Travelling Super Freak Delivery Service

Travelling Super Freak Delivery Service
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We reached the construction jobsite about dusk and the work crews were in the process to putting tools away and securing the area.

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Debbie handed me a hard hat and we jumped out of her car. There were three buildings in different stages of construction. We headed to the largest one, which seemed to be the most finished.


Before we reached the door, a pair of whistles and catcalls rang out from behind. Debbie shook her head and continued walking, apparently used to such behavior. I, on the other hand (who hadn't received a decent whistle in years), turned to check them out. The two, well built, black workers couldn't have been more than 25-years-old.

Even though I appreciated their attention, I figured the whistles were probably meant for my attractive sister-in-law. I politely blushed, smiled and caught up with Debbie. "So, I see you have some new admirers?" She observed. "Me? I don't think so." "Well, the guys here wouldn't dare whistle at me, being the boss's wife. No, they must be for you!" I smiled and blushed again, as she opened the door. We headed down a long concrete hallway, with another door and an overhead surveillance camera at the end.

"Barb, this is James. He's in charge of security for the entire job site," said Debbie, and introduced me to the middle aged black man. Seated behind a console with over a dozen monitors in front of him, he glanced up at me.

"Hi, nice to meet you, James," I smiled and offered my hand. His huge hand completely covered mine, but politely allowed me to do the handshake. "Likewise Ma'am," he answered quietly. "Well, I have to deliver these drawings to Burt in Building #3. I may have to go over them with him too, if you can wait here for me?" Asked Debbie. The small darklit room with all its lights and monitors was new to me and kind of intriguing.

James seemed quiet, friendly and harmless, so I opted to stay there and wait. Debbie made her exit. Scanning the room slowly, I wondered how this whole surveillance system worked. James noticed my interest. "So, can you figure out what you're looking at, Ma'am?" He asked, knowing I had no clue.

"Well yes. I mean no. I've never seen such an operation. These different screens show the different buildings right?" I asked, instantly aware of how stupid a question that must be. God, he will think I'm a typical dumb blonde, for sure. I turned my face to his for a response and watched his dark eyes quickly scan my legs, cut-off jeans, and finally settle on my chest. Slowly he shifted his gaze from my cleavage and our eyes met. His rugged, but handsome face formed a wide smile and I thought I would melt.

"Yes, Ma'am. We have three buildings, with several different views of each one to keep an eye on." I could sense, by his tone, he was not being condescending. I think he thought I was cute and opted to have fun with me. That's when I decided to keep playing the "cute" card, and perhaps be a little "blonde" in the process. I have never been with or flirted with a black man, and thought this is as good a time as any. "Oh James, you don't have to call me Ma'am. My name is Barb." I said and straddled a stool next to him.

"Yes Ma'am.err, I mean Barb," he said, as his eyes gave my ample chest the once-over again. "Do you ever get to see something interesting?" I asked softly, noticing his eyes glued to my tits. "Oh yeah! I mean yes, every once in a while," he started, then nervously switched his attention back to the dull, black and white monitors. Not wanting to jeopardize his job, his gaze remained fixed on the monitors. I swiveled around playfully on my stool and secretly unbuttoned a blouse button to show off more cleavage.

"Every once in a while, what?" I asked, teasing him to finish his statement. He was quite nervous now, as he switched views on several monitors. I could tell that he could see down my open blouse, at least peripherally. "Sometimes people show up in unexpected areas, ya know?" He said, starting straight ahead.

I delighted in his uneasiness and became aroused by his apparent lack of attention. I swiveled around once and again, undoing another button en route. With my blouse fully opened to the waist, I reached behind, grabbed the stool with both hands and thrust my tits out. Swiveling back and forth to get his attention, I noticed some activity on the building three screen.

"You mean like those people there?" I said and pointed at the monitor. Once he saw the monitor and realized what he was viewing, he quickly went to change it to another view.

