Carry my luggage Femdom Training Interview

Carry my luggage Femdom Training Interview
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Alyssa 2… and Morgan After Halloween, Alyssa and I became an "official" couple. We were together for just over six months, and it was awesome. I wish I could say that meant we had sex every single day, but we didn't. I wish I could say that meant we had sex every week, but we didn't. We did have sex as often we could though, and that was a lot.

In that time I learned a few things about Alyssa. First of all, she really did have the most amazing body. I would just lay there next to her and stare at every amazing dip and curve. The slow rise and curve of her soft, firm ass when she'd lie on her stomach. The long slow curve from her hips to her chest. The rise and fall of her breasts when she was breathing heavy.

I loved to just watch her. I loved to watch her sleeping. I would trace my fingers over all of her body just to touch her, and she loved when I did that. I loved when I did that too. I would kiss and lick any place on her any chance I got, if I saw skin it was fair game.

I found all the spots that would make her shiver, or tingle, or jump. I could just breathe on her neck in the right spot and she would instantly be all over me. Second, she was an extremely sexual creature. She always seemed so sweet and innocent to everyone else, even to me before we started dating, but Alyssa loves sex. Alyssa loves anything to do with sex, anything that led to sex, and any chance to experiment. We would always be touching each other.

In school we would sit together at lunch and her legs would be rubbing up against mine. She would sneak up behind me in the halls, wrap an arm around me and start kissing on my hotspots. That was a tough and dangerous thing to do considering the schools policy on public displays of affection.

She would whisper the most sexual things in my ear, and I would do the same to her. Then you have to spend the entire time in the next class just thinking about that. She always had me thinking about her.

Third, Alyssa was either rebelling against her parents, or just an adrenaline junkie. We would do almost anything anywhere. She would flash me her tits at school all the time, that drove me crazy because her tits are amazing. She was a solid C cup, full and firm with these perfect nipples.

Her skin was a perfect, flawless, creamy tan color, and her nipples just that much darker that made them so irresistible. Her flashing them at me when I couldn't do anything about it was just cruel, but yes, I loved it.

I would come up behind her when she was with her friends and wrap my arms around her tummy, start kissing her neck, that would make her totally lose focus on her friends. I must say that most of the time we really did seem like a normal couple, but we were always trying to turn each other on and drive each other crazy. We would also have sex anywhere we could, any time we could.

There were so many hand jobs/fingering in movie theaters. There were blow jobs in cars, she really loved to suck my cock. She would just keep sucking on it until there was nothing left.

That's one of the things I loved about her. I would also return the favor of course, anywhere and any chance I could. Kassidy's bedroom saw a lot of action, none of it involving Kassidy, heh heh. Alyssa had a family rec room kind of set up in their basement, we fucked in there so many times. She would wear skirts with no undies so that she could sit me on the couch and climb on without us having to be naked, that of course being in case her little brother or sister walked in.

At least one time that is exactly what happened, her little sister walked right in while I was balls deep inside her. Alyssa was planted on top of me, I was so far up inside her, and she was driving and grinding trying to get me even deeper, that's what she loved. (So did I of course). Then her little sister came running in. Little Maddie was only five years old, and Alyssa is seriously her hero, and she loved me too of course, who wouldn't?

Maddie came running into the room and Alyssa just stopped right on top of me, with me buried as far inside her as I could be.

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Maddie was on the other side of the couch, so she couldn't have seen anything even if there where anything to see. Alyssa just stopped her and told her that we needed some time alone cuz we were busy kissing. Maddie, being five, just said "yuck". The whole time Alyssa was clenching and tightening her pussy and driving me fucking insane.

Alyssa told Maddie to go play up in her room and we'd come play with her in a little while. Maddie loved to play in Alyssa's room with all her make-up and her clothes so she got excited and ran upstairs. As soon as that door closed I just threw Alyssa down on that couch and started pounding her cunt as hard as I could.

I didn't care who came in at that point, I had to cum and I had to cum hard. I was grunting and pounding myself into her so hard, trying to get some feeling through the damned condom. She was moaning loudly and screaming every time I pounded her. Finally I reached my moment. I shot off into that condom. But then I pulled out, pulled that thing off and started shooting it all over her naked pussy. I pulled her shirt open and shot some all over those amazing tits.

It was beautiful. Then she leaned over and cleaned off my cock, making sure to get every last drop. We buttoned up her shirt, pulled her skirt down over her naked cum covered pussy and went upstairs to play with her little sister while she was still covered in it.

I started getting hard all over again. We also almost got caught by her brother once or twice as well. He was twelve at the time and walked in on us in the downstairs room. We were just sitting on the couch watching TV and I had my fingers up inside her testing out what made her squeal the most.

He came in asking her what she was making so much noise about, because she was being kind of loud, she just looked up at him quick and told him to get out and leave us alone. The second time I thought we were busted for sure. He walked into her room just as we were about to go at it. I was lying on her bed, naked, with my cock standing at full attention covered in a condom just waiting for her to climb on.

She was completely naked standing next to the bed. The door came open. She just stood there, looking so sexy in anticipation of getting her pussy filled. I quickly rolled over under a bedspread, and she just stood there naked, I don't know if he even saw me. He just stood there staring with his mouth open.

She looked at him and just yelled "What the fuck! Don't knock! What the fuck do you want in here you little perv!?" She made the whole thing his fault, classic.

