Big dick guys close up anal action

Big dick guys close up anal action
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Catherine is walking across the parking lot at her apartment complex after having stayed late to finish reporting a story. There at the TV station she had seen me leaving after a meeting. Her first experience with me, she lost her virginity. After the first date she refused to answer my calls or see me. Seeing me, she wanted me so badly, her pussy got wet at the mere thought of me.

At thirty four she is not sexually active at all, although she masturbates every day. Recently she brought herself to orgasm with thoughts of me dancing in her mind. Imagining my hot big hard thick cock thrusting into her, filling her up with my manhood.

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She dreamed of me playing with her pussy, gently caressing her breasts as I nibbled on her clit. She dreamed of my face buried in her neatly trimmed muff, lapping up her honeyed juices with fervor. Thinking about it got her wet. Catherine wanted to get home faster. She has a date with her battery operated boyfriend. The time she had spent earlier at the station seeing me made her horny. Images ran through her head of her legs wrapped around my waist, grinding into my rampent cock.

She had a hard time ignoring me as she almost slipped out a few dirty tid-bits. I was her knight in shining armor, I encourged her to move from South Dakota to Dallas and gave her a job. Seeing me today she wanted to be with me again. If she just offered herself to me, I would take her, right there on a office desk, juices drenching the oak. It sent a thrill down her spine, a bolt of electricity. " No," she said to herself, " thats not right. I don't want him to think I'm a slut." The parking lot she is walking through is dimly lighted, unnervingly shadowed, but it is nice.

She liked this place, it feels pleasant to her, warm to her. I'm hidden behind the bushes waiting for the moment to strike. I see her walking towards the building, I needed her.

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My lust flowing through my veins, my cock hard with anticipation. Seeing her earlier today made me horny I needed to take her very soon. As she entered her apartment the cool air blowing her hair raising goosebumps on the back of her neck. A shudder runs down from her neck through her legs. Catherine feels as if someone is watching her, causing her to stop inside her apartment and look around. I'm ready to walk towards Catherine's apartment.

My engorged cock oozing precum partially staining my pants. My hairy testicles become coated with thick cream. My sac is swollen with semen waiting to fill Catherine. I'mfeeling very euphoric, waiting to pounce upon Catherine my unsuspecting prey. She stops suddenly looking out the open door, so I wait. My muscles tighten as I hold perfectly still. I knew I was hidden, knew what I'm doing.

I feel primal need spreading through me, Iwill have her soon. Catherine begins to close the door, I can wait no longer, I rush towards her from the side of the building. Catherinehas no time to react, I'm suddenly standing inside her apartment. She is startled falling to the floor, seeing my large bulge and stained pants.

She barely has time to realize what happened before I'm on top of her, my hands ripping her blouse open. My face inches away from her, hot breath against her skin.

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I slide down moving quickly to her pants. Catherine laying there in shock slowly registering everything at a fraction of a moment behind what is happening. The closer my hands came to her pants the more her mind filled with the image of my huge cock. Images of my frightening large penis, precum dripping from the tip waiting to fill her. My cock was the largest she had ever seen or thought possible.

My cock dwarfed the sizes shown in pornographic videos.


The first time she had seen it, it was scary and horribly painful when it penetrated her. Her blouse ripped open, her bra torn off exposing her breasts to the cold air, quickly turning her nipples into solid peaks. My hands at her buckle, tearing at her pants, her last defense against penetration. She feels the pants being pulled down her legs and off then her panties being ripped off. I attacked her without thought, running straight towards her knocking her down.

My cock became more engorged. Blood running through my genitals painfully. Within moments I had a hold of her top half, tearing away the pathetic fabric that protected her from the cold. I needed to smell her fragrant scent, to feel her soft supple skin that I have craved since seeing her earlier in the day.

Seeing and feeling her body that I needed and desired. My hands tracing down her front, squeezing her exposed small breasts and hard nipples. My hands sliding down her flat stomach reaching her hips. For a split second I questioned what is going on. For a split second I hear her pitiful whimpers of fear and surprise. For a moment I lost control. A second is all Catherine had and as with all things a second is never enough. The power of my primal lust, the power of my need is too much, the second ended with me being fully devoured by primal lust, my need for sexual satisfaction is completely in control.

My guttural growl fills the room as I stare at her naked body, the smell of her sex envelopes me, overpowering my heightened senses. My teeth sink into Catherine's neck and shoulder. Pain explodes through Catherine. Pain she has never imagined she would feel again and endure.

Catherine cries out the pain burns throughout her, rushing up to her head. She is dizzy, spinning, dazed. The world became a kaleidoscope of agony, then it all crashed down like glass.

Her scream muffled by my hand over her mouth. All the air in her lungs trying to escape her, my hickey on her neck and shoulder marking her as my own. Making Catherine mine again, spreading my primal lust into her, giving her the primal sensation I feel for her. Mycock grew harder, ready to burst.

