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Author's note: Hi there. I have been debating on whether or not to write a sex story for a while now. It's something I've never done before, and honestly don't even know if I have the creativity for it, thus, my first story will not be an erotic one.

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I was debating on whether or not to have first or third person story view, but for now, have gone with third person. I may change to first person if needed.

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I will accept criticism, but please don't be an ass. :) Finally, this is a true story that happened to me, and of course, names have been changed for privacy. Most of this story is true, but there's some parts that I added that are from my fantasty.

I decided not to get descriptive of the parent or the siblings seeing as the story doesn't revolve around them. Depending on the feedback, I may do a second part to this story. At the end of this story, I'll give some options for what the second part could be of.

---- "Do we have to move?" Blake groaned, asking his mother. The house he had grown up in was now going to be 'the old house'.


As much as he hated to admit it, he knew they did have to move. With his three older siblings, their current living arrangement was too small. "You'll be fine, honey.

I'm sure you'll make some good friends." Blake's mother, Mary, sighed softly, knowing her son was disappointed, but there was nothing that could be done. The fact was, they needed a bigger house. Mary sincerely hoped that Blake would be able to get over this move eventually. Blake sighed, and went into his room to get his final piece of luggage. He stopped upon entering his room, and looked at himself in the mirror. For being fifteen, he was about average height, and a bit fat for his age, which he blamed on his junk food habit.

Girl wise, Blake was unsuccessful to the point where he hadn't even had a date. As much as it bothered him, he coped, and moved on. "Blake," His mother yelled with a sense of annoyance in her voice. "We need to go, c'mon." Blake picked up his bag, and walked out of the room, the same room he'd slept in since he was old enough to have his own room.

Tossing his bag into the trunk, Blake got into the back seat with his two old sisters, while his brother occupied the front seat with their mom. Blake glared at his brother, who he always envied.

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Blake was quite the ladies man, and it helped that he worked at the local skating rink. "Where are we going again?" Blake asked, trying to recall. Mary closed the car door and started up their car, which was a four door Mazda 6.

"It's a nice two-story house not real far from here. I promise, you'll like it." Blake chuckled silently. [i]You keep saying that, yet I have the feeling it'll suck ass, Blake thought, and watched the scenery as they drove, starting to doze off.

He wasn't sure how long he was out, but by the time Blake woke up, they were entering their drive way. His mom was right about one thing, the house was nice. Blake looked around at the other houses, curious of who was around. He could see some little kids playing, and that was about it. He groaned again, pissed that he didn't see at least one person his age, or anything to do. As he started picking up bags to take inside, something, no, someone, caught his eyes.

She was about two or three houses down, and by the look of it, she was of the same age. Shrugging it off for the time being, Blake continued helping his mother and siblings take things into the house, and their respected rooms, but couldn't help wondering about the girl. On one hand, at his age, his hormones were raging, but on the other, his social skills weren't all that high.


"Blake, come meet one of our neighbors." His mother called into the house. Oh joy. I bet they had a welcome basket waiting on stand by. What Blake didn't expect was to see the same girl from a few houses down standing outside talking to his mother.

She was wearing a tank top that seemed to hug to her breasts, which Blake guessed were either a B or C cup, and a pair of faded shorts.

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"Hi, my name's Alyssa." She said with a smile, extending her hand. Blake hadn't even noticed her hand extended.

He was lost in what he believed was love at first sight. Her light color haired, green eyes, and all around beauty seemed to hit him like a ton of bricks. Snapping from his trance, Blake took her hand in his, shaking it. "Nice to meet you, I'm Blake." He felt his face burning, and knew he had to be blushing. Damnit, please don't tell me I look like a fool. "I see someone is shy." Alyssa giggled. "I knew we'd be getting new neighbors eventually, and judging by the size of your family, this house is perfect." "With any luck, my oldest sister will be moving the fuck out at some point." Blake chuckled.

He never got along with his siblings, and as such, often wished they'd just leave, his brother especially. "Good luck with that, then." She smiled, as if teasing him. "I only live two houses down from you if you ever wanna hang out." Blake felt as though he'd hit the jackpot.

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A beautiful girl such as Alyssa was actually offering to hang out with him. He was either dreaming, or this girl was just plain out friendly. "If you're not busy, I'm sure we can hang out later once we get everything packed away." Alyssa nodded.

"I'd like that. Just come on by when you want." It wasn't until at least two hours later Blake found himself walking down the street toward Alyssa's house.

The neighborhood seemed alright, there was mostly just little kids who, fortunately for Blake, weren't ever loud enough to actually annoy him. As Blake approached her house, he froze mid step as he stared at his new neighbor, and first love interest, Alyssa.

He hadn't had a chance to check out her body throughly before due to the fact that she had been watching him, and his mother was needing his help. Now, however, Blake was in another trance. Her long slender legs were enough to make him hard, and his eyes tracing along her body only made his cock throb. Blake forced himself to snap out of it again. He couldn't allow these thoughts to invade his mind, not now, anyway.

He silently thanked himself for wearing jeans, which hid his erection that seemed to not want to subside. "Hey, Alyssa." He said, walking up to her. "Oh hi, Blake." she said in a cheerful voice, smiling at him.

"This is my little brother, Tanner." That smile, it melted him, it made him just want to hug her, and lock lips. He broke his gaze from Alyssa as she mentioned her brother, with his only thought being 'goddamnit, this will certainly be interesting'.

Wanting to earn brownie points with Alyssa, he smiled at the young boy, who looked to be 10 or 11. "Sup little man?" He asked, honestly not caring of the kid. Tanner didn't seem to care for Blake, and just muttered something, going to the back yard.

"He always this friendly?" Blake joked. Alyssa laughed, winking. "Maybe it's just you." Blake pondered that thought for several seconds.

