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Gay black dudes giving great head Max might have had no idea what the
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Chapter 6: Jenna I pushed open the door of the band room, chuckling as Lauren made a funny comment behind me. I had started to carpool with her, driving her to and from practice.

She really appreciated me driving her, so I usually got a bit of a present in the car, if you get what I mean. As I stepped into the room, I said hello to Becca, who pat me on the back, congratulating me for "last practice." Smiling, I waved hello to Heather, making sure Nathan wasn't facing me. Lauren followed me into the band locker room and opened her locker. She pulled out her clarinet, and started to put it together.

As she was distracted, I slipped past her and exited the locker room. I approached Becca. "Hey, Becca. Any new. victims.?" I said, regretting my wording. She laughed, almost falling over. People around her started to look over, naturally laughing at the sight of another human laughing. Wiping her eyes, she coughed and said, "God, Matt, never say that again!" I laughed, and shook my head.

"You know what I meant." She chuckled, saying, "Yes, I did. I think I may have gotten a nice, prime 18 year old." She glanced over at a pocket of freshman. I looked over, my hopes rising. "Who, Victoria?" I said, blood moving to my cock. She scoffed. "No! I'm talking about Jenna!" I looked back over at the group.

Jenna was a flute player, and a hot one at that. Her dark brown hair went down to about her shoulders and she had bright blue eyes. She was fairly tall, and had smooth, long legs.

Her tits were great, and I craved to see them. Her feet were also amazing, and they reminded me a lot of Mia Malkova's. Nice work, Becca. "Oh. nice." I said, crossing my arms. She raised her eyebrows, and walked away. I walked back to the locker room to get my instrument. Taking my instrument out of its case, I walk out of the locker room. I see Nathan, who happens to be looking right at me. He shakes his head at me, eyes squinted, and turns away.

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Not the person to be fucking with. I look towards Mr. Ford's office when I hear his door open. I see him come out and blow his annoying whistle.

"Alright, kids, let's go, outside in five." All the hardcore band kids practically step on Mr. Ford's heels as he walks out of the room, but the rest of us hang out for the last few minutes.

I really don't want to go to practice today. I think, glancing back at Nathan. I could just skip. I could just skip. Why fucking not? I go into the locker room and put my instrument in its case.

Yeah, seriously, fuck this. I step out of the slot room and see Jenna. She is talking to her friend while taking her flute out. She sighs, and says, "I am not in the mood for practice today Amelia. I just want to relax, y'know?" I take a second to look at Amelia. Amelia plays the saxophone, and is really cute. It's too bad she's gay.

She came from some little town no ones heard of, and of course likes pussy. Which is a real shame. She was super hot, and had beautiful dirty-blonde hair and green eyes. I would totally fuck her if she weren't gay. The band calls her Gaymelia, which she doesn't mind. It's odd, though. They call her "GAY-melia," but her name isn't pronounced "AY-melia." It's pronounced "UH-melia." But I digress.

I think over what Jenna just said, and see Becca looking at me from across Jenna's head. She was quickly nodding her head, waiting for me to take my chance.

I hatched my plan and started walking to Becca. Amelia passes me, saying hello, and walks to the door. I take a few more steps and stand in front of Becca.

"Hey, Becca. Just so you know, I'm skipping practice today," I said, making sure Jenna heard me.

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In the corner of my eye I see her head perk up. The bait is set. Becca nods, and leaves the band room. She knows what I'm doing. As I walk to the back of the band room, Jenna grabs my arm. "Hey, Matt.?" I stop walking and look into Jenna's eyes. "Yeah? What's up?" She raises an eyebrow.

"Did you say you're skipping a practice?" I slowly nod, donning a face of caution. "Yeah, I was. You weren't going to tell Mr. Ford, were you?" She laughed, and let go of my shoulder. "No! I was just asking because I wanted to see if I could join you. Just not in the mood today." And I've hooked my fish.

"Oh, yeah, sure! That's cool!" This is going perfectly, I thought, walking towards the back of the band room. Making sure Jenna was still behind me, I pushed through the back doors and stepped out into the sunlight. I looked around the back parking lot. In the back of our band room, through the doors, is a small parking lot meant for teachers who use the band room. Past this parking lot is a little road that leads down a hill to a soccer field, which we occasionally use to practice on.

