Out of the pussy Buceta Gozada

Out of the pussy Buceta Gozada
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Tracey looked at the outside of the building again and wondered if she'd made a wise decision in coming here. The "Pampered Pussies" beauty salon did not look that inviting to be honest.

It was a rather drab looking one story building in a less than glitzy part of town and Tracey did wonder about the type of girl that would use such a grubby looking place as their beauty salon.

Mind you of course Tracey was standing outside herself ready to go in for her appointment! In truth though Tracey never usually came to this end of town, the only reason she was here today was because that ditzy girl Emily at her office had sworn how good this place was and had more or less pushed Tracey into making an appointment. Tracey had no idea what beauty treatment Emily had had done and she hoped that Emily would never find out what Tracey had booked the appointment for, she was going to have a Brazilian wax!

Tracey was almost embarrassed to think about what she was going to have done, let alone go through with it but she was determined to go ahead., after all she'd already paid and it hadn't been cheap!

In reality she considered herself to be a slightly posh girl, she certainly considered herself to be well bought up, knowing the importance of good manners and also good dress, as per usual she was dressed in a well tailored business suit today as it was a working day, the jacket cut in at the waist and the skirt fashionably short. She knew she was not the sort of girl the locals from this part of the town were used to seeing on their patch! She knew that a lot of girls had the wax done because of peer pressure, now days it was almost expected for a girl to be bare down there, and men certainly seemed to expect it!

In reality though Tracey wasn't being pressured by a boyfriend to have it done, boyfriends had been a bit scarce on the ground the last year, through Tracey's fault rather than anyone else's. Her last boyfriend had ended the lengthy relationship rather badly and Tracey had decided to stay clear of men for a while as a result. No the reason she was having it done was simply because she'd just taken up swimming fairly regularly. Her swimsuit was a rather tight one-piece and from day one she had been very conscious of the fact that unless she paid a lot of attention to her bikini line the fact that the swimsuit was quite narrow down there tended to show off her natural colour occasionally if you get the idea!

On top of that she couldn't help but notice in the changing room that practically every other girl there regardless of age seemed to be completely bald between the legs and it soon became obvious to Tracey that perhaps that's the way she should go to. She had thought of shaving and indeed had started trying it but she soon found that it was a never ending job, the hair would grow back faster than ever and not only that but she seemed to pick up a shaving rash every time she shaved so that her pussy, although bald, would look very red for days after each shave!

The a week ago Emily had started going on about Pampered Pussies, Tracey had looked them up on the web and sure enough one of the treatments they offered was a full Brazilian Wax, "guaranteed to leave you as smooth as the day you were born for up to 8 weeks." Well the next day she had plucked up the courage to make the appointment, pay the charge and now here she was standing outside what almost looked like a seedy tattoo parlour rather than a beauty salon thinking to herself maybe she might change her mind after all!

Thinking of the fact that she really couldn't afford to lose the money though she took a deep breath and entered the shop. She was hoping that she would be pleasantly surprised and that the inside of the shop would be clean and pristine and the complete opposite of the exterior, in reality it was exactly the same, grubby and run down.

There was a large central area and to one side a desk behind which sat a young girl who almost didn't look old enough to have left school but she smiled sweetly and when Tracey gave her her name she'd giggled and said, "Oh yes your here for the pussy waxing aren't you" Blushing slightly Tracey took the offered chair against the wall and looking at the clock on the wall saw that it was 9.25, five minutes early.

Looking around the office she saw that there were assorted desks and chairs and some large mirrors scattered about the place but apart from the young receptionist there didn't seem to be anybody else about, and judging from the size of the place it also appeared that this large central area was probably it, unless the place was like the Tardis there didn't seem to be an area for private treatment rooms etc. Sighing to herself that it couldn't possibly be as bad as it looked she reached forward and picked up a magazine from a coffee stained table.

With a look of distaste Tracey saw that it was a tattoo magazine with the lurid headline, Tattoo's Are They Always The Mark of a Slut? Thinking to herself that she already knew the answer to that Tracey gingerly put the magazine down and gazed into empty space hoping that it wouldn't be long before her name was called and she could be seen and then get out of this horrible place as soon as possible.

By 9.45 Tracey was starting to get annoyed, her appointment was already 15 minutes late, the receptionist had spent the last ten minutes chatting inanely on the phone about what to wear on her next night out, not very much it seemed, and as far as Tracey could tell she had not even told anyone that Tracey was here.

