Pussy eating teens suck cock

Pussy eating teens suck cock
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My wife and I are both open people who have had some great sexual adventures. When I asked her to marry me, she told me that she would not be satisfied with just one dick. I told her that she could continue fucking whomever she pleased and she said yes. She does have her fun- I have never met someone with more fuck buddies- but the first time she fucked someone in front of me was particularly memorable. We went to the store to buy some steaks for dinner.

I was checking out the rib-eyes when I heard her talking to someone. I looked up to see her chatting with a good-looking, clean cut guy. He looked to be a little younger than her- maybe in his mid-twenties. She introduced him as "John" and said she'd known him when they were kids. We shook hands.

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They chatted a little and she asked him why he was in town. He said he had broken up with his fiancé, and he was moving back home for a while.

She immediately invited him over for dinner, and he agreed. We told him to drop by around 5 and he promised to bring the beer. I knew that something was up because she didn't say much about him on the way home from the store. She dressed in one of her most revealing blouse/skirt combos and did her eye make-up. I wasn't sure what the story was with John, but it looked like it was going to be an exciting night. I liked him immediately- he showed up on time and brought a six pack of good beer.

We mostly made small talk while the steaks cooked. I found out that he and my wife knew each-other because she used to be his babysitter when she was a teen ager and he was maybe 7 or 8 years old. That made her about five or six years older than him. He had apparently had a bad break-up with his fiancé, but he did not give details.

The two of them laughed a lot about trouble he and his brother got into when she was babysitting. By the time we were done eating we had gone through his beer and another six of ours, so we were all pretty tipsy. We sat in the living room drinking beer and chatting. They were just catching up, but it was pretty obvious they were into each-other. She told him "my you grew up into a good-looking man" and he "you look really good yourself." I tried to participate, but I did not grow up in the same town, and did not have much to contribute to the conversation.

I was nicely tipsy and enjoying watching the two of them flirt. Her blouse was revealing to begin with, and the more drunk she got the more she looked like she was going to come out of it. He certainly noticed, and made no attempt to hide it. After a while he looked at her and said "you know, I always had a crush on you." She just leaned over and started kissing him.

I sat back and enjoyed the show- it was really fun watching her play with another guy. They were really enjoying themselves, because after a bit they started taking off each-other's clothes.

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She pulled off his shirt first, and then he took off her top and bra. Even though she works out, she still has nice curves, and awesome 36DDs. I loved the look on his face when they came loose and he started caressing and sucking her nipples. He pulled up her skirt and started licking her, making her really squirm. I took off my own pants and rubbed myself as she helped him take off his pants to reveal a raging hard-on. He had a really nice dick- straight, cut and shaved. It was big, but not huge, and nicely thick.

I had fantasized about watching her ride another dick, and in this was the kind of dick I imagined her fucking.

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It made me instantly hard to see this raging hard-on pointed at my hottie wife. She pushed him down on the couch and started sucking him. My wife does some things really well- for example, she makes a fantastic chateaubriand. Of all her skills, sucking cock is her best- she is amazing. It was awesome watching her work his cock, and watching his reaction.

He looked over at me, sitting there naked with my wife's lips wrapped around his hard cock, and looked startled.


I think he had forgotten that I was there. I think he was afraid I may be mad, but I just said to him "she's good at that, isn't she?" All he did was nod.

She pulled him to the floor and helped him climb on.

She made a great moan when he pushed inside her and started pumping. He was overly excited at first, and I was afraid he may come too fast, but he calmed down and started a great rhythm.

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This guy really knew how to fuck, and he kept her moaning for a long time. She does yoga and is very flexible, and he played with her a lot, lifting up her legs or bending her back to change an angle.


This to me was great porn. I like scenes where the actors are attractive, look to be really into each-other, and change positions a lot. That is exactly what I was getting, and it was better than anything I ever had on DVD. They fucked for a long time. I finished taking off my own clothes and stroked myself as I moved around enjoying the view.