Luckily, we were not using the soccer field today, so we could hang out back for as long as we wanted to. Again, this is perfect. I looked around for a place to sit, and finally decided on just sitting up against the brick wall of the school. Jenna followed me, and sat down a few feet away from me.

I couldn't help but look over to her as she sat down. Her amazing legs were being shown off nicely in her short gym shorts. What I'd do to spread those legs. Shaking my head back to reality, I notice Jenna was looking straight at me. Her eyes were squinted, a look of confusion plastered on her face. "Hey. what's up?" I started to panic, and thought of an excuse. "Oh, sorry, I thought I saw someone walking down over there," I said, pointing past her down the hill. She turned her head, her brown hair brushing against her shoulder as she moved.

"Oh, well, it was nobody, right?" She said, before looking back to me. I slowly nodded my head. "Yeah, we're all good." She smiled. "Alright, cool!" She said, propping one of her legs up and stretching the other in front of her. Little did she know, that only made me just stare "past her" even more than I had. We spent about an hour on our phones, barely talking. At a few points, she'd show me a funny picture, I'd laugh, she'd laugh, and we'd go back to our own private phone browsing.

Well this is going fucking nowhere.[i] Apparently, Jenna agreed. "Well, I'm bored." She said, dropping her head to her chest and hugging her knees. I looked out to the soccer field again to make sure no one was nearby, and when I was sure everything was clear, I cleared my throat. "Well, do you want to do something?" To me, with the events I'd had in the past few weeks, that question sounded [i]very dirty.

Luckily, Jenna didn't hear it that way. "Sure, like a game?" She tilted her head, her brown hair flopping over her eyes. I nodded. "Yeah, sure." I was about to continue talking, but realized I didn't actually know what game to play. "Um. I'm not sure what though." She made a face that showed she was thinking, her mouth scrunched to the side.

A lightbulb seemed to light up in her head, and she turned to me. "Wanna play Truth or Dare?" I thought for a second. I'm not really in the mood for that. That's when I realized this could be my only open window into this sanctuary.

My one way inside of Jenna. "Sure, why not?" I said, excitement and anxiety growing inside of me at the same time. She smiled. "Awesome! Good luck winning this, by the way.

I'm very competitive, I've been told!" She laughed, and began sitting crosslegged. Blood started flowing to my cock at this, but I tried to think of something else. I can't let that little statement make me blow a load in my pants. It's not like she just said she'd suck me off to win a game or anything. Jenna looked around for a second and sighed. "Alright, who goes first?" I shrugged and flicked my head at her. "You just go." She nodded, and looked at me.

"Alright. Truth or dare?" I thought over the question. I didn't want to jump straight into the dares. You never do. So I went with the obvious choice. "Truth." She smirked and tilted her head. "Hmm. Is it true that." She looked around, thinking. ". that you once lived in California?" I squinted my eyes.

What the fuck kind of question is that?! I slowly started shaking my head. "No, it isn't." She shrugged. "Oh, alright. I'd just heard that somewhere." Seeing my face hold its current confused position, she laughed. "Calm down, Matt. We gotta start off slow." My face softened and I laughed. "I guess you're right. So, truth or dare?" She immediately said truth, shifting her legs to get comfortable.

"Is it true that you don't have a boyfriend right now?" She started to lightly blush and she nodded. "Yeah, that's true." She laughed and turned. "Just right now, though." We laughed and continued the game.


This partially boring game of Truth or Truth went on for about 20 minutes until I'd had enough. Time to make this game Truth or Dare. Jenna cleared her throat. "Truth or dare." I "thought" for a second. "You know what? Dare." She oohed at me. "First dare of the game, I see." She looked around, looking for the perfect dare. She looked down at the ground. "I dare you to eat a blade of grass." Fuck.

I look down at the patch of grass in front of me. I look up at Jenna to see her covering up her mouth, hiding her laughter. I sighed. Gotta do what I gotta do. I placed a blade of grass between my thumb and index finger, and yanked it out of the ground. Holding it up to my face, I tried to make sure it was clean, before realizing it literally had just come out of the dirt, so it was literally dirty.

I sighed again, and closed my eyes. I placed the grass in my mouth and closed it. I felt a very light crunch as the grass was crushed between my teeth. A strange bitter flavor coursed through my mouth, and I forced myself to swallow. It reminded me of what cut grass smells like.

I didn't know how cows did it. I realized Jenna was lying on the ground, holding her stomach, which I assumed hurt from the immense amount of laughter coming out of her. I couldn't help but laugh at seeing her like this.