By 9.50 Tracey was on the verge of getting up and leaving when the main door suddenly opened and a young girl walked in with a young man. Both appeared to be around 20 years old and both appeared to be quite rough. With a quick glance though at Tracey the young girl walked up to the receptionist and gave her name, "Cool," the receptionist had giggled, " Take a seat with that girl and it won't be long before we get you both started, just another three to come." What the hell had that meant Tracey thought to herself!

Get us both started, another three to come! Surely she didn't mean they were going to do five girls all together, did she? She sneaked a look at the girl as she sat down beside Tracey and saw again that was quite rough and cheap looking, her boyfriend, who took the seat beside her, looked even rougher, certainly not the sort of man Tracey would normally be seen with and despite herself she knew she was shrinking back in the chair, trying to get as much distance between her and the other girl as possible which wasn't easy as the two chairs were practically touching!


To reinforce her image of the couple the girl picked up the tattoo magazine that Tracey had distastefully discarded and started flicking through the pages with lots of interest! At 10.00 o'clock another girl had arrive, a slightly older girl, late twenties perhaps, and she had at least the good grace to look slightly embarrassed at being there.

By 10.15 the last two girls had turned up and unfortunately to Tracey's mind they were the same as the youngest girl, loud, cheap and not in the least embarrassed about what they were hear to have done, also to Tracey's embarrassment at least they both had boyfriends with them, one of whom was black and looked very menacing to Tracey's eyes!

For a few minutes all eight of them were sitting around the small table, the young girls and their boyfriends were chatting to each other and Tracey thought they might know each other, herself and the slightly older girl were silent, looking studiously down at the floor, probably wishing it would suddenly open up and swallow them!

Out of the corner of Tracey's eye she suddenly saw a door over to the right open and a girl in a white coat step out and started walking over to them. She looked quite young to Tracey as well but at least to Tracey it seemed that there were other rooms in this building, somewhere private!

This hope was dashed though when the girl reached them and after a nod at the receptionist smiled at the group and said, Morning everyone, looks like we've got five pussies to wax this morning so let's get started, can you ladies take your clothes off and put everything in the plastic bag that Sandra is holding thank you." For a second Tracey thought she must of misheard, or at least misunderstood but she saw that the receptionist, Sandra, had moved from behind her desk and was holding up a black bin bag expectantly and even worse two of the girls had already stood up and started to undress!

"Hum excuse me," Tracey said slightly timidly, fighting the urge to hold her hand up as if she was a naught schoolgirl back in the classroom, " did you mean you want us to get undressed out here?" "Yes?" the girl replied, almost as if it was a silly question.

Tracey still sat completely nonplussed as by now the other four girls were standing around her continuing to undress, the first girl was already down to her underwear, the three guys making no attempt to hide the fact that they were enjoying the sight either!

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"Is there a problem?' the girl in the white coat asked Tracey with a hint of annoyance in her voice. "Well I just didn't realise we would all be together." Tracey replied hating herself for how weak she sounded. "Well there's no need to be a prude here darling, after all you are here to have your pussy waxed bare after all" she laughed, "and don't worry about the guys, I'm sure they've seen a naked girl before, in fact there's one now." she laughed and sure enough Tracey saw that one of the girls had dropped all her clothes into Sandra's black bag and was now standing there completely naked, seemingly without a care in the world.

Still mortified at the thought of undressing right there in front of the other Tracey started to say so when she was cut off, "And don't be thinking about causing any trouble either, we don't give any refunds if you decide to back out over a simple request." A simple request!

Being asked to strip naked in front of stringers, including three men was hardly a simple request in Tracey's eyes. She had obviously known that having a Brazilian Wax would involve a certain amount of nudity, but she had never in her wildest dreams though that nudity would be public!

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She could tell though from the girls attitude that she wasn't joking about the no refund policy and on Tracey's meagre wages it was a lot of money to lose. The second girl had now finished undressing and had dropped her clothes into the bin bag and was as naked as the first and seeing that Tracey was still hesitating she snapped, "Come on girl, I'm in a hurry here, get those clothes off or I'll get Tyrone to give you a hand." she said nodding at the menacing black guy who had come in with her.

Tyrone looked like he would be more than happy to give Tracey a hand and so gritting her teeth and shaking slightly she stood up and started to undo her jeans.

