Horny pornstar Joey Cooper getting fucked anally

Horny pornstar Joey Cooper getting fucked anally
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His Girl, My Girl No one was harmed in the writing of this story. If you have objections to stories about sex, teenagers please move on. I move in on my best friend's girl while he's away at camp.


Codes: teens/unsafe sex/virginity In the summer of 1967 I was a young fourteen years of age. It was at time when older girls became sexually free. It was trickling down to the younger girls, slowly. You heard stories about how some girls in high school were actually putting out for their boyfriends.

If only girls in junior high school would do the same. I felt very fortunate to find one. She was a wee bit older than I, by only six months. Jerry who lived a few doors down the street and happened to be my best friend had eyes on her.

Well I should say eyes all over her. He came running into the backyard one afternoon ready to spill the beans but my Mom was there and he kept trying to mouth out the words. I finally figured out what he was trying to say and followed him into the green grass of front yard.

The words couldn't escape his mouth quickly enough, he was stuttering making it hard to comprehend what he was telling me. But my brain froze when he mentioned the words cunt, dick, and tits. When he said something about cumming on her titties I almost fell backwards. It seems he had been getting together with Katie several times a week all summer when her mother was working and he had hit pay dirt today.

Katie's older cousin by three years had informed her all about the sexual revolution that was going on stirring interest with her. This was a nice benefit for Jerry.

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He was more than happy to explain some things to her. Just over an hour ago while Katie and Jerry were engaged in a game of swapping spit he easily had her blouse and bra removed, which he had done on numerous occasions, but today he rested his hand on her knee, and then progressed up her thigh. This day he was not refused permission for advancement.

He told in detail how his hand was basically shaking as he reached a warm spot at the top of her thighs; he was at the place he had tried unsuccessfully for all summer. According to Jerry it was too easy, his finger slipping into her white panties.

While Jerry tried to swallow Katie's tongue his finger met a wet spot as he probed around for what he was looking for, her slit, she widened her legs allowing effortless access to it.

His middle finger floated the expanse of the taut cunt lips causing a secretion to form on them. Jerry was uneasy to push into the tight lips not wanting any sort of rejection. He said it was only twenty minutes later he was between her legs, Katie's skirt hiked up over her waist his body grinding against hers. He was floored when she mentioned about "When are you going to cum?" Her cousin did an excellent job explaining.


He reached between their bodies, unzipped his shorts and retrieved his cock from his underwear. Now he was rubbing alongside her cunt although it was still protected with her white panties. He claimed it was a full twenty minutes but I now know it was more like three minutes and he lifted up and told Katie to watch as he spurted out a long stream of cum that landed directly on the globes of her chest to the amazement of Katie. I was so anxious listening to the story after he left me I immediately headed for my room and jerked off thinking about Jerry and Katie.

So by now you're wondering how this affected me. Well the next week Jerry was headed off to camp. The wheels turned constantly in my mind. I knew Katie's Mom worked three days a week and today, Wednesday she was home alone.

It did not take much effort for Katie to get in the mood. After a little kissing I brought up gently Jerry's name. Well in a few minutes she confessed a few of the details of the encounters with Jerry.

But she seems bewildered about some of those particulars. It seems from her account that Jerry was not only nervous but hesitant about explaining what was happening last week. After prodding her about particulars it seems she thought boys could cum at will.

I set her straight and even volunteered to physically show her the fundamentals. Wow Katie was all too eager for a lesson. She was a little cautious when I required her to be partially naked; she bought the "mental stimulation" theory.

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So on that Wednesday afternoon Katie laid on the overstuffed sofa, with only a pair of white panties on while I straddled her waist.

Her dainty fingers caught on instantaneously on how to stroke the length of my dick. It was a mere minute later I announced that I was ready to squirt.

And how I did squirt! Over and over cum exited from my dick slit covering her chest with it, all the while the young girl giggled with delight that she had caused this. I was more than ready for another round that she was adamant for but time was not on our side. I persuaded her to sneak out of the house that night; I would be waiting in the backyard in my tent for her. My Dad didn't question why I wanted the tent back along the tree line, he just shrugged it off. I waited until midnight, nothing, falling asleep shortly after.

It was about two o'clock when I felt a hand roughing up my shoulder. Sand still in my eyes I awoke and there was Katie leaning over me dressed in her pajamas explaining how she had to make sure her parents were asleep before making an escape. She was a down to business girl; her tongue was deep in my mouth as my fingers played with her nipples through the thin material.

She never once uttered a protest but helped me remove the top. Then I made the big move, my finger was tracing her pussy lips, in vain my finger would not enter through the sheer fabric of her bottom pajamas. It was warm as I continued to play working towards the elastic hem. It was only a measly ten minutes and even if it was night the light from the back porch provided a clear view of a cunt that had fine strands of blonde hair covering the crown. As I widened her legs I was in awe, her cunt had the slit showing and was aglow with wetness awaiting something.

With just a pair of briefs on I crawled onto the youngster's body. It was her hands that pulled the stretchy rim downward. This was a magnificence achievement for a boy of 14 in the year 1967. There we were, two young teens exploring our sexuality. She was keen on seeing me orgasm again but nature has an effect on a boys mind.