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If Tanner didn't like him, that brat could cock block. He'd have to think of something later. "What do you usually do for fun?" "Since I'm not old enough to drive yet, I tend to do whatever comes around. My friends are all out somewhere, so I was just gonna watch tv." She grinned at him.

"Although, since you're here, we can just hang out outside and talk. I'd like to know more about you." If there was ever a time for Blake to warn himself not to be a fool, this would've been perfect. At the sound of her wanting to know more, he thought he had a chance with her. He nodded, smiling from ear to ear, and sat down in the grass with her.

"Where did you use to live?" Alyssa asked, looking to Blake. "Right in the next town." "Why did you move?" "As you noticed, we have a big family, and our old house just wasn't big enough." "Oh, I see. Were you happy of moving?" "I wasn't, but now I am." He winked.

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Alyssa blushed, and giggled. "Oh stop." Blake smiled. "How long have you lived here?" "Oh I grew up here. It's a nice place, though, it gets annoying because of the main road that passed by, you you tend to hear a lot of traffic." Alyssa attempted to scoot closer to Blake, her cheeks still warm.

He was really nice and charming, something Alyssa hadn't seen in a guy yet. "Guess it's a good thing I don't mind the sound of traffic." he laughed, blushing as he noticed she was closer.

They spent the entire evening outside talking, and continued this ritual for weeks on end. Everyday after school, Blake would go to her house, and stay with her until she had to leave.

Blake thought he couldn't be happier, and was waiting for the day they could be together. Blake's dreams were crushed as one day he went to Alyssa's house to see his brother's friend, Tyson, at Alyssa's.

Blake could tell they were flirting, and instantly became jealous and filled with anger. Tyson was at least twenty five, and in the military, how the hell could this fifteen year old girl actually fall for that? Blake approached slowly, glaring at Tyson with eyes that could kill. "Sup Blake?" Tyson said in a cheery voice. "Hi Blake." Alyssa said. "I hadn't seen Tyson in a while, and he decided to stop by." "Ah. How are things?" Blake asked with a low voice, almost trying to hide what he really wanted to say.

"Things are good, I may be called back for duty." As soon as he finished saying that, Blake noticed Alyssa's face go from happy to sad. "WHAT? You can't go back!" Alyssa said, and hugged him. Blake was pissed, and jealous as hell. Why couldn't she realized he cared and loved her? "When you gotta go?" Is all he asked. "Maybe soon, I'm not sure." Tyson replied, hugging Alyssa to him. Blake zoned out, getting lost in his own thoughts as he started wishing bad things for Tyson.

Finally, he said goodbye to Tyson and Alyssa, and just went home. A few days passed before Blake went back to Alyssa's, and he was curious if she'd missed him at all.

"Hi, Blake." Alyssa said in a happy voice. "Did you hear?" "Hey, and no, what's up?" He stood a few feet away from Alyssa, and smiled at her, curious what her news was. "Tyson and I are together." What?

WHAT? WHAT? Blake couldn't believe that he just heard, and stood there, dumbfounded for what seemed like an eternity. "Blake? Blake?" Alyssa poked him. "Yeah." Blake said in a low tone, furious to the point of just yelling at her. "When.when did this happen?" "Yesterday.

I'm so happy, he's an amazing guy!" Alyssa skipped around like a school girl with her first crush. Blake didn't move at all, he was still trying to absorb this. How could this be? Why was this sweet young girl actually getting together with a twenty five year old?

Unfortunately for Blake, at least a month passed of him hanging out with Alyssa, and hearing her brag about how amazing Tyson was. It got to the point where Blake almost said "fuck it" and stopped going to her house.

Blake's luck changed one day when he went to Alyssa's. She was sitting on her swing crying, prompting Blake to quickly go up to her. "What's wrong, Alyssa?" "Blake." She said while crying still, and quickly hugged him, crying onto his chest. "We broke up." Blake wanted to jump for joy and celebrate, but at the same time, he felt bad for her.

Instead, he just hugged her to him, and rubbed her back. "I'm sorry. What happened?" "He just doesn't want to be with me anymore." She sobbed, clinging to Blake for dear life.

It was then Blake knew she had cared more about Tyson then he thought, which only saddened him. "Everything will be okay, I promise." He consoled her, rubbing her back. "Thank you." She said softly, kissing his cheek. "Always for you." He said softly, keeping her in his arms. "My family is gone for the weekend, if you want, you can come to my house and relax." Blake paused, wondering if he just said that. He'd never invited her over when no one was home, and wondered what she'd think. "If, if it's not a bother." she said, sniffling.

Blake could tell she was in a fragile state of heartbreak, and wanted nothing more then to be there for her. Keeping his arm around her, they walked to his house. Once inside, they decided to watch a movie in the family room. "What movie do you wanna watch?" He asked, looking through the collection of DVDs.

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"How about a scary movie?" She asked. Alyssa didn't usually like scary movies, but she knew she'd end up cuddling to him at some point.

"You got it." He picked out <i>A Nightmare On Elm Street</i>, put the DVD in, and sat onto one end of the couch, while Alyssa didn't sit too far from him on the same couch.

As the scary parts of the movie kicked in, Alyssa scooted closer to Blake, resting her head on his shoulder. Instinctively, Blake wrapped an arm around her, and smiled. As it got later, Alyssa started getting sleepy, and soon found herself asleep, leaning on Blake. Blake smiled, and pulled a blanket over her, resting his feet on the coffee table and dozed off with her, his only thoughts being <i>I love you, Alyssa</i>. -- [i]If it's voted to make a part two, I can go a few ways with this story.

1) Have Alyssa fall for Blake, and take it from there. 2) Have her continue to reject Blake until he's forced to do something.

Of course, if anyone has ideas for another way to take this story, please speak up.