Post Op Ladyboy Minow Masturbating and Getting Fucked

Post Op Ladyboy Minow Masturbating and Getting Fucked
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Fbailey story number 278 Fantasy Panty I'm a fourteen-year-old girl. My father caught me masturbating and watching one of his triple-X porno movies. My blue jeans and my panties were down around my ankles, my knees were spread wide open, and my hand was just a blur as I watched a big breasted girl getting fucked by her own father on the television screen.

It didn't matter if the girl was really eighteen years old and that the guy was just some actor, all I could think of was that that was my father and I up there on that screen having sex.

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Apparently my father had been watching me for some time without my knowledge. He very politely waited until I had finished an orgasm before letting me know of his presence by stepping between my legs effectively trapping my jeans and panties to the floor and me to my chair. It was my mother's chair before she left us to run off with her boyfriend a couple of years ago. It was overstuffed and it very comfortable to cuddle up in.

Now that I was the 'lady' of the house it was my chair. I covered my exposed pussy with both of my hands as I tried to explain to my father what I was doing. Dad interrupted me by saying, "So you like watching a man fuck his daughter, do you!" I started to tell him otherwise when he interrupted me again by saying, "So do I.

That's why all of my porno collection is based on father and daughter scenarios. All I ever think about is fucking you!" Oh my God! Then Dad asked, "Are you a virgin?" To which I answered, "Yes I am." Dad asked, "Do you still have your hymen?" I replied, "I think so." Dad asked, "Mind if I check?" Before I could reply, his hand was pushing my hands out of the way. I moved them to give him full access. Then Dad slipped his middle finger up into me, palm up.

His finger went in most of the way and then stopped. All he said was "Good" and then he tickled my clit for me. It was amazing. My fingers never made me feel like that before. Just before I could cum though he stopped and said, "Remove your T-shirt." As soon as I threw it across the room he went back to my clit again.

Once more just before I could cum he stopped and said, "Take off your bra" and I did. At that moment I would have done anything he had wanted me to do as long as he didn't stop playing with my clit. That time he didn't stop, and he didn't stop, and then he wouldn't stop until I was screaming, crying, and shaking all over.

I felt as if I was going to pass out when he finally stopped and told my to remove my shoes, jeans, and panties. I thought that he was going to fuck me, I was praying that he would, but instead he just fingered my moist pussy again.


It was as if he were measuring me or something. Dad told me to go to my room, put on a white shirt without a bra, a short skirt without panties, and to come right back. I was not sure what was going to happen but I was very excited to find out. I had several white tops to choose from but I wanted just the right one to wear.

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Dad wanted me braless so I figured that he wanted to see my nipples get hard or that he wanted to see my breasts bounce as I walked. I had a cute little number that I decided to wear.

It showed my bare tummy and it had a squared off plunging neckline that allowed me to bend over and let the boys look at my bra. It would be perfect without a bra.

As far as a skirt went they were all the same length so I just picked a white miniskirt that was made of stretchy material. I liked the way it made my ass look. I returned to the living room and slipped into my shoes.

Dad slipped his hand under my skirt to cup my pussy. Then he took me out to the car. He drove to an Adult Boutique, parked the car, and took me inside. The clerk said, "She has to be eighteen." Dad snapped at him, "She is eighteen and I'm her father." I knew better than to say anything. Dad took me over to a long set of racks containing thousands of DVDs. He said, "Pick out a couple of father daughter movies that you would like to watch." Then he walked away.

I saw him go over to a wall that was covered with packages of dildos. I started picking up the packages and reading the backside. The second one that I picked up said that it was about a teenage girl loosing her virginity to her own father. I held onto that one. As I found a second one Dad came over and asked me what it was about. I blushed because my face got hot. I told him, ""It's about a girl that is her father's sex slave and she has to do all kinds of things just because he tells her too." He asked me, "What things?" So I told him that she had to flash her pussy to total strangers, suck his cock when her drove her places, and she was to lift her skirts up whenever she sat down so that her bare ass touched the chairs.

