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Gf enjoys big dick of boyfriend with buddy
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Colonel Rushton,knew that the situation could'nt be bleaker.They could not repulse another massed attack.Twice,his men had shown great tenacity and bravery by warding off the hordes of Somali's.For each man he had lost.The tribesman must have had twenty fallen.Their bodies,littered the dunes,around the drawn together wagons. Candace,rung the cloth over the dying man's parched lips.He drank the trickle of precious water greedily."Thank you,love!I bet the angels in Heaven.Aren't as beautiful as you,sweetie!''He closed his eyes and slipped into unconsciousness.Candace,laid his head down on the blanket and attended to the next man.

Candace,feared the coming dawn.Just after sunrise,they had attacked their beleaguered caravan for two days running.The second onslaught always came late in the afternoon.When the fierce desert sun,cooled. Candace,at 16 had learnt the horrors of war first hand.The girl,continued nursing the wounded.She,glanced over at her mother sitting under the tarpaulin.The woman was desperately,ill!Candace,had long ago discarded her bonnet.Her long black hair,now untied.Hung in thick locks to her lower back.Her,long black dress,was dusty and bloody.The fine lace around the collar,was ripped and hanging.She had torn her petticoat to shreds.The material had come in handy to bind the wounded.Her,dainty feet ached and she was exhausted.Candace,was a rare beauty!Even with her,grimy and dirt smeared face.

Lauren,had misscarried.The young bride was inconsolable!She didn't want to grasp the reality of the dire situation they were in.The tall blonde.Nineteen year old,chided the other women for their pessimism."I'm sure a large contingent is on its way as we speak to rescue us!''.She repeated herself,over and over to anybody who cared to listen.Her,large,ocean blue eyes wide with hope!

Teresa,sat with her face in her hands.Just fourteen,she feared being raped by the savages!She had this dull pang of certainty in her tummy.That she was on the threshold of a nightmare!She was aware that she was a gorgeous girl on the brink of womanhood.Already,wealthy suitors had approached her banker father.Keen to take her hand in marriage when she turned sixteen.

The sun rose,red in the desert sky.The dark Somalian warriors.In their white heavily,patched robes gathered in their thousands.Most carried swords and shields.Here and there some sported antiquated front loaders.When their Chief,gave the order they swarmed upon the British caravan like ants!

The defense was heroic but illfated.Even the badly wounded,answered the call to arms.The volley of fire from the circled wagons.Cut a swathe through the advancing Somali ranks.Through sheer weight of numbers.The dark hordes overran the defenses.It was a frenzy of brutal slaughter.Men,women and babes were cut down by flashing swords! Candace,stood with her,back pressed against a wagon wheel.Her,face a contortion of abject terror.Before her,eyes the wounded were massacred where they lay.They were mutilating the dead and the scene resembled.what Candace,thought.Hell must surely be like!

She caught the eye of a lanky,tall,tribesman.He,whooped with delight.At the sight of the pretty,chaste and youthful,English maiden!Candace,stood rooted to the turf in fear.The warrior,lunged for her.He grapped her in a huge bear hug.His,hands slid down her back.He took a asscheek in each massive hand and squeezed her buttocks,painfully.Her taut butt felt hard and unused in his claws.He tossed her over his shoulder.Knowing that his chief,would reward him handsomely for such a rare flower!

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Lauren,crawled into the wagon.Three of the brutes,hot on her heels.Adab,was of royal blood.His,lineage,entitled him to the spoils of battle.He,had seen the pale woman climbing onto the wagon.Her femininty caught his eye and he instantly,lusted for her! One of them kicked Lauren,in her behind with a sandled foot.The force flung her,headlong into a chest of drawers in the cramped wagon.Her,head collided with the wood with a mighty thud.Her,hat fell to the floor and she,crumpled in a heap.It took her awhile to regain her focus and her head buzzed.She,felt their hands ripping savagely at her clothing and she screamed at the top of her lungs!

The three blackmen,had been friends since boyhood.Adab,wanted his companions to share in this amazing booty.The long line of buttons that ran down the front of her dress.Were ripped,loose and scattered all over the floor.Her dress torn open the men fell silent at the sight of her frilly knickers and bodice!They just stared at the terrified blonde.Mouths agape!

Fourteen year old Teresa,having forseen her brutal rape.Crawled under a wagon.It offered the young lass,no respite.She was yanked from under it by the ankles.Hard calloused hands firmly on her tender flesh!!

