Teen homemade sex tape hd xxx Sleepwalking Stepbro

Teen homemade sex tape hd xxx Sleepwalking Stepbro
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Junior year in high school. Well as you all learned in previous chapter I was forced by Jackie Grandma to break up with long time Fiancée Jackie after she learned that Jackie and I had made love in back seat of my vehicle and our plans to make love once again after homecoming.

So that left me one without a Girlfriend and second without an guaranteed date for my first ever homecoming. I started to attend Northside high school that fall.

To be honest I only attend my base school for first part of the day then the second part of day I attend Arnold R Burton Technology School in afternoon. Well homecoming was only a month after school started I believe i May be wrong and I was desperately in search off a date to homecoming and an potential girlfriend.

Well it wasn't very long until I made friends with several teenagers and we quickly formed a small cliq which was made up of Nicole who was wild Child sexy as hell bomb shell she was 100% Cherokee Indian more on her in few Brandon his smoke hot girlfriend Jen and Christy and myself. Well I had my eye on Nicole because she was a wild child. I learned she was very sexually active teenager Girl.

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I had major crush on her since the first time I lay eyes on her and I finally got nerve up to ask her out only to be shot down. With was total blow to not only my ego but also my confidence. But she set me up with Christy. Well that what I going on so not confused you reader with other Christine who took my cherry.

Well let me describe Christy to you. Christy was sixteen years old but looked a lot older that she was. She was 5ft 6 inch's talk she weight somewhere around 270 pound or so. With made her heavy girlfriend I ever dated. She had long brown hair that when she didn't have it up in ponytail came down to center of her back. And she alway wore these silver framed glass. She was very heavy chested which I loved.


Well since Christy was sixteen and I was eighteen we never actually had sex. Not saying we couldn't have a few time but I alway keep in back of my mind what happen with Jackie. But that didn't stop us from doing everything else those.

Well homecoming came and when and as alway someone spike the Pound.

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This year was no different lucky for me I didn't drink any of it after I head it had been spiked. But my girlfriend Christy was kind lite. On way home from homecoming she said " Scott I'm really shocked that you not taking advantage of me being drunk most guy would." I looked at her and said " babe you going learn I'm not like most guy you may have date before I don't take advantage of girl when she drunk to many case of Rape come from that." I dropped her off at her house and help her to door and told her parents that some jack ass had spiked the punch.

Well Christy parent held an Monday night bible study at their house every Monday night. Well sometime the other people would bring their children other time they didn't. I would drive her to her mom home every Monday afternoon after school. But I would have wait outside until her parents got home. She would tease the hell out of me all the time. She would get sucker and make seem like she was giving me blow Job It alway got me work up and she seem to love it Well once her parents got home I was allow to go down stairs and this night there was no other children there other that her little brother TJ well Christy came and sit by me on couch and we instantly started passionately French kissing our tongues going wild in each other mouth as we were French kissing I slide my hand up her shirt and took ahold of her breast.Damn I so want to screw her brain out then.

If her kid brother hadn't been there I would be able do more. After playing with her breast for bit I ask her it was ok if I finger her and she said yes so she grabbed this cover throw over both our laps. So I reach down with my right hand undid her belt and pants and slide them down just enough so I easily get my arm down into her pant.

Now Christy was Virgin and from what she had told me she hadn't really done much with her other boyfriends in passed. So I slide my hand into her panties and had her slide down in seat a little and I slide my pointer finger into her already wet pussy. She let out an muffled moan. Boy she was tight. The muscles of her pussy tighten against my finger drawing my finger deeper into her cunt. I didn't want to to deep I didn't want pop her cherry with my finger.

She started ton thrust her hip match the speed i that I was sliding my finger in and out of her. By now she was totally wet and she had moaning had gotten louder and I know she was nearing her climax.

She lean over said to me " Oh God I'm going cum!!! Don't stop !" As her body tighten up and I felt the wave of her steamy juice rush out of her pussy over my finger.

I withdraw my finger and she slide her pant back up and lean over lead her head on my shoulder as I suck her juices off my finger and hand. " oh God Scott I hadn't came like that in long time <breathing hard> oh my god I can't give myself an orgasm like that when I masturbate." I look at her laughed.

