Old fat men young twinks and first time gay sex stories by older men

Old fat men young twinks and first time gay sex stories by older men
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When we left off, the narrator had just started high school in her new town. She was rich, which made her popular. But when he shared her day with her Grandpa, his possessiveness took over and he fucked her in a jealous rage. ********************************************************************************************************************** Over the next few years, I remained my Grandpa's sex princess. I say that, because, even though I was a slave to his desires, he always gave me everything I wanted.

We fucked everyday, multiple times a day. Grandpa just couldn't get enough of me. Who would've knew that a man his age would have the stamina or the ability to fuck a teenager into cumming over and over again? Grandpa would fuck me morning, noon, and night. During the summer and school holidays, I walked around the house practically naked. He insisted on this so he would have access to me anytime. I would be in the kitchen getting something to eat and he would just come in, dip his dick in something, and tell me to suck it off.

And then he would cum in my mouth and tell me to swallow it. Sometimes, I would be just sitting in the living room and he would come in and lay me down on the couch and fuck me.


I would be outside on the patio and he would lean me over the table and bury his dick to the hilt in my ass. By the time I turned 16, I was sleeping in his bed. I had really filled out. My hips were curvy, my ass was thicker, rounder.

And my tits had grown twice their size since I had come to live with Grandpa. My school and outside life seemed perfect. I was popular, active in school events and clubs. I had a couple of really close friends, but I could never have a boyfriend. I was too afraid that he might find out about me and Grandpa. And I had to call home before I ever brought anyone home to make sure Grandpa wouldn't be sitting there with his dick out waiting for his "Princess" to come jump on it.

By the way I looked and acted, no one could have ever suspected that I was my Grandpa's fuck hole. But then things changed. Grandpa got older and his need for sex was less demanding. It got to where I could fuck him really good once a week, then just suck him off once or twice, and he'd be fine.

My life became almost normal. Then Grandpa got sick. That's when my aunt, Nica, moved in. Nica was five' eleven with long pretty legs, long black hair, and skin the same color as mine. I had had no idea that Grandpa had a black daughter.

And she was beautiful. When I met her, I knew where I had gotten my thickness and juicy round ass from. She looked good enough to be a Goddess. But she was a stripper. Before she came to live with us, she'd worked at a topless bar. When Nica moved in, Grandpa had to be really careful about when he fucked me.

He's sneak into the bathroom with me when I went and fuck me over the toilet. Or he would wait until I was washing clothes and come into the laundry room and fuck me through the spin cycle. One day, during dinner, he whispered to me to go upstairs and put on a tennis skirt.

I did. When we all went into the front room to watch TV, he called me over to sit on his lap. Grandpa's chair was sort of behind where Nica was sitting, so she couldn't see what we were doing unless she turned around. Nica used to fall asleep every night after dinner, so we both knew it was coming.

At first, Grandpa just slid his hand under my skirt and fingered my clitty. I kept my eyes on Nica while he enjoyed my body. Being upset that he couldn't do anything else, Grandpa told me to go get him a blanket.

I did. Then I sat back on his lap and he put it on both of us.

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Since Nica could no longer see his hands, or my crotch, he went at it. He slid his finger into my cunt and fucked it in and out to get it wet while his other hand went under my shirt to my pert round titty. I squirmed and moved on his lap, trying not to moan. Nica laid her head back on the chair. Her eyes were getting heavy. Grandpa added two more fingers to the one fucking my pussy.

I couldn't help but let out a small moan. Nica looked over at us. Grandpa stopped.

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I played my moan out for a yawn and Nica bought it. Then Grandpa went back at it. He used his thumb to massage my clitty as his fingers worked in and out of my pussy. Nica's eyes closed and Grandpa took his hands out of my cunt. He sat me up on his lap and put my legs on either side of him.