She slowly sat up, wiping her eyes. "Fuck, dude, I can't believe you did that." I shrugged. "It really wasn't that bad, to be honest." That made her laugh again, which made me laugh again. The game finally had become Truth or Dare. As a matter of fact, it actually became Dare or Dare. We dared each other to do stuff like steal something from Mr. Ford's office, to scream vulgar words running through the hallway inside, and of course I made Jenna try some of that delicious grass.

We were sat back outside, laughing together. I could actually see us being good friends, which I was surprised about. She scratched her nose before looking me in the eyes.

"Truth or dare?" I shook my head slowly. "Dare, I guess." She smirked, and looked out to the soccer field. "I dare you to run out to the soccer field as fast as you can." I could either bitch out and not do it, or increase our friendship levels by doing something funny.

Of course, being the comic I was, I chose the second option. I started at her for a few seconds, and when she started to speak again, I leapt up and sprinted for the trail to the soccer field. I could hear my sneakers smack against the ground, and could hear Jenna laughing behind me. I was actually pretty fast. When we run around the parking lot before practice, I'm usually one of the ones at the front of the crowd.

People have always told me that I should join the track team, but again, fuck that shit. I could hear Jenna telling me to wait, and my footsteps mixed with hers. I didn't stop though. I didn't stop until I was in the middle of the soccer field. I flopped onto the ground and rolled over onto my back, staring up at the clouds. After a few seconds, Jenna came into my field of view, placing her hands on her knees.

"Jesus, Matt, you take these dares seriously." We both laughed and she fell down onto the ground next to me. We sit there for a while, just looking at the sky, taking about the shapes of the clouds. Suddenly Jenna sits up and looks at me. I roll my head over, still on the ground, and look at her. "Okay. Dare." She said, smiling her beautiful smile.

I sat up, ready to go. I was about to say my next dare when I realized something. I want to fuck this girl. What am I doing?! We'd been having so much fun I'd forgotten my goal. I hatched a brilliant idea.

"So, you're competitive right?" She scoffed. "Uh, yeah!" I laughed. "Well, I'm sure you're going to lose. Right now." She scoffed again. "Ha! You wish!" "I'm sure of it," I said, crossing my arms. "Come at me," she said, crossing hers. Smiling, I unleash the ultimate dare.

"I dare you. to lick your feet for a whole minute." Jenna's mouth dropped open. It appeared I'd surprised the Truth or Dare queen. "Are you kidding?" I laughed. "I knew that one was perfect." She slowly shook her head. "That's fucking cruel. And I just ran!" She threw he arms in the air. Blood started flowing back to my cock. "Must smell pretty bad," I said, in what she thought was teasing, but was actually in a way flirting. She frowned, "C'mom, Matt." I shrugged. "Looks like you forfeit." She stared me down for a few seconds, a look of contemplation on her face.

Suddenly without hesitation, and without looking away from me, she reached her hands down to her shoe.

Maintaining eye contact with those beautiful blue eyes, she undid her laces and yanked her shoe off, throwing it aside. Her bright white ankle sock looked slightly wet. "Both of them?" She said, as she peeled off her sock. I couldn't help but stare at her perfect sole, which was facing me. I had to actually fight myself from staring at it, or from leaping on it myself.

"Uh, no, ones fine." I stuttered. She nodded, and grabbed her ankle. Even with her long legs she was flexible enough to hold her foot near her face. She was about to do it when I stopped her. "Wait!" She looked startled and dropped her foot. "What, is someone coming?!" I laughed. "No! I just need to get a timer up." I held up my phone and looked for the clock app. I was about to click on it when I saw the camera app next to it.

I hesitated for a second. No, I couldn't. Except, I already was. I pulled up the camera, and switched it to video. This is for you, Mark.

I started the video and lightly sighed. "Okay. Go!" Jenna quickly regrabbed her ankle and pulled it to her mouth. She squinted her eyes shut and stuck her tongue out. Her tongue made contact with her foot and I almost came my pants.

I watched in awe as she ran her tongue up and down her foot, cleaning it. I must have had pure lust in my eyes. That should be me! I pretended to find the situation humorous, and laughed. "Hey, don't forget to suck those toes clean." She glared at me before squinting her eyes shut again.