"Stop staring at me asshole! Get the fuck out of here!" He quickly stepped back out of the room and pulled the door closed behind him. I think that was his introduction to sex education. I know it was the first time he'd seen his big sister completely naked, and I'm pretty sure it turned her on more than just a little, because she fucked me hard that night.

I'm betting his little dick was rock hard all night. She also loved to do anything while her parents were home. She would love to take me in her room and suck my cock while her parents were home. Right up in her room with the door wide open.

I fucked her in the bathroom a few times while mom and dad were watching TV. We fucked on her living room couch after school one day hoping her mom and little sister didn't come home early, or her brother skip his soccer practice for some reason. We fucked on her parent's bed a whole bunch of times, she especially liked that. She actually fucked me on her kitchen table once when the rest of the family was off watching little sister play soccer. She said now all she can think of when she's having breakfast is my dick.

I love the way her mind works. We fucked at Kassidy's house. We fucked in cars. We fucked at school a couple times, you just have to know the right hidden place. We fucked in a few of our friends' houses, whether they know it or not. We fucked at my house, and don't tell her, but every time I knew that was going to happen I set up my cameras in my room and recorded the whole thing.

No, I never told her about that, and yes I still have those, that's the best porn I could ever watch. We even tried to have sex in the shower once. We were at her house after school, her brother was home in the downstairs room with us playing video games, when she announced that she had to take a shower. She gave me a look of pure lust as she walked out of the room. We had talked about shower sex a bunch of times but hadn't tried it yet.

Naturally, told her brother I had to go get something and bolted up the stairs. Luckily he seemed glad to be rid of us. I went upstairs, slipped into the bathroom and stripped naked. Then I pulled the curtain open and stuck my head in. Oh my god what a vision. You think she looked amazing just naked in the bed? Try to imagine the same thing but all wet and lathered up. I swear I almost came right that instant. She was turned around so I said "Surprise!" She turned around and said "took you long enough".

I climbed in, and pulled her close. We were kissing and touching and I couldn't keep my hands off her. I was so turned on and hard.

She never seemed hotter, she was all over me. I finally pushed her up against wall and started to push into her from behind. Let me just say that other than our first time, we had NEVER had unprotected sex.

Right now there was no protection. I expected her to object but she just pushed back against me, and I started to slide inside of her. Then she slipped. Then I slipped.

We kept trying to find a position that worked but hers was one of those shower bathtubs so the floor was slippery, someone was always unstable. Or pushed up against knobs and pipes. Or had the shower head blasting in their face. Our little fantasy of shower sex was just NOT going to happen in her shower.

We were both frustrated, and yet cracking up at the same time, it always seems to work in the movies?!. My first chance to fuck her without the condom just blown to hell. We got out and got dressed because the mood was ruined. Not to mention that her parents arrived home within about ten minutes after we got out and got dressed. Good thing we stopped when we did.

That was the essence of our relationship. I did love her like crazy. I know that she loved me like crazy. I thought, however, that our relationship was mostly based on our mutual love of sex, and all the things we learned and practiced and discovered about and with each other's bodies.

I don't think I ever thought of her then as the girl I'd spend the rest of my live with. I don't think she saw me that way either. Later I would realize that I may have been wrong about that.

But we did love each other.


Of course I was also still fucking Julie every now and then, but Alyssa never needed to know about that. That was just two friends experimenting. I was also still fucking Kassidy, her best friend, every now and then too, but neither Kassidy nor I were going to tell her that. What was between Kassidy and I was just pure lust, we would see each other and just attack.

I don't think Alyssa was fucking anyone but me all this time, even though I know a lot of the guys were still always hitting on her. When I think back on it, I was really kind of a dick. I didn't deserve her. All of this is what led us to… The Party It was another Saturday in late April, about a month before the end of our freshman year.

This was another birthday party for a member of our extended group. Everyone was there, as Gary was one of the more popular guys, and being a Saturday it was turning into a real blowout.

The party started around noon and was set to go on the entire day. The music was blasting. Beer pong. Don't ask me where the booze came from officer, I have no idea.

Loud music. Dim lights, at least in the room inside where all the couples were hanging out, okay, making out.

All the people who weren't paired off inside, were most likely outside where all the action was, trying to find someone to pair off with. Alyssa and I had been there for a while and spent a fair amount of time in the couple's room. I had discretely fingered her to a shaking orgasm, I loved it when that happens. She just clinches tight and starts shaking uncontrollably like when you scratch a dog in the right spot.

Then of course the flood comes and my fingers come out covered in Alyssa juice. Yummy. There were at least three other couples in there but I don't think any of them saw, or cared what we were doing.

Alyssa probably wouldn't have cared even if they did, it's not like she was naked in front of everyone. Besides, at least one of the girls was in just her panties sitting on top of some guy in plain view of anyone who cared to look.

Alyssa and I had been on a big leather couch in a dark corner. After giving her a few minutes to recover, we decided to go outside and join the fun and games again. Alyssa excused herself to go to the bathroom and dry off, or more likely take off, her underwear.

I drifted outside. The party outside was crazy. There were little groups separated off all over the place. The football players over here, the soccer girls over there, some of the stoners way out by the back of the yard lighting up where they couldn't really be seen, although the aroma gave them away.

I found one group of a bunch of my gym friends. Jamie, Jenny, Marissa, Morgan, Kaitlyn, Mark, Rick, Tara, Mike, Vanessa, Kassidy and John, Lexi and Tim and a few others. They were all hanging around talking and drinking from those red cups. Don't ask me what was in them, but yes, I had one too. Morgan and Marissa immediately perked up when I walked over alone and ran over to give me big hugs. They of course asked me where Alyssa was so I told them "she's here, she just had to use the little girls room".

