Keine Mutter nicht Töchter nicht Sohn wf

Keine Mutter nicht Töchter nicht Sohn wf
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this purely fantasy and no one should ever try this in real life. Carlos shut the door to the stairs and paused looking down at a partially closed door. It was dark in the stairwell and Carlos stopped to take off his clothes. He knew the rape scene that he would return to and he wanted to be ready. He peered through the door into a small workshop but there was no one there. Had they lied?


then he heard a rustling noise in the back and saw a bathroom stall with two legs and some pants showing below the metal barrier. Moving quietly he entered the room and went to the little stall. He stepped up on a can near the stall and peered over the top. There was Wayne sitting on a toilet reading a playboy and jacking off.

"Great", thought Carlos. Wayne looked to be about 35, 6'2" with a stocky build. He looked like the classic scum who would hit on everyone in the office but not the old lady at home. Carlos moved quietly to the front of the stall and with one lick - Boom - kicked open the door. The playboy went one way. Any shit left came out with a pop and Wayne screamed as Carlos stepped forward and grabbed the back of his head. Shoving his dick in Wayne's mouth so that the scream was broken off with a gurgle.

Carlos put the knife to the side of Wayne's face as he began to pump his moderately sized dick in and out of Wayne's mouth. "It sound like you just got everything in the poop chute of yours all cleaned out for me. Huh, Big guy". Wayne swallowed. "Ya that's good", said Carlos,"keep doing that". Wayne gagged and thought about throwing up. A glance at the knife changed his mind. Back up stairs, Juan had gotten out of his clothes and had dragged Debbie over to a chair.

She was on his lap. Cree moved closer to Dick and grabbed his hair. He said to Dick, "you know what we do to guys like you in the pen. We turn them into what ever we want". Sanchez - Lock Shelia, Diana and Arlene, in the store room. We'll put Wayne in there too when he gets here but sounds like it could be awhile". Then why don't you come up with something for Jennifer to do. Me I'm going to put the dick to Dick and this bad ass Lisa. Lisa didn't know what to think.

Having her clothes on was nice but this Cree guy was getting too familiar. "What are you going to do to me?" Sanchez pushed the folks through the storeroom door turned, off the lights, and shut the door.

24 year old Jennifer shifted from foot to foot. Trying to cover her dark bush and breasts with her hands. It was futile. Sanchez was short, about 5'6" and stocky. He had a small dick but when he grabbed ahold of Jennifer and pushed her to the floor it didn't matter. He jumped between her closed thighs and slammed home his dick her dry and shriveled pussy. Soon she was lubricated with her own blood. This only enraged Sanchez who kept pumping harder and harder. Slamming into her pubic bone as she squealed like a stuck cat or a frightened monkey on every thrust.

Lisa jumped at the suddenness of it and moved closer to Cree who turned to her and held his face no more than an inch from her face. His gun ran up her leg until it reached her panty crotch. He began to slide the gun barrel back and forth between cunt libs and he flicked the gun sight over her clit. Everytime it hurt her a bit more but Cree never moved. She did not know whether to kiss him or stay put but then he flicked her panties aside and the chilly gun barrel started sliding up her bare cunt lips.

She jumped a little and then he flicked her clit with the gun sight, "that hurt!" So she leaned in and kissed him hoping to gain some control over the situation, but Cree took it a whole other way as he pointed the gun barrel up her vaginal chute and pushed. Lisa's arms locked around his neck as the barrel and the sight began to travel in her. The sight cutting a thin red line in her vaginal wall.

He stuck it in for all eight inches and Lisa was barely conscious by the time it touched her cervix. Jennifer had passed out after the first moments of the rape and now Sanchez rolled her over not meaning to be done with just one hole.

Downstairs things had gone from bad to worse. Carlos was getting excited.

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"That's it my little fuck pussy he said", as Wayne slurped on his slowly pumping rod. Move that tongue around. Wayne had no choice. What with the knife next to his cheek. Sanchez would loose concentration every once in awhile in his excitement and nick his face so he was sucking like crazy. To Wayne Carlos' cock smelled like rank mushrooms, and faintly like shit. He was leaking cum and it tasted like rotten seafood. It was all he could do to keep from puking or crying but he ran his tongue over the head of Carlos' young cock as instructed.

"Oh Ya that's great", he murmured. Wayne's hard on was long gone. The screaming from upstairs had died away. Wayne had given up on any hope for help from them. Suddenly Carlos stepped back breaking the suction with a pop. Grabbed Wayne by the throat. Pulled him off the toilet, spun him around, and shoved him towards the wall. He was tangled in his pants so he barely caught the top of the tank with his hands before he hit his head on the wall.

Dazed he panted able to breathe for the first time in 10 minutes. Before he could think he felt Carlos penis slide up his ass crack and push against his unwiped asshole.

He took a deep breath. Upstairs Sanchez tore into Jennifer's cute Italian butt with the same vengeance he demonstrate with her pussy. He drove his entire 5 hard inches in to her ass with one motion.

Jennifer had never been involved in anal sex and it awoke her from her unconsciousness with a scream and struggle but her fate was that of a fish stuck on a sharp stick she wiggled screamed again and as Sanchez slammed home in her now bloody ass several times.


She passed out again. Her scream was echoed by one from the basement. Then another, then another, then silence. In the storage room Shelia, Diana and Arlene huddled together sitting in the middle of the floor.

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Arlene was cuddled between Shelia and Diana whimpering like a small child. Shelia stroked her hair and said, "look when it happens to you you have concentrate on getting out of your body. The best way to survive is to pretend that what ever happens happens to someone else." They heard Jennifer's scream and then Wayne's.

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They moved closer. Diana rubbed Arlene's back. "Ya pretend like its your boyfriend or something. Pretend like its Robert Redford", said Shelia. Debbie hadn't been fucked yet but it wasn't for lack of effort. Juan wasn't doing anything it would appear to the observer, but forcing her to kiss him and sit on his lap with his huge dick thrust up between her legs. Resting just short of her crotch. But in reality he was pinching her fat where ever he felt it hurt her the most.

Causing her continuous pain. She knew the reason too. That was to get her to fuck him voluntarily or anything else he wanted just to get him to stop. He had settled on her love handles and he was currently pinching as hard as he could on both of her sides, right above her ass.

She had hicky like bruises on her breast, underneath her arm pits and on the insides of her legs and the pain was real intense. Finally with a sigh she turned to straddle him putting the huge head of his 12 inch dick up against her pussy lips and began moving the head around to try to fit it in.

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Immediately he stopped pinching her love handles. The bruises there looked pretty ugly. It wasn't going to fit even though she was slightly lubricated so she sucked in her breath and forced herself down on the huge hunk of meat.

First she stretched and then she began to tear a little, and then about 9 inches down she hit her cervix wall and sighed, that was so bad".she thought only then Juan stood up. Picking her up like a baby and turned around and put her in the chair. "Its more fun when I help", he said, as he pulled the log from her cunt in one swift move and slammed it hope as she wined in pain. He got 10 inches in that time. No telling what he could do in time. next chapter will be called Kwick 6's 3

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