You have to suck cock if you want to fuck me

You have to suck cock if you want to fuck me
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Standing in the elevator, holding a lamp and a bag of clothes, I was quite…startled? Shocked? Here I was, a small-town kid from a small country school, in a big city. Away from my friends and family. All alone… My parents had just dropped me off for my first year at college, and I was already starting to feel a little homesick. Damn, how the fuck could I last a day, let alone for years in this concrete jungle? That was until I saw her… I was the only person on the elevator when the doors were closing, until I heard a voice cut through the lobby, followed by the sound of wheels against the tile floor.

"Hold the door!!!!!!!!!!!" Being the nice guy that I am, I rushed from the back wall to stick my arm through the doors, just in time, to stop them. I managed to get a glimpse of this girl, an absolute bombshell, running towards the elevator, wielding at least 5 luggage bags, probably weighing more than she did.

No wonder she sounded so distressed. Long brown hair, maybe 5'6", around 110 lbs. (I'm bad at guessing weight), nice firm bouncing breasts that were barely contained in her top, and a short denim skirt that showed off her tanned and slim legs, she bounced towards the doors, barely holding onto her luggage…damn I might just get used to college after all. Flashing a smile, she ran over, and reached towards the elevator.

"HI!!! Thanks sooooo much!" she said in the cutest way possible. My heart just melted, but it seemed that another part of me was growing slightly at the sight of her. "My name is…FUCK!" It seemed that, in her excitement, she forgot about the little lip in front of the elevator, crashing into my 6'2" well-muscled frame and falling to the ground ungracefully. Staring up at me from the ground, she quickly grabbed onto my outstretched arm, offering her some form of relief from her embarrassing fall.

Her round green eyes flashed as her tan cheeks showed some red. I don't know what was sexier, her, or the fact that she was embarrassed. "Hi Fuck, I'm Jake", I said, with a smile on my face that hid my dread and fear of initiating the conversation with her. Trying my best to hide my shyness, I pulled her up to her feet. "Haha, well nice to meet you Jake, I'm Erin" "Need any help?

Here, let me get that for you", I said walking out the doors to get her luggage that was now strewn across the lobby floor, only to hear a "ding" and turn to see the doors closing on me. Standing in the lobby, holding 4 suitcases, I had no idea what to do…embarrassed that the doors closed, I waited for the next elevator and rode it to the 6th floor.

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Hopefully, she would realize that I lived on the 6th, and final, floor and would come up to retrieve her bags…well, at least that would give me some time to talk to this goddess. Let me use this time to tell you a little more about myself. Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, I went to a really small school. I was really athletic, and that could be seen easily. I was 6'2", 210 lbs. of muscle with dark brown hair that was always cut short.

I worked outdoors during the summer, so I had a nice tan. However, I was as shy as can be. When I wasn't playing sports, I was always studying for school, trying my best to get a scholarship to get me out of my shitty little town, which seemed to pay off when I got accepted into PITT, my dream school.

I was no coincidence that I had the tell-tale look of a nerd as well (I was a nerd at heart, underneath all of the athletics), thick glasses dominating my face.

Because of my time-commitment to sports and academic, I was never able to party with my friends regularly, or have a girlfriend.

I entered college with basically no "experience" at all, barely getting a blowjob during senior-week from a drunk skank who ended up passing out, her mouth impaled on my 8" thick cock. So, when this bouncy little freshman in my mind, of course the first thing I thought about was sex. Thinking of her, I turned the corner from the elevators, looked down the hall to the very last room (my room) and almost dropped all of the suitcases. There, standing next to my door smiling at me, was Erin.

Now, it was my turn to blush, as I walked down the small hallway to the end, barely looking up off the ground. "I'm sooooooo sorry about that! I had no idea the doors would close", she laughed as she reached her hands out to grab her suitcases. "Oh no problem. So, you saw that this was my floor?" "Um, no actualy", she said, looking me straight in the eyes. "Im your neighbor!" "No way…you got a single suite too?", I stammered, never realizing until now that the floor was co-ed.

"Um no actually this is a double…the other single is down the other side of the hall.


I saw that you had pressed the button, so I wanted to go to my room and try and find you later, but then I saw the door", she said, pointing to the nametag "Jake Turner" that was on the door.

"I didn't know how many other Jake's there could have been on our floor, so I just decided to take my chances", she said, reaching out to grab my forearm.

Sliding her hand up and down, she looked at her room and said that I should come over when I was done so we could talk a little bit and get to know each other while she waited for her roommate. I honestly didn't know what to think.

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Here I was, the first day of school, and already I had the most beautiful girl I have ever seen hitting on me (or at least that's what I thought). When she turned, I could of sworn she swayed her hips just enough so I could see the very bottom of her ass, which meant she was either no wearing panties, or they were some sort of G-String or other sexy garment. My head was in a daze as I opened my door, threw my lamp and bag on the bed, and decided to grab a shower.

As many of you might know, the city gets really warm at the end of the summer, with all of the heat reverberating off the concrete, and I was soaked. Grabbing a towel and a bar of soap, I walked into my bathroom, thanking the Lord that I didn't have to share a shower with the other 30 guys on the floor.

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As I was under the showerhead, I couldn't help but think of Erin. My God, those eyes, looking up at me when she fell, and her touch of my arm before she departed. I found myself imagining her being there with me, soap lathering on her perfect tits.

Reaching down, I massaged her right boob, hearing her moan ever so slightly like she was trying to hid her pleasure from me. Taking this as a sign to move forward, our lips locked. Her tongue darting through my lips and enveloping my own. I wrapped my hands around her firm tight ass, lifting her slightly off the tile.

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She left my embrace, turned around, and looked over her shoulder. For once in my life, I knew exactly what the opposite sex wanted. Pressing my rigid cock against her supple cheeks, I reached my hands around to her tits again, this time playing with her puffy pink nipples, tugging on them ever so slightly until her moans engulfed the room.

My hands then wandered down, slowly, until I felt the start of her pussy. Rubbing her clit slowly, she arched her back, and I found my cock in between her legs.


In one motion, I had her up against the wall, the water cascading down both of us. Using my other hand, I slowly guided my rock hard 8" cock into her wet pussy, only getting the head in.

My God was she tight. Still rubbing her now-pronounced clit, I slowly started working my cock in, feeling her walls grip me as I pulled out. Thrusting back in, I felt her knees weaken, and knew what was "cumming" next. Using all of my force, I thrust my cock all the way in, until our bodies met.

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Feeling her tight pussy grip me, she bent over and came. The feeling was magical. Waiting for her to finish, I went to work, pounding her with every last bit of energy in my body.

The only thing I could hear was the sound of her moans and our bodies slapping together, her tight ass giggiling slightly. After a couple of minutes, I could feel my balls tightening. With one last motion, I picked her completely off the ground, thrust completely into her, and shot my load deep into her body.

Our cries of extacy filled the room, as she came one last time. My mind quickly returned to real-life, as I heard a knock at the front door. Looking down, I was startled to see that my cock was still rock hard after shooting my load down the drain.

Quickly, I turned off the shower, grabbed my towel, and threw on a t-shirt so that I could tuck my still-erect cock up to try and hide it.

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Opening the door, I saw Erin, grinning at me. She had a large bottle of Vodka, and asked if she could come in. Shyly, I opened the door, and allowed her to enter. I think im starting to like college, if only in my dreams.

Like I said, this was my first story but I would like to make it into a series of some sort. Any help is greatly appreciated. Let me know what you think, and I'll do my best to make it happen. Thanks for reading I hope you liked it!