Milf Want Really Hard Sex With A Man Half Her Age

Milf Want Really Hard Sex With A Man Half Her Age
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I will begin my story by telling you a little about myself and the events that lead me to my current situation. My name is Brad and at the time this story took place I was 22 years old. I had everything that I needed. Good friends, a full ride to college, and a beautiful girlfriend.

My girlfriend, Claire, and I had been together for 3 years.


We started dating our senior year in highschool. Claire is about 5'2'', dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a perfect pear shaped body.

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Her hips and ass were perfect and she had great B-cup breats with quarter sized pale nipples. She stayed fit and always had a light tan to her. We had been having a steady sex life since out first six months together. For the most part I was satisfied, yet as I grew older I found myself getting bored. While I liked teh standard missionary repetitive style sex, my inner desires which were heavily influence by porn began to takes its toll.

I am sexually attracted to most everything and most taboo ideas turn me on. Courtesy of the internet I have found outlets and find myself jerking off to everything from bi-porn and she-males to hand jobs and bodybuilders.

I also began to find myself atracted to younger girls.

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No, not child porn but girls aged 15-17. Something about that time period in a girls life that turned me on. Fortunatly, I got to see plenty of my favorite age group and it was fairly close to home.

The object of most of my fantasies was Claire's 15 year-old sister, Tara. Tara favored Claire in facial features except she had dark brown eyes. Tara has a slighter build, the skinny type. She didn't have her sisters fantastic ass but only slight hips with a firm butt.

He had a great tan, washboard abs, and small A cup breats with large nipples (well, as far as I could tell).

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I spent all the free time I had lounging around Claire's family house, especially the pool. On a daily basis Tara and her other teeny-bopper friends would parade around the pool in varies skimpy bikinis left me in a constant state of euphria, as well as a constant hard on.

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I would constatly have to run inside and have a good jerk. Occasionally grabbing Claire for what she thought was a quickie, but instead was only me using her while dreaming of tight teenage pussy. Unfortunatly jerking off and the occasional flirting was as close as I ever got to making my dream come true.

On night Tara and her friends had all gone out to party, her parents were at some business dinner, so it was just me and Claire.

I had spent most of the day at the pool drinking beer. After a long day of doing nothing Claire and I decided to go in and make something to eat and watch some TV.

"What do you want to eat?," Claire inquired. "What do you have?." After a long pause and a few cabinet slams latter she replied 'nothing'. Claire volunteered to make a quick run to the store and I volunteered to sit around and drink a few more beers.

I sat around and began to watch a little TV. As I sat around I came to a sudden realization, I was at the house alone. As long as I could remember I had an insatiable urge to dig through peoples houses whenever I got the chance and tonight was going to be no exception.

I hopped off the couch and headed upstairs. My first stop was Claire's room. I dug through it realativly quickly and found nothing of any interest, which didn't surprise me. Then I headed to Tara's room. It seemed as any teenage girls room and I began my search.

Just being in her room and thinking of her gave me an instant hard on and the thought of finding anything sexual would surely make me blow my load at that instant. After several minutes of searching I turned up nothing.Then, half-heartedly I began opening her dresser drawers, then on the last drawer I hit the jack-pot. While it wasn't a sex-filled diary or a glistening dildo it was a bunch of skimpy thongs.


My cock danced at the thought of a good jerk-off. I picked out a nice pink and purple thong and dropped my pants to the floor.

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As I fondled the panty in my left hand, my right hand went to town on my cock. In a slight buzzed state I was in heaven. I leaned my head back a closed my eyes, standing with her dresser draw still open jerking like a mad man and rubbing her panties all over my body. As I fucked Tara in my mind I began mumbling all the things I have always wanted to say during sex.

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"You like being a cum slut don't you.oh yeah, take it in the ass baby.beg for it.swallow bitch, beg for more cum." Just as I began to feel that familiar feeling the unthinkable happened. "Well, well, well. What a dirty side you have." a familiar voice chimmed. I turned around to find my girlfriend Claire standing in the doorway with a hand on her hip and a look in her eye I had never seen. I immediatly began appaulogixing and trying to explaing an unexplainable situation.

As I rambled I began to notice my girlfriend was screaming and in fact didn''t even seem mad.I stopped my speech as she sauntered across the room and then roughly grabbed me by the jaw. "Why Brad, I never knew you had such a dirty mouth and especially about my kid sister." Before I could explain she ended my sentence before it started with a quick slap and then she violently shoved me to the bed, causing me to drop the thong. She ordered me to shut up and then told me to get undressed.

I stood and did as ordered and took a seat on the bed. Claire herself had stripped down and in the process had picked up her sisters panties and brought them to her face. "I have waited so long to reveal my true sexual self to you Brad but you just seemed so reserved." I sat speechless and before I could speak she started again sniffing the panties. "You can almost image how how sweet her pussy must taste," she said as her hand found her way to her shaven pussy.

"Get over here on your knees and eat my cunt," she ordered. I immediatly complied and hit my knees before her and devoured her pussy like a wild animal. "Good boy, very good boy, you eat my pussy good." She placed her hands on the back of my head pushing me closer to her pussy as her statements became moans. I could tell she still had her sister's panties in her hand. As I ate her furiously her moans grew loander and louder. "I bet you wanna fuck me in the ass don't you, fucking faggot." In a fervor I said yes and stood up roughly bending her over the bed.

"Ooh, gonna be rough," she cooed. I slapped her hard on the ass and she moaned.

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I placed the tip of my against her rosebud and then spit on my cock before pushing my way in which was accompanied by her moaning. I began pounding her soft at first but quickly work my way up to a frantic fucking.

She began screaming and moaning. As I fucked her I used a free hand to massage her clit. After a while I began alternating between her ass and her pussy. "I bet you are thinking about that 15 year-old pussy right now, huh? I bet my ass isn't even as tight as her little pussy is it." she barked. As her breathing increased I knew what was going to happen next. "I'm gonna fucking cum, little faggot like you is gonna make me cum.

Pull my fucking hair!!" I did as ordered, reached forward and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled and hard as I could. My action was followed by a scream and I felt a rush of liquid gush from her pussy. Moments later I felt my dick tingle and announced I was about to cum as well. "No! Not yet!" She screamed, kicking me off of her. Claire fell of the bed and hit her knees, her sisters panties in hand she jerked me off with her sisters panties draped around my cock.

She worked my cock furiously and began screaming, "Cum on my sisters panties you fucking pervert!" I then exploded with a grunt in what is possibly one of the best orgasms I have ever had. Cum poured from my cock and all over Claire's face and tits. She kept jerking me till my cock went soft, covering the panties with my cum.

She took the cum soaked panties off my cock and began licking the cum of them before taking a free hand and grabbing a glob of her breast and eating it eagerly. "Mmmm," she cooed.

"I think we are gonna have some--" "What the hell is going on here?" An all to familar voice commanded, we both froze and immediately looked to the bedroom door to see Tara leaning against it's frame.