"Good girl," the woman said exceedingly patronisingly, " now hurry up and get those clothes off so we can get started." As Tracey undressed she saw the two girls started to arrange desks in a circle and by the time Tracey had stepped out of her panties there were five tables arranged in a semi circle. The black bag was by now on the floor and as Tracey picked it up and started to put her clothes inside she couldn't believe that she was now standing there stark naked with four other girls.

The bag was by now quite full and she thought it was going to take a while to sort out who'd clothes were who's when they were ready to get dressed again! Fighting the urge to stand hunched up or covering herself with her arms Tracey stood proud, well as proud as she could in the circumstances as she saw Sandra casually pick up the bag full of the girls clothes and carry it through the same door as the the girl in the white coat had appeared and in some ways seeing her clothes disappear out of sight made her feel even more naked.

"Okay girls, let's get you up on the tables please, on all fours, heads down." the girl in the white coat said loudly. Tracey saw that the three guys, all grinning and chatting to each other, had moved their chairs so that they were facing the semi circle of tables and watched excitedly as the girls started to climb up onto them. Knowing that she had no choice now, especially as her clothes were gone, Tracey did as the other girls and climbed up onto the table and knelt on all fours, feeling her large heavy breasts hanging beneath her and knowing full well what view the three guys were getting!

"Just one of these pussies yours today then Tyrone?" Tracey heard the salon girl laugh and she heard the black guy give a grunt in reply, "you still got those ones I gave you a few weeks ago?" "Yes, broken then in now and got them working hard" Tracey heard Tyrone laugh.

"Well you need any more just let me know, got some fine looking ones here today, I bet you haven't told anybody your here today have you sweet cheeks?" Tracey suddenly squealed as the salon girl slapped her bottom hard and before she could say or do anything she got another slap making her squeal again, "Well have you?" the salon girl asked with a hint of amusement in her voice.

Anxious not to receive another slap Tracey squeaked out that she hadn't told anyone she was coming to the salon. "There you go then, she's yours if you want her", the girl laughed and Tracey heard Tyrone laugh and say he'd consider the offer,"well same deal as before, you let my old man have a few free goes and then she's all yours, just like the others, no questions asked." The salon girl gave Tracey's behind one more slap and then said, "right then ladies heads down on the table please so we can get the neck strap and gag on you." Tracey couldn't believe what she'd just heard, surely the girl hadn't been serious!

She watched as the girl on the table beside her knelt forward so that her head was resting on the table and Sandra who had reappeared produced a leather strap that she passed over the girls neck and into two slots on the table before pulling the strap tight, effectively securing the girls head to the table.


She next took what looked like a small rubber ball from her pocket and pushed it into the girls open mouth. The whole thing had taken no more than thirty seconds but the girl was now tied and gagged to the table with her bottom up in the air and totally helpless.

Tracey was next in line and she had a sudden urge to just get up and run out of the shop, she didn't care that she was naked. From what she'd understood she'd just been offered to the black man, God knows what for but Tracey guessed it wouldn't be something she'd volunteer for and she also guessed it wouldn't just be for the rest of the day either! She wanted to run but of course like any good English girl she did as she was told and pushed her head down onto the table and felt the leather strap being tightened around her neck and then the rubber ball being pushed into her mouth.

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She hadn't seen with the first girl but the ball inflated and as Sandra pushed it in she hard the other salon girl laugh and say, "Give that one a few more pumps, she's got a bit of a mouth on her." and Tracey felt the ball inflate in her mouth until it was pushing against her cheeks and gagging her so effectively that Tracey was sure even a sound couldn't escape, let alone words.

Sandra then went on to the other girls and all Tracey could do was kneel there wondering how a simple visit to a beauty salon could end up being so humiliating. She hoped and prayed that the salon girls chat with Tyrone had just been a bad joke but she also knew the view she was now giving him and the other two guys! "Okay girls your all tethered nicely so we'll get the procedure started now, me and Sandra are going to run the clippers over those hot little pussies of yours just to get rid of and excess hair and then we will start the waxing proper." From her new position Tracey could hardly see anything in reality but she suddenly heard the sound of two electric razors being turned on and the Sandra's giggling voice, "These things vibrate a lot girls so be prepared to cum a lot when I run it between your legs." Steeling herself Tracey thought there was no way she was going to cum in front of Tyrone and the other two guys but unfortunately she lost that battle, as soon as Sandra touched the old electric clippers to her pussy she couldn't stop orgasming.

