Stockinged mature slut pussy fuck

Stockinged mature slut pussy fuck
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Nonentity Tendrils of flames engulfed everything. Smoke blurred my vision and stung my eyes. I had no choice but to jump out of the window. The pain from my landing caused me to knock out. I woke in a hospital bed hearing all sorts of beeps and seeing awkward tubes everywhere. I found my best friend, Ryan, sleeping with his head down on the side of the bed.

I wanted to wake him up and ask him why I was here, but i looked around.There were flowers and get-well cards along the windowsill. They brightened the monotonous room. I couldn't remember what happened that caused me to be here. I thought so hard my head started to ache. I tried to get up but my legs were stiff and felt like I hadn't moved in ages. How long have been here? Ryan shifted positions and looked up to check on me. His eyes became large and began to water.

"Leah," he cried and hugged me. I felt tears flow down my cheeks as I hugged him back. Why was he crying? Why was I crying? "What happened," I asked. His look turned from happy to sad and sympathetic. He started crying again when he started talking. He told me everything from the fire to the five days I've been sleeping.

Everything hit me. I had been the only one at home that night. Mom and Dad went out and big bro left for college two weeks before. I could've stopped it. I started to sob blaming myself for having everything disintegrate in a fire. "its not your fault. The pros said someone started the fire," he said. He got into the bed with me and I pressed my face into his chest and let all my emotions run through.

My tears wet his t-shirt. He held me tight and stroked my the back of my head like he did many times before. But this time it felt different. I looked up at him and noticed nothing but his lips. They seemed to beckon me to kiss him. He's my best friend. I can't do that. Best friends don't kiss each other. I realized I was staring at him like some freak.He looked at me expectantly, but he seemed nervous. He stroked my hair once more and moved his hand toward my face to wipe a tear off of my cheek.

I quickly looked away. He lifted my chin to get me to look at him. He looked at me for a few heartbeats before he was moving his face closer to mine.

I closed my eyes and parted my lips. My lips met his and I felt blood flooding my cheeks.

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We pulled back only to get lured back in. I wrapped my hands around his neck and this time the kissing became harder and passionate. I opened my mouth and he pushed his tongue through. He tasted so sweet and good. At this point we both knew this is what we wanted. I was on top of him already and he was sliding his hands up my hospital gown finding my breasts. I found myself untying it from behind, but Ryan just tore it off. I was helping him take off his shirt and unbuckling his pants.

Before he could even get them off he started kissing me again. His kisses moved down to my neck and lower to my breasts. He was on top of me now.

I spread my legs for him feeling the hard lump in his jeans against my pussy.


He sucked and nibbled on my swelling nipples. I moaned in pleasure. He moved his hands lower, rubbing my ribs, my stomach, my inner thighs. My pussy was dripping wet now. He lowered his head toward my swollen vagina and licked my clit once through my panties. I shivered in pleasure. He bit the edge of my panties and dragged them off with his teeth.

He placed his hands on my outer thighs and rubbed them softly. He continued to kiss my inner thighs and moved closer and closer to my soaking pussy. He kissed and sucked my clit.

His tongue slid into my tight pussy.

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I started moaning loudly and found myself grabbing his hair tightly. He kissed me again while rubbing my pussy and gently sliding his fingers into my swollen, wet, virgin vagina. He used his thumb to rub my clit while he fingered me harder and faster. "I don't know what an orgasm feels like," I admitted breathing hard. "Make me come!" "Just relax," he said softly. He pulled off his jeans off and revealed his hard cock.

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I stared anticipating his entrance. He rubbed the tip of it all over my pussy and pushed the head in. I squealed as I realized it hurt more than I expected it to. I was almost to tears but he kissed me. He started to push it in deeper than what he pulled out before. I felt my pussy stretching and tearing little by little leaving blood all over his cock.

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"It'll get better," he promised. Once he got his whole penis into my hole I relaxed a bit more and let him go faster and harder. "Hold me tighter," I practically growled at him. "Faster! Faster!" He continued going faster ramming his throbbing dick into me.

My heart was racing. The beeps on the machine took a faster pace. "If you fuck me harder I think I'll piss myself!" He went harder shoving his cock deep into my hole. "I feel like my pussy is going to explode!" I put my hands on the wall behind me and pushed myself toward him while he thrusted his hips forward. If anything feels better than this, I might die. He kept going ramming into my pussy harder and harder each time. "I need to pee," I whispered starting to get up.

"Just let it out," he said breathing hard pinning me back down. I tried to hold it as long as long as I could but it was too much! Everything bursted out. I squirted all over him.


My hips were bucking and my back was arching. It took me a while before I realized I was screaming and moaning loudly. Ryan wrapped his strong arms around me and held me tightly kissing my neck.

After I stopped shaking, I saw his still-erected penis throbbing. I wanted it. I practically lunged at it, grabbing it by the base sucking on the head and forcing it down my throat.

I took the whole thing in. It tasted so good. I bobbed my head up and down sucking his dick and caressing his balls with my hand.

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I moved closer to him, grabbed his penis, and put it in between my large breasts sandwiching it. All I could see when I looked down were my breasts and the head of Ryan's dick. I squished my boobs together with my hands and moved them up and down licking the tip of his cock as it came up. I got into it and started to move my body up and down along with my breasts. I squeezed them together harder and moved faster. Ryan made several sounds of pleasure before he pushed my head down forcing his throbbing cock into my mouth and shooting his load.

I wanted more of it. I milked his dick squeezing and pulling up.

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I forced the last few drops out. I savored it swallowing slowly. We were laying down facing each other now. "Your parents should be coming back soon. They left to run a few errands," he said moving my hair away from my face.

"They were here?" "All the time. They barely ever left -- I'm surprised we got this chance." I looked up at him, "so you've been waiting for this?" "No it's not--" "That's why you talked me?! To get into my pants?" I was furious now. "I would never--" "Lies! Everything you told me.lies. I was better off alone, you asshole. I'm just nothing to you. A mere nonentity."