"Who was that James? Why'd you change it?" I demanded. "Oh, that's nothing Ma'am, just the boss's wife talking with Burt. I don't like to spy on people I know," he noted. "Well, I do! Switch it back for a second!" I commanded. "OK, Ma'am. But if we get caught, it wasn't my fault," he shrugged and flicked the switch back on. On the tiny screen, I could make out Debbie handing the blueprints to the tall black supervisor. They conversed for a short time, until Burt put the blueprints down and the two of them embraced.

What! This was no friendly embrace. They kissed each other deeply and Burt raised Debbie's dress up to her head and then pulled it completely off. "I don't think we should be watching this Ma'am!" Stated James, as he started to switch it off. "Nonsense, James. This is definitely worth watching.

Don't you dare turn it off! And stop calling me Ma'am, dam it! I only wish we could see it better!" I sneered and leaned next to him, to get a better view.


Now it was me who was transfixed on the monitor, with James examining my big boobs up close. I think it was all he could do to keep from leaning down and taking a mouthful. "Well, I suppose, if you really want to see them better, I could switch it to the big screen, here." And, with that, Debbie and Burt were on the big screen and we could hear them talking.

Talking is probably not the correct term. Fucking is what it was: groaning, moaning, kissing and sucking. In no time, he had her stripped naked and she was doing the same to him. "We don't have a lot of time, Burt," she said excitedly. "Time enough for you to give me some head, bitch!" He snapped, as she went to her knees and unzipped his pants. He tore his shirt off to reveal a perfectly toned chest, as Debbie took his cock in her mouth. From the camera angle, we couldn't see his cock.

But watching this erotic scene was making me seriously horny. "See James, isn't that better? Why are you so nervous? Haven't you watched two people go at it?" "Yes, but not." He stopped. "But not what? I begged. "I've never watched something like this with a woman, especially a white woman!" He admitted "And I've never done it, I mean watched it with a black man either.

So what? That's nothing to be nervous about. It's just a little naughty don't you think?" I said and winked. "It's just that. you are very attractive, and." "You really think I'm attractive? I didn't think you even noticed?" I pouted and stroked his strong jaw line with my hand. By the look in his eyes and the huge bulge in his pants, I could tell James would have jumped me that very second.

I ignored his handsome features and watched Debbie giving Burt his requested blowjob. "Dam, wish we could see his dick. I've never seen a black cock before. I've heard about them. Is it true what people say about black cocks?" I asked. "And, what have you heard?" James smiled. "Oh you know, that many of them are huge. Sometimes, even too big for fucking!" "I think that's just a myth," laughed James. "Oh really? Is that so?" "Yeah, just like white woman are all either princesses or frigid," he said daringly.

"Well, I'm neither one of those! So I suppose that means you have a small dick?" I surmised. "I wouldn't say it was small, but." he smiled. "Oh yeah? Well, maybe we should just check it out," I whispered, leaned into him and reached for his crotch.

He stared defiantly at me, spread open his legs and seemed to dare me. Never one to turn away from an obvious dare, I unzipped his fly and reached inside his shorts. I was pleasantly surprised to feel his thick stiff erection and pulled it out for inspection. Glancing away from his piercing dark eyes, I looked down, took a firm grip and felt the length of him.

Hmm, about the same length as my husband's eight inch erection, but much thicker! "Very nice James, and ooh, it's so hard! Is that for me or from watching them?" I asked and gave it a few tough yanks. He took in a deep, shaky breath, and gently pulled my white cotton blouse over my shoulders. Pulling my bra straps down, he slowly let out a long gust of hot breath.

I felt my juices flow, as he leaned over and kissed my naked neck and shoulders. I undid my remaining blouse buttons and reached behind to unclasp my bra. Without a word, he pulled my blouse and bra off, and leaned back to savor his prize. My big sagging tits with hard nipples found a new home in the palms of his massive hands. For the first time, a man had hands large enough to hold them entirely.

After a sweet message, he buried his face in them and licked each one, until my chest was coated with his saliva. "Oh God YES! Suck my big white tits!" I yelled and threw my head back to give him my all. James was intent on saturating my bosom, to the point where he could no longer hold my slippery mounds. I fixed my focus again on the large monitor, to witness my sister-in-law on top of a drafting table being reamed out by her husband's chief foreman.