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I can wait no longer. I hear Catherine whimpering but I didn't care. At this moment I'm a creature of lust, I had so much to give to her, not that she wanted me again. It did not matter.


My raging lust and engorged phallus had to fill her pussy, my phallus feels like it will explode. I rolled Catherine onto her stomach spreading her legs wide, positioning myself between them. Then with savage thrust I rammed my cock into the wrong hole. Screams of pain are followed by howls of agony as Catherine feels my engorged cock forcing its way deep into her virgin asshole. My huge cock spreading open her bowels, tearing the inner lining of her tight channel. Fire running through her legs, spreading up through her chest.

Blood begins to ooze from her defiled ass, falling to the floor. My body laying on top of her, knocking what is left of air out of her. My cock thrusts further up her ass as I press against her.

Catherine feels the searing pain, the burning, continuing an unending burst of pain. Lying face down, her eyes are closed and streams of tears ran down her face. I pull my cock back then thrust again harder. The pain just won't stop.

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My cock pulls back and thrusts in again, forcing open her asshole, blistering her from within with its heat. Precum and blood lubricating the tight passage allowing me to increase speed and go deeper.

I'm pulling back and thrusting all the way in, back and in, again and again she feels her ass violated by me. Catherine can't believe her precious virginity is being taken away by me. I keep pulling back, thrusting in, slamming against her with force and speed. The strength of my thrusts are overwhelming, bruising her outside as well as within.

One final time I pull back and thrust as far as I can go, plunging my cock head into her battered back passage. Catherine feels a warm sensation inside, a burst of a dam. I came inside her, flooding her asshole with semen, gushing out, filling her to the point of explosion.

She feels like a fire hose is going off inside her drowning her. Catherine's battered body is on fire. I came hard, letting myself loose into her, having finally realized I had thrust into the wrong hole. I did not care, I wanted to fuck her ass for a long time. My cock had been far too hard and painfully engorged to have not tried.

The tightness of her asshole was available for my furious lust driven rage. I'm craving more, my sexual lust is not satisfied. With the engulfed sensation of a burning sheath gripping my hard cock buried deep inside her ass, I had to finish.

Ifeel pure, never before felt, raging lust still flowing through it. It is like a drug running around inside, pumping it farther than before. There is a light within pulsating, distinctly empowering itself to climax. I also feel something else, a calmness about Catherine. A love begins to form in the young woman's heart. My love bite has begun to spread its influence to her mind. Begins to.make her feel more. Catherine begins to feel a longing for me. Begins to feel a love for me, a desire for me.

All of a sudden she want me inside of her. What once was a violent act had become a passionate surrender to need. She needed to love me, she needed to have my cock in her pussy. She has to have every inch of my cock now. Catherine wants me to fuck her harder than she has ever imagined. Dreams of our past encounters drifting away from her, leaving a void. I'm there to fill her up more then in the past. I'm her lover, her beloved, she wants nothing else than me.

Catherine needs everything I can give her. I feel her love and I'm feeling love for her in return. I slowly pull myself out from her, moving my face down her belly, dragging my tongue with it. I slowly lick against her stomach, inching my way down to her navel. My tongue dipping into her belly button, my saliva dripping with ecstatic enthusiasm. Down, my tongue went closer to her pussy, to her holy temple. I see the blood coming from her violated anus. She feels her own hand begin to move across her breast, messaging her tender buds.

She tweaks her nipple a bit, the excitement came to fruition. My tongue continuing down to her pussy makeing her feel different than before. She feels loved, wanted, hungered after. She feels necessary and she wants more. My tongue slowly slip out of her pussy, trailing back up to her clit, licking at her engorged button.

An electric current of desire shot through her, shivers run across her body, ecstasy flowering within. My tongue moves with precision, tracing along her labia, encircling her pussy, then moving back to her clit. Catherine is teased and excited. Lust is pouring through her, she feels hornier than she has ever felt before. I begin to inch my tongue into her dripping pussy, slowly licking around the sides. She feels the warmth and wet texture of it sliding into her. Pleasure warming her body against the cool air.

She slides her hands through my hair, beckoning my face further in. I lash my tongue out quickly, sending a shock of euphoria through her. Catherine moans. She wants more. Her natural sense of fear is being driven out of her, replaced by what she feels for me. My tongue exploring her velvet sheath, lapping inside and all around, playing with her. My tongue darting around sending vibrations up from deep within her. Catherine shuddering and moaning with excitement.

She still wants more. My tongue will not stop, it keep encircling. Her climax came faster than any she has brought to herself. She tightly holds onto my head, plunging her pussy into my face as her cum fills my mouth.

She empties her sweet essences into mouth as I swallow it. My excitement growing even more, my love more intense than before. Catherine's body trembling with need as I slide my tongue out of her clenching hole. She looks at me as a lover. Her lover. She sees me start to stand, sees my dick has gotten hard again.