Adab,yanked Lauren's anklehigh boots from her feet.He,laughed at the sight of her strange looking socks.Something totally foreign to him,he struggled to peel them off her narrow feet.The spectre of her feet,enraged his lust!They were,soft and unworked.Pale in their perfection against his black,almost purple skin.He squeezed her instep with his hand.Lauren yelped!The heathen,was crushing her foot! Adab,placed her squirming foot against his thick lips.Her,skin smelt dirty and sweaty.He licked at her toes with his tongue.Tasteing her,savouring her smooth texture.He took four of the blonde woman's,digits in his mouth and crunched on them gently.

Afzaal,his bloodbrother withdrew his dagger.Her,bodice had maddened him and he had given up on trying to get it off.He cut it with the razor sharp blade,along the hem.Careful not to cut her, side.When they excitedly pulled it back,revealing her naked upper body.They screeched with unbridled lust for the pale,bitch!

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Lauren,had begun crying quietly as the man worked the blade on her undergarment.By the time he opened it up.She was bawling loudly.The animal glint in the blacks,eyes,when they saw her breasts.Made the woman scream like a banshee!

Adab,punched her,hard in the chest!His,blow took the wind out of her lungs.She gasped like a fish out of water,clutching at her throat.It gave them the opportunity to strip her of her knickers.

Adab,whistled heavily at the beauty of the naked white woman.She was unblemished,painfully thin and lillywhite! Adab,reached for his already stiff,mahood,under his robes.He released it.His friends,on either side of the yellow haired female lifted her head.So she could behold what he was going to rape her with. Lauren,wailed!Once when her father.Was Head Postmaster in Durban,South Africa.She had been playing in the field.One of the heardboy's had shouted "Mamba!''.The men had killed the snake and held it aloft.It had been an adult.Thick,pitchblack and evil looking!She had,had many nightmare's about it as a chilld.The darkman's penis resembled the snake.One eyed,with a bright plum coloured head.His girth was thick and coalblack.The thing,twitched angrily with a life of it's own!

Lauren,screamed.Pleading with the three men not to fuck her!Adab,replied by encircling her butt with his big hands.He lifted her buttocks off the hard wood.Chuckling,merrily,he sought to mount her.Lauren,tried to move her natural blonde mound away from him.He just kneaded her ass like it was dough and straightened her.

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Adab's,cockhead glanced against the woman's vulva.The sweet touch of her,private's against his manhood made him groan longingly.He moved his finger where he held her bum.Finding the sweaty crack.He drove his finger into her anus.Just as his pounding crown.Opened her petals and slipped inside her warm depths. Lauren,arched her back instinctivley at the invasion of her poopshoot.She cried out as he forced it in.Wiggling it and feeling around inside her ass.Nothing could of prepared her.For his onslaught on her cunt!

He drilled his heavy black dick into her.Lauren's pussy not moist,cried out at the indignation.He tore at her and her brain filled with sharp jolts of pain.Her body spasmed and shook violently!Her husband,Henry was a dwarf,compared to this brute!

As she ranted.Adab,rutted his way into the pale woman.He humped his buttocks.Pistoning,his prick into her!He stretched her canal to the max.Her,pink inner cunt walls,were forced to tearing point around his shaft.

The pained look on the woman's face made the men chatter in their native tongue.They were enjoying putting this foreigner,under such strain and pressure!Adab,his finger still entrenched in her butt began nailing her! His thrusts made her jugs,wobble crazily.Her feet,hanging over his shoulders.Banged up and down,her heels bouncing against his back.He spread her and fucked her hard and fast.Adab,swore he could feel his knob,making contact with her uterus!

His,fucking,tamed Lauren.She did'nt have the energy to scream anymore.It took all her concentration to accomodate him inside of her.Her pussy,under duress had secreted copius amounts of vaginal fluid.It made it easier for her to handle the buck's ravishing of her!

He was soooo deep!Lauren,moaned and groaned with each thrust of his pelvis.She looked flushed and bedraggled.Her pores,oozed persperation and it ran in rivlets down her forehead. Adab,closed his eyes and enjoyed Lauren's pussy.After the heat of battle,using her.Soothed him.Lauren,was shocked and aghast!Her,vagina somehow was getting off on being stuffed!

She felt a tingling sensation of pleasure deep inside her.She would never have believed that a rape victim could feel involuntary pleasure.She,did now because her body.Despite the protests from her brain was answering the darkman's fucking of her cunt!