The erotic sight of him taking her from behind and hearing her mournful cries was incredible. Tugging and pulling on James' shirt, I pulled it off him. He unfastened my jeans, reached under my armpits and pulled me up, so my knees supported me on the stool. Until then, I had no idea how tall a man he was. When he stood to take my shorts down, my head only came to his chest. His callused hands gently lowered my panties, as my hand yanked faster and harder on his manhood.

"You WILL be gentle with me James, won't you?" I begged. He said nothing, but inserted two black fingers into my wet pussy. Feeling his fingers caress my clitoris, I had my first quick orgasm. Quickly I pulled his belt and pants open.

His pants fell to the floor, as I ripped his shorts down over his erection. "Should we lock the door, or anything?" I asked, breathlessly. I wanted his black cock in me, so bad, I hardly noticed Debbie and Burt were no longer on screen.

James lifted my naked body effortlessly from the stool and laid me on the long console. Still standing, he spread my legs open and took hold of my ankles. His sizable cock was in perfect position. As he moved toward me, I reached down, took hold of it and guided it to its intended target. "That's it Baby. Put that beautiful black cock in my white pussy! Oh yeah!" I yelled, as he sunk his entire length into me.

James didn't waste any time getting down to the basics. Moving his hips forward and back, each stroke sunk his forbidden cock deeper inside me. The silent room filled with the sounds of my moans and the rhythmic wet slaps of his pelvis against my thighs. Showing no signs of stopping, my black lover's constant thrusts were making me cum again. I grabbed hold of one of my melons and squeezed tight, while I massaged my clit with my other hand.

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"Oooooh, that's it Baby. God dam! I'm cuming! I'm cuming all over your black cock!" I screamed. My body thrashed wildly, as he continued to hold my ankles high and fuck me at a steady, even pace.

I started to wonder how long he could keep up this sweet attack on my pussy. Suddenly, I noticed activity on one of the small hallway monitors. Two workers had a brief conversation, then started walking down the long corridor toward the camera. The closer they came, the more I recognized them as the same young men I had seen earlier. I glanced at the monitor label.

It read 'Building #1'. Oh, my God they're coming this way! "James, I think were gonna have some company!" I said, nervously. No reply. The man was in a trance, or something.

Leering down at my big tits, he tightened his hold on my ankles and never broke his stride. Even when the door flew open, he was unshaken.

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"WELL, what do we have here?" Asked the taller of the two, in utter amazement. "See Man, I told ya she would have a great set of tits!" Exclaimed the other. "OK, you two. Have yourselves a nice look, and then go," I said, trying to hide my fear. James acted like nobody was there, but us two. "So lady, I don't think ole' James has ever had a booty call from a white chick," stated the tall one.

James finally sensed my uneasiness and picked up his pace. Apparently, he was going to take me all the way, even in front of our accidental audience.

The faster his cock pistoned in my pussy, the more I tried to ignore the boys and refocus on James. However, I could see the boys were getting pretty heated up, watching James and I go at it.

They stood at the end of the console and egged James on.

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I felt the huge black man's erection start to throb inside me and threw my head back. My eyes shut tight, as his cock exploded in my cunt. His thrusts pushed my whole body closer and closer to the end of the console, while his great load filled my pussy. I heard his final grunts of pleasure and opened my eyes to see a long cock hanging inches from my face.

Both boys had stripped down and were working up some nice size erections, when James pulled his spent manhood out of me. "Move it, old man. She'll be wanting some nice young meat now," said the shorter one, pushing James aside. Body-wise, the boy was half the size of James, but quite muscular. James was fairly exhausted by now, and didn't put up a fight. I quickly tried to react to what was about to happen, but the boy was too fast.

Before I could move away, he had slipped his sizable cock into my drenched pussy. The other boy was painting my boobs with precum from his long black cock.