The feeling was electric, if you pardon the pun, as Sandra ran the clippers up and down they seemed to vibrate right down to the root of her clit and she was almost screaming at the intense sensation and pleasure it was giving her.

She knew that she was bucking her hips like a mad person, desperately trying to thrust against Sandra's hand and increase the pressure of the clippers on her mound but she'd didn't care, she didn't care that she could hear the three men laughing at her, she didn't even care that she had just been offered to Tyrone, all she cared about at that moment was the feeling of those clippers vibrating their way down to her soul.

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And then as quickly as it started it finished and Sandra moved on to the next girl and Tracey could only note with satisfaction that she to immediately started to moan with pleasure at the clippers touch. 'Told you this one would be good for you Tyrone, look at this puddle on the table now." Tracey heard the salon girl giggle and if she could of held her head in shame she would of.

Finally all five girls had been done and the air was thick with the smell of five excited pussies, a fact that didn't escape the salon girl who made a crude joke at the girls expense which drew a laugh from the watching men. "Okay girls, that's phase one done, going to get you waxed up now, for those of you that don;t know the exact procedure we will place some hot wax strips on your pussy, paper it down for 10 minutes and then take it off." Tracey didn't like the sound of the hot wax part and as if reading her mind the girl continued, "It is pretty hot wax but don't worry it won't burn you and anyway tearing the strip off will hurt a lot more than the actual wax I can assure you." she laughed.

There then seemed to be a large amount of time while Tracey wasn't sure what was happening, she guessed the salon girl and Sandra were preparing the wax and materials but she couldn't see anything apart from the girl on the table beside her.

All she could do was kneel there, her head tight to the table and the ball in her mouth annoyingly large, her bottom still high in the air behind her exposing her sex to anyone who cared to look. Finally she heard some movement but soon realised it was the guys, apparently they had decided they had seen enough for a while and were heading out to the pub!

As they left Tracey heard the salon girl laugh and tell Tyrone that she would keep his girls warm for him, girls? Finally she heard the two girls approaching the tables and as they placed something on the table beside the first girl Tracey heard them say, "Okay we're ready for you now, I'm going to use a spatula to get the wax onto your pussy, spread it all around and then place some paper strips all over, got to warn you this stuff is pretty hot especially on your pussy but you'll have to live with it for a little while." she laughed.

Nothing was heard for a minute or two but then Tracey saw the girl tense and then a small but intense scream as the was was slapped onto the delicate skin between her legs.

"He he I can almost hear that sizzling." Tracey heard Sandra giggle and she wondered just how hot this wax was! A few minutes later she found out, very hot! It felt to Tracey like someone had just poured some gasoline between her legs and then set fire to it, if it wasn't for the ball in her mouth stopping ninety percent of her noise she was sure she would of screamed the roof off!

To make it worse the girl was spreading the wax around like it was going out of fashion and Tracey was sure she was using much more than she needed to. Finally she stopped and placed two long paper strips between Tracey's legs and patted them down hard before moving on to the next girl.

Unfortunately the burning sensation was only getting worse as Tracey felt tears running down her face and all she could do was hope and pray that it wouldn't be long before the paper strips were removed, she was released and she could sit down in a bucket of ice!

She suddenly felt a rush of fresh air as the door to the salon opened and she heard a cheery whistle before a man's voice laughed, "Well hello ladies" Tracey heard Sandra laugh, "Hello John, got much post for us?" "No not this morning, just bumped into Tyrone down the road and he said you had a batch of pussy in here on display, said you were giving it away to." "Only to him John." Tracey heard the salon girl laugh.

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"All of them?" "No, one is his anyway, offered him this one." Tracey suddenly felt a cool hand on her bottom lightly pinching it. "Nice, he will have fun with that." She heard the postman laugh. "Doubt if he will even touch her, you know how hard he works his girls." 'Yes he does get through them doesn't he." another laugh from the postman.

"That's why we give him fresh ones every so often." "Well she looks like a stunner, if he dosent want her you know who's next in line." he laughed. "Well he hasn't actually said he will take her yet so who knows, might auction her off like that one last month." "Yes that was fun, just don't tell that pervert Mike, I heard some stories about what he did with that last one he bought!" "I'll let you know what we decide John." she heard the salon girl laugh and then the door opened and he was gone.