Adab,stiffened.His muscular body,rippled and grew taut.His balls shrunk in and he unloaded weeks of pent up jism. They way the man ejaculated made Lauren's,pussy spasm.She felt his sowing of seed,gush forth.She moaned loudly as he hosed her down.Jolt after jolt releasing and sputing hotly inside her.The buck,groaned throughout and held onto her tightly.

Afzaal,having seen the pleasure his friend had got from the pale woman was rearing to go.He shed his robes and the woman gasped at the sight of his taut and toned,warriors body! Lauren,moaned as the second buck took her.He entered her more gently and swiftly. embedding,himself in her slit.He rode her,slowly and skillfully.His hands,flat against the wooden planks on either side of her head. Lauren,crimsom from exertion bit on her bottom lip.The man was grinning at her.His teeth were white as snow.His nostrils flared and his eyes clouded over.

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Totally,unexpectedly.Lauren's vagina spasmed violently and she had a bone jarring climax!She cried out loudly in surprise and embarresment.Her toes cringed and her legs shook! Feeling the woman's inner walls ripple against his buried cock.With what was unmistakeably pleasure.Afzaal grunted,audibly and unleashed his wad.Again Lauren,felt the heavy release inside her body and she cursed! Wajeeb,was the third to take her.He first took a rag and wiped her cum leaking,puss.He was relatively young and inexperienced compared to the other two blackmen.He sought to empty fast and went at her hammer and tongs.Drilling her twat,fast and savagely!Lauren,screamed as he pulverized her.She was sweating profusely and was bathed in persperation.Her head,banged against the wooden floor as he humped her.The confines of the wagon were like a sauna and the air was heedy with the smell of sex.Wajeeb,croaked and filled the woman with his seed!

The tall man had bound Candace's hands behind her back.He was racing on his steed across the desert.Candace,was in front of him in the saddle.He held her around the waist with one hand and flicked the horses reins with the other. The tribesman,felt his passion building.The horses motion was rubbing his groin against the girls rump.His penis,had swelled and was throbing,stiff against his stomach.He,could'nt resist the temptation and reined the horse in. He shoved Candace,from the saddle and she tumbled to the sand.Head over heels.

Candace,felt her body connect with the sand.Her side hurt llike hell.Her throat was parched and the cloud of dust made her cough throatily.The man dissmounted and looked at her with benevolence.She cringed from his stare.She read in his eyes that he sought what was between her thighs! Candace was a sweet,loving girl.She liked people and was naive in her trust of mankind.Even as the man knelt down and opened her legs.She tried to reason with him."Please don't!This isn't right!It's wicked and not the way it's supposed to be!OH DON'T!'' The man breathed heavily with excitement and tore her dress from her.He pulled her knickers over her ankles.He wanted her naked so he could see her enticing body.

Bare,with the desert sun baking down on her.Candace was taken for the first time.She shed tears as the man manouvered himself into her.She cried as he robbed her of her innocence.He popped her cherry,painfully.He laughed when he found her to be a virgin.He thrust into her savagely.He was hurting her and he smelt!Candace,turned her face from the vile specimen humping above her.

The tribesman,wanted more!He manhandled the teen onto all fours.She was bucking and screaming lively.He took a length of thick twine and made her bite down on it.He wrapped it around her head as a makeshit rein.With his big black hands he thrashed her ass. Candace,screamed as he beat her.Her buttocks sizzled with pain!."No don't!Awww!Nooooo!It's soooorrrre!'' The man,smiled.Her firm backside had turned an angry red.He wanted to screw her bum.He pressed her asscheeks apart angrily.Her little brown eye was small and shrunken.He dabbed spittle on his dick.His penis was still laced with her virginal bleed.

When he entered and assfucked her.Candace bucked and spasmed dementedly!The pain was gut wrenching and made her feverish.She begged and pleaded like a small child.She sobbed heartwrenchingly as her tormentor commited his sodomy of her poopshoot.He stretched her ass wide.His cock ate at her gut.He churned the shit in her.His dickhead forced her excretment further up her intestines!

The buck wanted her mouth.He forced her on her back.He sat on her chest,mashing her perky tits.The sides of her mouth,trickled blood from the twine.With a savage thumb he forced her mouth open.He stuffed his shit caked penis into her mouth and made the young woman suck him.

At this stage.Candace was traumatised out of her wits!She feared for her life and had no choice but to participate in the unspeakable act.She sucked on the buck's thick organ.Swallowing its vile harvest from her cunt and ass!


