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Junge  die Sex mit MILF
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written as the mom The next day when Alex stays home with his mom The next morning after my first incest encounter with my son was an odd feeling. I new what we had done was wrong but it was such a hot, erotic sex session. It was taboo, dirty, wrong but it felt had felt so good. I waited until after my husband had left to go to work before I went to go check on my son.

When I went into his room I was wearing a pair of sweat pants and one of my husbands' button up pajama tops; basically trying to have that baggy look. I opened the door to Alex's room and he was in his bed reading. He gave me smile, "Hi mom." I could tell he was looking directly at my breasts.

The temptation hit me like a lighting bolt.

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It flashed through my mind what my son and I had done in his room the day before; I knew if I went into his room I would be tempted to have some sort of sexual encounter with him again. I kept thinking to myself 'you're his mom. Don't go in there.' but the power of my incestuous lust took over and I entered into his room. "Good morning Alex. Are you feeling any better?" As I spoke to my son I moved over to his bed and sat down next to him. Alex pulled back his bed sheets showing off the erection he had developing in his underwear.

He had on colored jockey shorts, the bulge of his hard cock was very clear as was the pre cum stain that was beginning to show. I tried not to look but I couldn't help but glance down, picturing his hard, erect cock.


He put down what he was reading; it was reading 'Dear Penthouse' letters. He gave me a wicked smile when he caught me looking at his cock. We both knew what was on his mind.


"I'm feeling a little better. Yesterday made me feel better, it was the best medicine. I think another dose would do me good." I saw his cock twitch as it reached its full erect size. I felt myself go flush as the sexual tension and temptation grew by the seconds. My son sat up smiling very wickedly at me now. "Can I see your tits?" I knew he was asking for a lot more than just looking at them. It felt very weird to hear my son asking me that but on another deeper, dark level it turned me on to know my own son wanted to see my new big tits.

I put my hand on thigh, "Um.you know what we did yesterday was very wrong. It was incest. We could get into so much trouble if anyone ever found out." My son moved himself closer to me, he reached out to grab my tits and I stopped him. "Alex, we shouldn't." He looked at me grinning away. "I know. You are my mom, I am your son. But you are so hot. You are such a MILF. You should have known that getting a boob job would have turned on everyone! Come on, please mom, let me see your tits again.

At least let me look at them so I can jack off." I was shocked again, hearing this dirty talk from my son. I was shocked at him asking to see my tits so he could jerk off in front of me. It flashed through my mind the picture of him jerking off from yesterday.

I knew he meant it; he would jack off in front of me. It did make my pussy wet at the thought that just getting a boob job was making my son this horny. I didn't respond so my son took that as a signal. He slowly reached for the top button on the pajamas. I didn't stop him this time I just sat there and allowed him to do what he wanted. He unbuttoned the first button, pulling the top apart a bit more.

He looked at me, "Can I keep going." I gave him a very small nod yes. It was as if I was afraid to give him a bigger nod, afraid that someone would know or see that I was green lighting my son to open up my top to look at my tits. My nipples were so hard from the thought's of what my son was going to do. The fabric of the pajama top was rubbing against my nipples giving me a very pleasurable sensation.

I could feel my pussy becoming even wetter as my son slowly unbuttoned my top. He very slowly undid each button working his way down the last one. Then my son looked at me, smiled then spoke; "Ok mom. Now let's take a look at those nice big tits of yours." He pulled open my top as I sat there allowing my son to do this. He opened my top revealing my tits, hanging each half of the top on the outer side of my breasts. He got a very wicked, dirty smile on his face as he stared at my nipples and areola.

"Wow mom! Your tits look great! I love those hard nipples and your dark large areola. Dad must love sucking on your tit's and fucking them!" I don't know why I said what I did; perhaps I was just got up in the heat of the moment. "Your dad doesn't fuck my tits. He didn't do it before my job and he does not do it now either. I asked him if he would but he said that it just wasn't his think. When you fucked them yesterday that was the first time anyone has fucked my new boobs." He gave me an evil grin as his hands reached out for my breasts.

I didn't stop my son; I wanted him to touch them. I wanted to feel his young, teenage hands fondling my large breasts. Alex didn't disappoint me as he fondled them, squeezing them before he started to pull on my hard nipples.

I closed my eyes and moaned with approval as his hands worked all over my mounds. Alex kept up this manual pleasure for a few minutes before I suddenly felt the tip of his tongue flicking across my nipples. My eyes shot open as I let out an even louder moan of delight.

