Nikki Thorne Exotic beauty in boots takes in the ass

Nikki Thorne Exotic beauty in boots takes in the ass
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After Martin left, Caroline wandered back into the kitchen and fixed herself a gin and tonic. She glanced at the clock -- 3 in the afternoon; a little early even for her. She had enjoyed her session with Martin. It filled, albeit briefly, a yawning gap in her life where an attentive husband should have been.


Of course she was grateful for the trappings that Harry's hard work and wealth brought her -- the pool especially had been a long held ambition of hers - but it did mean he worked long hours and the stress of his job took its toll on their personal life. That was why she had been delighted when Angela had suggested setting up their "women's circle".

It had been Angela who had first introduced her to the idea of the circle as she, too, needed to fill the days, and indeed the nights, since she had been widowed two years earlier.

They had met at the local gym, which Caroline had joined a year ago, her husband having gifted her a year's membership as a birthday present. They had argued at the time, Caroline suggesting that perhaps her husband thought her overweight. He had of course insisted that this was not the case but as she looked at herself in the mirror when getting undressed that night, she had started to wonder. She had always considered herself to have a statuesque figure, if that was the right word.

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It was her large bust that she felt sure had first attracted Harry to her and this was matched by, she had to admit, broad hips. However with her height she felt she could carry it off and Rubenesque was another word that had been bandied about. She preferred voluptuous and had certainly received no complaints from her husband when they first married three years ago.

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However as the job had taken its toll so their love life had stagnated, and hence her eagerness when Angela had first approached her. She had first spoken to Angela when they were on adjoining running machines in the gym and she felt sure it was no coincidence that since that time, Angela always made sure she went to the gym at the same regular time as Caroline did. Angela was quite tall, as was Caroline, but a lot slimmer and Caroline could not help but admire her well toned body.

Perhaps this was the sort of body that men wanted? When she felt more confident with Angela she casually changed the conversation from the usual mundane gossip to fitness and body shape, and Angela went to great lengths to reassure Caroline that her body was just fine.

In fact the lengths that Angela went to concerned Caroline slightly as they involved much "hands on" stroking and touching, as she complimented her on the various parts of her body.

Caroline was grateful for any praise at this stage in her life and when thinking about the conversation, later that night in bed, she had to admit that she had felt not a little aroused by Angela's attentions. It had not occurred to her that another woman would be able to fill the gap left by her inattentive husband, but she could not deny that the thought was interesting her and she certainly had plenty of opportunity.

However she had to make sure that she was not misreading Angela's intentions. The next time she went to the gym she decided to dispense with the usual T shirt and tracksuit trousers. Rummaging through her wardrobe she managed to find a pair of lycra shorts which still fitted, a remnant from her brief flirtation with cycling, and a crop top which just covered her ample bosom but left a decent acreage of her tummy still visible.

She looked at herself in the mirror and hoped she did not look too much of a tart, although of course the idea was to attract Angela's attention. She felt sure this outfit would certainly do that! It was with some trepidation that she left the changing room at the gym on her next visit, having already ascertained that Angela was pounding away at the running machine. She casually draped her towel round her neck and strolled towards the machine next to Angela.

As she stepped on to the machine Angela glanced up and Caroline smiled to herself as she noticed her friend quite blatantly looking her up and down.

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"Bloody hell.nice outfit!" Angela exclaimed. "I suddenly realized this morning my usual kit was in the wash." The well rehearsed lie came easily to Caroline. "This was all I could find at short notice." She set the running machine going and started to jog gently to warm up. Without her usual sports bra which she had not thought to put on, her boobs swayed about in front of her and she noticed out of the corner of her eye that Angela was staring at the bouncing orbs quite unabashed. "You really do have the most amazing breasts!" Angela muttered.

Caroline was astonished at her friend's openness and glanced around checking they were alone in the gym. She smiled back at Angela. "You don't think they're too big then?" "I thought we had already been through this. I think you've got a fabulous body." Angela was now standing still as her machine had finished and was gazing at Caroline, who quickly switched her own machine off and slowed down until she too was stationary.

"And don't think I don't know why you wore that outfit today!" Angela grinned mischievously at Caroline.

