Gay movie The day is nearly over and Micah is bored out of his mind

Gay movie The day is nearly over and Micah is bored out of his mind
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It was very late at night not the best time to be a taxi driver. Or that's what I thought until I noticed three very drunk, very sexy, and very scantily-clad ladies staggering out of a pub and waving at me frantically.


I pulled over and let them in, asking "Where will it be, Loves?" One of them, a blond in a miniskirt with black fishnet stockings, gave me an address, and I pulled away from the curb gently. I didn't want anyone throwing up in my back seat. I watched the trio in my mirror, checking them out, and listening to their conversation. The blond was named Rachel, and she was accompanied by two brunettes one named Nina, and one named Michelle.

They were just returning from a hen night, and I gathered that the male stripper had left them extremely horny. I won't repeat what they said, because I'm not very interested in the size of other men's cocks but it was clear that these three were quite worked up, since they could hardly keep their hands off of each other. Rachel, sitting in the middle, had one leg draped over Nina and one over Michelle, which left her thighs spread wide apart.

She wasn't wearing panties, and if I looked carefully I could just make out her shaved slit. I was paying too much attention to Rachel's smooth crotch and not enough attention to the road, because there was a sudden lurch and a thud, and we came to a jarring stop. I had jumped the curb and hit a road-sign. "Shit." I muttered. "Ladies, let me just check and see if I've broken a light and I'll be right back." Reluctantly I got out of the cab, leaving the keys in the ignition, and walked around the front.

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There was no damage, fortunately, so I reluctantly resolved to pay attention to the road and get my pussy fix from a magazine when I got back home, and returned to my cab. When I tried to open the door, though, I found that it was locked. One of the girls had locked me out of my own cab! I turned to the side window to get their attention and demand they let me in, and immediately though better of it.

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They were locked in a three-way kiss, with their tongues darting and slithering wetly in and out of each other's mouths. I decided to keep quiet and see what developed. It was a smart choice, because while they kissed their hands roved. Michelle had her hands up Rachel's skirt and was rubbing that smooth cunt and at last I got to se it open up pink and glistening with juices I could only imagine tasting. Meanwhile Nina had Michelle's tits out they were small but perfectly formed with dark nipples that were getting harder and harder while Nina rubbed and twisted them.

My cock was rigid and throbbing, but I didn't dare take it out to jerk off, in case the girls or anyone passing by noticed. As I watched Rachel repositioned herself on her hands and knees, straddling Nina in the limited space of the back seat.

While her hands clasped Nina's large breasts, with their wide, light-pink nipples, Michelle leaned back against the opposite door, spread her legs, and tugged aside the crotch of her thong.

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Her crotch was unshaved but neatly groomed, dark hair framing an exquisite snatch with very pink, very wet protruding labia.

Rachel lowered her face into Michelle's open and eager cunt and started licking. From my angle I couldn't see much of that action, but Rachel's ass was pressed right up against the window in front of me. The pressure of her cheeks on the glass spread them wide open, and I could see her asshole, round and brown-tinged around the puckered rim, bright red where it opened up.

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It was magnificent. From underneath her Nina's hand reached up to Rachel's cunt and started massaging it, and that opening, too, spread wide so I could inspect it. Nina's fingers, on either side, pried open Rachel's trim lips and I looked longingly at the interior of her slit, glistening with vaginal fluid. The hole itself was open as if it were gasping, and I could see thick white cream deep inside. Nina's fingers were rubbing circles around Rachel's clit, which was growing red and sticking out proudly.

I could hear Michelle groaning from the work Rachel was doing on her cunt with her tongue and wished I could see it but then Rachel reached back and inserted a long, delicately manicured finger up her own asshole, and I wouldn't have missed that for the world.

It slid in easily and she pushed it deeper all the way to her last knuckle! While Nina masturbated her so fast that beads of cunt juice splattered against the window of my cab Rachel rotated her finger in her own anus. I've had my finger up a woman's ass before and I knew exactly what she was feeling: that deep and warm passage with its amazingly tight, firm ring, and the soft and moist walls that yield to the touch but cling to the fingertip.

