Bondage boy emo and gay twink diaper stories Wanked To Completion By

Bondage boy emo and gay twink diaper stories Wanked To Completion By
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First Time Sex Stories #4: Coming Into Summer By Missy Younglove Author's Note: This work is based on a true experience that was related to me via email. One day in 5th grade, my friend Summer started flirting heavily with me. Although I'd played with her almost every day during recess, she'd never acted like that before.

I remember being in science class just before recess that day. She was sitting in the seat in front of me and kept turning around and smiling at me.

Sometimes she'd wink or lick her lips at me. I found this very puzzling but kind of funny, too. I thought she was just being silly and trying to make me laugh in class. When the bell struck for recess, she immediately led me outside and around the building to this area where the teachers on recess duty did not often monitor. There was a temporary building back there that was raised and had wooden stairs leading up to it.

A small child could easily slip behind those stairs and get under the building, which is what we did. The ground in there was mostly dirt and dead grass, but at least there didn't seem to be too many bugs. There was also plenty of light coming through the slatted skirt around the open base of the building. Once we were inside, she told me that she wanted to try some new things she'd learned and that it would be fun.

By the way she said it and the way she'd been acting, I knew that she was referring to sexual things. I was very interested but had absolutely no clue what she wanted me to do. My body hadn't even thought about starting puberty yet, but I'd recently been waking up with erections almost every morning. I knew that massaging my penis was very pleasurable, but I'd always stopped when I reached the point where it felt like I was going to pee.

I also knew that girls had a slit instead of a penis and that they grew breasts when they were older. Other than that, I was pretty much a blank slate when it came to sex.

I didn't have to worry, though, because Summer knew exactly what she wanted me to do. She told me to lay down and then she climbed on top of me. She straddled my torso and perched there lightly, but I could feel the heat of her crotch through our clothes.

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Then she told me to rub her breasts and nipples with one hand and fondle her butt with the other. I was hesitant at first, but got totally into it once I felt the soft warm mounds of her breasts and bottom.

She showed me how to gently pinch her nipples while I squeezed her breasts, and then started sighing and moaning quietly while she rhythmically ground her crotch around on my chest.

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Touching her hadn't given me a boner, but I got instantly hard as soon as she started making those sexy noises and thrusting her crotch against me. After a few minutes of that, she bent down to kiss me. Neither of us really knew how to kiss, so we just gave each other sloppy little pecks on the lips and cheeks. While she was doing this, she started grabbing my chest. I was kind of skinny and didn't have anything to grab, but it did feel pretty good when she pinched my tiny nipples. I was really getting into it when she suddenly sat up and scooted down to sit on my legs.

My erection must have been clearly visible through my pants because she put her hand right on it and started to rub me. I'd never had a girl touch me there before and was surprised that the tip of my penis felt so warm and sensitive when she pressed it between her palm and my abdomen. It sure never felt like that when I played with it.

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I was very disappointed when I felt her hand leave me after only a minute or so. She reached up and pulled off her T-shirt.

She wasn't wearing a bra, so I got my first view her soft little breasts.

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They were just little swollen areas about the size of poker chips, but her aureoles had enlarged to cover nearly the entire area. Her nipples were hard and swollen to the size of pencil erasers.


My mouth watered at the sight. She got off me and moved on her hands and knees so that her bare breasts were over my face, then she told me to suck them. The best candy had never tasted as good as the firm warm nipple I took into my mouth. I sucked on it hard and nibbled it gently, causing her to gasp with delight and beg me to squeeze her other breast with my hand.

When I was happily sucking away at one nipple and pinching the other, she reached her hand down my tummy and into my pants. She found my erection right away and gripped it in her soft, warm fist. It felt good, but I was also a little embarrassed. After all, I'd never even been naked in front of a girl before and to have one actually touch me down there had been almost unthinkable a few minutes before.

I started to breathe heavily while I continued to suck away on her nipple, but it was probably more from anxiety than from lust.