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Caroline feigned innocence but was secretly thrilled that her friend had taken the hint. Angela stepped down from her machine and took Caroline's hand, indicating she should follow her. Wordlessly she led Caroline back into the changing room, which luckily was vacant.

Putting her finger to her lips she rummaged through her coat, which was hanging on a hook, and produced a key. She held in front of her, smiled and casually locked the changing room door. For the first time Caroline became a little nervous, not quite sure how far she would be able to accept the situation and wondering how far Angela thought she could go.

"You look a little nervous." whispered Angela as she stepped forward to stand in front of her friend."Try and relax and enjoy it." As she said this she stroked the back of her hand down the side of Caroline's cheek.

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This intimate contact was like a small electric shock running through her and Caroline closed her eyes as Angela continued to lightly stroke her face. Angela broke her reverie.

"How about a shower then?" Angela pulled open the door of the cubicle and turned on the water. She ran it until steam filled the room. Turning to Caroline, who had remained motionless, she said with a grin, "I think we'd better get undressed first don't you?" As she said this Angela peeled off her top and quickly unclipped her bra. Her breasts were small but pert, but what attracted Caroline most was the beautifully toned stomach, her abs almost like a man's six-pack.

As she gazed, Angela hooked her fingers into the waistband of her tracksuit trousers and pulled these down, taking her panties with them. She had already slipped off her trainers and now stood naked before Caroline with a broad grin on her face. Caroline could still not take her eyes off the beautifully toned body and well-muscled legs.

"Come on then!" encouraged Angela, who turned and stepped into the shower. Caroline pulled off her top and bra and was pleased to see Angela gazing at her from the shower cubicle.

She was already starting to soap her body with shower gel and Caroline now found herself anxious to join her. She quickly peeled off her Lycra shorts and joined Angela in the shower. The cubicle was quite small, not really big enough for the two of them, so it was no surprise to Caroline that their bodies touched instantly. She felt a frisson of delight as their naked bodies brushed together, the hot water bouncing off Angela's hard body. "Shall I?" Angela looked at Caroline and held up the shower gel.

"Ooh yes please!" Now they were together in the shower Caroline felt far more relaxed and to her delight Angela poured some gel into the palm of her hand and started to rub it over Caroline's body.

There was a look of studied concentration on Angela's face as she carefully soaked Caroline's upper body, concentrating particularly on her breasts and Caroline had to hold on to her friends shoulders as her legs begin to quiver at the feelings coursing through her.

Angela's hands slid over her stomach and worked their way down to Caroline's groin. Caroline gave an involuntary moan and silently willed Angela to slide her fingers between her legs. As if reading her mind Angeles fingers dipped under the soft pad of Caroline's pubic area and without any teasing she slid her fingers into her, by now, soaking pussy. Caroline moaned again at this invasion of her most private place but welcomed her friends thrusting fingers.

She needed this. She would almost have welcomed her whole fist, indeed her whole arm thrusting deep into her body. She fell against the wall of the cubicle as Angela continued to work her magic until her orgasm, which had been creeping up on her suddenly hit. She clamped her hand to her mouth to stifle a cry as she came, wrapping her arm around Angela's taut body. The feeling of this toned, firm, almost male body crushed against her soft curves only served to intensify the feeling as her climax seemed to last forever.


Finally she calmed down and became conscious of her own rasping breath and the continual hissing of the water from the shower as it cascaded onto their bodies. She lifted her head from Angela's shoulder where it had been resting and gazed at the woman who had brought her such pleasure.

Angela smiled gently at her and stepped back, almost causing Caroline to topple forwards. Before she could speak there was a loud banging on the door of the changing room.

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"Everything alright in there?" Caroline started at this interruption and Angela, putting a finger to her lips quickly stepped out of the shower cubicle and grabbed a towel. Caroline followed her and picked up her own towel before Angela unlocked the door. "Sorry I hadn't realized it was locked." explained Angela to the puzzled girl who stepped into the room. She looked at both of them but said nothing as she dropped her gym bag on the bench and started to get changed.

Caroline and Angela exchanged glances before quickly drying themselves and getting dressed. They tried to chat quite normally and Caroline was conscious of what Angela had done for her and wanted to repay the compliment of as soon as she could. She invited Angela for coffee in the caf?ttached to the gym and she readily agreed.

Hopefully this would give them a chance to chat in some privacy.