Hardly anything is a bigger turn on than having a finger way up a woman's rear passage while you fuck or eat her cunt except, I realized, watching a woman fingering her ass herself!


Rachel's ass-probing finger was digging in deep and probing in circles that matched Nina's work on her clit and I could tell from her moaning and her thrusting hips that Rachel was getting close to orgasm. Her cunt was flowing with juices that left her whole crotch and Nina's hand slick and gleaming. Rachel's body trembled and she let out a series of yelps as the combination of Nina's fingers and her own brought her to climax.

I watched her ass cheeks tighten around her hand and her vagina clenching and twitching, forcing out that thick fluid that looked so good. I moved around towards the rear window as Rachel sagged sideways and was rewarded by the sight of her slipping her finger out of her asshole and pressing it into Michelle's mouth!

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Michelle grabbed Rachel's wrist and held it while she eagerly sucked on the ass-coated finger. From this angle I could see Rachel's face pressed hard into Michelle's crotch and while Michelle sucked on that finger, tasting Rachel's well-probed ass, she ground her furry slit into Rachel's face with excitement.

I watched Rachel's tongue running the length of that warm pussy, going up and down from the tight, firm skin between Michelle's vagina and asshole to the fur above her clit, stopping along each long, wet stroke to slip into the creamy hole and to flicker over the tiny round clit.

Nina wriggled herself out from underneath Rachel and knelt in the well between the back seat and the driver's seat. It's a good thing black cabs have so much leg-room! While Michelle continued to suck on Rachel's ass-plumbing finger, Nina added the fingers she had used to masturbate Rachel to orgasm to Michelle's mouth.

Michelle sucked greedily and I was mad with envy that she was tasting that delicious-looking asshole and creamy vagina at the same time! With her free hand Nina was caressing and kneading Michelle's left breast, tugging the nipple so that her whole tit stretched and twisting it like a pink doorknob. The feeling must have been incredible, like the amazingly intimate duo of cunt and ass flavours being spread in her mouth by Rachel's and Nina's fingers, because soon Michelle was moaning and bucking, pushing Rachel's face hard into her softly-furred cunt while she came.

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That only left Nina, and the three hot ladies smiled at each other as they rearranged themselves on the backseat, this time with Nina lying sprawled across the seat. Nina's legs were spread and up, her feet braced against the passenger-side window while Rachel positioned herself between them, back to the door. Michelle straddled Nina's chest, facing Rachel, thrust her ass back, reached behind herself, and spread her cheeks directly in Nina's face!

Nina looked like she was in heaven, staring at Michelle's wide-open, dripping slit and pouting rim. Rachel slipped two fingers straight up Nina's sopping cunt hole and Nina reached down to masturbate. The way they moved directly into this position made me think these girls had done this before Michelle giving Nina a view to kill for while Nina masturbated with Rachel's help.

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I didn't know where to look. Nina was rubbing her clit frantically while Rachel probed and massaged her inner walls. I could tell from the angle of her fingers, and from the way Nina squirmed, that Rachel was right on her g-spot, and was rubbing her fingertips right into the spongy nook.

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Michelle pushed her ass closer to Nina's face and Nina leaned forward to get a graphic close-up view of those nastily spread pink girl-holes. When Nina came she sat partially upright so that her face plunged right into Michelle's ass-crack and both Nina and Michelle rubbed against each other, Nina pushing her face hard into Michelle's ass while Michelle ground it on Nina's face.

When Nina relaxed backwards her cheeks were wet and shining with liquid from Michelle's beautiful, dripping cunt. At that point I figured the show as over, so I slipped away and moved back to the front of my cab.

I made a big show of walking back and forth through the headlight beams, looking at the lights and tapping the bumper, and when I came back to the door it was unlocked.


The three ladies were more-or-less dressed, though sloppily, and their faces were still flushed and wet. I climbed behind the wheel and took them on towards their destination, trying not to show how much I was enjoying the smell of pussy that filled my car.