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New big xxx 2019 live
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Part 2 of my first story. Be kind, but I'd appreciate your feedback! Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next few days were agonizing for me. I was on pins and needles, waiting (and hoping) Chris would finally call me. I felt so stupid, checking my cell phone every chance I got, or keeping my cordless home phone with me at all times while I was at home.

I didn't dare leave the house except if absolutely necessary (I realized that I REALLY needed to go grocery shopping), for fear of missing his call.

I played with myself repeatedly - almost non-stop - since that day, using my favorite toys and getting into my favorite positions, but nothing compared to that first evening. I had even ordered that toy being advertised on TV that was supposed to "blow your hair back", hoping it would arrive soon and I could do something to satisfy the insane itch I needed to scratch. I even found myself just lounging around without any panties and wearing just my over-sized night shirts so I could easily reach down and tease my horny kitty whenever I could (which was almost constantly).

By the time Friday rolled around, the feelings were starting to subside and I was resigning myself to spending the weekend club-hopping to look for a new boy-toy to play with. It had been over a month since I had gotten laid, and I really needed to feel a nice, hard cock in my pussy, even if it was just a one-night stand. I was getting pretty sexually frustrated, and even Dayna (one of the girls at work) had noticed and said I just needed to go out and get good and fucked.

I think she would have like to have been the one to take care of my insatiable throbbing between my legs, but all I really wanted was to be pounded into oblivion by Chris, and I still wasn't comfortable enough to experiment with another girl. On my way home, I stopped and picked up some Chinese take-out and planned on spending the night by myself, curled up on the couch and watching movies.

When I got home, I wanted to pamper myself before my movie-marathon, so instead of taking my customary after-work shower, I started a bath in my over-sized garden tub. Adding a little too much bubble bath and lighting a few candles (I love candles), I returned to the bedroom and stripped off my work clothes.

Not thinking of anything - or anyone - in particular, I let my hands roam over my naked flesh, feeling my own arousal. I was feeling my wonderful boobs, admiring their shape, their fullness, and lightly caressed my skin just the way I liked it. I smiled as I watched my nipples grow right before my eyes and marveled at the rush of wetness between my legs as I licked my finger and traced wet circles around each of them.

I padded back into the bathroom, paying attention at how my boobs swayed when I walked - giving a quick bounce on my heels to watch them jiggle for a second in front of the mirror, and with a giggle and huge smile, I stepped into the bubble-filled tub.

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Even though there was still some evening skylight coming through the window, it was an extremely romantic setting, and I couldn't stop myself from thinking naughty thoughts. The only thing I was missing was a glass of wine, and Chris. That started my motor running again, and I closed my eyes as I started imaging the feel of his hands again.

I ran my own hands back over my breasts, wishing it was Chris that was discovering how wonderful they felt; exploring their soft texture, their weight, their size, their firmness. I was picturing the expressions of pleasure and discovery on his face as I let my hands continue to roam over my soft and smooth skin. I pulled my feet closer, which allowed my knees to rest on either side of the tub and opened up my pussy. I glided my hands gently up and down the insides of my thighs under the water, enjoying the teasing.

I began to imagine that Chris and I were naked on a deserted beach. In my mind, Chris was perched between my legs and it was his hands that were exploring me. With my slightly puffy pussy lips parted, I gently slid my fingertips up and down the length of my slit. Aside from the water, I could feel the super-smooth wetness of my girl-juice. I wanted to taste it (I've always loved how my pussy tastes), but if I did, it would end up tasting the soap from the bath, so I couldn't - which made me want to taste it even more.

I wasn't going crazy just yet.I wanted to make this last so I could just relax and enjoy the pleasure I was feeling, and it was building pretty fast. I parted my inner lips, which were always much "shorter" than my outer lips. I always thought that the more sex I had, the more they would stretch and start to sag or hang below my pussy, but I guess with all the working out and exercise, they've stayed put, keeping my pussy looking young and fresh like I it was in high school.

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My little button was erect, peeking out from under the hood and aching for attention. I scooped some of my wetness on my finger as best I could under water and slowly traced gentle circles around it. The heat I felt in my loins was amazing! I kept sliding my finger along the sides and slowly started working on my love-tunnel. First, it was just near the entrance, only pushing in about an inch or so.

I'd pull my finger out and tease my clit again, before sliding inside a little deeper, building that pressure in my gut for what was sure to be an intense orgasm.

I teased myself like this for quite some time, even letting my other hand play with my boobs and my sensitive nipples. I knew I was working myself up pretty good, and it was amazing!