He orgasmed like a cannon in her mouth.His jism,shot against her palate and throat.Candace wanted to throw up!It was thick and tangy.It's saltiness burned her already parched throat and made her eyes water.Her cheeks, bloated with semen as the cock kept on spurting! Well sated the man took his cock from her mouth.Candace,lifted her head and spat the gooey mess into the sand.The warrior glanced down at her and smirked at the way he had used the woman!He tossed her a water pouch,to gargle her mouth.

Fourteen year old,Teresa had screamed blue murder as they tore the clothes from her body.Sharp nails had raked her skin.The circle of men had clawed at her,drawing blood. Her legs spread wide.A ugly man with a HUGE,penis just about to have his way with her.Bucks lined up behind.Ready for an afternoon of gangrape and brutal sodomy.That's how he found her and saved her from being raped to death.

Rahid,was their General.A master tactician and merciless on his foes. He was a kindhearted man and lashed out with his whip at the lustful mob!He forced them back and they heeded out of respect and fear.He stood over the curled up naked child.She was scratched and bruised.She looked pale and pitiful!He took his quilt from his shoulders.Pulled her to her feet and covered her body.

The man made Candace,shiver with fear.Her bare skin crawled as he inspected her.He was the most horrid creature she had ever laid eyes on!Her rapist had sold her to him for two horses and a dead soldiers,white gunbelt.

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His name was Mansood.He was cruel and calculating and the girl made him horny!He orderd two of his slaves to wash her and bring her to his tent. Candace,screamed as they scrubbed her body with a hard brush.They hurt her and seemed to satisfy themselves from her pain.

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Mansood,languished on a pile of large cushions.The tent was spacious.The floor was covered with thick oriental rugs.In the middle was the young white woman. Candace,had been scrubbed so hard that her whole body ached!They had lacerated the skin between her toes and her feet were sore and swollen.She had a piece of rope tied around her neck.The rope stretched out and was attached to a peg in the ground.She felt terror squeezing her gut! Mansood,had been joined by a large number of men.They sat in a circle around the tent.Eyeing the luscious young women staked out in the middle.Candace,sat with her legs under her to hide her cunny.Covereing her small breasts with her hands modestly.


The slaves that had roughly and inhumanely bathed her entered with a mangy,looking dog bitch in tow.She was lactating and her teets were hanging just centimetres from the floor.The bitch was also heavily on heat.Candace,failed to comprehend what was going on.Even when they forced her,on her back!

One of the slaves twisted the girls lips.The pain was excruciating and brought a rush of saliva to her mouth.He forced his thumb into her trap and pushed against her top teeth.Opening,her mouth wide.The other man placed the bitch over her face! Candace,screeched at the feel of the horrid things,udders and fur against her face!They popped one of the foul tasting teets into her mouth.The act,was so despicable that Candace, even felt her asshole cringe!

They made her suckle on the bitch!The warm milk trickled down the girl's gullet.Candy,felt her vomit rise.She heaved, violently and spewed the contents of her gut all over her chin and tits. Her,reaction brought jeers from the gathered men.Candace,lay back,her chest and breasts heaved like a bellows.The man stuck his hand firmly on the dogs vagina.He squashed the organ against his palm till it was sodden.He then rubbed it all over her twat.His hands felt tough against her soft flesh and sprouting pubic hair.He drenched her beaver with the shit!He even placed a dab of the bitches secretion.Flush on her anus, making her asshole twitch against his fingertip!

The slaves left with the bitch. Candy,felt the expectancy rise in the tent.It was humid and she started to perspire.The men returned.Each restraining a large,demonic and lusty looking male desert dog.Candace,felt the terrible reality of what they planned to do rush upon her!! Mansood,cracked the horse whip for the third time.He never missed his target.It snaked through the air with a wizzzzzzing sound.The end had two pieces of metal attached.They were shaped like a snakes forked tongue.It caught Candace,on the side and unrooted a sliver of flesh and skin.The girl wailed!She had three lash marks,atop of each other up her side.Again,Mansood, patted his backside and made an 'up' motion with his hands.This time she obeyed!

Candy,crossed her arms against the rug and rested her forehead on them.She surrendered to their bestial cravings and raised her rump.Anything but the swish of the whip,she thought.Her,taut buns pointed skyward.She shuffled her knees apart.Her tight lipped oyster beneath her ass laid bare. The sight was pure erotica!The slave gulped noisely.He wondered if his master would let him have her when the hounds were done!