She then throw herself on to my lap and our lip contact and our mouth part and tongue with wild in each other mouth. After we kiss I had major hard one and she could tell it from the bulge in my pants. It had really started to get a little painful. I look at her and saw that Hunger in her eyes burning like Forest fire.

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Her eyes were lock on the bulge I my pants. I could tell she either want it i her mouth or pussy. But we didn't have any condoms and we just couldn't fuck in front of baby brother. She reach over and ran her hand over the bugles in my jeans and that just made it that most worse.

I look at her and said " Baby if your brother wasn't here I do believe you would lose your virginity tonight." " Oh I know that to be fact Scott!

But I know what I can do for you though" she said with smile on her face " oh I know your going take care of this because baby you been teasing the shit out all night and I'm not going have case blue balls. If you going tease it your going have please it." " oh you don't have worried about that Scott" she said as lick her lips she slide her hand down to my crotch and undid my belt on my jeans and undid the button and slide my zipper down and took out my dick.

And she pull up the cover and slide her head down on my lap and took my dick in her mouth oh God sis it feel good. She started slide her head up and down my dick taking the whole thing in her mouth. I throw my head back moaned softly keeping close I on her little brother just make sure he didn't come close. He never did, she pick up her pace and I started to thrust my hips to matching her pace. I was in heaven. About five minutes in the blow Job I could feel the pressure starting to build rapidly and i know it was only matter of time before I blow my load.

So I pull up the cover quickly and told her " Babe I'm getting very close to cumin do you want me blow in your mouth? Mmmmmmm aHhhh" I said looking down at her she lift her her slight and said " blow your massive load in my mouth baby feed me your seed baby" she said " well you had better swollen it than" I said as she licked the top of dick " oh don't worried baby spitting is lust and swallowing is Love I want feel your massive load slam into back of my throat and then feel it rushing down my of my throat.

let it blow baby!" She said has she slide my now throbbing dick back into her mouth pick up the pace. About minutes later I felt the muscles in dick tighten and being to spasm and it push a massive load of streamy cum through the length of my dick and second later my massive load cum erupted from out tip of my dick and I let out a moan as i felt my cum slam into back of her throat.

She gagged slightly on it guess it was larger than what she thought i would blow. Then all suddenly another massive load blow follow closely by third. She swollen every drop and once it stop she pull her head up and wipe her mouth. She swallow the last little bit and my dick had softened enough for her push back into my pants. Just had finish pulling my zipper up and redoing my belt when her little brother pull off the cover.

Damn I was relieved that he hadn't done that earlier. Well time had came for us to leave for the night she walk me out to my car.

I lite up cigarette, and she press up against me on the car. As I took draw in and well she used to smoke and still did every down and then. But she want me blow the smoke into her mouth so I did. She blow out the smoke and smiled " damn baby I had had smoke in long time. I'm getting lite head, I love you Scott I only wish my brother wasn't here and we had an condom.

I would loved lose my virginity tonight" she said as lean in for another mouth full of smoke. " Baby I want you to but I'm not going be kind guy who demands you put out. I'm willing to wait as long as it takes!"I said as blow another load of smoke into her mouth. " Well baby I know how men are if girl doesn't put out after while they will leave and I have decided if I had put out for you I will I don't want to lose you." She said "I looks at her as took another deep draw off my cigarette and once again she want me blow in her mouth so i did.

As she blow it out I pulled her close and our lips contact once again then I pulled back and look her straight in eyes and said " Baby calm yourself ok I'm not going anywhere ok i may not be Virgin and yes you're going have help me like you did tonight but you're sixteen years old and your worth the wait.

"I told you that when we first got together and I'm man of my word when you're ready and only when your truly ready then I will take your virginity you understand me Christy? I said as I finish off my cigarette she nodded her head and said " I understand you baby that why I give you blow job tonight because I known just hand Job wouldn't do.

To be honest I love the taste of your cum. It filled me up I love you Scott. She said as lean in for a kiss " and I love you to Christy!" I said has our lips contact and we started to french kiss. After we finish saying goodnights i walk her to her door and returned to my vehicle drove off. ==================================================== So week we could mess around other we could due to other parents bringing their children with them.

Well one Monday a few week later I was sitting on the couch with Christy and she throw cover over my lap and pull a bottle of lotion and she undid my zipper and pull out my dick and reach put some lotion on her hand started give me hand Job. I was nervous has hell there were other kid this Monday and here she was giving me hand Job. I look at her than the kid and back at her and said softly " are you sure you want give hand Job all them here?" She just smile and said " I don't care if they are here or not baby.