Morgan said "awwww we never get you alone anymore". I laughed it off. Morgan and I were a lot alike, huge flirts. Just about any conversation I had with most of these girls was mostly flirting, but nothing really ever happened, obviously.

Alyssa showed up a few minutes later and we all talked and gossiped about who was flirting with who, and who was surprisingly hooking up in the couple's room. Morgan and Vanessa then decided to take up a game of beer pong against Lexi and Tim. It was hilarious. They had watched people playing all afternoon, but still couldn't figure out the rules, it's not that hard of a game, so the game quickly degenerated into this weird combination of Beer Pong, Truth or Dare, and strip something or other.

Clothes were coming off. People were kissing and groping, Morgan and Vanessa at one point had to kiss, it was awkward, but so hot. Everyone was cheering them on. The game had a crowd gathering because everyone was anticipating the girls would end up naked.

I have to admit, so was I. At this point, let me describe Morgan. Morgan, as I said, is a lot like me, sarcastic, flirty, touchy feely, perhaps a little too daring at times, and definitely crazy.

She is about 5'2. She has wavy brown hair down past her shoulders, the most beautiful deep brown eyes that can just pull you right in. She has a cute little nose and a great big smile underneath it, with the cutest dimples on either side. Her body is just as beautiful as the rest of her. Her tits were small, but perky and firm. She has a flat little tummy and slim hips that curve right down into a perfect little ass.

That thing is just as tight and firm as those tits. Then, she has these long long legs that seem to go on forever. She also has impeccable style in clothes.

No matter what she wore, she made it look so beautiful and sexy. The best way I can describe her personality would be as the perfect example of tomboy turned supermodel. How she went this long without a steady boyfriend is beyond me. Tonight, Morgan was wearing a white, loose fitting sleeveless, button-up top, a sexy little black bra underneath for all of us to see, and a perfect pair of jeans just tight enough to show off that ass and those legs without looking like she was poured into them.

She was looking as cute and sexy as ever. As the game went on, everyone was gathered around watching and cheering and waiting for anyone to dare the girls to get naked. They were all so drunk. Finally Vanessa took her top off and the crowd went wild.

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She gave a few poses to show off her form and was dancing around. ALL the guys had their phones out taking pictures. Not that it was really much of a show. I've seen pictures of her in a bikini on facebook that show much more than what we were seeing here. More beer, more cheers, and suddenly it was Morgan's turn. However, instead of taking off her top, Morgan gave a very sexy show of that trick that all the girls have of taking off their bras without taking off their shirts.

The crowd loved it. She pulled that bra out and started twirling around. She almost fell over a few times because she was pretty drunk at this point.

That gave all the guys who would catch her a change to feel her up, and they took advantage of it. All the guys were taking pictures, hoping to get some titty shots, which I'm sure they did. After all, as I said, it was a very loose fitting shirt.

She was twirling around and showing off and waving her sexy little black bra around in the air as she walked around in front of all the boys. When she finally came up to me, she broke out in this big smile, as if I had just gotten there and she hadn't seen me just twenty minutes earlier.

She stopped right in front of me, wrapped that little black bra around my neck, pulled me in close to her and planted a serious kiss on me, with Alyssa standing right next to me.

I was already a little buzzed from the booze myself but needless to say, I was in shock. I didn't know what to do. I didn't stop her, I didn't really kiss back, I just stood there dumbfounded while she tried to stick her tongue in my mouth. She tasted like beer. But it was a gooood kiss none the less. It seemed like it lasted forever, but it couldn't have taken more than a second as the crowd erupted, and so did Alyssa.

The next thing I know Alyssa is grabbing Morgan by the hair ready to rip her eyes out. Morgan was trying to fight back but was too drunk to stand, let alone stand a chance. People are taking pictures, and all you can hear is "You fucking slut" and "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" and "bitch" and "cunt" and, if you can think of another word, I'm sure it was flying too.

Everyone else was changing "fight fight fight…" I had to grab Alyssa and pull her off Morgan before things got really ugly. A couple of the other guys grabbed Morgan and pulled her away as well. I could hear her laughing like crazy as we put some distance between us and her.

Alyssa was not happy and started beating on me now instead. "What the fuck was that?" "What the hell is she doing getting all over you right in front of me like that, that little cunt?" and that sort of thing.

She was furious. Now as I said, I was a little drunk at this point myself so definitely wasn't thinking straight. Not to mention I still had Morgan's bra wrapped around my head still. She walked over to me and asked "Are you fucking that little bitch?". Believe it not, Alyssa and Morgan are actually friends most of the time, or at least they used to be.


I answered "When would I have time for that I'm always with YOU". Not a good answer. It really didn't matter at that point, she was pissed and was not going to be calmed down. There was nothing I could have said that would even get her to talk to me, let alone listen to what I was saying. She stormed off into the house. She and a few of her friends all ran out and disappeared.

I had to assume they found someone with a car and got out of there. I couldn't find her anywhere. I tried to call and text her but she just totally ignored me. At that point I was overwhelmed.

What could I do? I pulled Morgan's bra off my head, absent mindedly inspected it a little bit while I tried to think, and smiled. That was a pretty bold move on her part, even drunk.

I have to admit I'd always wanted to see what she had under that shirt. I slipped it into my pocket deciding this was mine now since she essentially gave it to me, then I decided I should just leave.