Now I watched my son running his tongue in circles around my areola before taking it back to my nipples. He held my tits in his hands, licking at my nipples and all I did in return was moan. "Mmm Alex, that feel's so good. You are really good at playing with tits.

Or is it you are just this good with your mom's tits?" My son glanced up at me, flashed a smile before his nice wet lips began to run over my breasts. He kissed all over my tit's working his way around each of my pleasure mounds slowly moving his mouth closer and closer to my nipples. Then his lips made a delightful seal around my areola as he began to suck on my tits. As he lightly sucked on them I could feel his tongue playing with my nipple.

I couldn't help but groan out, ' oh god . that feel's so good. Don't stop.' My son had my hormones racing now and I couldn't just sit there any more doing nothing. My dark thoughts took over control of my hands and led them to my son's hard cock which was straining to tear through the fabric of his underwear.

I started pleasuring my son by running my finger tips slowly along his hard shaft. I heard him moan and to show that he enjoyed what I was doing he started sucking on my tips even harder. Then I ran my fingers up and down his hard shaft, feeling the shape and length of it through his underwear. I began to lightly lick my lips remembering what his cock felt and tasted like in my mouth. I thought about his tasty cum in my mouth, running down my throat.

I couldn't believe I was having these dirty, taboo thoughts about my own son. The more I had these thoughts the easier it became to embrace my lust for him. I loved my husband but there was just something so erotic, something so purely sexual about what my son and I did as well as what we were doing that awoke such primal urges in me.

Now I found myself practically giving my son a hand job through his underwear, he had a large pre cum wet spot on his underwear; an approval of what I was doing to him.

Alex was really enjoying himself with my tits as I was beginning to allow myself to enjoy playing with his cock. Now I took both of my hands grabbing the waist band I pulled it down far enough to pull his hard shaft out of his underwear.

I ran just my finger tips up and down the smooth skin of cock. I could feel how hot, hard and throbbing it was. I played with head of his prick, making my son moan even more. Then I ran just one finger tip up from his balls, along the underside of his prick all the way up to his prick head. I milked out a nice sized drop of pre cum, scooping it up on my finger tip.

Then with my son watching me I took the pre cum covered finger tip and stuck it into my mouth licking it clean. "Mmm, you taste so good.

I could suck your cock all day." My son just grinned at me, licking my nipples he then said, "I would love that mom; especially if I could cum in your mouth." I knew that is what teenage boys his age really wanted. It wasn't just about sex, they wanted blow jobs and to have that person pleasuring them orally swallow their load's.

Good thing I loved to swallow. My son took his hands off of my tits for a few moments so he could pull his underwear the rest of the way off. As he wiggled around working them off I held his cock in my hand and began to jerk him off. I wanted to pleasure him just as he was giving me pleasure. I stroked his hot hard shaft with one hand and fondled his balls with my other hand. I really did want to jack him off. I wanted to make my son cum. I wanted to feel his hot sticky sperm all over my hands.

It was so wrong and so dirty and that really excited me doing it to him. Suddenly Alex stopped playing with my tits and he grabbed my hands preventing me from jerking him off any more. We looked into each other's eyes; both of us had incestuous desire flowing from them. "Are you trying to make me cum?" I said yes. "Well then mom, if you want to make me cum just lay down so I can fuck your new big tits." I didn't say a word; I smiled because I loved hearing my son talk to me like that. I laid down on his bed, rubbing my tits as I did.

"Come on baby. Fuck my tits. I want your nice hard cock between them. Be a good son and fuck your mom's new big tits." As my son pushed my tits together while stroking his prick between them I now took my free hands to pleasure myself.

I slid one hand down my sweat pants to my wet pussy. I let out a very loud moan as I began to rub my clit. Then I slid my index and middle finger into my hot wet pussy. I couldn't believe how wet I was!

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I fingered myself for a few seconds before pulling my fingers out of my pussy. I could feel my sweetness covering my fingers so doing what any good mom would do I pulled my fingers out of my pants and held them up to my son.

"Look at how wet you have made me." My son smiled as he fucked my tits. I rubbed my fingers across his lips, immediately Alex licked off my wetness from his lips. "You taste good mom. I want more." So I did as my son asked. I fingered myself more as he pumped away at my tits. I would pull my fingers out of my pussy and feed them to him. I really wanted to make myself orgasm but I knew my son would not last that long judging by the increasing frantic glazed over look in his eyes.