"Hey, come on you guys! I don't think this is such a good idea," I pleaded. I was losing control of the situation and whatever fantasies I had about doing multiple guys at once was turning more into a sense of fear than fun. "Lady, we think this is a great idea! Why don't you just relax and let it happen? You really are one, hot momma," winked the short boy, as he fucked me harder.


His short, youthful strokes quickened and he must have hit my clit just right, because I started to cum again. My mouth opened wide in orgasm, only to be filled with the tall one's long cock. The fact that you can't rape the willing flashed through my brain, so I gave up and eagerly sucked the tall boy's long black rod. With one young stud fucking my pussy and the other fucking my mouth, I let myself go. I was totally at their mercy, but somehow felt I wasn't in any real danger.

The more I relaxed and let them have their way with me, the more aroused I became. Watching these three strangers take me like a common whore was exhilarating and intoxicating. The short muscular buck soon shot his hot load inside me, but I wanted more. Sensing the tall one was also ready to explode, I whipped his long cock from my mouth and put a chokehold around the base of it. "OK Stud, it's your turn. Come here and fuck my white pussy with that big black dick!" I demanded. Copious amounts of spunk seeped from my well-stretched pussy, as the tall black boy's cock easily entered me.

I could hardly feel his thin dick inside me, until it hit the back of my cervix. He pumped in and out of my slushy pussy admirably, but I could tell he wasn't really enjoying it. I looked up at him, smiled and gave him a long knowing wink.

Turning to my right again, I was surprised to see James's fat cock staring back at me. "See Ma'am, I told you black ones come if all sizes too," he smiled and reached down to fondle my jugs again. "Yeah James, I see that.and they're all so yummy too!" I added seductively and pulled my hand up his long thigh, and caressed his balls. I flicked the head of his cock with my tongue a few times, before taking it fully in my mouth.

Such a sweet luscious cock he had. The thickness of it expanded my mouth to the max, while I let him sink it deeper into my throat.

With eyes closed, I concentrated on taking as much of it as I could. In the meantime, the tall boy gave up fucking my loose pussy and pulled out.

I felt another orgasm building and reached down with my left hand to finger my clit. As I worked myself up to a nice climax, I felt another cock parting my swollen pussy lips. By the size of it, I could tell it wasn't the tall boy. It was every bit as thick as James', so it couldn't be the short stud. Whoever it was, his meat was big, and growing inside me. My pussy expanded to its fullest, as I felt the length of the stranger's cock hit my back wall. Two strong hands gripped my wide hips and the huge tool began to thrust in and out.

James relentlessly continued to fuck my mouth, while the stranger's huge pole penetrated me deep with each stroke. My body was on fire with an insatiable lust I'd never known. Spread out on the console like some white sacrificial whore, my hand dropped from James' hip and was soon filled with the tall one's hard slippery cock again.

Instinctively I took hold of his long dick and soon had him grunting along with the others. "That's it Burt; fuck her good! She loves big cocks!" I heard Debbie prodding. I suddenly realized who was terrorizing my poor pussy. It was Burt, Debbie's secret stud. But, with three black cocks ripping into me, it mattered little whose they were.

My jaw was numb and my cunt was about to burst, when I felt Debbie's naked body next to mine. It was kind of a relief to feel her soft skin against me, as the hardened crew continued their onslaught. "Ooh Baby, you look so delicious," she whispered seductively and fondled my tits. I shuddered in response to her touch, and she teased my hard nipples with nice wet tongue licks. On her knees and leaning over to suck my boobs, I was able to run my free hand up her thigh to her naked pussy.

My fingers found her wet clit and I began to masturbate her, when she whispered again, "Umm, so you seem to like having all these black cocks?" I moaned agreeably, and tried to nod as best I could, with James' thick rod in my mouth. "I think you're more of a slut, than I ever gave you credit for, Barb," she purred. I blinked my eyes in quiet resignation. "Perhaps you need a slut's reward, huh?" I wasn't sure what constituted a slut's reward, but I probably deserved it.