I wanted to accomplish my mission to cum but wanted to take a different route. I knew there had to be a better more satisfying technique. Katie without reluctance divided those lanky legs allowing my body to descend into them. We were a match made in Heaven. My dick probed around her moist pussy searching for a passage.

Her legs arose onto my thighs as several attempts to breach her awaiting cunt hole went unproductive.

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Then I felt her ass slightly rise upwards and we were connected at our sexes. The urge to procreate was compelling, my thoughts went out the door, and all I wanted was to be one with her.

Technique is everything; I had not a clue about the human body and especially a girl's body. Sure I heard about "cherries" but still no clue. Although determined to complete this endeavor I went gradually sliding the head of my dick into her outer pussy lips, pulling back a negligible bit and then re-entered the forbidden zone again but this time a little further with just the head buried in the extremely slippery folds of her fleshy cunt lips.

I had now sampled the fruit and wanted it completely, on the third push I slid inward not stopping until my scrotum was resting adjacent to her pooper.

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A shriek of pain escaped the young lips, not only was it loud it was frightening. I thought I had killed her as her body curled under mine in a struggle to escape. Katie's hands pushed on my shoulders, her head shaking back and forth as she vocally demanded I stop.

But as I said I sampled the fruit and now was devouring it. It tasted so good, my dick concealed by this wondrous and mysterious opening in her body I had no reason to withdraw from her.

My hands grabbed onto hers pulling them upwards so they pinned them down beside her head on the green fabric of the sleeping bag. It was then that I pulled back only to reinsert my dick again. I was hovering in thought, should I stop or continue.

I was only in my third thrust, all of them deliberate but measured when I stopped. What was I doing? I let go of her wrist looked into her eyes and apologized. Katie knew it was sincere, by this time she had calmed down, her body relaxing under mine. I kissed her softly on the lips and assured her I meant no harm to her. But it felt so damn good. I was ready to roll off her when I felt it, her ass, a slight wiggle, then her arms came around my torso, her lips kissing mine and then I was moving again inside her body.

We stayed like that for maybe ten minutes, never picking up the tempo but leisurely withdrawing, waiting and putting my dick back in. The in-between pauses increased as I was not about to blow my load any time soon. Over and over I did this as Katie became accustomed to the invasion. By the end of it she was pulling me down as I crossed the threshold each time.

I would "edge", each time the orgasm was about to appear I would stop completely waiting for it to subside. But continuous edging has an effect when the orgasm does take place making it that more intense and voluminous All good things come to an end. I felt the mounting sensation tingling my dick head; I knew all too well I was close. A knot started hidden my stomach but quickly transferred to a quivering as it transferred it ways through my groin to my dick.

I felt my dick increase in size as it started to tremble. I was in fear, not knowing why, my body went into a sweat, I could feel my legs shaking as I became still, and then my body tensed up while resting my dick about mid way in her cunt. Then it commenced, my dick swelled and began to spasm as it pulsed out a thick curd of cum followed by several more convulsing pulsations continuing its spilling of seed. I thought I had died and went to Heaven. I had jerked off hundreds, no thousands of times but never climaxed like this.

My head went light, afraid I might faint for second as I relished the feeling in my groin. Katie was not sure what was happening at first but then she felt her cunt experiencing a filling sensation as my cum congregated in it. I am not sure how much fluid exited my body that night all I know it was a lot. Near the end of my orgasm I regained my sanity; I became distinctly aware of my mission.

I resumed my motion pushing my dick in hard hoping that the last few feeble squirts would penetrate the cervix orifice and enter into her uterus. My rigidity never ceased as I continued to plow her cunt.

A young girl's pussy is small, only so big, not able to accommodate very much. She was full of dick and now chock-full of warm slippery cum, something had to give. The night air was still, not a sound other than my dick making disgusting squishy sounds as it nailed her forcing out excess cum around my dick collecting in a pool beneath us.

At last I began to soften finally falling out of her gooey hole. Her yellowed flowered pajamas had laid under us as we fucked. In the afterglow of the sex we rolled over to the side exposing them. There on the pajamas was a generous puddle of my expelled cum.

But it was not the clear or milky color I expected; instead it was tinted with the remnants of her broken hymen, a opaque pinkish.

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Katie noticed it first then grabbing a flashlight shining it onto my dick finding it covered with both our fluids with a darker ring of red at the base. Both of us quite concerned with the blood but she felt no pain.

As she peered at the pool of cum, on her hands and knees, I saw the trail. On her tanned inner thigh a fragile line of more cum was sluggishly making its way downward. For who knows what reason I felt a stirring in both my mind and dick.


Before I could react to the stirring we both turned out heads in horror as a face appeared between the flaps of the tent. At first I thought it was my old man but no it was Jerry who had returned early from camp.

"Hey guys what's going on? As he saw the cum leaking from what was her virgin hole just a short while ago. "Hope you don't mind some company?" as Jerry crawled into the tent. And that night another chapter in my sex life starts.