The burning between her legs had subsided slightly, or was it the conversation she had just heard that had blunted it slightly. Surely they must have been joking, it was bad enough that the salon girls had been joking about giving her to that pimp Tyrone, now they were talking about auctioning her off like a piece of meat to the highest bidder!

She did feel like a piece of meat right now it was true, tethered to the table naked and exposed but even so, surely they were joking at her expense. Why had she admitted that she hadn't told anybody she was coming here! "Okay ladies that's enough time for the wax to do it's work, going to start taking off the strips now and this will hurt!" Tracey heard the salon girl say with what sounded like a smirk in her voice.

Once again Tracey saw the girl beside her convulse in pain and that strange muffled scream come out of her gagged mouth and once again it was a foretaste of what was to come for her.

The pain was indescribable as the salon girl took hold of the strip of paper between Tracey's legs and with no warning ripped it off her pussy in one savage movement. It felt to Tracey that most of her skin had come off along with her hair and she just hoped and prayed that was not disfigured down there, something she couldn't guarantee from the way it felt! Each of the remaining three girls gave the same muffled scream as the paper was ripped off and then finally Sandra started to release them all from their neck straps.

Gingerly Tracey got up off the table and stood on her two feet and almost too afraid to do so she looked down between her legs and was relieved to see that also her pussy was bright red it looked unharmed, it also looked totally hairless and Tracey was reminded of herself as a little girl.

Almost before she had time to take it all in Sandra was suddenly behind her and with the same leather strap that she had secured her neck with she quickly and deftly tied Tracey's wrists together behind her back. "Okay girls Sandra is just going amongst you and securing your hands, don't worry, this is only a temporary measure, maybe for an hour," the salon girl said,"the was we used on you is fairly caustic and if we leave your hands free you will only scratch yourselves and make a bit of a mess so it's best if we take the temptation away from you for a little while." This was not what Tracey had been hoping for, she had been hoping that she could simply get dressed and leave!

Instead she was standing still naked, and now with her hands tied securely behind her back, she hadn't even had time to try and remove the hated rubber ball from her mouth so she was still gagged as well. She had also been hoping that she could get out of here before Tyrone came back, she was still pretty sure the salon girls must have been joking when they were talking so casually about giving her to the black pimp but on the other hand, it certainly hadn't sounded like they were joking, even when they were talking to the postman they had sounded jovial but serious, surely though they just couldn't give girls away, or even auction them, could they?

The main salon girl had disappeared though the same door she had come through leaving just Sandra there and of course the five naked and tied girls.

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Tracey had gone to sit down but had received a stern "No" from Sandra and so she had rather self consciously remained standing with the other girls nervously looking at the clock on the wall and the door it was above. Finally fifty five minutes after the girls had been tied the door opened and in walked two of the men who had been watching the de waxing show with such amusement. To Tracey's relief there was no sign of Tyrone and the men had quickly joined the group of girls and waited while Sandra happily untied the two girls belonging to them and then handed them the black bin bag full of clothes and let them sort through it.

Although the two men had witnessed Tracey up on the table with her pussy fully exposed she felt even more naked and humiliated now standing there facing them naked and unable to cover herself. Even though Tracey and the other two girls were still tied she felt a sense of relief that she would soon also be released, after all the first two girls were now getting dressed and their ordeal at least was over.

Sandra had then turned to the other girl who had come in alone and said, "Your not waiting for anyone are you, let's get you untied and you can go now." Tracey watched frustrated as the girl was released and handed the bin bag to find her clothes and as she spilled them out onto the floor she heard Sandra giggle and say, "Don't worry about blondies clothes, she's not going to be needing them." "Are you really going to give her to that black guy?" The girl asked as she scrabbled about for her clothes.

"Sure," Sandra laughed,"We've given him a few recently, well quite a few actually, I'm surprised nobody's been around asking questions but so far nobody seems to care." "What will he do with her?" the girl giggled as she pulled her panties on.

"Well let's just say a lot of the local guys will be getting to know her very well if Tyrone gets hold of her." Sandra laughed again. "Well I liked the suit she was wearing, can I take it with me?" she said laughing, "It looked too good for her anyway." "Sure, take it, she won't need it, take her underwear too and while your at it take her purse as well, not sure if there's any money in there but your welcome to it as long as you burn the rest of it for me, all her ID and whatever else is in there." 'Oh thanks," the girl said snatching up Tracey's purse from the chair," don't worry we've got a big furnace at my apartment block, I can throw her ID in there, they won't be seen again, a bit like her." she laughed.