"Mmm, do you like fucking my nice big tits?" My son groaned back to me 'yeah'. He now placed his hands over my nipples and areola. He looked at me with smirk on his face as he pulled his cock out from between my breasts. "Hold your tit's for me mom." I did as he said and my son rubbed his prick head across my nipples getting his hot, sticky pre cum all over them.

"Ok mom, now lick your nipples clean and tell me how I taste." I held my tits in my hands bring them up to my mouth as I bent my head down sticking out my tongue. I licked his pre cum off of my nipples as Alex looked on. "Mmm your pre cum tastes so good. It's hot, sticky and salty just the way I like it.

I can't wait to taste your cum again." I knew my son would love that! And I could tell by the look on his face that he did. He slapped his cock back down on my chest, slid it between my tits and went wild fucking them.

I knew he was going to cum very soon.

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I figured I would be a dirty mom and urge him on. "Come on baby, fuck my tits! Oooh yeah that's it, fuck my tits good. You are such a naughty boy fucking your own mom's, big tits. Are you going to cum all over them? Are you going to cover my tits with your hot, sticky spunk then make me lick them clean?" He nodded his head yes as his pace increased. Then he groaned out, 'Oh mom, my friends would be so jealous if they knew I was I fucking your tits.' I don't know why but at that moment a thought popped into my head.

It was one of my son fucking my tits in front of his friends. All of them standing naked around the bed watching us; they were all jerking off as they watched. I didn't say anything to my son about this; I just smiled at the thought. Then another thought popped into my mind, I wanted to watch my son jerk off all over my tits.

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I don't know what it was but just the thrill of watching my own son jack off and cum all over my tits really turned me on. Maybe because it was my son, maybe because it made me feel so hot and sexy knowing that being in my 40's I was still so desirable to a teenage boy.

Or maybe it was the thought of know I could make a teenage boy jerk off in front of me or it was just all of the above; all I knew was at that moment I wanted him to jack off all over my tits. "Alex cum all over my tits. When you are ready cum I want you to jack off all over them!

Do it for me, do it for you mom." My son pulled his cock out from between them and began to wildly stroke his cock while still straddling my body. He shouted out 'I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum all over your fucking huge tits!" I let my dirty, dark lust take over and now I held my tits together, begging my son to cum all over them.

Then when I knew he was going to blow his load I opened my mouth hoping to catch some his cum in it. A couple of small spurts shot out of his cock and landed on my chin.

Even before I could lick his spunk off of my chin I watched, wide eyed as my son's cock exploded. This huge stream of white, thick, sticky cum jetted out of his prick and splattered all over my areola. As it shot out my son screamed with pleasure.

He kept jerking himself so hard I thought he would pull his cock off! Then he blew another spurt of cum which landed on my hands. He squealed like a little boy, 'I'm still cumming mom!' as he said that several small spurts of his seed shot out and onto my tits. I couldn't believe how much I made my son cum; even his dad never came that much! As soon as he was done I ordered my son to put his cock in my mouth so I could suck him dry. He moved himself forward and guided his cock into my open mouth.

I loved the taste of his cock and cum as he slapped it down on my tongue. I bobbed my head up and down his hot, hard shaft sucking as hard as I could swallowing up the small drops of cum. As I did this I still held onto my spunk covered tits making sure not spill any onto the bed. I sucked on my son's cock for a few minutes before he pulled it out of my mouth with a smile ear to ear on his face.

Before I could say or do anything he jumped off the bed, pulled my sweat pants down around my ankles and began to lick my pussy. He very sloppily licked up and down my wet pussy lips. His sloppy licking felt really good on my sensitive clit.

"Oh yes Alex, eat me out. I love how you lick my pussy!" He looked up from between my legs, flashing me a smile. I could see him watching me as he worked his wet tongue all over and inside my pussy. I was still holding my tits in my hands, my son's cum going to waste just sitting on them. Naturally I did what any good mom would do after her son blew his wad all over them; I licked his cum off; swallowing every bit of it.

As I did this my son kept lapping away at my crotch. Then he lifted his head, "You really like cum don't you mom." I stuck my tongue out at Alex, a nice gob of his spunk on it.

Then I swallowed it moaning with pleasure at the taste of it. "I love cum Alex. I love the taste of it, especially the cum of a 16 year old boy and my son." I knew he would enjoy hearing that. He smiled and just before going back to eating me out to an orgasmic conclusion my son said to me, 'I have plenty cum to give you mom.' Then he went back to licking and slurping away at my honey hole.