I wanted to touch, but I did not want to interfere- they were having so much fun. She got into full-on dirty talk mode and I loved her telling him how great his cock felt and what a good fuck he was. She also talked to me, saying "doesn't he have a beautiful cock? Watch how good he uses that cock to fuck your wife. Oh you are lucky man to have someone fuck your wife so well for you." I loved it so much that I was having trouble keeping from coming myself. I held on though- I did not want to come before they did.

I knew she was getting ready to come when she pushed him down and climbed on top of him-- that is her favorite way to orgasm. She moved slowly up and down his shaft until she found the right spot, and then started grinding.

I could hear the short breaths she makes right before she comes. Then she surprised me, she reached over and grabbed my hand and pulled me next to her. She said to me "Oh my God, I am going to fucking come on his fucking hard cock" and then came hard right where I could hear every moan.

I would have come right there, but she was holding one hand and I had to balance with the other, so I couldn't stroke myself. He hadn't finished, so she laid on her back and let him come on top of her. He pumped frantically and moaned loudly as he started coming inside her.

His hips were bucking so hard he was lifting her off the ground with each hard stroke. I guess that young guys come a lot, because even after he came inside her, but pulled out and shot several more squirts of come across her stomach and tits. She lay there with her chest heaving, dripping with his come and telling him what a great fuck he was. She reached down and wiped up a big glob of come off her tits and held it to my face.

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I had never actually eaten another guy's come, but I was so fucking turned-on that I licked her fingers clean. It tasted like sour, salty cream. She pushed my head toward her body and I started licking up the come on her. There was probably not all that much, but I felt like I drank a gallon of his come off her. I was so aroused that I buried my face in her sweaty pussy and licked and sucked his come out of her.

It was so amazing how was wet she was, and I loved tasting another man on her swollen sex. She was very sensitive, and she moaned a lot while I licked her clean. I decided it was time for me to finish too, and climbed up so I could come inside her too.

But when I looked up, I saw they he was stroking himself and watching, and that he was almost erect again. Dang his dick looked amazing, all shiny and wet with her.

I had never sucked a cock before, but fuck I wanted this one.

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I reached over and started licking it for all I was worth. She came over and started sucking him too, and we both worked on him.

I stuck to licking him- I had no experience cock-sucking and did not want to hurt him- so she went down on him.


I sucked his balls and licked his shaft while she bobbed up and down on him. We kissed a lot so that I could taste his come on her. I guess that he might have been one of those guys who has an issue with being touched by other guys, but we wasn't.

He told me that I had a good touch, and he couldn't wait for my wife to teach me how to suck. I thought my dick was going to explode when he told me what a great little cock-sucker the two of them were going to make of me.

He said "You are really sucking- you must really want to see me fuck your wife again." Then he looked at her and asked" How about you, do you want him to watch me fuck you again?" She said "Fuck yeah, he needs to see me come on your dick again- he needs to see me get a good, hard fuck." I sat down with my back against the couch, and he bent her over the couch so that her legs were spread right in front of me.

He took her from behind as I sucked her clit. I used my tongue on her while he pumped her hard, his wet balls slapping against my chin as he pounded her wet cunt. She screamed and shook as she came a second time, and then he stiffened and pumped his second load into my wife's wet pussy. When he pulled out, come dripped down her leg. He took his wet, come covered dick and rubbed it all over my face.

He said "Smell how much your wife enjoys my cock. Remember how wet she got for me." I came on myself as he rubbed my wife's juice mixed with his come all over my face. I sat there naked and come covered as they got quickly dressed. She put on her skirt and blouse, but no underwear or bra.

She was still wet with him, and it soaked through her blouse and dripped down her leg. He said "she's coming with me tonight.

I'll send her back when we're done" and they left. I stayed where I was and masturbated until I came again. She came home around noon the next day. She was wearing the same clothes, and clearly had not showered. She had dried come on her leg from the night before. She pushed me down on the bed and fucked me without saying a word.

She smelled like sweat and sex. She was wet and swollen- they had obviously fucked at least once that morning.

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She rode on me until I came, and when she got up, come dripped on me from her pussy. Then she went in and took a shower. He became her regular lover after that night, and we all had a lot of fun together.