The girl was now fully dressed and bundled up Tracey's clothes and she paused for a second in front of the naked Tracey and looking her straight in the eye she giggled and said, "Thanks for the clothes, enjoy your new life." and turned and left. Tracey was now seriously worried, she was beginning to think that they hadn't been joking after all when they'd first talked about giving her away!She thought about trying to make a quick escape but she was bound and gagged, and naked, how far would she get!

Just then the front door opened and Tracey breathed a sigh of relief when she saw it wasn't the dreaded Tyrone, instead it was a fat man in a suit who strode purposefully over to where Sandra was standing with the two naked tied and gagged girls. To Tracey's surprise he hardly seemed to acknowledge the fact that there were two naked girls in front of him and instead he started talking to Sandra and it was immediately obvious that they knew each other and from the conversation it appeared that the man was some sort of health inspector and it was also obvious that Sandra was not his greatest fan!

Finally looking at Tracey and the other trussed up girl he turned back to Sandra and said, "Come on Sandra, you know you can't have naked girls standing around the place, it's hardly hygienic is it, specially when they are dripping all over the floor." To Tracey's surprise and shame the man leant forward and quickly ran his finger along her naked slit before shaking it to make his point as pussy juice spattered onto the floor. To her ultimate embarrassment she had hardly been aware at how turned on she was but she couldn't stop herself moaning at the touch of the odious mans finger and she could hardly dispute the evidence as he wiped it on her thigh leaving a sticky trail.

"Well I can let one got and get her dressed." Sandra replied and immediately started releasing the other girl from her bonds and as she gratefully started to pull her clothes on the man looked at Tracey and said, "What about this one.?" "Well she's waiting to be picked up, her clothes have already gone." "Gone, you mean your giving her away." he laughed.

"Well Tyrone has said he might have her." Sandra coyly giggled. "I bet he has, she's a nice piece of stuff, I'm amazed you still get away with it." "Well it's all free pussy," Sandra laughed, "talking of which if you want a quick go I'm sure that will be okay." For a second Tracey shrank back against the wall in horror at the thought of the horribly looking man being offered her body but to her relief he smiled, "Not now, haven't got the time, might bump into Tyrone later though and see about it but in the mean time you still can't keep her in her naked, you will have to put her out the back." "Oh come on John, you know it wouldn't be safe out there for her, you know what happened to the last few we've put in the alley." Sandra said with a true sense of alarm in her voice, alarm that was even more true in Tracey's mind!

"That's not my problem, you can't have a leaking pussy just standing in the salon, she's got to go outside." the man replied sternly.

"Five out of the last six girls I've put out there have disappeared," Sandra pouted," and they didn't just walk off by themselves, they were taken." "Once again, not my problem, I don't know what your worried about, it's not like she'd cost you anything anyway, just get her outside now." The man said with no hint of any softening his attitude in his voice. "Come on cutie," Sandra said taking Tracey's arm and scowling at John," Let's get you outside then, you better hope that Tyrone comes back soon." Thoroughly scared now Tracey was pulled towards the back door and felt the fresh cold air on her body as it was opened and she suddenly found herself standing naked in a dirty long alley behind the shop.

If the front of the shop had looked dirty and grimy the back looked even worse and she saw that the alley stretched a long way each way, the backs of the other shops only a few feet away on the other side.

She also saw that the alley wasn't empty! About twenty yards away sitting around an old skip were five or six dirty looking tramps, at least two of which were drinking from a mostly empty whisky bottle. They had heard the back door of the shop opening and were now watching the sight of the tied and naked girl being led outside with some interest. "Okay hunny let's just tie you to the drain pipe here." Sandra said and did as she said, securing Tracey's hands still behind her to the rusty old drainpipe with another leather strap.

" As soon as it's okay to do so I'll bring you back in, as long as your still here." she giggled and with a quick pat of her bottom she went back through the door into the warmth and safety of the salon leaving Tracey naked and defenceless in the dirty cold alley.

Twisting round she saw three of the tramps slowly getting to their feet and almost like zombies start to shuffle towards her and although she'd never thought she'd think this, she hoped that Tyrone would arrive soon!