Two Blondes Take Turns The Club SexInFrontOfOthers

Two Blondes Take Turns The Club SexInFrontOfOthers
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When I turned 18 I moved out of my parents' house and moved to a small rural town. I rented a small house on a country road. The only people I really talked to was my mom and dad when they called me a few times a week.

So I grew accustomed to solitude. I kept to myself at the local diner where I worked as a waitress. I made decent money there.

I got paid just above minimum wage there, but I got a lot of tips because of my good looks. I was about 5'5 and had long, blonde hair which I usually wore up in a ponytail. My long, slender legs looked great in the robin's egg blue dress I wore as a uniform.

The dress came a little above my knees. It was low cut so it showed cleavage, my perky c-cup boobs always bounced when I walked. There was always a smile on my pretty face, revealing my straight, white teeth which I was very proud of (after 4 years of having braces I was hoping the results would be satisfactory). Not only did I have an attractive exterior I had lovely personality.

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I was very bubbly, and always happy to serve the customers. I always got large tips from men, and decent tips from women. About six months after I moved in I got very lonely and depressed. I saw a therapist in a nearby city and he recommended I get a companion, such as a dog or cat.

The next day I called my landlord and asked if it would be alright for me to keep a dog in the house. She wasn't crazy about the idea.


But after I explained how lonely I was she related because she was recently divorced and got a dog herself to keep her company. I drove to the animal shelter down the road to pick out a dog. I knew I wanted a fully grown dog so I wouldn't have to house train it.

When I pulled into the parking lot I could hear dogs barking. As I walked into the small building a short, plump woman whose name tag read "Meredith" greeted me.

"What can I do for you today?" she asked. "I'd like to adopt a dog, an adult preferably." I figured they wouldn't have many puppies anyway, being that they're the most desired at the shelter.

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"Do you know if you want a large dog, or a small dog?" Meredith inquired. "I would like a large dog" I replied quickly. I knew I wanted a large dog because I figured I might as well get a dog that could protect me if needed. I felt very vulnerable in my little house. My closest neighbor was at least 1.5 miles away.

"Right this way" Meredith led me down the hall. There were two doors in this hall, I assumed behind one was a room holding the small dogs, and the other holding large dogs.

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The cats must've been house on the opposite side of the building because I highly doubted they would keep the cats in the same room as the dogs. Meredith used the keys dangling from her hip to unlock the door on the right. "I'll be at the front desk if you need anything.

Feel free to open the kennels, but please only let one dog out at a time." She turned and walked away, I opened the door and walked into the kennel room. There were kennels lined up against the wall on all sides.

I walked right up to the nearest kennel and knelt down. Inside was a white Pit Bull, which appeared to be small compared to other pits I'd seen.

I moved on to the next dog, my technique was to look at all the dogs briefly and then select a few to take out of the kennel and play with. The second kennel held a Yellow Lab, and as I looked in its eyes I knew right then and there that I would take that dog home.

The Lab was wagging its tail, I could hear it thumping against the side of the kennel. As I opened the door to the kennel the Lab jumped out, knocked me over and landed right on my chest. He licked my face ecstatically, as if I'd owned him for years and I just returned from a long vacation. I shoved him off of me and got to my feet. I walked to the door, and without having to call him the Lab followed me out the door to the front desk.

"I found a keeper!" I exclaimed. "Well that sure was fast." Meredith said. Then she handed me the adoption papers I had to fill out. After completing the stack of paperwork I gave them back to her along with the $150 adoption fee. "Have you thought of a name yet?" "I'm thinking of naming him Buck" "I like that name" Meredith said.

"Have a nice day. I don't think I caught your name" "I'm Sophie, you have a nice day too" As I drove home with Buck in the passenger seat of my Jetta I realized I hadn't bought any dog food, bowls, toys or anything else necessary to own a dog.

I stopped at "Lou's Pet Shop" on the way.

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It's a family owned store ran by a charming old man, Lou. I walked in the store with Buck and Lou welcomed me, "What can I do for you today?" "I need supplies for a dog" I told him.

He got me a bag of the best dog food and a two bowls, and a leash. I picked out a few toys for Buck, your standard squeaky rubber ball, a squeaky rubber hotdog, and a Frisbee. I paid for everything and as I opened the door Buck picked up a small stuffed rabbit that had fallen off the shelf and looked me in the eye, he wanted that rabbit. "I'm sorry Buck, I don't have any more money for the rabbit.

You have to leave it here." As soon as I said it I felt foolish for talking to a dog like that in public. Lou looked at me and said "I can't deny that sweet dog his toy, it's on me." "Thank you very much" I said with a smile.

I walked out carrying a bag with everything I bought. Buck carried his rabbit in his mouth like a little kid carrying a teddy bear. When we got home I carried the dog supplies in and of course Buck carried his rabbit. I poured him some food and water. He was reluctant to let go of his rabbit, but he had to eat eventually. That night when I got in bed I called Buck into my room and he jumped on my bed and curled right up next to me.