Dad said, "Okay lets buy them." Dad walked up to the check up area and placed his items on the counter and then looked at me. The clerk was looking me too. As I handed him my two DVDs he looked them over and had a broad smile on his face as if he knew what we were up too.

When he rang up Dad's package Dad asked the clerk to install a set of new batteries and to make sure that it worked properly. I was sure that my eyes got big as I watched him. He opened up the Fantasy Panty package, opened up a short fat vibrator and then installed some batteries. He opened up some kind of a controller and installed its batteries. Then he pushed a button and the vibrator started to vibrate quietly and walk across the counter.

Next he slipped the vibrator into the black lacy panties that came with it. The clerk stared at me and then asked Dad, "Do you want her to wear these now?" He said, "Yes." Then he handed me the panties and picked up the controller. I looked at Dad, then I looked at the clerk, and then I stepped into the panties and pulled them up under my skirt. I knew that I could not put them in place properly and keep my dignity too, so I thought about that second DVD and what that girl would do in the same situation.

I just lifted my skintight stretchy skirt up above my waist, pulled the panties up, bent my knees to open up my crotch better, and then I pushed the short vibrator into my virgin pussy. I could feel it hit my hymen but not enough to penetrate it. I readjusted my skirt and realized that in the right lighting that the black panties would probably show right through the white skirt. I just smiled to myself knowing that I was doing this for my father.

Then Dad pressed a button. Oh! It tingled! It felt nice.

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Then as he went through the buttons it got faster and faster and it felt even better. Dad said to the clerk, "You better give me an extra set of batteries too." The sales clerk just smiled at me as he put everything in a brown paper bag and rang up the total on Dad's debit card. Just as we were about to leave the store Dad saw a display of glass dildos that were made out of Pyrex and were pretty enough to display on a shelf as fine art.

The instructions said you could place them in warm water or in ice cubes before using them. Needless to say we took one back to the clerk. Wow! They were expensive. That one alone cost $69.95 but it certainly was beautiful. Once again the clerk stared at me and asked Dad, "Do you want her to try it out now?" Dad just smiled at him and said, "I think I'll watch that show by myself." The clerk said, "Too bad.

I could give you a twenty percent discount for that show." Dad looked him right in the eye and said, "I haven't broken her cherry yet and you're not going to watch that either." Suddenly the clerk said, "I'm so sorry sir. I apologize if I over stepped my boundaries. I had no idea. Here take this. It's a certificate good for fifty dollars off on your next purchase of a hundred dollars or more.

Again I'm sorry sir." Then he looked at me and said, "Please forgive me Miss. I was just so impressed with your beauty that I couldn't help but want it see more of it." He reached under a counter and placed something in a brown paper bag then handed it to me. He said, "Be sure to wash these off real good.

They were test models and you never know who they were in." As we walked out he called to us, "Please come back again soon." Once we were in the car Dad started laughing. I looked in my bag and saw three silicone dildos of varying sizes.

Then Dad turned on my Fantasy Panty and made me close my eyes and just relax as he drove away. He turned it off just as quickly leaving me in a state of despair and frustration.

I thought that we were heading home but instead he took me to the shopping mall that I love the most. They had a very pretty carousel and you can ride it for a dollar, but mostly little kids ride it. Dad handed me a dollar and pointed out a lion that he wanted me to get on.

I knew that if I did my skirt would be up around my ass and that dildo would be pressed against my hymen even tighter as that lion's mane pressed into my crotch. I also knew that Dad would be pushing that button. I said to myself, "Okay.

I can do this. I'll give Dad exactly what he wants." Then out loud I said, "How about two dollars so that I can ride that fat elephant too. I'll really have to spread my legs to get on him." Dad handed me a five-dollar bill and told me to enjoy myself.

I kissed him on the cheek and whispered, "I will as long as you are watching me." I handed the man at the controls the five dollars and told him that I wanted five rides on five different animals. He smiled politely and asked me if I needed any help. I looked over at Dad and then at the handsome attendant and said, "Yes.