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The party was in a shambles, but recovering quickly. This little incident would be forgotten before the night was over. Everyone was already getting back to drinking and hooking up. I was leaving by the back as it was a shorter trip back home, when I ran into a couple of the guys in the back smoking some "cigarettes".

I decided to indulge a little, hoping maybe that would take the edge off and I could figure things out. Yeah right, that's some smart thinking there. I sat down in one of the big yard chairs they had back here and had a few puffs. Oh yeah, this was working already. This would relax me a little so I could maybe go home and figure out how the hell to get out of this one. Eventually one of the guys left, so this other guy and I sat back there smoking and talking.

This guy was so stoned I don't think he had any idea what was going on. After about 15 minutes I was feeling a good buzz, the other guy completely passed out so I grabbed another from his supply and kept going, when who should wander back here but Morgan.

My first reaction was "oh no what now? Haven't you caused enough trouble already?". She sat down on the edge of the chair next to me and apologized. "I don't know what I was doing. I'm so drunk, I never drink like that, and you looked so cute with that big stupid smile on your face staring at my tits. I just had to kiss you". I said "EVERYONE was looking at your tits! All the guys were grabbing you, Your shirt was practically off, Why didn't you kiss everyone!" She said I would have, I was just starting with you.

"And you decided to do this right in front of my girlfriend?" She kind of laughed and said "I didn't even see her there. I was just looking at those beautiful eyes of yours". Oh please. Clearly she was still drunk.

I leaned back in the chair. I was buzzed just enough to just let this whole thing pass over me. I took another puff, handed it off to her, not even thinking to ask if she wanted any, or had ever smoked any before, but she took it. I then leaned back on the chair and tried to think. I did hear her taking a few puffs, trying not to cough her brains out, then trying again.

But after a minute or so she leaned down on top of me, putting one arm sort of around me. She rested her head on my chest and said "I'm sorry, I've just always wanted to kiss you and it seemed like such a perfect and sexy moment". I just laughed and said "RIGHT in front of Alyssa. I'm surprised she didn't kill you. She was gonna rip your head off." Then I burst out in a fit of laughing and couldn't stop. Morgan kept puffing on that cigarette and I think at this point had pretty much smoked the whole thing by herself.

She was kind of wasted, and just laughing hysterically too. She said "you should have seen your face". Then she just kept laughing and cuddled right up into me. She laid across my chest and snuggled up closer to my face. I was just laughing because this whole situation was so out of control. She was really stoned at this point and then she looks and me and she says "you know we all talk about you don't you?". I had no idea what she was saying. I said "what? who talks about me?

What are you talking about?" She said "All of us. All of us girls. We talk about all you guys. All the time." I asked her what the hell she was talking about, and drunk/stoned Morgan proceeded to tell me about how all the girls gossip. She said not all of them at once of course, but in small groups they are always keeping up.

I asked who, and she ran off a list that included most of the girls I knew from the gym, most of the cheerleaders I knew, her, Kassidy, Alyssa a few who I didn't know at all. Apparently they all just gossip all the time. I said "oh okay, so it's not just ME you talk about, it's just guys, all us guys in general". She said "no we talk about you, we talk about you and Alyssa and who saw you fingering her in the auditorium, she smiled at that, and who saw her sucking your dick at the movies, and just guessing how many times you two have fucked.

Lol" I was blown away! I had no idea there was so much gossip, especially about me and Alyssa. It seems that all the girls I knew already knew all of this, even Kassidy was in on all of this. They would discuss which guys they think are hot. Which guys they think are sexy. Who's a virgin and who's not, who's gonna stay a virgin forever, who's fucking who, How big they thought your dick is.

Which guys they would fuck if they got the chance. At that one I had to ask, "oooh, did my name come up in that one? Who said they'd fuck me if they had the chance?" She said "Well… Jamie, and Kassidy, and Marissa… Kaitlynn, Emma, Holly, Julia, most of them would probably fuck you, we all think you're sexy, and funny". I said "What about you? Do you think I'm sexy too?" (remember I was still a little buzzed at this point, so no, I wasn't thinking and connecting things too quickly).

She said "yeah I think you're sexy, why do you think I wanted to kiss you". I laid there, still not connecting all of the dots. She whispered to me "you wanna know a secret?" After all this stuff she's been telling me there's still something that's a secret? "Yeah, tell me a secret". She cuddled up close to me, wrapped that arm around me tighter and got up close to my ear, the she whispered real quietly "I kind of want to fuck you too" and then she buried her head in my neck, I think afraid of what my response would be.

I didn't expect that. Morgan was usually loud and crazy and not shy at all, and her she was hiding her face in my neck. I was like "what? You mean like now?!" She didn't respond for a moment, but then said "well not here in the middle of the lawn but… if you wanted to…" She trailed off.

She said "I'm just sick of all the guys who just want to fuck me in the back of their car so they can tell all their buddies, and I know you wouldn't do that and you looked so cute tonight, and you're so sexy, and I'm tired of being a virgin, and I want to just…" She just let the end of that sentence hang, then buried in my neck again. I turned and looked at her. I turned her head to look at me. Those eyes, they just drew me right in again. I absent mindedly slid my hand up into her shirt and started feeling her tits.

I said "You're a virgin?" She said "Yeah, is that okay?" "And you want ME to…?" "if you want to…?" My head just about exploded. I gave her a kiss, then we both got up and made our way back to the house, quietly, and no one seemed to notice us one way or another. I'm pretty sure after the events of earlier in the afternoon if people saw us together there would have been noise about it.