She hesitated, before shoving her middle and "index" toes in her mouth. I could hear her lightly suck on them, the sound you hear when a baby sucks on their fingers. I was so fucking hard at this point that it hurt. She stuck her big toe in her mouth and sucked on it like a thumb. She ran her tongue between her toes and all the way down to her heel. A look of disgust was on her face when she moved her foot away.

"Oh, c'mon, it has to have been a minute!" Surprised, I checked the video timer. Two and a half minutes. I fell over laughing, and Jenna looked confused. "What?" She said, looking partly embarrassed. I could barely stop laughing to answer her. "I just fucking recorded the whole thing." She laughed and looked angry at the same time. "Oh, yeah, fucker?" She said, crossing her arms. "Well, I have the perfect next dare for you then." I felt a wave of nervousness hit me.

This can't be fucking good. "Ummm. Alright. what's your dare?" She chuckled. "You get to do the same thing I just did. To both of my feet.[/i]" She smirked, as if she thought she was clever. In reality, I was the clever one.

I could barely contain the excitement in my voice. "Oh for fucks sake! Even the one you just licked?" She laughed. "Yup! Unless, of course, you feel like forfeiting." She slowly started smiling, and I realized her other shoe and sock were already off.

Her feet were laid out in the grass, and she was wiggling her toes, her soles lightly scrunching as she did so. I could barely contain myself.

"Fine, then." I sat down in front her and grabbed her ankles. Bringing her feet to my face, I realized I was home free. I stuck my tongue out and touched it to the foot Jenna had licked. Get the less fun one done with. I ran my tongue up and down her sole, noticing that it was already wet from when Jenna's mouth made its journey here. I stuck her toes in my mouth and lightly started sucking.

I could feel my boner growing as I sucked her toes clean. I switched to the other foot, and licked up the sole as fast as I could. The light salty taste of her feet spread throughout my mouth and it watered, craving more. I shoved her toes in my mouth and started sucking, hard.

I'd kind of forgotten this was a dare, but I didn't care. I'd deal with Jenna afterwards. I continued to run my tongue up and down her soles until I heard a soft breath come from Jenna. I looked up at her to see she was staring at me with a certain look in her eyes. I noticed that she was breathing pretty heavily. Feeling awkward, I scooted backwards. We sat there staring at each other for a few seconds. She was the one to break the silence. "So." I looked into her eyes. "So." She looked back into mine.

"Matt, I'm not going to lie to you. I kind of liked that." I was shocked. Holy fuck, this is the definition of perfect. I was about to say I had enjoyed it as well but stopped myself. It'd be creepy as fuck if I chose now to say I had a foot fetish. So, I just played along. I sighed. "I don't know why, but. I did too." She looked back at her feet, and glanced past them at my shorts. In the moment, I'd forgotten to hide my erection.

I was about to hide it, when she cut me off. "Are. are you hard. from my feet.?" I closed my eyes, acting embarrassed, while actually being partially embarrassed at the same time. "I mean. yeah, I am." She nodded. "Well, join the club. I'm super wet right now." She laughed, readjusting her shorts. Okay, she's teasing me now.

I laughed, growing confidence. "Well, we're in quite the similar predicament, I see." She slowly started smiling. "It seems we are." She wiggled her toes. "Maybe. We could help each other out.?" I smiled myself. "Sounds like a plan." I had no idea what was happening. In the span of less than five minutes, we went from an innocent game of truth or dare to preparation of sex.

I wasn't complaining though. "But, first. Truth." I said. She laughed, as she slipped off her shorts and shirt, revealing her bright pink panties and flat stomach. I lusted over her body as she thought of a question. "Is it true that you fucked Lauren." I laughed. "Yeah, it's true." I said, before feeling regret about bringing her into this. Don't think about that now.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I hadn't told Lauren about this whole, you know, band sex blackmail thing. I was planning on it though. She laughed, tugging on her panties. "I fucking knew it.

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You guys have been acting weird recently." She revealed her shaved pussy to me and my mind raced. Jenna's fucking amazing. I watched as she removed her final piece of clothing, her bra.

Her bra fell to the ground, and I was impressed by her chest. She had perky tits, but her nipples were a little too big for my liking. They were still amazing though. Never as good as Lauren's though. I shook my head to clear it, to see Jenna crossing her arms, waiting. "Well?" She sighed when I replied with confused silence. "Are you going to show me what you've got to offer?" Finally realizing what she meant, I laughed and slipped down my shorts and underwear.