I was still facing away from him so I could keep my eyes on Nica. He lifted me up and slid his dick front to back on my slit to wet the head. Then he parted my cunt lips and eased himself in. I moaned out under my breath as his wide shaft spread its way into me. When he was buried in me, he held me there, squeezing my ass cheeks and savoring the feeling of my body hugging him deep inside me.

Then he pulled me back to him. He rubbed my sides as he nibbled my ear lobe and whispered in my ear. "You have the most beautiful and amazing body ever," he told me. "Your ass is so juicy, but tight and firm.

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Your titties are like perfect little grapefruits. You are so perfect to me." Then he put both hands on my waist and began to slowly raise me up and down the shaft of his dick. We both moaned.

I held on to the sides of the chair for support as he dug his nails into my sides. He let go of my waists and I rode him like a pro. He moaned out loud.

Nica shifted a little. I tried to stop riding, but I was too far gone. Grandpa squeezed, rubbed and caressed my titties as the room was filled with quiet whisper-moans. Grandpa held onto me for dear life as I rotated my pussy on him. My pace quickened as I felt my body heating up. I was losing control. Grandpa was, too. He held my waist up off of him and began to frantically bang my pussy from below. I yelped out of pleasure right when I felt myself start to cum. Grandpa banged my pussy once more before planting himself deep inside me and emptying his balls.

Spurt after spurt of thick oozing cum leapt into me, filling me, covering my insides. When he was finished signing his name inside me, he held me there, both of us breathing hard and tired. To be funny, I tightened my pussy around Grandpa. He yelped out loud, rousing Nica.

She looked over at us, saw me with my legs spread wide open over Grandpa's lap and my shirt up to my neck, exposing my juicy round titties, then she turned her head and went back to sleep. After that, we had to be more careful. So careful till it got to where we were only fucking about once a month.

I loved it, and therefore, I loved Nica. And Grandpa could only fuck me when Nica was gone, so, naturally, every time Nica went, I tried to be with her. We hung out and got really close. We did everything together. We went shopping.

We went dancing. She even gave me my first alcoholic drink. But not fucking Grandpa actually had its toll on me. I was so used to getting fucked that I found myself horny all the time. I would retreat to my room and releive myself as often as possible.

One day, I got an older girlfriend of mine to buy me a vibrator. When I got it home, I rushed to my room and went at it. When I felt myself about to cum, I instintively yelled out. "Yes, Grandpa. Fuck my tight little pussy." Before I knew what was going on, my door swung open and Nica was snatching me off of the bed, slapping and hitting me the whole time. "What the fuck is wrong with you," she asked me.

"I'm sorry," I cried, tears streaming down my face. "Are you fucking sick," she asked. "I saw you, the whole time. I watched you in here fucking yourself with that damn thing. I have watched you a lot here lately. But you just screamed your Grandpa's name in the middle of your orgasm." I didn't know what to say. I couldn't say anything.

I couldn't tell her that her father had been fucking me since I was 14. She'd never believe that. So I stood there, naked, my own cunt juice making my leg sticky, and didn't say anything. "Say something," she yelled at me. I couldn't. "Oh, you think it's cute to fantasize about your family fucking you? Well I'm going to give your silly ass something to fantasize about." She grabbed me by my shoulders and threw me back on the bed. She got on top of me and held my flaying hands down.

I squirmed and tried to get away from her. She slapped me and told me to be still. I did. "So you want your grandpa to fuck you, huh," she asked. "What do you want him to do? You want him to kiss you like this?" She kissed me in my mouth, deep and hard. I turned my head away from her sharply. She grabbed my face adn turned it back, kissing me again.

Then she grabbed my nipple in her other hand and squeezed it hard before twisting it around in her hand. I felt her tongue going all around in my mouth as she put her hand between my leg and began to dryly fuck my cunt. Then she pulled away and knelt between my legs. "Nica, Please stop," I begged her, crying.

"I'm sorry. I won't do it again." "Shut the fuck up, you fucking slut," she told me. Then she began to eat my pussy. I squirmed to get away from her. She looped her arms around my thighs and held me in place.