I holding up my end of the deal by helping you wait. Just think if they were here I would going down on you again not sit back enjoy it ok and blow your load when your ready.!" She said what could I say I finally have girlfriend who know how take care of man she love and damn she was good with her hand just as good as she was with her mouth.

I felt really bad that here she was getting me off and I couldn't get her off because all damn kids. She jack me off for a good twenty minutes or more only stopping long enough put more lotion on her hand and back she when jacking me off. I started to thrust me hip slightly and letting out very soft moans not loud enough other kids to hear. Then it happen I felt the pressure building In cock and whispers to her " baby I'm going to blow soon how you going clean all that cum up baby it going be mess?" I said to her has nearing my orgasm.

" don't worried baby I going wash this cover tonight so you don't have worried about just blow your load when your ready!" She didn't have tell me twice just then i felt my load erupted from top of my dick and slamming hard into cover. Follow closely by an second load.

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Once I finish up she redid my pants and took the bottle of lotion and cover into other room and I guess she tossed the cover in an load of her clothes into wash and once she was done she return to sit by on couch. I leaned in close to her said " I feel really bad I can't get you off you're helping me out in way my ex never did I just wish I could go down on you right now baby!"she just smile and said "the next time we are alone I let you?" I just smile ==================================================== Well a few Monday later I got my chance because her little brother was sick and no body bought their kid this night so it was just me and her alone in basement.

So I walk her over to the couch and sat her down on it and I got down on my knees at first she though I was going ask her to marry her. For she had been writing her name with my last name for many weeks now I didn't want to disappoint her so I slide my class ring off my finger and ask her " Christy **** <last left out here > I know we have only been together for short time and I don't have proper ring but I hope my class ring well do until I get you proper ring but will you marry me?" Her face lite up and she said "'yes Scott I will marry you!" Our lips contact and our tongues when wild then I shocked her when I started to undo her pants and pull them down exposing her pussy " Scott what are you doing ?" She said " well Christy you have give me a hand Job and blow Job and I came both time so it now my turn eat you out!

That is that ok with you baby " I said as throw an cover over us " oh Scott I been waiting for an chance for you do this yes you can eat me out" she said. So I push my head between her thighs and pull down her panties and ran my tongue over her g spot and she let out an soft moan I started to eat her out real good " oh God Scott I never had guy eat me out before don't stop oh go eat my fucking pussy out.

I want feel your tongue inside of me push in deep.!" She said has push my head down closer to her pussy. I sucking on her clit with drove her wild and she buck her hip wildly and I finally slipped my tongue into her canal and started to tongue fuck her hard and she was moaning a little louder "'baby you going get us caught if you parents hear us" I said " I'm sorry baby but it feels so good. I really can't help myself! I pick up pace and now I was literally slamming my tongue into her canal over and over again and I could tell she was nearing her climax.

When she said " Oh my God it really feel like your dick inside me.Im about to cum!!!!" " that what I want you to do Christy I want swallow your juices the same way you swallowed my cum when you when down on me it only fair!" I said to her as I felt her muscles in pussy tighten against my and her body tension up and she said " I'm cumin!" I felt a massive waves of her vaginal fluid flowed out from her pussy and shoot into my mouth and I let it run down back of my throat.

She has blow some much fluid that my whole face was covered in it I didn't mind a bit. Once she had finished i pulled her panties and pant back up and she ran to her me an towel to wipe my face. When she got back she laughed " damn Scott you mess clean your face up !" She said I just laughed as wipe my face clean and when back sit up on couch beside her that when Undid my pants when down on me for about twenty min and I blow at least three load into her mouth and she swallowed all my loads " damn girl I didn't expect you go down on me damn your just wild as Nicole!" I said to her she throw a pillow at me and laughed "well it was only fair after you ate me out baby" she said " I guess you'd be right there baby Come her you wild child" I said as pull her closer and our lips contact and I could taste my own cum still in her mouth.

We kiss until it was time for me to leave. I didn't want leave but I had to. ================================================= There was this one time when I when over to her house and her mom said she has canceled bible study for evening due their hot tank has mess up and they had to get wet vac to clean up water in laundry room.

