Natural hunks naked gay porn The Suite Life With Zack And Tyler

Natural hunks naked gay porn The Suite Life With Zack And Tyler
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What if I told you there was a secret to women? To make any woman want you.


Sounds a bit like an add for somthing that you know don't work right? Well, it does work. I found that secret, however I never knew the implications it would have on me. Who knew I would end up running for my life from a crazed husband who wanted nothing more than to turn my brain to soup, or that o would have women literally kill for me? I'm not going to lie, it was fun while it lasted, just wish it didn't end like this.

It all started when I found this leather bound book.

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I couldn't really make heads or tales of anything written in its pages, which looked like they came from ancient Egypt with how old it was. Flipping through its pages just about to toss it aside when I saw somthing I could understand, a spell.

Of all things I could read it just had to be a spell of lust right, why not, fits my life perfectly. I read the instructions, committed them to memory deciding to give it a try. The first person I decided to try this spell on was a coworker. A larger woman a few years younger than me, brown hair cut to her shoulders. She had beautiful dark eyes and full lips, wide waist that made walking behind her like being in heaven, if you know where to look.

Connecting with her wasn't that hard, we actually had a lot in common. The talk was short and sweet, she had to get back to work. As she walked away I cast the spell. A quick wave of the hand with a word of power, I had to make sure I was the last person she spoke to otherwise someone else would reap the reward.

It may have been a coincidence but shortly after all was said and done she turned and looked over her shoulder at me and smiled softly, my heart started pounding. She was on my mind for the rest of my work shift, did I mention I was attracted to her? As I was leaving work to my surprise she was sitting at a bench looking intently at the door.

She had been off work for three hours, so I approached her and asked if everything was ok or if she needed help. "The only thing I need help with is you." I was speechless, it worked it really worked.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked with a nervous laugh. "Eight tonight, my boyfriend will be working meet me here." Fuck, boyfriend. I could have called it off at that, but I didn't care that she had a boyfriend. If this worked I could take her from him. Yes I know I'm a bad person, that should already be evident if I'm using a spell to get women to like me. The next few hours seemed to creep by, I swear I showered ten times. 7:45, time to go. My stomach was knotted up when I arrived, that faded away the moment I saw her.

She was wearing a small black dress split in the front showing her cleavage. Funny I never noticed til then but she had nice breasts not just ass. She wasn't showing a lot of legs, but what she did show was great. She looked amazing, makeup done up with bright red lipstick and dark eyeliner. She sat on the same bench as before, when she saw me a huge smile spread across her lips, "What do you think of the dress?" "You wear it well." Yup, great compliment, better then what was going through my mind of how I would like it better off her.

"Don't worry, I'm not planning on staying in the dress long." Her smile widened as my world spun. We went to her place.

I didn't even get to close the door before she planted my back against it with a passionate kiss. Her hands worked fast unbuttoning my pants. I couldn't breathe, I didn't know if this was real, but if it wasn't I didn't want to wake up. I must have spaced out, she now had my pants down and was stroking me. The noice I made I'll admit wasn't very masculine, but who cares? She lowered herself to her knees before me and looked up at me with hungry eyes as she continued her work on me.

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Keeping my eyes open had become a chore, her hand felt so good, then came her mouth. I moaned grabbing her shoulders, she let out a soft giggle and started to bob her head on me. The feeling of her warm mouth and tounge drove me insane. How long was I enjoying it?

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Don't ask me that time didn't exist anymore. I was overcome with passion when I lifted her off the floor. I kissed her long and hard and pushed her into a recliner. Her dress flew up revealing all her glory.

She had no underwear on so my next move was simple. I got to my knees and began to repay the favor of the pleasure she gave me. She squirmed as my tongue went to work. Her hand on the back of my head as I started to kick inside her.

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I must be doing somthing right, her moans turned to screams, it was extremely arousing. I lifted my hands to her breasts which came free of the dress easy enough.


Her nipples erect met my fingers and her screams grew louder. She had enough, she pushed me to the floor on my back climbing on top of me. She inserted me into her, making a sound that I'll never forget. Her face contorted with pleasure as she lowered herself taking more of me in. She was now riding me, giving me one hell of a view as she did. Her eyes burned fiercely her nails digging into my bare chest, wait where did my shirt go? Her breathing began to speed up as she did the same with me, my hands cupped her breasts playing with her nipples seemed to be somthing she enjoyed.

Then it happened, I erupted inside her.


Her walls milking me for all I have. She smiled down at me as she layer against my chest. We spent a bit of time together afterwards, I even learned her name was Lena. We agreed that no one would be able to know about this, and agreed on a new date for it to happen again. I should have stopped there but I was drunk with this power. My next target was already decided.

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