Buck and I bonded immediately. When I got home from work he would jump up on me like he hadn't seen me in years. We would go outside and I would throw the Frisbee for him, which was his favorite game. When I would watch TV on the couch, buck would be lying next to me with his head in my lap.


Everywhere I went, he went. I would take him for walks and he would be walking right beside me, never pulling away from the leash. He was the perfect companion. On one rainy Friday night I let Buck out to do his business before bed.

When I let him back inside, he was covered in mud from head to paw. I swore at him, now I would have to give him a bath. I wouldn't let a muddy dog in my bed. I called him into the bathroom and realized he never got in the tub by himself, I had to lift him into the tub.

I stripped down to my bra and panties so I wouldn't get my nice clothes muddy. I lifted him up and into the tub. I turned on the faucet and got the shower head, I waited for the water to warm up and proceeded to bath him. Once he was clean I got a towel and began drying him off. As I dried off his belly I realized his big red cock was hanging out. I've never seen such a big cock, it was at least 8 inches long and 5 inches around. I've had sex several times and had done everything in between.

I enjoyed giving handjobs, and always did when I could. Curiosity got the best of me,I just had to grab my dogs cock, just once. I slowly reached for his thick meaty cock and first touched it with my fingertips, it was smooth and so warm. I wrapped all my fingers around it and held my hand there for a moment.

I didn't want to let go, everything in my head told me this was wrong, but I couldn't stop myself from what I did next. I started stroking Buck's dick. It was unlike anything I've ever done before. I was so turned on and I realized my panties were soaked with my juices. I reached down with my free hand and slipped them in my panties. I felt my warm, wet mound. I immediately started rubbing my clit, and fingering my pussy. As I fucked myself harder and faster with my fingers, I stroked Buck faster, and faster.

Buck loved this attention.

He whimpered with pleasure. I stopped what I was doing to remove my bra and panties.

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As I took my hand off Buck's cock for just a few seconds he cried and got up. He jumped on me like the first time we met in the animal shelter, but this time he started licking my pussy. I laid back and let him eat me out. It was the most amazing feeling ever, his hot, wide tongue licked me so fast I came within a minute.

I screamed in ecstasy, I had one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had. But Buck didn't stop, he kept plunging his tongue into my hole, licking deeper each time.


I felt another orgasm coming, and soon my whole body was shaking uncontrollably with pleasure. "Holy shit Buck!" I yelled almost at the top of my lungs.

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It's a good thing I live in the country or my neighbors would've heard me. I pushed Bucks head away from me, it was time for me to return the favor. I got up and rolled Buck onto his back, immediately I took his huge cock in my mouth. I felt his knot swelling as I went down farther and farther onto his cock. I tried to deepthroat buck but he was much to big, as his dick hit the back of my throat I gagged and had to take him out of my mouth.

As soon as i came up, I went back down onto his cock. I licked the length of Buck's big red dick and then sucked him as fast as I could.

I could feel he was going to cum, and I went faster, like a maniac I sucked his cock. He blew his huge load into my mouth, there was more cum than I could handle. I swallowed a whole mouthful of his sweet, salty, juices and still more came. I had another mouthful of doggy juice and I swallowed it all. I made sure to squeeze every last drop out of Buck's dick. I stood up and Buck walked out, pleased with himself.

I took a shower to clean myself up. When I got to bed, Buck was laying in his usual spot with his rabbit. I lay in bed and curled up next to my dog. I thought of what tomorrow would bring. Another chance to "bond" with my dog.

I wanted to fuck him, I wanted to take this as far as it could go. The next morning the first thing I did was wake up Buck, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. He wagged his tail when he woke up, I rolled him over and started rubbing his sheathed rod.

I waited for it to peak out and I grabbed it and started stroking full force. As soon as he was hard I took off my panties, I was wet with the desire for my dogs cock. I bent over, inviting buck to mount me. And mount me he did. He got his front legs around my waist and tried to penetrate me. He didn't get it in at first, but he found my hole and he pounded it in. He was stretching me and filling me up. As he pumped his fat cock into my pussy I felt his knot swell.

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He was going to tie up with me, and I was ready for it, but not just yet. I could feel him go deeper than anything I've had in my cunt before. He pounded and pounded, until I felt his knot trying to get in me and tie up. With one triumphant push, his knot was in me.

I felt his hot semen pumping into me. And as he shot his hot cum into me I felt my orgasm starting from the tips of my toes and it crept all the way up my leg into my pussy, through my chest, up my spine and into my head.

I was paralyzed for 30 seconds from pure ecstasy and pleasure. It was the best feeling in the world. As Buck shot his last load into my tight cunt his knot deflated and he slipped his cock out of me.

Buck picked up his rabbit and walked into the kitchen to go eat. And I lay on the floor, as happy as I could be. The end. this is my first story, so let me know how it is. and dont tell me how beastiality is wrong, this is fiction.