Amazed at the size of my cock, no longer scared of it, she feels like she needs it more than anything else in the world. I sat back, as Catherine licks her lips, staring at the massive cock in front of her, crawling towards it. Her lips find the dripping tip quickly. She reaches a hand out and begins caressing my testicles, feeling the warmth, the swelling within them. Her tongue licking at the tip, tasting my cum. I feel her mouth slowly covering my cock. Pleasure washing over it as her hand massages my balls.

Her tongue moving over my shaft as her head is moving down its length. She went as far down as she can, her tongue licking at the underside of the cock head. I feel her moving her head back up, slowly, teasing. Her succulent lips caressing the shaft as muscles begin to jerk. This isvery different than before. I feel this is something stronger, more visceral. It feels like I have been given a gift instead of having taken one. I feel her head bobbing up and down on my thick shaft, building up speed.

Her tongue rubbing against me, feeling her hand caressing my testicles, feeling her mouth suckle me, and her breath upon my belly. I feel pleasure I never expected. I'm amazed. I'm ready to explode. I'm going to pour out my release soon. Catherine sucks my cock fervently, intensely. She sucks my dick with fire in her mouth.

I feel my orgasm coming on. My body shaking with expulsion. I feel a load run from my balls up to my cock head. Pouring my love in jet streams into her mouth, which she lovingly swallows.

I shot currents of my seed deep into her belly, never seeming to end. My toes curled, my head stretched back as groan lustily. Catherine feels my climax come and welcomes it. She wants to taste me.

She feels my hot seed shoot into the back of her throat. It tastes creamy, almost sweet, nothing like what her friends had said. It tasted like sweet cream. She wants more and she got it. The shots of semen keep coming, she keeps swallowing, not letting a single drop get away. Not letting any of her treat go to waste. Catherine sucks at my cock for what seem like hours as she is fed my love.

She tastes it in ecstasy, always happy for more. Finally, the flow ends and she slurps her mouth slowly off of my cock. She looks into my face, compassion in her heart, and sees me trembling from the aftermath of the blowjob I received.

I look at her with wide eyes. Catherine looks down seeing my cock is still hard, still dripping with excitement. Her eyes widen and her pussy clenches. She pulls off the remnants of her torn shirt throwing it off on to the floor, now completely naked other than shoes. She feels free and wild, and with every passing moment growing wilder. She feels like a bitch in heat, she feels like a bitch in the throws of animal passion.

She creeps up my body, one hand after the other until her quivering pussy is above my huge cock. She looks down at it, beginning to lower herself onto me. She feels my cock head touching her labia. Grabbing a hold of it, she moves it around her engorged cunt, wetting it with her flowing juices.

Catherine positions it and slowly moves her pussy down the shaft busting through her tight canal sliding deep inside her tight clenching heat. She cries out from the pain of her tight narrow canal being stretched wide and took a moment to catch her breath. Then she stares down again taking inch after inch deeper inside her. She feels like this is what she is meant to do, this is what she refused to do the other two times we were together.

Catherine feels the huge shaft gliding into her with ease, her well lubricated canal walls stretching. Pleasure filling her all the way through, her body shuddering and her toes curling. She is determined to have the whole thing inside of her.

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Catherine bent down and grabbed a hold of me, pulling me to her as she buries the final inches inside her. She took a moment to adjust to the immense size of me. I hold her, stretching my arms around her, holding her close to me. She feels secure within my grasp, she feels safe, warm and happy. Catherine begins to move her hips up and down, slowly. She feels my cock sliding in and out within her, filling her with desire and need. I hold tightly onto her, the pumping of her hips sending shivers through my body.

Energy filling me with passion. Catherine feels new, tears flowing down her face. She sped up her humping, Ifeel the hot wet engorgement of her pussy surrounding my cock. I feel her passion unleashed upon me. She sped up more, pounding her ass and crotch into my groin.

Catherine wants me to cum, needed me too. She keeps going faster, twisting her hips, thrusting her cunt up and down upon me. She feels a flood of cum burst inside her cunt. Her pussy swells up inside as she feels my seed splashing inside her, planting itself within her. Catherine leans forward holding tightly onto me, shaking from her climax. Wanting me close as she came with me, wanting to feel me against her as she explodes from a mixture of her juices and mine.

She is rocked back and forth by my orgasm until finally I stop and nothing more trickles out. She is exhausted, just lying there holding onto me, shaking from what she has experienced. Catherine is no longer cold, pushed beyond any pleasure threshold she has known to have existed.

She finds it hard to move but knew she had too. Catherine slowly slips herself off my limp penis and roll over onto the bed. Next to her I'm breathing hard, nothing left within. She holds onto my hand, tightly, she stares at the ceiling lost in the beauty of our love making. She finally picks herself up, dazed and sore. She went over to where the remnants of her clothing were, picking them up.