot his cum into my mouth. He pulled out and shot another load in my face. As he put his cock away I wiped his cum from my face with my fingers and scooped into my mouth adding to what was already in there, then swallowed the lot as he watched. After, I licked my fingers clean. As he left he said to Chas who had been watching, "Fucking wild slut you have there, sucks cock real good," then walked off.

We also had a meal at a restaurant, and Chas had fingered my cunt under the table, I love this and had to bite my lip as I cum several times. There was also the flashing I had done at various times in the street, bending over showing my ass, and a couple of times unzipping my dress right up the front and letting it fall open as we passed a building site or a group of men in the street. On our way home I had given Chas a blowjob when we stopped in a lay-by, and then said I was in the mood for some more flashing to lorry drivers on the way back.

I undid the zip all the way down then pulled it together. As we pulled alongside a truck I pulled the dress apart when the driver looked down giving him a good eyeful of all I had.

He tooted his horn and grinned. I opened my legs and began to rub my cunt, then inserting two fingers in to my moist slot and gave the driver a ringside view of me wanking myself to a climax. After this I gave him a wave and a smile and we sped on. Several miles further up the road Chas decided to stop as we needed fuel and pulled in at a truckstop, as he was filling up who should turn up but the truck driver who I had flashed to.

He recognised the car and came over, he said he had enjoyed the show and how about having a drink with him in thanks at the nearby bar. I was looking him up and down so Chas said we didn't mind if we did, so we parked up and followed him to the bar. There were about six more trucks, several old cars and pickups and at least a couple of dozen motorcycles parked up outside.

We went in, most of the men looked at me as we went in, looking me up and down, at my stocking tops which were just visible at the bottom of the dress. The truck driver ordered three beers and we sat on the bar stools, my dress riding up higher showing the bare flesh above my stockings. There were quite a lot of bikers, and quite a crowd of rough looking guys and truckers, and about a dozen women, who were obviously with the bikers.

The bar was split in to three rooms, a games room, dance area, and the main bar. Chas bought some more beers, and was talking to the truck driver and some of his mates, I had wandered off to the ladies and then into the games room. I heard the trucker openly telling the other drivers about my flashing, and say that the tart might be up for a fuck later.

I went into the games room and started playing pool with some of the men. As I bent over to try a shot my dress rode up at the back showing my stocking tops and the lower part of the cheeks of my ass, and that I did hot have any underwear on. The men were taking it in turns to show me how to hold the cue making sure they had a feel of my ass in the process, and making me jump as they slipped a finger along my cuntlips, or inside my cunt or asshole.

One guy even slipped a pool cue up my cunt as I was bent over the table and wanked me off with it. I heard one women say to a group of watching men, what a slut the tart was, and she hoped they would fuck her senseless later on, they said she could bet on that.

They played on for a while, and with me, then we all went back to the bar for another drink. Chas and I got into a discussion with some of the truckers and bikers about the merits and thrills of motorcycles and the different models (Chas has one himself).

Each of the groups is arguing their point. We had been on at this for about an hour or so, when this biker guy say,s "Tell you what, lets arm wrestle for it". "Yea ok" one of the truckers reply. "Winner gets the argument and the first to fuck the tart," he said to the trucker and pointing at me. "Deal," the trucker replys without any thought to me.

I start to say something, but it is drowned out by the noise as they start the challenge. There's a lot of grunting and swearing untill after a few minutes the biker wins to a round of cheers from his group. One of the men says big Mick is going to shag this tart and it should be a good show, as he isn't called big Mick just for his muscles. The crowd all make for the games room, and there is quite a lot of shouting going on such as the slags going to get a good fucking now.

I walk to the room with them and as soon as I get there I am stripped of my dress by the women in there. I am now standing there in just my black stockings, suspenders, and stilettos with my legs apart and my hands on my hips all of me on show to the leering crowd. "Ok, who's the lucky bastard who gets to fuck me first," I say laughing. The guy who they called big Mick walks forward, pulls my head back by my hair and plunges his fingers up my wet smooth shaven cunt making me groan loud.

