A sexy young teen masturbates and gets penetrated

A sexy young teen masturbates and gets penetrated
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It all started on a hot morning in the middle of July. It was the hottest day of the year and me stepping out of a cold shower looked over my hot naked 14 year old virgin body. I could't believe that just last year I had become a amazing sexy looking women.

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I got dressed slipping into a pair of see through blue thong and a matching bra with a yellow sleeveless t-shirt n green short tight shorts. I made my way downstairs to find my mom running around really fast she saw me an said that she got an emergency call at the hospital because they needed extra doctors.She told me that the plumber would arrive in a half hour to fix the broken sink.

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So I sat around for an hour waiting for some dumb ass plumber to show he arrived an hour late and I see his van backing up into the driveway.He rings the doorbell and I'm completely taken by shock this guy looks amazing he's not even old and i think he liked what he saw too cause his eyes were like undressing me. I showed him the way to the upstairs bathroom and he said it was no problem. I was downstairs when he called me up to the bathroom.

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He told me that his hand couldn't reach the back and to see if I could grab a bolt he dropped.When i got on my knees an hands I asked him where then he got on top of me like we were doing it doggy style and i could feel his hard dick up against me and it drove me wild.

He guided my hand to the bolt which I picked up, as he bagan to get up he whispered in my ear "don't we look so fucking hot together". I blushed an got up I looked at him as he looked at me we both just moved closer and our lips connected and we locked lips.It was amazing his hands going over my breasts and other parts of my body as my tongue licked with his and my hands found his crotch.I could tell his dick was huge it was so big just feeling it.


Then he broke the kiss and said " we could get caught so why don't we get into the back of my van". I said "okay", I jumped into his arms as his hands rested on my butt an he made out with me all the way to the side door.

When he opened his van I jumped in an he followed into the van closing both dorrs an turning on the car light.It was boiling in his van as I made out with this guy I felt his hands travel all over my sweaty body, I pulled off his shirt and then started licking his chest while he lifted mine off.He started making out with me again an then worked his way down onto my neck where he sucked like crazy as his hands moved to my bra strap and he unbuckled it as i let my bra fall to the ground.

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As soon as he saw my tits naked he dove in and started sucking the left nipple as he played with the other breast in his hand.I moved my hands all over his sweaty back rubbing my nails on it getting immense pleasure.After a while he stopped an told me to stand up as I did he slowly pulled my shorts down revealing my thong, I was already wet as hell and as he pulled down my thong he pulled me close and buried his face into my newly shaven pussy.The pleasure was unbelieveable he buried his tongue in but couldn't get through my hymen.He pushed me onto the vans floor an said he was gonna enjoy this now more than ever, I saw him pull down his pants an then his boxers and suddenly his dick popped out of nowhere.

It was huge a well hung piece of hard meat over 9 inches long an 3 inches wide, I was in aww as he spread my legs but when the first inch went in i was in complete pain because after that first inch he pushed it all the way in and broke my wall making me lose my virginity. His dick got all the way into my tight hot pussy and then the pleasure came it was incrediable with his dick in my tight hot cunt.I could see from his facial expressions he was having a hard time trying to keep from cumming, then once he was snugged in an the pleasure was amounting he slowly started sliding it out until he had the whole thing out except the tip of the head I saw his dick was all bloddy from my blood.He pushed it back in again with force and it felt good this time slowly he started working going in an out fasteter out of my hot wet tight cunt.Then he took his legs and rested them on his chest and started pumping faster than ever into my hot cunt as he played with my nipples at the same time.

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At first I thought he was done when he slid out an backed away a little looking at my pussy but then he picked me up and laid my on my hands an knees. He got on his knees behind me and then started pushing his cock not up my pussy but my ass.At firsts I thought it was never going to fit and slowly as he was going it still hurt like a mother-fucker.


Then he told me to shut the fuck up whore as I was moaning and screaming,he finally got it in all the way and then started to pump his dick in and out really fast without starting slow. The pleasure was starting to come again and I was moaning and screaming fuck me fuck me bastard the whole van started shaking and his force became more then ifelt his fingers go into my pussy and start fingering me and at this I let out the biggest and hottest orgasim I ever had,but he still kept going at it with his fingers and i knew he wouldn't last much longer in my ass.

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I felt his long hard dick sliding in an out of my hot virgin ass while he slammed his balls into my pussy everytime he did lubracating them with my hot pussy juices.Then suddenly out of nowhere he started moaning and in one final shove into my ass he blew a bigass load into my ass. As he pulled his dick out it was all covered with cum my as hurt but I got in front of him and inserted in into my mouth.I felt his long hard meat all in my mouth and I felt full,but as started slowly licking his dick from the underside with my long tongue and then swallowing it.I started jacking him off as I sucked on his hard big head,I played with his little pee hole flicking it with my tongue.

I started moving my tongue all up and down his dick and then moved in onto his ball sack.

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Itook them into my mouth and started sucking on them as my hand started jerking him off while my other one scratched his pubic hair. I could feel he was ready to cum so I started sucking his dick again then I took it all into my mouth into my throat when I had his whole dick in my mouth and my nose touched his pubic hair I nuzzled it with my nose and he blew another big ass load straight down my throat. I lifted off his dick and he carried me inside putting me in bed and i watched him leave.


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