Then she dived into my cunt. She ate it ferociously. I felt my body heating up as the sensation became too much. "Look at you, slut," she told me. "Your pussy got wet from your own aunt eating you out. Your slut little cunt is just begging me to fuck it." "Nica, please, stop," I screamed.

"Not until I give you what you want," she said. Then she got on the bed between my legs and kneeled. She unfastened her pants and shifted around. Then she pulled out a dick. Not a dildo. A real thick hard throbbing dick. "What the fuck," I yelled.

"Exactly what you want," she said. "See, Baby, what you didn't know was that your Aunt Nica used to be your uncle Nick." Then I understood. Why there had never been any pictures of her. Why I had never known of her until she came. She was a he. A beautiful he, but a he nonetheless. Before I could say anything else, Nica spread my legs and stuffed the head of her gigantic dick between my puffy cunt lips. She moaned and I screamed as she pushed into me.

She spread my cunt open further than it had ever been spread before. She couldn't help but moan as she forced herself into my tight hot body. "Nica, please stop," I screamed. "There's no way I'm leaving this cunt," she told me. "You wanted to get fucked, you got it." Then she went at it.

She began to fuck in and out of my pussy hard and deep. I moaned out loud. I tried not to, but I couldn't help it. She moaned, too. "Take it, you little slut," she told me. "You better get used to it, too. Because I will fuck you every minute of every day for the rest of your life before I let you be a slut outside of this house. And with a cunt like yours, that might not be a bad idea." Nica raped me mercilessly.

It went on for hours. She fucked me on my back, from the side, from behind, in my ass, and every way possible until she was tired and I couldn't possibly cum anymore. When she finally stopped, we lay there on my bed, breathless. "Don't you ever let me hear you say anything like that again," Nica told me as she got up and began putting her clothes on.

"Okay, Nica," I told her quietly. My cunt and ass were gaped open. My breath tasted musty from swallowing cum. I was sweaty and tired and I could hardly catch my breath. "Now get up and come take a bath." I did as she said. When I got in the tub, she walked into the bathroom and got in with me, her dick hanging limp. She sat behind me and brushed my hair.

"You know, I did what I did today because I love you," she said. "I know," I said. "A lot of little girls are led to a life of prostitution, drugs, violence and all, just for sex.

I don't want that to happen to you." "I know," I said. "And fantisizing about fucking your grandfather, that's just sick." I didn't say anything. "But truth is, I've been fantasizing about fucking you for a while now." That stopped me.

"What?" "I know how it sounds. I'm a transvestite, and your aunt, but you are a very sexy young girl. You have the perfect shape. You are beautiful, popular. I mean, who in their right mind wouldn't want to have sex with you, boy or girl?" "I never would've told you this if today hadn't happened," I told her.

"But I fantasized about having sex with you, too. I mean, not like we did. But I had lesbian fantasies about you. And the fact that you used to be a boy, that's only better." Without another word, Nica kissed me. I kissed her back.

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I turned around and straddled her lap. We went at each other. I groped her wet slippery body. She caressed my ass. I stroked her dick before taking it in my mouth. I sucked her until she was hard, her hands caressing my back and neck, guiding my head. "Oh, Sweety, I need to be in you again," she told me.

I knew how she felt. I straddled her lap and guided her in me. Then I rode her, slowly. Passionately. The bathroom filled with exotic moans as we caressed and touched, stroked and kissed.

My hair had gotten wet and both of our light brown bodies were glistening. We enjoyed each other. The first time I had ever enjoyed anybody.

And it was great. The water sloshed around us as my pace quickened. I was making love to my aunt. I couldn't get her deep enough in me. She grabbed me and held me to her as she came inside of me. I came, too. When we were finished, we got out of the tub and went to my room. We made love all through the night and moaned out the sunrise together. For the next couple of months, Nica and I couldn't get enough of each other.

We spent every day together, and spent every night making sweet passionate love. We'd sneak out into my old clubhouse and fuck our hearts out. We did it in the glass house out back where it all started.