I nodded in agreement. Still massaging her pussy, I felt another cock head inching its way inside her. The young, shorter workman had crept up behind her, and was apparently ready for more action.

I reached out further and took hold of the base of his average sized dick and helped slip it inside her warm hole. Now I had a firm grip on two young black cocks, with two mature cocks in me. After several heated thrusts from her uninvited intruder, Debbie admonished him and pulled away. "Well, what do your guys think?" She asked. They responded with positive grunts and similar smiles, I'm sure.

"My sister-in-law is quite the white slut and I think she's earned a slut's reward, for all her hard work. I want you all to give her a nice cum bath," she said, in a more demanding tone. "Yes, Ma'am. I could do that RIGHT NOW!" Exclaimed James, as he pulled his thick meat from my mouth.

"By all means, James. Give her your best shot!" Yelled Debbie. Finally I was able to see big Burt's face starring down at me. With both hands full of young cock, I took note of his rugged but appealing good looks. James' first blast of hot cum left a long white stream across my tits. This got my attention, and I switched my gaze from Burt to James. Batting my eyes up at him, I opened my mouth wide and ran my tongue slowly around my lips. James shot another nice size load of jism on my face and I felt my tall young man's cock start to throb.

James was squeezing the last remaining remnants of juice into my mouth, when the tall boy pushed him aside.The tall lad had been patient enough.

He feverishly jacked his long dong, until it spewed forth thick white globs of pent-up cum on my forehead and nose. I clenched his dick head with the same hand I had jacked him with and milked out a few squirts of his starchy deposit onto my tongue. Starring up at him with my face coated in semen, I thanked him for being so patient.

"I just might need some help, bitch!" I turned to hear the short, muscular one say. He had moved to my side and his semi-erect cock dripping with precum was inches from my mouth. "I would be glad to help, but you don't have to call me names," I said, smiling first at him and then at Burt. Looking down at Burt's huge manhood nearly buried inside my pussy, the boy apologized and politely asked if I would please suck his cock.

Taking hold of my cream coated boobs, I tilted my head to one side and opened my mouth. After only a few minutes of hard sucking, his erection was back at full strength.

The base of his cock thickened and started to throb against my lips. "Oh God, I'm cuming. I'm cuming!" He screamed, and yanked his ejaculating dick out of my mouth. Grabbing the back of my head with one hand, he sprayed fresh cock juice from one side of my face to the other and back again. My eyes, my cheeks, my chin, even my hair were now coated in cum. I had been defiled like a common slut and part of me loved it.

Each man's load had a distinctive delicious taste, and I looked forward to tasting Burt's as well. Wiping white goo from my eyes, I was treated to the novel sight of my sister-in-law's naked ass above me.

She was standing and straddling my waist, while Burt ate out her pussy. Her short legs put her snatch at just the right height for Burt's long tongue, which I could easily see through her spread legs. The more she moaned, the deeper he thrust his swollen cock into my sore cunt. Forget the cum bath, all I wanted now was a rock hard fucking from Debbie's black lover. With my hands free, I leaned up and grabbed my legs to spread them wide. Debbie moans intensified, as did my screams of delight.

I heard her cuming and saw her legs go to spaghetti. I let go of my legs and took hold of her hips to guide her down. Once she settled on my torso, I pulled her thighs back to line us up in a 69. She licked my sensitive clit as Burt's dick started to throb inside my pussy.

I raised my cum-soaked face to her pussy. My slimy face coated her thighs, as I licked and sucked her own freshly fucked cunt lips. "Don't you come inside her, Burt! She's due for a cum bath," she reminded him. "But.but. Baby, I can't wait!" Laying my head back down, I braced myself for his load. All of the sudden he was gone! Debbie had yanked his honker out and was taking my reward in her mouth. And, what a reward it must be.

He grunted with each powerful pump, as she took in more and more of his sweet juice. My hips writhed in painful anticipation, while my heels locked on to his strong thighs. "Oh God! I need it! I need to be fucked NOWWW!" I screamed in utter frustration. Looking around the tiny room for any takers, my other three friends were all doing there best to ready themselves to accommodate me. All of them were at different stages of erection, but none of their cocks could measure up to Burt.