Plot twist of the year, her mouth dropped open when she saw my cock. "Holy fuck, Matt. That's. big." I sighed. "Yeah, I've been told this." She smirked, and came up to me. I was about to ask for a footjob, but I remembered: I "just found out about this fetish." "Hey, Jenna?" I said, acting embarrassed.

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She nodded. "Yeah?" I started out slow at first. "Well, I was wondering. I strangely like your feet, and you seem to like that I like your feet. So, I was wondering, do you want to try that thing where you rub my cock with your feet.?" She tilted her head. "Oh, yeah, a.

footjob, right? I mean, I guess we could try it." Success! I sat down on the grass and Jenna followed along. Jenna placed her feet up on my lap and started to rub my dick with her still wet soles.

I was so close to cumming already, but I had to hold off. She fumbled around with her feet for a few seconds before positioning my cock between them. "So, I guess. like. this?" She said, slowly stocking up and down my shaft. I could feel her rough soles run against my dick head, and waves of pleasure coursed through my body.

She giggled as she saw me feeling pleasure from her feet. "This is actually fun!" I laughed. "You can say that again." She laughed and I found out that I had grabbed the tops of her feet and started moving them faster up and down my cock. Jenna looked at her feet when I did this.

"Oh, sorry if they are dirty, by the way." Confused, I looked at her soles to see they were light brown, after being wet and touching the dirt, but I didn't care. I stroked in between her feet faster and faster. I noticed Jenna had started slowly playing with herself, preparing for what she knew would later come. Pun intended. I could feel my balls tighten, and started to thrust faster. "Jenna, I'm cumming!" She giggled and hoorayed when I shot my load up into the air.

It fell back down, landing on top of her feet. She looking at them and brought one to her mouth. I watched in lust as she slowly licked the cum from off of her foot, experimenting with the taste. She obviously liked it, as she proceeded to lick up the cum from her feet. "Holy fuck, that was amazing." I said, leaning back on my arms.

She wiped her mouth, and laughed. "Yeah, I liked that." She glanced away from my eyes to my cock, which she noticed was already hardening again.

"Wow, your batteries recharge quick, don't they?" I laughed again. This girl has my fucking humor. "Yeah, seems like I do." She giggled, and repositioned her feet to I could see them. She wiggled her toes, looking at them, then looked back at my cock. "Now, that was good, but do you mind if I go back for seconds?" It took me a second to realize she was referring to my cum. I quickly nodded. "Yeah, fuck, be my guest." She laughed, and immediately started licking my cock head.

I almost leaned back to enjoy the show, when I hatched another plan. "Wait, Jenna. Why don't you sit over here.?" Jenna knew immediately what I was talking about. She smiled and scooted over to me, and over my head.

She positioned her pussy over my face, and she bent over. As I had a close up view of her pussy, I could feel her lips wrap around my dick and gently start sucking. It was an interesting experience, feeling the blowjob but not seeing it.

Almost like when I couldn't see Kaitlin when I fucked her. Ahhh, good times. I flicked Jenna's clit with my tongue and I felt her shudder on top of me. I licked the lips of her vagina, and realized she tasted amazing. Before too long, I realized that she wasn't getting much from this. Maybe she doesn't like getting eaten out.

I pull my arm back and, at the weird angle I was in, positioned my hand by her pussy. I started rubbing her opening with my index finger, as I could feel Jenna's sucking and bobbing increase in intensity and speed. Blowjobs are meant to be given in the 69-position, by the way. The curve of the penis fits perfectly down her throat when the girl is on top of you like Jenna was on top of me. She basically started fucking me with her mouth, so I started to fuck her with my finger.

I slipped my finger into her tight, warm pussy and felt her walls tighten around my finger. I slipped in my middle finger with it, and I could faintly hear Jenna moan on top of me. She was shaking lightly from the pleasure of my fingers inside of her. Before I knew it, I was close to cumming again. Wow, Jenna can really suck this cum out of me.

This time, I decided not to warn Jenna. I felt the burn in my balls, and reached up above me and squeezed her ass. I shot my load deep into Jenna's mouth, who momentarily stopped sucking to savor the cum. When I stopped cumming, she continued to suck, getting any remaining cum out of my dick. She flopped off of me and looked up at the sky, smacking her lips. "This is awesome Matt. Why didn't we do this before?" I sighed, looking at the sky myself.