We did it in changing rooms, the car, the gas station, in empty fields, the park at night, in the pool. Wherever we could get to each other. I loved the way she made me feel. I loved the way she knew all the right places to touch me. She knew all the right ways to fuck me.

She made me know what my Grandpa felt for me. And she brought out a passion in me that I never knew existed. We fell in love. We vowed that when Grandpa died, we would move away to where no one knew us and live together as a couple.

We were so in love. I felt so strongly for her. And every time I looked at her, I saw what she felt for me. My relationship with Grandpa had ceased to exist. He had gotten really sick and the doctor had given him a couple months to live. One day, while he was in his room, I heard him call for me. Nica was gone and I was the only one there. "Hey, Princess," he said. "Come over here. Grandpa needs you to come ride his dick, Sweety." I paused and thought of something to say.

It had been almost a year since we had fucked and I belonged to Nica. She was the only one I would ever give myself to. But I went over to the bed anyway. I sat down beside Grandpa and took his hand. "You know, I'm so glad you came to live with me. These last years have been the best of my life. You brought out a part of me that I never could get to. You gave me happiness. I know you didn't want to, and that what I did to you was wrong, but I'm still happy I had the chance to do it.

The best moments of my life were spent between your legs. "I never wanted you to be unhappy. I always meant for you to have everything you ever wanted. You are my princess, and I want you to know that I always loved you." I leaned over and gave him a hug.

I had loved him, too, in a way. Because he was the only good I had known, even after the fact of us fucking.

If things had been different, he would have been the perfect Grandfather. He "Grandpa's going to die soon," he told me. "Can I have just one last peice of Heaven before I burn in hell for eternity?" I thought about what he had said and climbed up on the bed.

I straddled him and grinded on him to get him hard. It took a while, but soon, he was standing tall and strong. I pulled my panties off and eased down the shaft of his dick. He grabbed my ass and bounced it on him while we both moaned in pleasure. "Oh, yes," he moaned. "You never knew how good you made me feel." "I know," I told him, a tear rolling down my face.

I rode him deep and slow. After a while, his grip on me loosened and his moaning stopped. I stopped riding and closed my eyes as tears streamed down my face. I felt his dick let go of the last drops of cum that it would ever hold inside of me. I started crying.

I had mixed emotions. I didn't know how to feel. I was happy that it was finally over, but I was sad that a life was gone. As I reached up to wipe my eyes, Grandpa's bedroom door opened and Nica walked in with Grandpa's doctor and three nurses. They all saw me there and stopped.

I jumped off of Grandpa's standing dick. They all saw it standing there high and proud, and they knew in an instant what was going on.

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After that day, people whispered about me, Nica stopped talking to me. I lost all of my friends. My world fell apart.


Now here I was. On a bus to a new life with no money or friends. The bus came to a stop at the next pickup station. Everyone unloaded to take a bathroom break and to eat. The driver told us we would be pulling back out in an hour. I stepped off the bus and looked up-into a familiar face. Nica stood there, holding a book and smiling.


"I knew you would be in there," she said. "How the hell did you get here," I asked her. "I sped, the entire way, then rode in front of the bus until it got here." "What's that," I asked her, pointing to the book.

"It's Dad's journal," she said. "I read what he did to you. I read how he felt about you. I'm sorry I didn't ask any questions. I still love you." "I love you, too," I told her. We kissed. Deep and passionately. "You have to come back with me," she told me.

My smile faded. "I can't go back. Everyone knows." "We're not staying," she said. "Dad left you everything, including the deed to the house and all of his property. Don't you get it? You're rich." I couldn't believe my ears. I was rich. "Now where do you want to go," Nica asked me. I shrugged. "Anywhere our hearts lead us." Nica and I sold everything and moved west. We bought some land and had a house built and make made love all day and night.

Who would've knew a life of fucking my Grandpa would leave me filthy rich.

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I guess I finally paid all I owed.