We went in the house, I left her in the room downstairs and quietly looked in the other rooms downstairs. As it turns out, yes, one of them was a bedroom. I whispered to her to come quick. She slipped into the room with me and I locked the door. I kissed her again, this time long and deep.

She was good. Clearly this much she had done. She tasted like booze and weed, but man could she kiss. I reached up and started to unbutton her top. She arched her back and smiled at me as I pulled her shirt back off her shoulders and she let it slide down off her arms. Her tits were just beautiful.

Nice and full, but fairly small nipples. I leaned down and put my mouth on them and just started sucking away. She started squealing a bit, loving it. I was drunk on the lust of the situation. I had already decided in my head that I was gonna fuck her so hard. I was still buzzed, she was definitely buzzed. Still, this beautiful girl wanted to give me her virginity and I had every intention of taking it. I stood back up and said to her "So you're a virgin huh?" she said "Yup".

I said "are you sure you want to do this here? You may not like it. It's not always good the first time. I don't want to disappoint you, then you'll talk with all the other girls and I'll never get laid again". She told me to shut up and started to pull my shirt off. As she was working on that, I started undoing my pants and letting them drop to the floor, thinking as quick as I could, I pulled my phone out. I said to her "so how much have you done?

Do you know what to do with this?" as I stepped out of my boxers and let my cock loose. She let out a little "wow" when she saw it. It was standing at full attention. I gave her a little push to the floor. She got down on her knees, started feeling it and touching it, and looked up at me then just leaned forward and wrapped her lips around my cock.

Oh it was wonderful. She started to suck. She started to lick. She stroked it, and played with it. She had definitely done at least this much before. While she wasn't looking I lifted my phone up and started to record her sucking my cock.

I got a minute or so before she looked up, and then I took the perfect picture of that beautiful face with my cock in her mouth. She stopped and started to object but I told her don't worry I'll erase it later.

She turned her attention back to my dick. I took more pics. She was sucking like she was dying for whatever came out, and she almost got it.

Just before I was ready to blow her head off I made her stop. I wanted to save it all for the main event. I stood her up and started kissing again.

My mouth all over hers, my hands all over her tits. I slowly reached down, looked her in the eyes, and started to undo her pants. She wrapped her hands around my neck and leaned into my shoulders and I started to push her pants down over her ass. What a beautiful ass. She had the sexiest pair of panties on, black, lacy and tight as hell, barely covering those sexy cheeks.

She said they were her favorites. Her favorite undies? I asked her "your favorite? Did you plan all this?" She said she wore them kind of hoping she could hook up with someone tonight, she had figured maybe Gary, the guy who's party it was. She flirted with him all the time and played around a little a couple of times, and thought that tonight if he wanted to try to get in her pants, she was going to let him.

But when she was walking around drunk waving her favorite bra around and came up to me that she suddenly realized she wanted me to do it instead. So something in her head just said "kiss him!" and that's why she just kissed me.

She had planned on doing it, but not on it being me, and she really didn't even see Alyssa standing next to me.

The whole thing was just a sudden impulse of pure lust. I kneeled down and slowly slid those undies down her smooth silky legs. Morgan has a naturally dark complexion and it was just beautiful so see. I had her spin around and took some pictures of that ass. She then turned back to me again and I had that beautiful furry pussy in my face.

Not too hairy, but enough. I had to lean forward and kiss it. I reached around her and grabbed her naked ass and pulled her forward to my face. I loved the feel of those perfect cheeks. I grabbed and held on and rubbed and… it was wonderful. I leaned forward and kissed her pussy lips. At the moment my lips touched hers she simultaneously pulled back, but also grabbed my head and pulled it into her, and let out a huge breathe/squeak.

I started to lick and taste. She was squirming and moving around. Finally I told her to lay down on the bed. She did. She looked so perfect.

I whipped out the phone and took another pic. She told me to stop doing that! (Yeah right, like I'm gonna stop) I leaned on the bed next to her and reached between her legs. I started rubbing her pussy and spreading those lips and eventually slipped a few fingers up into her. She absolutely jumped when I pushed one up inside her. She let out a yelp. At the same time I leaned down and put my mouth on her nipples, sucking and biting.

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I pushed my fingers in and started working her pussy. She let out a constant stream of "Oh oh oh oh oh oh my god oh oh" I asked if she had ever done this herself, because it seemed like no one had ever touched her here.

But she said she does it herself all the time, but this is different. I kept going. I moved down and started to lick her slit. She was going wild. I pulled her lips open and slid my tongue inside. She went even crazier. After a few minutes, she was so wet. I just couldn't take it anymore.

I was so hard. I stood up. I told her to spread her legs wider. She looked at me for a moment. Looked at my cock looming up over her, and slowly spread her legs apart. I love it so much when a girl does that. That moment when she just spreads her legs apart knowing that I'm going to fuck her so hard.

At that moment, you are mine to do with as I wish. You've surrendered yourself to me. I stepped up between her legs and lined myself up along her slit.

I started to rub my cock along her lips, teasing her. I leaned down to her face, got an inch or so away, and started moving my hips back and forth some more. I said "Morgan…". She said "yeah". I said "… are you ready?". She looked up at me, put her arms on my shoulders, took a deep breath and said "mmmm do it, fuck me, I wanna do it". I reached down, grabbed my cock and pushed it to the right spot.