"Jenna, I really don't know." I turned my head over to see her feet basically in my face. I gave them a quick lick and she giggled. "Okay, I pick truth." I nodded. "Is it true that you're a virgin?" She laughed at this. "No, I'm not. But that doesn't mean I'm not tight, though." She said, winking. I could already feel my cock hardening.

"Alright. I'm gonna do a dare now." I said crossing my arms. Jenna placed her index finger on her mouth, and made a thinking face. A huge smile crossed over her face as she looked over at the school. "I dare you to fuck me. but up there." She pointed to the outside wall of the school. I followed the way her arm was pointing and gasped. She was pointing at a ladder on the side of the building, that led all the way up to the roof. Are you fucking serious?


"Jenna, are you fucking serious?" I said, speaking my thoughts aloud. "The fucking roof?" She shrugged. "Why not? Are you too big of a pussy to do it?" She said, smiling a mischievous smile. I smirked at this. Fine, I see how it's going to be. I slowly shake my head and grab my clothes, before running for the ladder.

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I hear Jenna behind me again, and I turn to see her almost right behind me. Deciding to save her the trouble of looking at my ass, I did the gentleman thing to do and let the lady go first.

Of course, I didn't do it to be a gentleman. I did it for the view. After the aching I felt from only being able to look at that beautiful pussy, we made it up the ladder and onto the roof.

I looked around at the various fans and vents as Jenna walked around, inspecting the place. She got to the edge of the roof and gasped, ducking down.


Curious, I slowly peeked over the edge. A wave of terror passed through me as I to the ground below: we'd made to the front of the school.

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Where the band was practicing. "Oh, fuck!" I said, quickly ducking down next to Jenna. "No one can see us." She scoffed. "No shit, Sherlock. You think I was going to announce it to the world?" I smiled, and sat down. "So." She laughed. Glancing at my cock, she said, "It seems like you and your little pal there are ready, then?" "You bet I fucking am!" I said, grabbing my dick.

"Then what are you waiting for?" She said, flipping over. She knelt onto her hands and knees, using her clothing as cushions from the hard roof. I used my own shirt to protect my knees and positioned myself behind Jenna. Slowly, I rubbed between her lips with my cock. I could not fucking wait to stick it in. Jenna started to breath a little heavier, which told me she was enjoying this so far. I pushed the head of my dick slowly inside of Jenna. She lightly moaned as I pushed deeper into her pussy.

"Oh, fuck, Matt." I laughed, a moan escaping my lips as I did so. Something about Jenna feeling pleasure was humorous to me, and I didn't even know why. I pushed I couldn't go any further, and started pulling out. I noticed Jenna was scrunching her toes in the pleasure she was feeling. I had a perfect view of her ass from where I was.

She had an amazing ass, too, which was a plus. Too bad we're not doing anal. I felt Jenna pushing against me as I thrusted harder and faster into her. The air carried the sounds of a mixture of wind in the trees, Jenna moaning, and Mr.

Ford's occasional whistle blow. Luckily, we were way too high up for anyone on ground level to hear Jenna. I squeezed Jenna ass cheeks as I thrusted into her tight pussy.

"Oh, fuck, Jenna." She let out a mixture of a giggle and a moan, which instantly made me want to cum. Luckily, it seemed like Jenna was too. She was almost screaming, which was fine, because the band had started to play music. I thrusted faster, suddenly aware that the band could stop playing at any point and hear the moaning freshman from on top of the roof.

It had become a game now, and I intended to win it. I pumped in and out of the moaning Jenna until I felt that final burn, and wanted Jenna of my cum.

"Matt, pull out." She said, in between moans. Suddenly worried she wasn't on the pill, I quickly pulled out. I surprised when she spun around quickly and shoved my cock down my throat.

That threw me over the edge, and I shot my final load down her throat. She gulped every last drop of my cum and looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes. "I just can't get enough of it Matt!" We laughed together and I fell backwards onto the roof, once again looking up at the sky. She sat down against the wall and placed her feet on my lap. "So, uh. you wanna go again.?" She said, slowly rubbing my cock with her smooth soles. As much as I wanted to, I could just tell my body was done.

"I'm sorry, I can't. I've had enough." A smile crossed her face. "Which means. you forfeit?" I frowned and sighed. "Well, yeah, I guess I forfeit." She threw her hands in the air. "I fucking told you I'd win!" I laughed and closed my eyes. How humiliating.