Well at first they left her little brother with us and we mess around a little then the an hour later they returned and pick him up because they hadn't been able find what they were looking for and they want to give us some time alone I was shocked and the look Christy face told me she didn't know they were going do it.Once they had left we were all alone and a few week before one Christy friends had given her few condoms and with those now in play it was only very likely one of them would be used.

So we when straight to her room and jump on her bed and passionately start to make out I undid her pant and started to finger her as I usually would but what was stopping us from going all the way.

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We were totally alone here and her parents had place a lot of trust in us by Leaving us alone like this.I finger her until she blow and she give me a hand Job until I blow my load. Then we when up stairs and she fixed me an nice dinner and once we where done eating we were at it again this we were laying in living room.

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I know we both want to screw each other brain out but I knew this was test and I didn't want screw this up because it would be our luck we started having sex and her parents would show up So she lead me down the hall way to her little brother room. Boy I though we were going down it all go all way. I been wanting to fuck the hell out of her for long time.

She turned to face me and our lips locked and our tongues when wild in each other mouth. My heart was beating mile minute. We french kiss our way to her kid brother bed. I could see in her eyes she want to rip my clothes right here and then. So did I What I wouldn't have given to slide my thubbing dick into her tight Virgin pussy at that moment.

She pull me down to lay beside her on her little brother twin size bed. Which wasn't going be enough room the both of us. Once we figure that one out we rolled into his bedroom floor."Scott I So want you inside me here and now I'm ready for you take my virginity !" I was totally stunned I didn't know what to says here I had a woman whom already been writing her name with my last name for weeks so was basically throwing herself at me begging me to deflower her in her brother floor in her parents house.

The though of that made my dick rock hard. But I had stop thinking with small head and start thinking with my head on my shoulders this could go side way in hurry if her parents came home. She wasn't making it any easier on me as she wiggle her her ass as me. She could tell I was wrestling with my emotions and she slide up close to me and give me those sad puppy look with she know drove me wild.

She lend in for kiss " What wrong baby Don't you wanted me? She said as ran her hand over bulge in my pants our lips locked again I broke our kiss "Christy there nothing I wouldn't give right now to strip those clothes off of you and make hot passionate love to you right here and right now." I said a big smile came cross her face and she moved her hand to my waist attempting undo my belt. There was burning passion burning in her eyes.

I know if I didn't stop it now we were going make love right there in her little brother room. " Christy WE can't baby !" I said as took an hold of her hands and at that moment an disappointed look replace those flame passion in her eyes and she casted her head downward towards the floor and she said to cry " Why can't we baby. we all alone not one here please baby I want you to take my virginity!" She said as lifted her head up toward me still crying.

I took ahold of her brought her in close to me " Christy baby one we don't have condom!" I said as broke in middle sentence " I have some remember those my friend give to me while back I can run to my room real fast get one" she said " Christy listen to me ok.

I'm glad you were planning ahead and gotten them. But don't you remember what I told you about what happen with Jackie when her grandma found out about us making love." I said to her she signed "Yes she threatened to bring you up on statutory rape charges unless you broke up with her.

But that was then and this now my parents won't find out please baby fuck me!" She pleaded with me to take her virginity. " Baby I really got lucky on that last one. Now your parents one other hand especially your mom Christy she wouldn't hesitate to throw me in slammer." I said to her " Baby the age of consent in Virginia is sixteen and I'm sixteen years old and I'm giving you my consent to take my virginity!

Please baby I'm horny as hell and I want you deep inside of me please don't deny me of this!" She pleaded with me " Your right Baby the age of consent is sixteen years of age here in Virginia. But I'm eighteen years old and in eyes of law your still consider a minor and for me to take your Virginity would be crime. Punishment by at least five or more years in state prison and once I did get out of prison that if I survived it!

I would be labeled an sex offender and have to Register as one for rest of my life. Would you what that happen to me Christy?" " So what if your Eighteen and I'm sixteen Scott I thought as long you were within two or three year age different it was legal!" She said " I guess that change if person is over eighteen year old.

Now if I was seventeen and not eighteen she still could try to press charges on me for statutory rape but would have little harder time doing it if I was seventeen!" I told her " This really suck Scott here I am horny as hell we can't make love because of stupid law this so unfair what can we do that won't land you up in prison!?" She said " Well Christy I know it unfair but has Jackie Grandma told me the law is the law.