She kept taking deep breaths and holding them waiting for me to push it in. I pushed it in. The head slipped into her and she let out a gasp. Her pussy was so tight, even though she was so wet I could barely get into her. I rocked back and forth a bit, barely moving it, but she started breathing heavy. I pushed into her more, the head popped into her, then a couple inches, She opened her eyes wide and took in a sharp breath.

I smiled. I kept it there for a moment, looked into her eyes and pushed hard. I went in a couple more inches, but I felt the resistance as her cherry busted. I was looking right into her eyes as her cherry popped, she let out a moan, pulled me tight and told me to stop.

Her pussy just clenched onto me, wrapping itself to my form. She clenched her legs against my hips to hold me right there. I had never been in anything this tight. I could feel her heartbeat. I waited a moment, still inside her and started to move again. She was moaning, and actually crying a little. I moved back up over her and told her it'll be okay don't worry. I kissed her a bit, fondled her tits a little.

I started to push again. She said no wait, I can't take any more. I laid down on top of her, at the same time pushing in a bit more. She was holding me tight and telling me no no, wait, so I stopped again. I didn't pull out, but I stopped. She was kind of teary and in a weak voice she was saying "it's so much. I didn't think it would be that big. It hurts, I didn't expect it to hurt so much." I rested there, still inside her.

I could feel her pussy throbbing and tightening around me. I told her it would be okay in a few minutes and kissed and nuzzled her neck. She rubbed my back, and slowly, slowly started to move again. Working with her motion I started pulling back, and pushing back into her. She was moaning and crying at the same time. But she still kept her motion going.

I asked if she wanted to stop, but she just pulled back, and then pulled my hips into her again. After a while of very slow motions, we got something of a real rhythm going. I hadn't had to go slow for a long time with Alyssa. I asked her if it was better now, she just moaned and kept pulling my ass into her.

I started to build the rhythm. I started to push deeper. Soon I was all the way inside her as far as I could go. I stopped for a moment, pushed into her as deep as I could go, I looked into her eyes again, and asked "are you ready to really fuck now"? She said "isn't that what we've been doing?!" I just smiled at her. I got up on my knees and pulled her legs up. I pulled a pillow up under her ass, a little trick Alyssa and I discovered.

I leaned forward, and just pushed hard into her as deep as I could. Again she took in a deep breathe, laid there with her mouth open, and tensed up as I pushed all of my cock into her. Without giving her time to recover, I pulled out, and pushed it back in deep and hard again.

Again, she moaned loudly and started moving with me. I started working this. She was moaning loud, holding me tight, and started pushing back against me with every thrust. I would push in as deep as I could and then just grind my hips against hers. I was getting close. I just started really pumping into her. Her face was screwed into a knot as she moaned and whimpered. Finally, I lifter her legs up higher, drove into her as hard and deep as I could and just started to unload inside her. I came.

And came. And came. I filled her up. She never said anything about protection, I didn't ask, I really didn't care. I pulled out after a few and started shooting over her belly.

I shot two or three more times across her body before I stopped. I relaxed and sat on my knees. She relaxed into the bed and just breathed heavy. She laid there breathing like that for a long time. I took some more pictures of her naked with my cum all over her. I laid down next to her and asked if she was okay.

She said "that was so,… intense". I said "Did you not like it? You were so incredible." She said "It's just not what I expected. I expected it to hurt a little, but,… it so… intimate, it felt like you were so far up inside me, I can still feel you inside me, I expected it to be just like playing with myself only better.

On tv they're always jumping and screaming, it seems like just, fun, but that was…" She curled up into me, "…that was incredible" I held her for a while.

I said "I'm sorry, I told you you might not like it, but you really wanted to". She said "No no, I did like it, it was amazing. It's like I can still feel you up inside me.

I just didn't expected it to be so intense. You felt so huge, I've never felt anything like that before. I feel like you're a part of me now." I don't think she realized how much of my cum was swimming up around inside her as she said that. After a while she got to feeling better about what we had done, and feeling excited that she had lost her virginity.

'No" she said, "Given her virginity". To me. She asked me if it was good, I told her "Morgan, you were incredible. Your pussy is so tight I could barely get it in. It was amazing" I told her she might want to get up and wash up, since she had cum all over her and it was gonna start stinking up the place.

The whole room smelled like sex. She got up, got dressed and we made our way out of that room. She slipped off to the bathroom, I slipped back out among the party, which yes, was still going on. I went back out among the party and people were saying they thought I left.

I told them all I was smoking out back and kinda passed out. Most of them bought that one, after the fight with Alyssa earlier it made sense to them. I checked my phone to make sure all the Morgan pics and videos were gone, and discovered Alyssa had been texting me the whole time I was fucking Morgan. So clearly now I'm in trouble for not responding, not to mention for fucking Morgan. So I called her. I explained I had smoked a little and passed out after our fight and she started apologizing for what happened.

She said she knew I was just standing there when that slut threw herself all over me, and can I forgive her. Of course I can. I should have stopped her, but I was as shocked as everyone else. She said again, "I'm so sorry baby, can you come over to my house? I promise to make it up to you". Wow. This sounds like a trap.

But yes of course I'm gonna go. I went and found Morgan to make sure she was okay. She was feeling much better now and said to me "Thank you so much. That was so wonderful, and you were so sweet and patient and didn't hurt me. You know I came here expecting to do it with Gary or even Mark maybe.