"Looks like I'm that lucky bastard who gets to fuck this cunt before all the rest of the guys make use of it and stretch it into a fucking big meathole ," he sneers. "Hell,fucking big cunt you got slut, been well used I guess, be plenty here for all us. You truckers can make use of the whores body after we've all finished mangling her holes," he shouted to me and the cheering crowd.

He soon made me cum loudly from his fingering and pinching my now large nipples. Everybody is cheering and making comments on how the slag loves it and fuck the slut legless Mick. I'm soon pushed on to my back across a filthy table, with my legs wide apart and Mick giving me a good tonguing to lubricate my cunt before fucking me, then after shoving his huge cock up to the hilt in my stretched cunt. I cry out with every lunge in and the attention he is giving my tits, squeezing and pinching my nipples.

All the while he is telling me what a big cunt I have, and how I must be enjoying having his big cock filling it up, and telling me I am one hell of a fucking slut. He slapped me across the tits. "You fucking like that slut? Like it rough when you're being fucked, hey slag.

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I recon you do." he shouted in my face. "Oh yes, I love being punished, slap my tits, slap what ever you like, just keep fucking my hard with your big cock," I shouted back.

"Ha, Ha, you fucking whore, you'll get what you want," he replied, and on every thrust he slapped my tits to his rythum. My nipples were large and my tits red from the punishing ordeal. The women are urging him on, and shouting to fuck the bitch real good, stretch her cunt wide. One of the bikers produces a video camera and starts to film the whole show, saying that they haven't had a good gangbang for ages, the last women had only managed six, but it looked as this slag could take them all on.

The video would be good to show at other meets, and he could make a few quid selling copes to other clubs. I did not give a fuck that I had been the prize in an arm wrestle between this Mick and one of the truckers, as to who was going to fuck me first, or that when he had won I had been stripped naked by women there and then infront of an audience, and made to tell him infront of everybody to lick my cunt, then to fuck me hard, to ream my cunt out, to fuck this slut legless, then give me to the others to use.

Mick had stopped fucking my cunt, and had pushed my legs to my tits and had shoved his cock up my ass. I was grunting like an animal at the violation my ass hole was getting.

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I could feel Mick was about to cum as he rammed his cock in hard and groaning, I was screaming out as I was cumming, and he shot his load deep up my ass then pulled out and shot another large load of cum over my stomach and tits, he then leaned forward and told me to taste my ass and lick him clean.

I took his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked all his shaft and balls until there wasn't a trace of cum left. Now lick my ass he said. I spread his ass cheeks wide and licked and slurped all along his crack, pushing my tongue up as far as I could up his ass hole. That wasn't to be the last ass hole man or womans I licked out that night.

After he had finished he then stood back and fastened his jeans, I was still lying on the table, legs apart with cum running out of my abused pussy. Mick said he had finished with me for the time being, so who was next to fuck the tart.

There was soon another cock pummelling into my cunt and another in my mouth, I was now getting what I wanted and deserved, being used for what I was, a slutty sex toy for the pleasure of whoever wanted to use her. There was now a long line of men leading to me and a the cocks were pumelling hard and fast into my cunt.

As soon as one pulled out another took it's place. Another biker grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my mouth to his cock then pulling my head hard by my hair made me deep throat him.

"UUUGGGGGG, UUUUUMMMMPPPPHHHH, UUUUMMMMMMM, UUUUMMMMMM," I grunted as his cock speed in and out of my mouth, his balls slapping my chin on every thrust. "That's it you fucking meathole, suck it hard. I'm going fucking choke you with it, you cum sucking whore," he shouted at me. After about fourteen or fifteen cocks had either used my mouth or cunt, I said why didn't they turn me over and give my ass a good fucking.

One of the women shouted out "come on men give the slut what she wants, a good hard ass fucking", I was soon turned over and bent over the table, and was soon moaning aloud as a cock was pushed up to the hilt, his balls slapping against my ass as he rammed in and out, he was slapping my ass hard as he did so, telling me what a tight ass I had to fuck, and what a slag I was for being used like this.