My mind was filled with thoughts of Chris, fantasizing that he knew just how to work me and get me to do crazy things in bed, like I've always wanted. I was trying to picture what it would look like from his perspective, and how turned on it would make him.

To build the tension even more, I took three fingers and slammed them up inside, as far as I could reach. The contrast from my slow teasing to the forceful motion of my thrusting hand caused me to grunt in pleasure. I left my fingers deep in my hole and began flexing my kegle muscles. I could feel them gripping my fingers, almost pulling them in deeper. I plunged my fingers in and out a few times, careful not to lose control, then went back to making the slower circles around my now-throbbing clit, moaning Chris's name between my gasps.

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My breathing was getting pretty heavy and my heart was racing, but I still wanted this to last. It was a strange mix of feelings - the powerful urge to just let myself cum, coupled with my own willpower trying to hold me back.

I imagined this is what girls would go through, being tied up as one of those bondage-slaves, being sexually tortured by their masters. I don't like pain, so I never did or wanted to do any of those things, but the thought of being sexually teased to the brink of orgasm and being held right there on the edge - has always been a major fantasy of mine. As I was imagining Chris as my torturer, I began rhythmically sliding my fingers in and out of my slick hole and knew that my orgasm was getting close.

I put my ankles up on either side of the tub, spreading my legs as much as possible. I now had both hands between my legs - one hand with three fingers sawing in and out of me, and my other hand rubbing my engorged clit faster and faster.

As I started to cum and saw shooting stars racing past my closed eyelids, I squeezed all four fingers of my right hand inside me and used my left hand to hold them in as deep as I could get them. My ankles slipped off the sides of the tub with a splash as my entire body started to shake and quiver.

I uncontrollably started thrusting my hips, trying to get my fingers in deeper. I actually let a finger of my left hand (the one that was holding my fingers deep in my pussy) slip down and push at the entrance of my other hole. I normally don't do anal sex, but every now and then I've enjoyed a nice hard cock filling my tiny backside opening, stretching me and making me feel like I'm completely stuffed with cock and ready to burst at the seams.

The little push of my finger just barely teasing my backside opening, sent me screaming off the edge. I was shaking, splashing water all over the place and almost slipped under the water before catching myself with my feet against the far end.

When I came down off the incredible orgasmic high and started to regain my breath, I started giggling and ended up laughing hysterically. "Drowned in a tub while fucking herself with a finger up her ass! Oh God, the girls at the office would laugh about that for years!" Drying myself off enough to air-dry without dripping everywhere, I went into my bedroom to change. Instead of my usual over-sized nightshirt, and since I was feeling "pretty" (probably because of the post-orgasmic glow I could still feel), I pulled out my crimson-red silk camisole which had a matching pair of silk shorts.

The camisole felt wonderful against my skin. It was held by a couple small "spaghetti straps" and it hung fairly low across the tops of my boobs and left most of my midriff exposed. It was tight enough to accent the size of my tits, but loose to where if I leaned forward just enough, I could see straight down to my belly button. The shorts were "low risers" that rested just below the tops of my hips and butt. They were cut short enough so they ended about an inch below the crease the formed along the underside of my cheeks where my legs end and my little "bubble-butt" starts.

If I were to stretch too hard or stand on my tippy-toes, the front would get pulled tight against (and occasionally "in") my pussy, but they were loose enough to be very roomy and comfortable.

The silky smoothness of the camisole felt very erotic as it gently moved against my nipples, keeping them in a constant state of arousal. I didn't wear this very often, as I had originally bought it to wear for an old boyfriend. Needless to say, it never stayed on very long when we were together! I heated up my Chinese take-out, put a movie in the DVD player and sat on the couch enjoying my "girl time". I had finished eating and was watching a particularly romantic scene in the movie that was beginning to cause a stir between my legs.

Just as I was thinking about another session of "fun", my phone rang. I was so startled that I dropped the remote twice before I could pause the movie. I gave a quick giggle as the screen was paused on a particularly good view of the guys butt.

I grabbed the phone and looked at the caller ID - I didn't recognize it and thought about letting it go to voicemail, but remembered that it could be Chris (even though I had already memorized his number from his face sheet at work.

I was ready to give up hope that he'd call, so the number didn't register at first. "Hello?" I asked. "Hi! Is this Tiffany?" he replied. I swallowed hard and my eyes lit up in both shock and pleasure at the same time. I blushed and felt completely embarrassed that I barely had any clothes on - even though this was just a phone call and he had no idea what I was wearing and nobody could possibly see me.

"Yes. Who's calling?" I asked, with a slight crack in my voice. I knew it was him, but I somehow wanted to make sure I wasn't imaging this, or it wasn't just some asshole who just happened to sound like him. "It's Chris, from Dr. Fiskar's.