The canines were wild and dark.Their jaws were tied shut.They would have bitten the human bitch to shreds.The dog ran at the wench and sprung on her.The hounds,forepaw scraped across her back.His long dirty nails drew blood.Candace sucked in the flesh of her arm to muffle her cry of pain.She held her body in position,fearing the lash! The mad beast humped at the bitch beneath him.His dark pink and purple doggycock twitched and knocked against her thigh.Candy was looking under her.Her young boobs hung floorwards.Her,abdomen was well tonned and sunken at the sides.

Just down by her crinkled bellybutton.A tiny roll of flab was hanging and it swayed as the hound knocked against her! Candy,saw his doggydick unsheath.The thin head twitched.The cock's girth grew thicker as it tapered down to his ballsac.It smacked wetly against her inner thigh.It's touch left a patch of drool.That ran down her thigh and collected behind her knee.

Candace,shut her eyes and preyed for deliverance.Just as the animal hit home and ground it's fangs under the constraints of the muzzle!


Candy's eyes opened wide and she groaned as the doggycock thrashed into her beaver.The thing was heavy and squirmed in her canal.She watched the animal posses her body.The pink fuckstick disappeared inside her.All that remained were his dark testicles.Doing a macarbre bouncing dance as he humped at her.

Candace,groaned like a stuffed pig.Punctuated by squeals as the dog clawed her.The Englishwoman,gasped.The man who had raped her.Had not felt this intense inside her body!The hound's dick was so hot and hard!His doggypenis seemed to be heating her vaginal walls up.The thing just did'nt let up shovelling her!!!!! She felt something hard mash against her vulva.The desert dog whined and struggled to get it in.His withers strained with effort.His eyes narrowed to little slits and he panted,motionless.Candace,her forehead dank,cheeks warm and rosey.Watched the dogs still legs.His paws were huge,his nails gnarled and sharp.

The dog caught her off guard and suddenly burst to life.He,banged his knot furiously against her wet pusslips.Her opening expanded and his beating knot slid inside his bitch.He had the English lady completely! Candy's body became so taught that her veins stuck out.A thick pulsing purple on the side of her neck.She sunk her nails into her arms and screamed at the top of her lungs.Her toes,squashed against the rug.She felt like she had a fiery apple up her vagina!

The dog made the human bitch moan and squirm and all the rest.He well and truely nailed her.Candace,bathed in sweat saw the dogs puppyseed drip from her cunny.It looked like stringy eggwhite as it splashed to the carpet.The canine,came intermittently for at least ten minutes.He would thud against her ass and spurt.Then he would remain dead still.Just his doggycock moving as it jetted more spunk. Candace,was dead tired.Her knees were grazed from carpetburns.She just moaned and accepted the puishment.After the dog had fllooded her awesome pussy.It took a few minutes for its throbknot to subside.When he withdrew the stuff ran out of her.She cried as it bathed her inner thighs.It ran down her tummy and collected on her bellybutton.Only to fall to the carpet and dam.Candy,could'nt believe the amount of jism!It looked like it could easily fill a small flask.

The men watching the Beast ravish her.Cheered the dog and clapped.Candace,cursed them all to hell! The second dog was meeker than the first.Candace was greatful because his doggydagger was bigger!He did her less intensely.Candy discovered that if she squeezed.Her vaginal muscles it made the penis erupt quicker.So she had helped him along.Milking him of his seed.

The second dog sated it withdrew.Another waterfall sprang from her stretched puss.The dog then did something.That made the men laugh heartly.It moved to the front of her.Smelt her hair with it's snout.Then nonchalantly.Lifted its leg and pissed hotly all over her hair and upper back! Candace,howled in indignation.The slave.Excitedly and animatedly.Shrieked his thanks and bowed to his master.He had watched the dogs mate with her and now it was his turn! He shoved the insipidly skin toned bitch onto her back.He slapped her mouth.Blood splattered across his knuckles.Candace,clawed at him.Digging into his chest.She fought back like a lioness.Kicking her feet at him.He grabbed her feet by her big toes.He bent and squeezed them.The girl shrieked when he broke the big digit on her right foot!."You,goddam dog!You broke my toe!''.She kicked him square on the jaw with her good foot.He lost his balance and fell backwards.She was filled with rage!She jumped on top of him!Her fiestyness,drew yells of encouragement from the audience!