Somebody shouted out that it wouldn't be a tight ass hole after they had all finished with it. All I managed to say between gasps was that I liked being a slag, a slut, and being used as one, so come on men line up and fuck me, get them cocks in my whores body and use it.

One time I was sat astride one guy on the floor, his cock up my ass hole, as two young girls used my nipples and tits to lift me off his cock and plunge me back down on it. I screamed out each time as they were pulled and streached out of shape. All this earned me were slaps either across my face or tits, and told to shut the fuck up making so much noise. After about ten had fucked my poop shoot, they then went on to use all my holes at once, cocks were every were.


Two cocks at a time were forced up my cunt or into my ass. I was sucking cock after cock, sometimes two or three at once, cocks were in both my hands being wanked.

My belly was full of cum from the amount I had swallowed. Other men were wanking on me or squeezing my tits and twisting my nipples.

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One women sat on my face and ordered me to lick her cunt. I licked and sucked her musty cunt, pushing my tounge up inside and nibbling on her clit untill she cum. Aother women had her man fuck her ass, then she sat on my face and I licked all the cum out of her ass. As I did this, my legs were held wide open and she continualy slapped my open cunt.

I was cumming over and over again, a real cumslut and loving it. There was a lot of cum over the table so one of the truckers pushed my face down into it and shouted to me to lick it up. I licked and sucked at all that cum there.

"Yea, thats it, make sure you don't leave any, you fucking piece of shit," he shouted at me again. More and more cocks were shoved in my ass until they decided that for the video some more spanking was required. A women came forward and said she wanted to do that, and said to me that she bet i would liked some pain, and with that brought her hand down hard on my ass. I cried out, and shouted yes, do it more. The women slapped again and again making the cheeks of my ass sting and glow red.

"Come on girls, lets slap this old slag around abit," she shouted to the other women. They all came over and started to slap my ass and legs. A truck driver took off his belt and said to use that, the women took it. It made a loud crack as it came down across my ass, I was crying out aloud as it came down again and again. They then decided my front needed some attention, so I was turned back over and spread-eagled over the table my arms and legs being held down and apart by four other women.

They then took it in turns to use their hands and the belt to spank my tits, thighs, and cunt. I was writhing and moaning, arching my back as the belt or hand came down on my tits and shaven cunt, crying out that I was cumming all the time. "Yes, Yes, thats it you fucking bitches, whip my tits, whip my used cunt, thrash me, make me cum," I was shouting out.

Aother women slapped me across the face. "Tell us your a piece of shit, a piss drinking shit whore," she shouted at me. "Come on, tell us," she shouted again and slapped me across the face again first across one cheek then the other making my head roll from one side to the other.

"I'm a piece of shit, a piss drinking shit whore, my only use is to fuck and have mens and womens bodily fluids sprayed into or over my naked body, a meathole to be fucked when required," I screamed out back to her.

Everybody laughed or cheered.


The cum leaking from my cunt splashed as the leather stung my naked cunt, I screamed out as it curled around on to my clit, and I strained against the women that were holding me.

"I'MMM CUMMMMIIINNNNGGGG, YES, YES, WHIP MY CUNT MORE, YEEEESSSSSSSS," I cried out as I cum. The women were slapping my tits and cunt faster now. I had to be held down now by the men to stop me falling off the table from this onslaught of pain and pleasure.

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A group women lined up and took turns to pull their jeans down and sit on my face, telling me to lick their pussys good, the crowd of men loved this and shouted to the women to rub their cunts down hard into my face. They did, grinding them down onto my face and mouth. They could all hear me licking and slurping on all the wet juicy cunts, pushing my tongue up inside them as far as I could. They then all slid their asses down until their ass holes were over my mouth. "Now lick our ass holes cunt," the first one shouted, and she moaned aloud as I licked all along and up into her ass and poked my tongue deep into her hole.