Thank you." I led him to the lion and made sure that he got a good look at my Fantasy Panties as I lifted my leg and my skirt rode up as high as I had expected it too. I did not even attempt to adjust it. Then as he started to walk away I said, "I will need your help getting down afterwards and getting up on that fat elephant though." He just smiled as he helped a couple of little kids up on a pair of horses.

Then the ride began. Just before I came back into view of Dad and the attendant he would press the high speed button and give me such a thrill that I would have to bite my lower lip so as not to cry out in delight. It was shear torture, wonderful excruciating torture. The elephant really was quite wide compared to the lion and my legs were splayed out almost vulgar for a girl my age.

The attendant noticed the end of the dildo attached to my Fantasy Panty and asked me what it was. I explained to him that I had a short vibrator in my pussy and that it was lodged up against my hymen.

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I then told him that my father had the controller and that he was turning it on and off and adjusting the speed. He then asked me how it felt and I told him that it felt wonderful. Then he wanted to know why my own father was controlling it. I told him that it was because I was going to give my father my virginity and then I added that I was his sex slave and that I would do anything that my father asked me to do.

I emphasized the word anything. From the elephant I went to the giraffe, a blonde horse, and ended on a turtle with my legs splayed out so far that I was practically doing a split.

I had left slime trails on the last two animals from my intense orgasms and had politely asked the attendant to clean them up before some poor unsuspecting kid sat in it.

I watched him as he cleaned them up with his tongue. I knew that Dad and everyone that was watching him knew what he was doing.


He was just as courageous as I was. After that fifth ride he handed me a dozen free tokens and asked to come back again when he was working. I asked Dad if I could and then waved at the attendant and gave him the thumbs up sign. He returned it and smiled from ear to ear. On the way home I sucked the head of Dad's cock for my first blowjob.

He came and I tried to swallow it all but I had no idea how much stuff came out. Then I just sucked on it until he pulled into our driveway.

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In the house I was told to remove my shirt and skirt but to keep the panties on. Dad removed the glass dildo and placed it on top of the television set. It really did look pretty. I then was told to put on some music and dance all that I wanted too as long as I shook everything to entertain my father while he pushed 'my' buttons. An hour later I was tired and so sexually excited that I could hardly stand it. That was when Dad told me to remove my panties and lie back on the soft plush rug.

I had to put my feet flat on the rug with my knees straight up and then open my knees until they touched the rug.

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My arms and hands were straight out to the side. My eyes were closed, my breathing was relaxed, and I was completely calm. At the height of my euphoria I was suddenly violated. Dad had rammed that glass dildo straight into my interior in one thrust.

I felt a quick sharp pain that went away almost immediately. Dad had lubricated the glass dildo and had pressed it in with absolutely no resistance except for my hymen that put up very little resistance at all.

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Then moments later with my hymen broken and my cherry popped Dad slipped his stiff cock into me for the very time taking my virginity and I loved it. None of my non-virgin girlfriends had lost their virginities in any exciting way.


The feel of my father's cock sliding into me was so heavenly that I just relaxed and let my feelings take over completely. Dad might have been physically stimulating me but my mind was emotionally stimulating me and it was working overtime.

I was in a series of rolling orgasms that once one started to subside the next one started to crescendo. Then Dad started to bath my insides with his cum. I could actually feel his sperm hitting my cervix and flowing around inside my womb.

I could even imagine his sperm swimming in to attack my egg and impregnating me.

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Then I realized that I was on birth control. Never the less the feeling was still wonderful. Even as he pulled his limp cock out of me I realized that I was no longer a little girl but that I had matured into a woman almost instantly.

As I lay there contemplating my life I felt Dad slip my Fantasy Panty back on and tuck that dildo in where it belonged. When he pressed the button, my next orgasm erupted. I love my father and I love my Fantasy Panty too. The End Fantasy Panty 278