Debbie finally finished off Burt and swung herself up and over me. Her cheeks bulged with my reward, and I figured she wanted to share it. Still eager to taste Burt's cum; I opened my mouth for her. She lowered her face to mine and winked at me in that sweet, sexy way. But, instead of unloading in my mouth, she began to spray my face with his starchy cum.

The cum dripped from my lips when I smiled up at her. I had been taking this all too seriously. This final cum bath was meant to remind me to lighten up. "Oooh Baby, yeah. Give me all that sweet cum!" I purred, and finger-painted it all over my face. "I just love fresh black cock cream all over me." I pouted, as Debbie unloaded the rest of it.

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I must of looked like a whore dipped face-first into a vat of mayonnaise. Debbie's face still hovered inches from mine, to make sure I was OK with this degree of humiliation. She smiled. "Are you OK, Barb?" She asked with another smile. "Oh yeah, Baby. We're just couple of cum sluts aren't we?" I answered, running my hand up her naked back. She started to answer and I pulled her face to mine for a big wet kiss. At first she fought and tried to pull away, until she realized the damage had been done.

Both of our faces now a sticky mess, she thrust her tongue into my mouth and we entertained the men with a nice, long lesbian kiss. Our staged smooching was subsiding, when I felt hands on my thighs again. I leaned up on my elbows, just in time to see Burt's revived manhood reenter my pussy.

"Well look whose back for seconds! I'm sorry, but we have we met? Why, you must be Burt. My name's Barb, and it's nice to meet ya!" I smiled and held up my right hand. Burt smiled, shook my hand, took hold of my hips and proceeded to bury his growing erection deep in me.

Debbie sent one of the young muscle man off to find some towels. This left James and the tall young man standing there with cocks again at full mast.

"God dam Barb! Don't you love black men? Look how resilient they are!" "It IS amazing," I agreed, breathlessly trying to keep up with Burt's accelerated thrusts. "Maybe I should take care of them?" She asked, licking her lips. "Would that be OK, Burt?" She didn't wait for his answer, but slid down from the console and approached them. Taking both their cocks in each hand, she whispered something to them. James lay down on the floor for Debbie to straddle him. Holding his thick stiff cock straight up, she squatted down to take it in her pussy.

She took his thick meat all the way with little effort. Like a bullrider just let out of the shoot, she rode him hard -and for more than the required eight seconds. When the tall stud, hard cock in hand, came to her from behind, she stopped riding and leaned forward over James. The sight of her taking the tall one's long member in the ass really got me going. Burt and I were back on the fast track. He reached over to tug on my tits and I leaned up to grab his upper arms.

His cock couldn't go any further inside me, but I wanted more. I threw my arms around his neck; my legs around his waist; locked my fingers together and pulled myself up to him. "Deeper Baby, deeper!" I pleaded. With that, he reached under my arms and lifted me off the console. Standing, he lowered his hands to my ass and raised me up, only to let me slide down hard on his tool.

"Yeah Baby. That's it! Fill me up with that black monster!" I yelled and kissed him passionately for the first time. Sucking his long tongue deep in my mouth, he raised me up and let go over and over again. I boiled over with another orgasm and fell limp against him. He sat down on a nearby stool. Remembering the stool had foot supports; I unlocked my legs from his waist and found the support.

Pushing against the support with my feet I was able to ride him, which I continued to do at a slower pace. We kissed and fucked like this for a time, before the muscular errand boy returned with the towels. Upon seeing the five of us going at it, he quickly disrobed and discarded the towels. He jacked away at his increasing boner, but seemed confused.

He didn't quite know which way to go. "Come here, Honey. You seem to be lost," I said seductively, over my shoulder. I felt his tight muscular chest against my back and two new hands cupping my bouncing boobs. His hard cock found its way to my ass crack.