You asked me to call?" He sounded so innocent, like we were in school and he was nervous about talking to a girl for the first time. "Oh my God! You FINALLY called! What the hell took you so long?" I asked, surprised and pleased at the same time. "I'm sorry, I actually completely forgot about it until tonight, when I was doing my laundry and re-discovered your note." He 'forgot'?

Uh oh, I thought, this may not be what I was hoping it was. " you've been busy?" I asked, a little less 'flirty' and a little more jealous. "Yeah, it's been a pretty long week, Nicki has had me pretty busy." Nicki? Uh oh. Was I so desperate for a good fuck that I didn't even think if he had a girlfriend? Shit!

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He's in a band, dumb-ass! He's probably got HUNDREDS of girls lined up, waiting to suck his dick before he fucks the shit out of a half-dozen other girls, and they're all probably a hell of a lot younger and better looking than I am. I must be such an ass. "Nicki?" I said, timidly. "Yeah, our producer: Nik Harper. We call him 'Nicki', for short. He's one of the best in the business." He said, nonchalantly enough that I couldn't tell if he noticed my mental jealousy.

"Oh! That's right, were in a band." I said it as a jab for his earlier comment about 'forgetting' to call me, but it came out in such a way that we both cracked up laughing. I was so relieved it wasn't another girl, I almost cried.

I sat back down on the couch and we just talked. I kept adjusting my clothes, however, as the sound of his voice mixed with the silky feel of my camisole and the frozen image of an incredibly sexy butt on the TV were all getting my kitty purring again. I have no idea how long we talked, but my nipples were straining against the silk of the camisole and I absent-mindedly let my free hand wander between my legs.

The heat my pussy was generating was more than usual, which caused me to shiver with one of those pleasure-waves that washed over me, leaving goose bumps all over my skin.

"Tiff? You still there?" He asked. I guess I was lost in thought for a bit. "Yeah, sorry, I just.thought about.something." God, I sounded like such an idiot! "Oh! Look, I've been rambling for a while and should probably let you go. I'm sure you have plans or something." NO! I screamed at the top of my my mind, anyway. I WANT YOU OVER HERE THIS INSTANT SO WE CAN FUCK LIKE RABBITS ALL NIGHT! God, how I wanted him to know what I was thinking!


I was sliding my finger in and out of my hole while we were talking, and I'm sure my face was flushed. His voice was so damn sexy, I couldn't help it!

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A few times, I had to pull the phone away from my face so he couldn't hear me breathing so heavy. God, I wanted him! "Well, if you're not busy, why don't we do something tomorrow?" He finally asked.

My eyes were wide open, and I held myself perfectly still so I didn't miss a word he was saying at this point. I didn't want to answer too quickly, lest he find out how horny I was or how much I had been waiting for him to say it. "Yeah, that sounds fine.

I don't really have any plans tomorrow, so that would be great! What time?" "Well, I've got some running around to do, and I thought maybe you'd like to join me and we could, know.hang out?" He sounded so cute, I could tell he was nervous! "Okay, I just need to know when and where." "Oh!

Yeah, I guess that would help! How 'bout I pick you up.say, 2:00?" "That would be fine!" "Great!" he said, with a huge sigh of relief in his voice.

Just as we were about to hang up, he said: "Oh, and I liked your" He said it in such a way that it caused me to blush even further, feeling like I had just been caught passing a note to a cute guy in class. "I'm glad you liked it." I said, thinking how stupid I sounded. With that, all he said was "Okay, time's up!" and he abruptly hung up without giving me a chance to say anything else.

"What the fuck?" I said, not really upset that he hung up on me. I stared at the phone, half expecting it to ring with him apologizing to me, like most guys would. After several minutes, I thought about calling him back to ask what that was about, but then thought that's what he wanted me to do, so I didn't. Crazy, right? I'm NOT doing what I think he wants me to do, because I don't want him to think he's got one over me, but then again, maybe I'm doing exactly what he wants me to do, by not calling him.

"What the fuck?" I said again, a little louder. I couldn't help but giggle as I knew that this guy had me in the palm of his hand, and I LOVED it! I finished watching the movie with a non-stop grin on my face and decided that it was late enough for me to get to bed. Hopefully tomorrow was going to be a late night, and I wanted to be well-rested. I had no idea how correct I actually was! I lay down on my queen-size bed, remembering that it hasn't been getting much use lately, aside from my own activities.

I started touching myself, as I usually do before I go to sleep, and although I could easily work myself into a frenzy, I drifted off after just some light teasing of my fingers on my still-damp pussy, and fell asleep with my hand down my shorts.