I never dreamed it would be you. I knew you were the right guy". She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big tight hug. I never did apologize to Gary for stealing his birthday present. She smiled and looked at me kind of shyly and said "do you think we can do that again? Maybe I'll be able to handle it better next time?" How am I supposed to answer that? "Of course we can, I'd LOVE that. She hugged me close and was holding me tight when my phone went off again. It was Alyssa of course.

I made Morgan promise me that she wouldn't tell anyone about this. She quickly agreed. I told her I had to go, but she should call or text me as soon as she can and we can get together. I gave her a big kiss and headed out the door to Alyssa's house. Around 7pm or so, I finally arrived at Alyssa's house. At this point I really had no idea what to expect. I knocked on the door, she opened it and just threw her arms around me.

She kissed me deep and passionate. She finally pulled me into the house and closed the door. She started saying "I'm so sorry, I never should have run off like that. I just couldn't believe that little bitch threw herself all over you RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME". I held her close and just pulled her tight. We stayed like that for a while. After a few moments I noticed Kassidy sitting over on the couch. I let go of Alyssa for the moment and gave a little wave.

I turned my attention back to Alyssa and said "listen baby you had every right to be mad, if some guy did that to you right in front of me I'd have done the same thing!" The two of them told me that Kassidy had calmed her down and convinced her that there was no chance I was cheating on her. She told Alyssa "he would do ANYthing for you, there's no way he was cheating on you".

Kassidy just smiled at me as she said this, knowing that she and I had been together at least twice while I was dating Alyssa. None the less, it is true, I would do anything for Alyssa. At that point Kassidy told us she was going to call her boyfriend to pick her up and leave us alone to make up. Heh heh. Alyssa took my hand and led me up to her bedroom. I asked her where her family was, shouldn't we be worried they'd come home? She told me they were gone to her cousins for the night for a birthday party.

She got to stay home after coming home hysterical over her cheating boyfriend, she was not going to be good company tonight. They expected she'd be home with Kassidy all night crying and eating ice cream or something. We got into her room and for a change, she closed and locked the door. She never did this when her family was home, let alone when we had the house to ourselves. She pulled me close, held me hard, and kissed me the way only she knew how. Right then she reached down to my pocket.

I nearly had a heart attack, suddenly remembering Morgan's bra stuffed in there! Luckily, she just grabbed my phone. Then I nearly had a heart attack again, remembering all the pics and video I took of Morgan.

Did I accidentally send one of those to Alyssa? Was this the point where she murders me? I thought for sure I was busted. Instead, she turned the camera on and handed it back to me and said, "I want you to take my picture". Then she stepped back and let the robe drop. She was completely naked, and beautiful as ever.

She had shaved her pussy down to a cute little landing strip, it was so fucking hot. She stood there striking poses and then just said to me "hello?

Click click" I was dumbfounded, but I just started taking pictures. What the hell was going on here? Alyssa would NEVER let me take pictures of her like this before. I had tried once but she stopped that instantly. After five or ten shots like this, she came over to me and started pulling my clothes off.

She stripped my shirt off. She undid my pants and pushed them down.

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Then she got down on her knees and pulled them, and my boxers, the rest of the way off. This was so strange, even for Alyssa. She leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. She somehow managed to take my cock all the way down her throat, it was incredible. She had never done that before. She was looking straight up into my eyes.

She pulled back, looked up at me and said, "click". Now she's letting me take pics of her actually sucking my cock? What the hell is going on here? I took another picture. Her beautiful face with my cock smacking her cheek. She again took me all the way down her throat. Click. She just started sucking me for all she was worth, getting my cock so far down her throat and working her tongue to just do magic on it.

I could barely think. I did have enough sense to turn the camera to video. I couldn't believe this was happening, especially after the events of earlier in the evening. I had to wonder if she could taste Morgan on my cock. She finally got me to the point of no return. She took my cock all the way down her throat and worked it, and suddenly I started to explode. She pulled it out quick and I just started shooting cum all over her.

It was on her face. It was in her hair. It dribbled down her body over her tits. She put her mouth back on my cock and just sucked it dry. She took everything she could get, and I recorded it all. She stood up, took my phone and put it on her nightstand, then we laid back down on her bed. I asked her what the hell was going on. She said she didn't want to lose me to Morgan, or some other little hoe just like her who comes along and offers to just give herself up to me just because she's drunk at a party.

Apparently Alyssa was in on some of those gossip sessions too. I told her "Alyssa, how long have we been together? C'mon. I'm so madly in love with you, and we are amazing together. You think I would risk losing you just because some random drunk girl kisses me at a party?" As I was talking, I scooped up some cum off her chest with one finger and just slipped it into her mouth.

We continued talking for a while, naked on her bed. I told her how many times I was scared I was going to lose her to some senior football player.

I'd seen them all flirting with her all the time, and watched her laughing and flirting right back. I'd heard them talk about her in the locker rooms when they thought I wasn't around, or maybe they knew I was there and wanted me to know how much they wanted to fuck my girlfriend. They treated all the underclass girls like little trophies for them to fuck and then pass on to the next guy. As I told her that, my hand was sliding down between her legs. She didn't realize I'd ever seen her talking with the other guys, and yes she did flirt back sometimes, but why didn't I ever say anything?

I slipped my fingers down along that landing strip and over her lips. She closed her eyes and let out a little moan. I told her I was afraid if I said anything about it that she'd think I was accusing her of something, but every time, she would come running up to me again at the end of the day and kiss me so hard I forgot all about it. I slid my finger inside her. She took in another breath. Then another finger.