No matter how we feel about it there basically nothing we can do but to follow the law. Now here and an idea how we can simulate us making love without me penetrating you. But trust me it not as good as the real thing" I said to her. She slammed her fist down on ground in disgusted " what can we do than baby!" She said to me "Well Christy it called dry sex if when we have sex but with our clothes on.

Now we can strip down to our underwear do it that way if you want! But I can't not penetrate you Christy. But with us doing that we run the risk of your parents coming home." I told her " I don't care! I need to cum damn it!" She said as she lifted her top off and undid her pants and Slide them down over her thighs and then She did she same to me Our lips lock as I push her down into floor of little brother room.

I kiss all down her neck and even lifted up her bar kiss both of her breast this when she spreads her thighs and demanded me to get between them. So I did kissing her inner thighs as I made my way up toward her pussy " So how we going make feel like we really having sex with you putting it inside me Scott?" She said looking up at me " well Christy I'm going put the tip of my penis and slightly put in you with my under wear on so Technically I'm not fully entering you." I said " Do it now I want to feel you cock somewhat inside me damn it" she said So that what I did I took very tip of my dick with my underwear on and was able get it into her pussy.

She let out loud gasp as I slide what I could in her and she wrap her thighs around me so it wouldn't pop out of her. And we made do what we could do. I wish I have push my dick farther into her but if that happen I would be trouble " oh God Scott it feel like your really inside of me harder harder Scott dry fuck my cunt I only wish it was really in me this ooooohhhhhh really sucks it can't be!" She moan loud as I slammed into her as best as I could without being inside of her.

I could feel the muscles in pussy tighten against the tip of my dick as we when along and I felt the pressure building in my dick and I know it would be long before I blow my load " ohhh God Scott I'm about to cum!!!" She moaned " I'm about there my self baby can blow my load on your chest please !" I asked her " ohhhhh God Scott pull out pull my panties aside and let my juices blow on you and sure you blow on me." She said So that what I did I pull it out just in time and got her panties pull down far enough so when blow it would blow all over me and her body tighten up and wave after wave of her orgasm spray all over my face and lick her pussy clean.

Then she sat up and pulled my under wear down and started to jack me off until my massive load of cum spewed out all over her chest and belly. " damn Christy that almost felt like we actually made love! But damn we made huge mess and we have get it clean up before your parents get home" I said to her but she was to busy rubbing my cum over her body to care at moment.


Once we when to bathroom clean ourselves up we quickly got dress and she fix her hair and makeup and than we set about clean up any evidence of what we had done. Once we had clean up the mess we returned to living room and watch a little TV she was laying up on my chest listening to my heartbeat and she look up at me with smile "Damn Scott are you sure you didn't take my virginity?" She Asked me " No Christy as far as you had me inside of you I didn't go farther enough to break your hymen.

So your cherry is still intact but any farther I would have." I said " it suck that you couldn't have just pulled your dick out and rammed into me! I really want you take my cherry."she said " I know it crossed my mind a few time Christy but I would be in big trouble if I had!" I told her " I love you Scott and I can't wait for the day when you can finally legally take my cherry but I guess that will have do for now." " Hopefully soon I can Christy but when I do I want it to be a special time for you and not have the risk of prison time hanging over my head!" I told her our lips locked and our tongues danced in each other mouth for good five minutes.

All suddenly we heard the what the sound of key being put into the door and we both know what that meant her parents were back and we both breath a sigh of relief that we had clean up our mess. Than the front door swing open and We knew it was her parents. " Christina .

Scott were are you too" Mrs T said we got up from the couch made our way to top of stairs " Hey mom and dad your home.did you find what you guys need to get water up?" " Sure did we had go to five different stores before we find what we were looking for!" Mr T said " Do you need any help with carry anything Mr T?" I said "Na we got it handled thanks for the offer though Scott." Mr T said has him and wife when down stairs leading to basement ======================================================= Will that was the close that Christy and I came to having sex and we mess around many other time during the year that we dated.

But all good things have to come end sooner or later and looking back on it now after all these years it was best thing that we didn't have sex that day or the many other opportunities we had because soon our relationship would end when I wrote her letter my senior year and a very messy WAR would break out due to it. Read the next chapter to find out what happens and leave me some feedback how I'm doing please