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Looking down at Debbie going at it with her two black beauties, I was jealous and wanted the same treatment. "I don't know about you, but I think I can find a good home for that sweet cock of yours," I whispered and squeezed my ass cheeks together. He prodded my asshole with his tool and tried to force it in me. "No Baby, you have to get me nice and wet first, OK?" I stated patiently. Apparently the young man had never done anal before. What am I saying? I had done it only once before with my husband.

Hearing my sister-in-law's cries of pain and pleasure, I just had to have it again. Bouncing up and down on Burt's never-ending shaft, and feeling the young man's tongue licking my asshole, I wondered if I could actually take both of them. Whatever reservations I might have had soon disappeared, as I felt my lubed-up rectum start to spread. Stopping my bouncing in mid-air, his average sized cock slipped into my puckered hole and it felt every bit as big as Burt's rigid cock.

Speaking of Burt, his huge salami, even half way inside my pussy, left little room for anything else. "Oh God, I. I don't think I can." I started, then bit my lower lip, as he pushed it deep into my asshole.

Somehow, I adjusted to his length inside me and tried to relax. "Oooh, that's nice! Ummm, I kinda like that," I hummed, and felt it flex inside me. Burt must have felt the young man's cock flexing in my ass and he returned a flex of his own. That sent me to an immediate climax, and I unconsciously lowered myself to take in the balance of Burt's raging cock.

"Christ! Oh, God, I'm coming againnn!" I screamed. The young stud took that as his cue and started fucking my ass like crazy. Each of his deep thrusts raised me up and down Burt's thick shaft, until I was in a constant state of orgasm. Waves of erotic pleasure came over me, and I banged against both of them.

My screams of pain turned into grunts of torturous pleasure. In reality, the small room was one big grunt-fest, with the six of us trading sounds that could best be described as animals in the wild. The sweat flew off my body, and the scent of two cum-soaked, mature women permeated the air.

My carnal lust was insatiable, even when my muscular lover shot a load of liquid warmth into my ass. I never stopped, or even slowed up to butt-squeeze his cock for more juice.

His spent semi-hard dick popped out on one of the up strokes, along with a full stream of jism. His cum found its way down Burt's long shaft and must have settled in a pool on his big balls. From then on, when my pussy hit his cock base, it made a splashing sound. "Man, I'm gonna fuck you 'til that black monster falls off! You know that? You like fucking white pussy don't you Burt? You like sucking big white tits don't you?" I yelled.

He nodded and I pussy slammed him harder. "Why don't you quit squeezin' my white ass and tug on these a while?" I said, leaning back to give him full access.

He grabbed my boobs roughly and tried to suck them on the upstrokes. "Don't worry Burt. These white tits can take it. Go ahead and suck 'em! That's it Baby, suck 'em HARD!" His mouth clamped on to one of my nipples, which stretched my boob out of proportion on each down stroke. What little pain that came from the stretch was delicious.

I smirked and tweaked the other nipple in delight. Burt was delighted as well. Whether it was my rough language, my voluptuous body or the whole lurid scene, I could feel his cock throbbing against my vaginal wall.

"Ooooh I love a good suck-and-fuck. That's it, Baby. Fill me up, while you suck my big tit. Fill my white pussy with your hot cum. ooooooh!" I said softly. I leaned down and pulled my other boob up to my mouth.

I was about to suck it in, when I noticed my muscular lover just standing and taking it all in. I motioned him over to me and quickened my ride. "Here Stud. Suck my tit!" With both black men hard-sucking my tits, I bounced my way to another quick orgasm. Soon after, Burt's mammoth cock erupted inside me, sending jolts of pleasure through me. Debbie and her daring duo were piled in one big twisted naked mess on the floor, totally exhausted. I climbed off of Burt's shrinking cock and dressed.

I pulled Debbie to her feet and helped her dress. She said her good-byes to Burt and I thanked James and the others for the tour. "So, what do ya say, girl?" She asked, as we hobbled back to the car.

"Well, I'll tell ya Debbie.I have a new found perspective of gang bangs and Oreos," I laughed. "OREOS?" She asked. "Yeah.

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