Gay twink cum jeans Nurse Paranoi was wailing his head off while he

Gay twink cum jeans Nurse Paranoi was wailing his head off while he
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I awoke in a bed that wasn't mine; I looked over to my side for a great deal of pain from my ass, "What the fuck?" I looked over and it was Kris in all of his naked glory. My mouth started to water just looking at his amazing body, and that amazing piece of meat connected to his body.

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(If you just joining me, I'm Dylan, 5'7", tan muscular, and 6 inches, Kris is 5'8" black amazing body, and 8 inches) Since he was still asleep I thought to give him a little wakeup call. I started jacking him off very slowly and found that he still didn't move. I just opened my mouth and took as much of it as I could. I kept going up and down on his cock as far as I could. I was licking and sucking the head, the same way I like mine sucked and licked.

I checked him again and found that he was still fast asleep. When I went back to sucking his dick, I found that some pre-cum had started running out.

Man, it sure tasted good. I just kept sucking and licking that hard cock until I heard Kris moaning.

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I stopped for a second to make sure he was still asleep. After that I went back to it.

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Man, his cock tasted so good. I would lick the under the head and around its rim and then suck it down as much as I could.


I could tell he was about to cum because of the way he was breathing and acting. He woke up with a moan, he looked down at me, saying, "Morning baby boy, love that face looking at me." I smiled and started to deep throat all the way.

His length pushing down my throat as I wrapped my tongue around him. He grabbed my hair and yelled out, "I'm cumming!" His cum splashed down my throat as I pulled on him a bit more, milking out all the cum out of him.

"Time for school, and you we're asleep, little wake up call." "I love you baby." That morning at school I had to hide the fact that I was fucking the quarterback, not easy when every time you see him your dick grows in your pants. I saw one cute kid was staring me down, but this guy was so cute it wasn't even funny. This guy's name was Jonas, he was 5'2", ginger with these dark green eyes that made you want to fuck him right then and there.

I noticed that he was staring at my crotch, and since I was wearing jeans it really showed, I looked up at him and said, "You know you have one too, and if you want me come meet me in the library after school." He blushed afterwards and walked off, popping his smooth round ass, I just screamed out, "DAT ASS!!!" I quickly blamed on a girl walking by, fat chick, not my type. So the rest of the day went by without a hitch, except I have to tutor this one guy, I looked at the slip of paper, "Kris Angelheart" I was like, "FUCK YES!!" So as soon as the bell rang I grabbed my stuff and jumped out of my seat to run to the library.

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I saw that I was the first one there and picked the farthest most easy to fool around spot in the library, in the corner. So I sat down and started to read. I was shaken out of my daze by a big strong hand rubbing me through my pants; I looked over and saw Kris smiling at me. I smiled back, but he started to go lower and lower with his mouth trailing down my shirt, he made sure no one was looking and started to unbuckle my belt.


And he quietly pulled down my zipper and started to pull and tug on my dick, causing me to buck my hips a bit. I ran my fingers through his hair, and rested my hand on his head. I was not going to force him farther than he could go. The way he swirled his tongue around the head of my dick was too much for me to bare.


I may have been experienced in holding back an orgasm, but today I could not by any means. All I could do was warn him which I did. "Kris, I'm gonna blow, you better stop while you still… Awwwwwwwwwwwww FUCK!" As I came into his mouth he had to swallow it all not leaving a drop.

I looked around and saw Jonas looking at me, a bulge clearly visible. I looked at him with lust in my eyes, "Damn." Kris slowly started to get up from his knees as Jonas continued to stare at us. "What the hell was that?" Jonas asked. Kris answered, "That was a blowjob, ever had one?" "Nope, I'm a virgin all the way, never even jacked off before." "You're so innocent its not even funny." I replied.

He blushed a bit at the comment, "Are you guys you know&hellip.together?" "It depends what you call together." "What he's saying is that yes we're together but we are fucking like rabbits." I calmly said trying to get back to my work. "You know, youre really cute." Both me and Kris said at the same time, I grabbed his arm and sat him down on my spot as I went down on him, I pulled off his pants for easier access to his cock.

And lo and behold, the cutest 5 inch dick sprang up in my face. I started to rub it as Kris made sure he didn't make any noise.

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I slowly started to suck on his length, feeling his dick throb in my mouth, I started to run my tongue around his dick, feeling him twitch as I continued my onslaught of my mouth. I started to deep throat him, hearing him moan my name a bit, as I played with his balls giving a little squeeze.

He started to moan my name as he came in my mouth, feeling his sweet nectar fill my mouth.

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I went up to him and kissed him swapping his cum into his mouth. I swallowed it all and he did the same.

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"So want a threesome?"