She started breathing harder. I told her I always knew that she wasn't cheating on me because she was so passionate when we were together. She couldn't be like that, and be cheating on me with some meathead football players at the same time. At that point I started working just that right spot that I had discovered up inside her, and landed my thumb on her clit. She arched her back, and let out a long loud moan. I said to her "and besides, those guys just wanna fuck you.

And I know you better. You're not like that". She just laid back and started moaning and working with my rhythm as I worked her pussy in the way that I'd learned would make her cum quickly and intensely.

When I had her almost on the brink, just ready to explode, she grabbed my hand and made me stop. She said no, not yet. She rolled up and straddled me over my belly. She leaned forward and kissed me long and hard. My cock was standing up straight and hard. Then, she reached down and grabbed it, and rubbed it along her pussy right up to her clit. Again she took in a deep breath and let out a little squeak.

She always did that. She lined up my cock and just sank herself right down on it. I was shocked. First, because she felt so amazing, she was somehow even hotter tonight than usual. Secondly because, no condom. Her naked pussy grabbed me tight. She was so hot and wet, and she was working her pussy on my cock already.

It was amazing. I said to her, "what about the condom?" She just looked at me and said "fuck that, I want to feel skin inside me for once, not some fucking rubber". She put her hands on my chest and started pushing back on me hard. This wasn't like all the other times. This was like our first time, her in that little schoolgirl skirt wanting me to fuck her, but terrified of getting pregnant.

She had told me she wanted me inside her so bad that night but almost didn't do it. This time there was no hesitating. She wanted it in her and she knew it. She started pumping back and forth on me, digging her fingernails into me. She would push back and then grind her pussy in circles on my cock. It was so perfect. After a while, we switched, she got up on all four on the bed and I buried myself inside her doggy style.

We had discovered that this was her favorite position. I slid into her and was pumping away furiously. The both of us were so tensed up and ready to explode, and making so much noise, but I had one more switch I wanted to make. I stood up and pulled her over to her dresser. I came up behind her and was able to look at both of us in her dresser mirror, her beautiful body so incredible, I could feel the sex just oozing off of her.

I grabbed my phone and took another picture, then put it down back on the dresser. Then I bent her forward over the dresser, in front of the mirror, and pushed myself into her from behind again. It was so hot to be able to see her face as she approached orgasm, and mine as I pushed her there.

This was getting her off even more. She loved seeing her own face, as she watched mine trying to take her over the edge. At just that moment, she reached a hand down and started working her clit. This sent her into overload. She started her shaking and cumming all over me. She watched the mirror. She had never seen her own face when she orgasmed, and trust me, it's a beautiful sight.

This was also bringing me to the edge and I told her "I'm gonna cum", and started to pull out. She said "No don't, I want it all inside me". I said "what?" She said "just put it all inside me. I thrust into her as hard as I could and let go. I pushed as far into her as I could, and all the cum I had left just filled into her. I shot load after load up inside her.

She was saying "oh my god that is amazing, I can feel it". I just kept cumming. Finally I stopped. I kept it inside her, but stopped thrusting. Stopped shooting. She looked at me in the mirror and said "I can feel it all up inside me, that is the most amazing feeling ever".

We disengaged and fell back over onto the bed exhausted. After a few minutes of cuddling and coming down, I asked her why after all this time she wanted me to cum inside her. She said I was her first for everything. I was her first real boyfriend. Mine was the first penis she ever saw, and touched, and sucked. I was the first to do oral on her, and I took her virginity. She decided that the only thing she had left, that she had never done, was to let me cum inside her, and she wanted to feel that too.

I asked "what if you get pregnant", but she did just said "fuck it, I don't care, I wanted to feel it inside me" She wanted me to be the first guy to put his cum in her. At this point, the ONLY guy to ever leave cum in her. She said "Now no one else will ever be able to say they were my first". She said "and now I never want to do it with a condom again, that is the most amazing feeling.

I can feel it seeping down and out of me" She said "I'll have to tell my mom I want to get on birth control, because I love you so much and sometimes when I'm with you I just can't control myself, she'll buy that" I told her "It's not your MOM that I'm worried about". (Just for reference, Alyssa looks just like her mom, but younger. Her mom was about 40, but looked maybe 30, they really did look like sisters.) However, I definitely didn't want to be there for that conversation.

We got dressed. Alyssa cleaned up a bit, washed herself off. She combed her hair so it wasn't all knotted up with cum either. She put some actual clothes back on instead of just her robe and we went downstairs. It was getting late, her family could be home at any minute. What we found was, Kassidy and her boyfriend making out on the couch! She had called him to get her but she was getting so horny listening to us through the bedroom door that when he got there she just jumped on him and they ended up on the couch.


I gave Alyssa a long hot kiss. Whispered in her ear that I loved her, and then snapped one more pic of her before I left. Then Kassidy and her boyfriend offered to give me a ride home. I sat in the back of his car looking at pics on my phone. The shots of her were amazing. The shots of her sucking my cock had me almost rock hard again already. I got home and realized what a day I'd had. I never expected to end up fucking Morgan today, and although I did expect to fuck Alyssa, I didn't expect it to be like that.

I'd never fucked two girls in one day before. Alyssa and I had done it two or three times in one day before, but this was a new high. This had to be the most epic day of my life. The next week, Alyssa had that talk with her mom. That will have to be a different story.