Moni esta dormida y tiene calor

Moni esta dormida y tiene calor
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Kathy knew she had to hurry, her husband's friend Craig was waiting for her downstairs in the kitchen.

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She turned and looked in the full length mirror one more time at her fancy dress costume she was wearing to the work party that night. Her husband of ten years, John, had been dropping unsubtle hints lately about her old school uniform, wondering aloud if she could still fit into it after two children. To her delight, Kathy could still squeeze into the little pleated skirt, although her hips and thighs had spread just a little.

To complete the effect of the naughty schoolgirl she had bought some black leather shoes and knee length white socks. The white blouse was easily found as was the tie. As for the little pleated skirt, Kathy took up the hem, and she liked the effect. It was almost obscenely too short; whenever she did anything other than stand still, it would ride up and give a teasing glimpse of what lay beneath.

To finish the costume she chose her underwear with care. A push up bra and high cut, black, very sheer and flimsy panties was a wicked contrast to the demur innocent schoolgirl on the surface.

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The effect on her husband had been explosive; he had fucked her lustily for hours the night before. The first was a ribald face fuck. He had wanted to save his strength for a more regular screw, but when she batted her eyelids up at him and said, 'please sir, don't come in my mouth,' that was too much. He emptied his balls into her mouth.

The semen had oozed out the corner, ran down her chin, and dropped to her small but well formed breasts. Next, was a traditional, flat on back missionary with legs in the air, panties pushed to one side,balls slapping on arse.


She was then finished off with a teeth clenching, gut wrenching, mind blowing anal. The housewife touched her sore pussy but the memory of last night throbbed with lust in her womb.

She skipped down the stairs and laughed when she saw Craig dressed in a Roman Toga. 'Hey Craig,' said Kathy, spinning lightly so the little skirt rode up, 'Do you like my costume?' Craig's jaw had dropped and Kathy enjoyed the effect it was having on her husband's friend. She decided to flirt a little more. She reached across the table to pick up her handbag. She could almost feel Craig's eyes on her panty encased bottom.

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'Gotcha!,' she thought to herself. Staying where she was and turning to look at the almost slobbering Craig, Kathy continued.

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Do you really like my costume, Craig, you didn't say.' Craig gulped and stood motionless except for an expected stirring in the groin. Kathy was heady with the power she had over the poor man. 'I tried it on for John last night and you might say it's well and truly broken in.' Craig gulped again and his face became more and more flushed; Kathy flirted some more.

'You're looking at my panties, aren't you? Do you like them? I was going to wear the normal white cotton ones, you know, like all those school girls wear, but, you see, I'm going as the naughty schoolgirl and I guess this is the only way to let people know, if they can see my panties.' Kathy was confident she was in control and could stop the situation anytime.

Yet, her head simply throbbed with anticipation and she continued her tease.


Craig had moved closer and struggled to control his raging member. 'Tell me something Craig,' she leant further over the table, her skirt riding higher, 'do you like my panties like this?' She gave Craig her best 'come fuck me smile' and hitched her fingers in the sides of her panties. She jerked them up and, with a plop, both cheeks fell from their flimsy confines and the gusset framed her bulging and moist vagina perfectly.

'Or do you like my panties like this?' Craig moved closer and commenced caressing the woman's arse cheeks. She sighed at the touch and arched her back to allow better access to her hidden vagina.

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Craig could see the effect his attentions were having on Kathy, the mirror on the wall behind the kitchen table show her parted cherry lips and half closed eyes. He trailed his thumb down the length of her crack and pushed against the fabric.

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She gulped and raised one of her knees to the table. 'Push it in, just a little bit,' she whispered. Craig obeyed. Kathy trembled with lust as the man's thumb entered her pussy taking the thin material with it. She wasn't doing anything wrong, she reasoned, she still had her panties on, besides she could always stop. The thumb was pushing in further. It hurt a little as it dragged at her pussy lips; but when it slid across her swollen clit she had to bite her lip to stop from crying out.

Craig had began a soft rhythm of gently fucking her with his panty clad thumb and the squelching noise of sex filled the kitchen as the housewife's juices began to flow. Kathy glanced upwards at the clock, saw the lateness of the hour and was about to stand up to stop Kathy when something happened to break her resolve.

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Kathy's turning point was her panties. 'No, oh. Craig, we have to get going,' she said unconvincingly, 'We'll ahh,be late.' Kathy had decided that she would let him have a few more thrusts and then they must go. There is only so much punishment a pair of panties can take.

Suddenly the flimsy fabric of her naughty schoolgirl panties finally gave way and Craig's thumb lunged deep into her womb, nudging her cervix. 'OH GOD!' she cried, 'You're fucking me with your thumb! Shove it in harder!

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Ahh!' Kathy had lost control and she bucked and writhed and grunted out her sloppy orgasm against the man's thumb. Craig withdrew his thumb and Kathy flopped to the table, exhausted, her juices flowing freely from her torn panties.