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I was afraid Summer might be disgusted by the embarrassing state of my penis. Instead, she started moaning harder and harder, to the point where I began to fear that she was going to give us away. I was relieved when she seemed to be quite pleased with my erect cock, though, and began to milk it with less-than-gentle enthusiasm. She was moaning so loud by now that I felt like I had to do something, so I regretfully pulled her nipple out of her mouth and pulled her head down to kiss her sloppily on the mouth.

She liked that and got real quiet as we began to lustfully peck at each other's face. In the background, I could hear kids playing and wondered if anyone had missed us yet.

I started to become aware that our time was already growing short. Summer seemed to be thinking the same thing and quickly moved down to my belt buckle and was pulling my pants down within seconds. I didn't resist, but I was also aware that all someone had to do was look under the stairs and see my erect penis waving proudly in the air. My concerns dissolved when I felt my full three inches get suddenly engulfed in warm, wet heat.

It was the nicest thing I'd ever felt as she gently suckled my aroused boyhood. I closed my eyes and tried to relax while she sucked me and played with my undeveloped little balls. I wanted to thrust up into her mouth, but was afraid I'd gag her. I forced myself to remain still and just enjoy the intense feelings she was giving me.

It felt like my penis was dipped in warm honey while being caressed by a warm, silky feather. I loved it like nothing else I'd ever felt before. My body was straight as a board, my hands were fists at my sides, and my head was rolling back and forth in ecstasy. Unfortunately, the fear of discovery was still near the front of my mind so I never got into it as much as I could have. The only benefit was that I never really got close to the point where I felt like I had to pee during the few minutes it lasted.

I nearly cried out with dismay when I felt her mouth suddenly leave my penis, but I perked up quickly when she moved next to me and pulled her own pants down. She took my hand and placed it right on top of her soft, warm vulva. She had the smoothest, softest skin down there that I'd ever felt. She whispered into my ear that she wanted me to put my finger inside her. That put me at a complete loss.


My concept of a vagina did not include somewhere to put my finger. I only knew about the slit. She must have seen my puzzled look because she put her hand over mine and took hold of my middle finger. She rubbed it around in there and to my surprise, I felt a ridge of skin and a large bump inside the slit I'd thought was empty. She rubbed it around on her bump for a minute, gasping with pleasure, then moved it further down to where I felt a hot crease. She pressed against my finger and I carefully pushed it into the tiny crack.

It opened up like the nozzle of a balloon and I felt burning heat all around my finger. It was very dry and tight, though, so I had a hard time getting in past my first knuckle.

Summer seemed to enjoy the penetration quite a bit because her body got all stiff and tense like mine had when she'd been sucking me.

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I gently worked my finger in and out a few times and was surprised to feel a warm liquid starting to flow down from where my finger was trying to go. I knew immediately that it wasn't pee because it was really thick and slippery. Once her hole was coated in that stuff, I was able to stick my finger all the way in.

She told me to thrust it in and out, but I only did it a few times before she was bucking her hips like crazy. At that point, I just pushed it in deep and let her do all the moving.

She pulled me down and started kissing the side of my neck while she continued to hump my finger. She was really loving it and I very much enjoyed giving her those good feelings after what she'd just done for me. I was really impressed that she knew so much about this sex stuff. There were times when she'd stop and shudder while her vagina milked my finger, then she'd start humping again. It made my finger feel so good that I wished it were my dick.

That's when I realized what fucking was. It was like seeing the sun for the first time. After about five minutes, my hand was all gooey with her slippery stuff and she finally became still. "You can put it in if you want," she whispered. I'll never forget those words. I knew exactly what she meant and at the time, I had no greater wish. She spread her legs wide and I climbed between them. Her plump little pussy was completely hairless and gaping wide open.

I could now see that there was far more in there than an empty slit. I was amazed that so much wet, swollen pink flesh could be hidden inside of a tiny crack. My eyes immediately homed in on the tiny dark circle just below all that stuff. The gleaming pinkness inside was like a beacon for my hard penis and I wasted no time mounting her and poking it at her with childish enthusiasm. After a few failed attempts, she reached down and guided my penis in exactly the direction she wanted me to penetrate her.