The rest of the women waited in line for this trashy sluts tounge work on them. There was another cheer as a large strap on dildo of at least thirteen inches was produced and a young girl put it on and started to fuck me with it, then they all took it in turns with it, using my cunt and ass as they wanted. As one fucked my ass or cunt, another girl sat on my face so as to lick their cunt or ass, even the men took turns in having me lick their ass holes out.

I watched a girl let a man shag her, then she came over and told me to lick and suck all the cum out, I loved this and was soon sucking hard, draining all the cum from this girls hole, and making her climax by biting and teasing her clit. Another was fucked up her ass, then she sat on my face as I sucked her hole of all the cum. All the other women were putting on quite a show either fucking me with the dildo or biting and pinching my tits and nipples or sitting on my face, my tits and cunt were still getting a good slappingas was my face.

Finally everybody had used either of my three holes once or twice and were shagged out, but again for the video they all wanked over me, and the ones who could not cum again pissed over me,the women just spit over me and in my face. By the end I was covered in a mixture of cum, piss, and beer, rubbing it into my tits, cunt, and face, whilst wanking myself off with a beer bottle for the cheering audience. A beer bottle had been filled with cum, piss, and spit during the evening and was now poured over my head while I lay there.

"Right now, lick all the piss and cum off the floor now, cunt." a guy shouted at me, and rolled me over onto my stomach in the mess with his foot.

Again, with my face and tits laying squashed in the mess as he pushed down on my back with his foot,I licked the gooey mess off the floor to a round of laughing and obscene comments. A women shouted to me to spread my legs and as I did so she pushed her foot between them and ground the sole of her trainer into my cunt then pushed the toe up into my soggy cunt hole.

"Fucking lick harder, you filthy cum sucker. Fuck, this is where a piece of trash like you belongs," she shouted as she pushed her foot in further up my hole. I moaned out loud and continued to lick the slimey floor. Just to finish the evening off, the bikers thought it would be fun to take us for a spin on their bikes through the nearby roads. We did this, but for a twist they would not let me dress.

I must of looked a sight. A fortyone year old women, walking outside in public, wearing just some laddered black stockings and high heel shoes. My cunt, ass, and tits all on show and covered in piss and cum. A real dirty alley whore. I sat pillion on one of the bikes, but infront of the rider so I was well on show. They did not ride to fast so people got a good look at what I had on show.

I didn't half get some looks and cheers from people as we rode through the back streets and a rough looking council estate, with my tits and all on view. When we got back, the truck drivers had their photos taken with a Polaroid camera with either they're cocks in my ass, cunt or mouth, outside in the park with everybody in the back ground, to hang in their cabs.

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One had me in his cab with me bent over sucking his cock while his mate reached under me and was pulling my nipples hard so they streached out under me. A lot of photos were also to be hung up in the cafe. The bikers said they had never had a gangbang anything like this, and would be the talk of the clubs for some time what with the video to show, and they said that they were having a meet with some other clubs later in the year down on the coast, so why didn't we go along with them on Chas's bike.

They promised I would have a good time and get a lot of attention, especially with the video being shown there, even more fucking than I got here as there would be several clubs there. We agreed to go and said to get in touch via Email nearer the time. Mike tells Chas that if I was his tart, I would be kept naked all the time to service him and the guys when they wanted, wherever they wanted. I laugh and say not to give him ideas, although it sounds like I would have a good time.

"Hey, after we've all fucked you, how about you put on a show fucking some dogs and horses for all the guys at the camp site that weekend," somebody shouted to a round of cheers.

"Well maybe if you're lucky, I'll do just that." I replied and laughed. A roar of whistles and hoots went up. "Ha, don't worry guys, she will. The one thing the slut loves most is to be naked taking any and all the cocks she can in her holes." Chas said, to another round of hooting.

"Ha, Ha, you make me sound such a fucking slutty whore, darling," I replied and laughed. I had a wash up at an outside tap at the front of the cafe to clean some of the mess of my self, then put my dress back on, we said our goodbyes and went on our way. I was exhausted, but we had a lot of memories of the night, and a lot of other men and women did as well I bet.