It was as she landed on him that he got her!He let rip with a heavy right hook.It landed on her cheek and KO'd her!The slave laughed as she crumpled on him.She was lite and he just pulled her down to his groin.Lifting her by the hips.The man impaled her on his shaft.He slid into her easily.The bitch was drenched inside.He lifted her unconscious face.Her eyes were closed.Her left socket,was sollen and puffy.The skin,already disscolouring.Her lip split.He licked her face.Slurping at her with his tongue.He spat in her face.All the while he rode her.He stuck the tip of his tongue into her nostril.He beat her down on his meat.He climaxed quickly deep inside the teen!

The second slave.Encouraged by his masters.Took her roughly in the ass.He nailed her butt.Sweating with effort.Candy came too with the man buried deeply in her rearend.Her hair was in her mouth and she felt dazed.She uttered.Huh?.Huh?.Huh? with every plough of his prick!As the slave blew in her butt.Mansood, as the grand finale.Moved up behind him and jerked the man's head back.With one swift slash he cut the slave's throat from ear to ear.The hot blood spurted onto Candace.Even as the man's dead cock still spurted inside her!She was awash with crimson.Mansood,raised his hands.The frenzied mob.Chanted his name over and over.

Rahid,had brought the young girl back to his fortified desert oasis.His dwelling was huge and he had carried the petriffied slender female to a large room.A fire burnt brightly in the corner and it was warm. He placed her on a rug and she stared at the man.Her eyes like saucers.Expecting him to plunder her at any moment.He had women bring a large clay tub.Hot water was poured.When it was tepid a women motioned her to get in.The blackwoman,removed her shawl.Teresa,winced at her open nakedness.She was handed a bar of soap,looted from the caravan earlier.

Teresa sat her aching,tired body down in the warm water.It was welcoming and devine.The woman left her and the greybearded man alone.He watched her intently and with intrest. Rahid,had lost his wife of thirty years.Two years previously to influenza.He had loved the woman deeply.Although her womb had been barren.He had never taken a second wife.When she died he was crushed.Even now his heart had not healed!

Teresa watched the man studying her as she lathered herself.She somehow knew that he was incapable of hurting her.After the trauma she had suffered.Teresa,felt safe here.She washed under her arms.The soft hair that had started to appear.Matted with the soap suds.She poured water from the jug over her head.The water invigorated her body and cleansed her.She rubbed her small breasts with her fingertips.When she stood and soaped herself between the legs.the oldman's breath rasped.

Feeling refreshed.She bent, picked up the shawl and dried her body.His gaze never left her.Taking in every movement of her supple figure.

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He pulled the furs back from the bed and she climbed in tiredly. Rahid,bathed in her now cooling water.She watched him sleeply.His body for a man of his age was firm and fit.His muscles on his arms rippled and tightened as he washed.His body was so dark it had a purple shine to it.Between his legs hung a thick,flacid penis.His heavy balls were bulbous and looked like pomagranates.

When he got in behind her and drew her to him.Teresa,did not struggle.It was all dreamlike and gentle and she rode the wave with him.When he placed his rough palm on her nipple and rubbed it to attention.She did'nt shy away from his touch.She just groaned softly and her eyelids fluttered. He was on his side and gently placed her left leg over his.She felt his engorged penis pressed against her buttocks.His hand tickled her side and slid over her tummy to her pubes.He deftly opened her sheath and found her clitoris.He manipulated it with an experienced hand.In no time her vagina was hot and moist.

Her leg resting over him.Rahid,gripped his tight aching organ and moved it between her legs.The man against Teresa's back.Groaned,deeply and blew hotly against her skin when his nut touched her vulva.Teresa's vaginal lips twitched at his touch and wet his cockhead. Rahid,squeezed his eyes shut and had to focus his whole mind on not spurting.When he had gathered himself.He tenderly,moved his,hips in a slow circular motion.The pressure of his cockhead against Teresa's unchartered flower.Parted her petals.Teresa,felt his spout ease into her.She moaned and bit her bottom lip.Her,freckled cheeks glowed and her green eyes,grew misty.She let out a long."Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!' With acute,stealth.Rahid eased his manhood into the girl.He did it painstakingly slowly.A mere centimetre at a time.He would let the half inch slip in and then wait at least a minute.He was sweating from the effort of controlling his lust to thrust sharply.Teresa,groaned,making an 'O' shape with her mouth.

Teresa,had never experienced anything quite so primal and delicious.She raised her hands to her breasts and stroked them. Rahid's cock,met the resistance of her hymen.He broke through so gently and lovingly that Teresa barely felt any pain!Just a tearing sensation that passed quickly.