Caramelcakez going NUTZ on the dildo

Caramelcakez going NUTZ on the dildo
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"Another wave, incoming!" "Form a firing-line shitheads!" My ears buzzed as the sergeant screamed orders in my ear.

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I just wanted to turn, shooting him in the nuts rather than these damn Skaven. Skaven are weird, mutated rats, turned into a gross deformation of humans, hunched, evil and greedy as hell. If they were to stand, tip to toe, they would be over 7 ft tall, but the sewers and tunnels they live in force them to hunch over.

The rats squealed as me and my men shot hot lead into their furry faces. As they always did, they retreated to a safe distance, hissing and cursing until their courage was boosted by another, bigger rat shouting at them. Suddenly, a massive beast burst from the undergrowth. A Rat ogre. Giant, hulking monsters.

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My men fled at the mere sight of the beast. A shot rang out behind me, and I thought someone was rallying, but then the man next to me dropped. He was my friend, name was Jack. I looked up into the stone cold eyes of the sergeant, holding a smoking pistol.

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"Get the fuck back there and shore up that line, it's just another mutated pile of shit, but big! OR YOU ALL END UP LIKE HIM!" He yelled, pointing the still smoking pistol at the corpse of my best friend.

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I caught the sergeant's eye, and he sneered. This was geting out of hand.


Already the men had a plan, they had secured some poison from a Skaven assassin that came at the head engineer, and they plotted to spike the sergeant's evening drink. I agreed, indeed I stole the poison from the Captain's tent. But I couldn't wait. Not after what had happened. I aimed. Prepped.

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Pulled the trigger. He fell. Dead. Thud. "Shit! What the fuck did I just do! I.I shot the fucking Sarge!" Something thudded me on the back, and I turned, knife drawn but realized that it was just another soldier. He was patting me on the back. "Well done mate, none of us could have done it but you. I'm sorry for him," he said, gesturing at the body of my friend. "It's ok. Now he's dead it all is." "What the fuck happened to Sarge?!" "Hey, everyone, Alex shot Sarge!!" Oh yeah, I'm Alex.

The guy shouting was Rick, my brother. We were twins, both 5 ft 11", short, close crop hair, and eyes of emerald green.

We had girls falling at our feet, but we were too kind to take them as we would never see the poor honeys again. Anyway, back to the story. Whoops and cheers met with this cry, hands patting my back and shaking my hand. I suddenly realised just where the fuck we were.

"EVERYONE, BACK TO YOUR LINES, WE'RE STILL ON A BATTLEFIELD HERE!" Everyone looked around, as if they were snapping out of a dream. They quickly turned, and just in time too. The Rat ogre was charging, let loose a roar a lion would cower at.

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Just in time, a boom of equal of proportions, a cannonball flew, lodging into it's gut. The rats, at seeing their greatest hope fall, ran far, wide and hopelessly.

They were cut down like wheat to a scythe. I sighed.

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"I need a break from all this shit." "Why? You're the Sarge now! These men are gonna follow you to hell and back, and then share a night in the local pub." "I know, but.

I killed Sarge.

A man. He wasn't Skaven, or an Ork, or even Chaos, but a man that I knew, and I killed him in cold blood!" "Chill. He was a dick of a sergeant anyway. So. I have some plans on what to do. I mean, we are a free company now, we can go anywhere." "Look man, I just need some time to think over what the fuck happened today, I'll have a decision by tomorrow." "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow bro." "Same." I went to my tent. The sergeant's tent. I sighed. This was going to take a long time, I thought before I slumped onto the bunk.

"Wake up, beauty!" I opened my eyes, groggily rubbing sleep from them. I smiled. My sister, the only woman I ever let near me, Alice was standing in the doorway. I stood up, and wrapped my arms around her, stumbling up to her and giving her a hug.

"Okay, Mister Sleepy, get dressed, it's time to address the troops" she giggled, with a playful shove towards my footlocker.

I sighed again, with one last tired look at her slender back as she left, got dressed and walked outside, covering my face from the bright glare of the sun. "This, this is definitely going to a long day." "Got that right" Rick answered.


After what felt like years, but was really only 40 minutes, I was finally allowed to retire. I started to get undressed, looking forward to a steaming bath to relieve my aches and pains, I checked the time. My clock, a beautiful artistic sculpture crafted by the masters of the mountains - the Dwarfs - had made showed the time, 03:15 in the afternoon. The clock used to belong to the Sarge. Whom I murdered. "I really need to get over that," I muttered to myself.

"Get over what?" "Shit! Alice what the fuck are you doing?!" I yelled whilst trying to cover my cock, 8" long and 1.5" thick. Being handsome wasn't the only reason why girls liked me and my brother. She gasped, her eyes wide at the sight of my meat. She said, in a slow, monotonous voice, her eyes locked on my crotch, "I was just going to congratulate you on the speech you gave. The men are happy Sarge is gone." She suddenly realised that she was staring, and turned, her hair swishing in the wind, her 32 B cups bouncing slightly, her round ass bouncing from the sudden movement.

My suddenly innocently cute sister became a lot more. I could feel my cock hardening at the thought of what would happen if the roles were reversed. I quickly entered my bathroom, which was little more than a quarter of the tent separated by a piece of cloth. I was taller than the cloth, so we could still talk while I stood there, trying to fight my raging hard-on. "So, where are we going tomorrow," She said this next bit with barely a whisper, a breath. "Alex." She said it in a sultry way, tasting the word on her tongue, with a look in her eyes that said "Why are you hiding that beautiful, long cock of yours?


Why not let him come play?" "Umm.We." There was no stopping my cock. It was already hard, precum on the tip. Alice was moving slowly forward towards the cloth, one step closer to me each time, each time my cock straining for release. "We're going to Altdorf, I need to invent some lie about Sarge, sign some papers, make my leadership formal." Alice was standing in front of the cloth now.

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My breathing was ragged, I felt like I was going to faint. She slowly reached forward, poking my cock with her finger through the cloth. I gasped, my dick jumping at her hand. "My my, what have we here?

Mmm, looks like it needs some attention." She reached forward, wrapping her hand around my dick, using the cloth as added friction, pumping back and forth.

"Ohhhh, Alice" She continued to pump her hand back and forth, driven by my moans. "Shit Alice, I'm going to cum." "Mmm, I only wish I could see it going." That was it, I couldn't hold back, I came all over the curtain, and I would have covered her, but for the cloth.

She smiled at me, lifting up her fingers, sucking on them as if she could actually taste me. "HEY, ALEX?! Where the fuck is he? ALEEEX?!" "Oh shit, Rick! Alice, get the fuck out of here, if he sees us." She was already gone, slipping into the darkness.