I pushed eagerly and felt a warm wetness engulf the head of my cock and dribble down its length. It was thoroughly coated with her juices when I pushed again and slid it home. She was very tight, but so slippery that I was instantly balls deep inside her. I had thought it felt wonderful being inside her mouth, but there is nothing in this world like having your penis inside a 10-year-old's vagina.

It was tight, hot, smooth, and very soft -- everything a 10-year-old penis could want. It was amazing how close I felt to her at that moment, when we were joined as one. I began to move but she did, too. It was awkward at first, before our bodies learned to work together, but once we got synchronized it was pure heaven. We were both huffing and puffing like crazy, lost in our personal pleasures.

I ground my pelvis against her and she ground hers back. There wasn't really any thrusting, just grinding and pushing. It was more than our immature genitals needed, though.

The head of my penis was on fire and the rest of it was burning in her heat. The sensations were so intense that I had to grit my teeth to keep from screaming. After about 30 seconds of that, I suddenly felt a very strong urge to pee.

I was shocked because that feeling had never come upon me so strongly or so quickly. I didn't know what to do. Her pussy was clenched so tightly around my cock that I didn't think I could pull it out if I wanted to.

It was all I could do just to move it the little bit that our grinding movements required. Then a shadow fell across us. I've forgotten his name now, but it was another boy who liked Summer. He saw me laying on top of her and asked if he could join us. I felt Summer's vagina grip me even harder as her body grew tense with fear. I'm not sure why, but having the boy see me fucking her was very exciting to me, like proof of my manhood or something.

After all, it wasn't like he could see my penis or anything.

I tried to look calmly at the boy as I fought to hold back my pee, but I already felt the heat shooting up my penis. Summer's tight little pussy was now so wet that our grinding thrusts were accompanied by loud squishing noises. I desperately hoped that she was too wet to feel it if I peed inside her vagina. At that point, my mind fogged up and instinct took over. I strained to pull my penis as far out of her clutching vagina as I could, but only got it about half way out before my pelvis slammed back down.

I felt her velvety walls scrape deliciously along the length of my cock until it was farther inside her than ever. I grunted loudly in triumph as a strong, primitive sense of power and possession coursed through me and my body prepared to inseminate this girl in front of my rival. I managed one more partial withdrawal and violent thrust before I felt my penis begin to pulse and spasm within the burning confines of its heavenly prison. I growled like a bear and slammed my pelvis hard against hers.

A sudden wave of intense pleasure overwhelmed my young mind. I felt my body push my penis as far into her as it could go, then the head of my penis became very sensitive as my entire cock began to throb inside her tight wet heat. Each wonderful contraction sent a new wave of pleasure and release through me. Summer writhed below me in delirious pleasure. Her eyes were closed and she was moving her head from side to side, going "Mmmm," "Mmmm," "Mmmmmmmmmm," as she felt my penis desperately trying to fill her gently squeezing vagina with seed it couldn't yet produce.

My penis finally calmed after six or seven unbelievably wonderful contractions. Just before I collapsed, I caught a glimpse of the boy's shocked face. His eyes were wide and his mouth was hanging open with the realization that I'd just shot my little boy wad inside this pretty girl's 10-year-old pussy.

As I laid panting happily on top of her, Summer said something to the boy that sent him scurrying away. I don't remember what she said, but it was probably a promise to give him a turn later if he left us alone. Whatever it was, I had no objection in my blissful state. When he was gone, she began to move against me once again.

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Even though I felt completely satisfied, my prepubescent penis stayed hard as a rock. Fortunately, it had quickly gone from hyper sensitive to numb and tingly so I was able to dutifully meet her every demand. Her vagina milked and chewed on my penis for another five minutes. Just as I was starting to really enjoy it again, the bell rang. She gave a little scream of alarm and unceremoniously shoved me off of her.

Nearly in a panic, we scrambled to get our clothes back on and into our classroom.

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If anybody noticed that my clothes were dirty and wrinkled, they didn't say anything. I was far too happy to care.