I wrapped my legs around his neck as my orgasm began to build. I started to arch my back, thrusting my hips up and down as well as grinding my pussy into his face. I began to wildly rub my clit as my son lapped at my pussy lips like a thirsty dog. "Oh yes.oh yes baby…make me cum…make your mom cum with your nice tongue." I let out a loud scream with continuous squeals as if I was teenage girl again having my first orgasm.

I know I coat my son with a great amount of my wet sweetness. I knew my son loved it as he kept slurping away at me as wave after wave of my taboo orgasm rocked my body. I probably looked like a real slut as I writhed around on my son's bed, begging him not to stop and pleading with him to keep making me cum. Once my orgasm had subsided and I opened my eyes I saw Alex standing there between my legs with a huge smile on his face. I could see my pussy juice glistening off of his young face.

"Damn mom, that was hot! You really squirmed around a lot! Better than any porno movie I have seen." I didn't say anything; I was still out of breath. My son helped me to sit back up on his bed. "Alex that felt so good." Then my son said, "Hey mom can I show you something on the computer? My friends and I found this website about MILF's.

There is this one that we downloaded and I jack off to thinking it was you." We moved over to his computer, I pulled up a chair as my son sat down in his.

He quickly pulled up the site, showing me all the MILF's on it. Then we got to the one him and his friends liked the most. It was a woman, probably my age, big tits like mine and she vaguely looked like me. I guess I could see why my son and his friends like to think it was me. He asked me what I thought and I said there was some resemblance to me.

Then he showed me that they had downloaded her movie, I don't know how but I was not going to ask. We started to watch this movie, this MILF getting picked up, taking the guys home and her having sex with two younger guys.

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I glanced down and saw my son had a raging hard-on. "You really like this video don't you Alex." He said, 'Yeah mom". We looked at it for a couple of minutes, before I whispered into his ear. "Are you picturing me being her?" He nodded his head yes then said, 'but you are much hotter mom. Even my friends have said that.' "Oh so your friends watch this and think of me?

Do they go home and jack off too about me?" My son looked at me and gave me a wicked smile; I knew that was a yes. I looked down at his swollen, hard cock, pre cum running down it. I couldn't take it anymore. I pushed my son away from the desk quickly getting down on my knees between his legs.

I grabbed his hard cock with one hand as I very slowly ran my other on his inner thighs. "I'll bet your friends would be really jealous of this!" I opened my mouth and slid my son's cock into my mouth and began to give him a great blow job. I kept my eyes locked on my son's as I sucked on this throbbing prick, sliding in and out of my mouth. His eyes glazed over with lust almost instantly as I sucked away on his cock.

My son placed his hands on my head lightly pushing my head down on his cock each time I took his shaft into my mouth. Part of me still could not believe I was doing this, doing this act that was so taboo, so dark, giving my own son head. But the thrill of it, the thrill of seeing the pleasure on my son's face, the pleasure I was feeling just by sucking his cock made me want to do it even more. I gave him the best, sloppiest blow job I good. I licked his cock, ran my lips up and down his shaft, coating his prick with saliva and his pre cum.

I ran his cock head all over my lips, my chin and my face. I wanted him to know how much dark desire I was feeling for his cock. He just smiled at me for the longest time as I serviced his prick orally. Then he started moaning, "Oh yes mom…suck it. Suck my cock. Oh god you are the best mom ever! Please don't stop mom. I want to cum in your mouth." I smiled as I worked his prick in and out of salivating mouth.

I loved the salty taste of his pre cum and I had such a yearning desire for his cum. I have no idea how long I was down on my knees between my son's legs and I didn't care. The both of us were lost in this forbidden moment. I flicked my tongue quickly on the underside of my son's cock. "Are you getting close to cumming? Are you going to cum for mom? I want your entire load in my mouth.

If you are a good son and you love me, you will shoot your spunk in my mouth and down my throat!" My son grabbed a fistful of my hair, fucking my mouth as I worked my head up and down his shaft. I could feel his cock throbbing more and more.

Then I felt it stiffen, swelling up and I knew he was about to let his load fly. Alex let go of my hair, yelling out 'MOM!!! I'm gonna cum!' I opened wide, sticking my tongue out as far as it would go I placed just his prick head on it. I grabbed my son's cock and began to jerk him off. It only took a couple of strokes to make my sons' cock erupt with his hot, sticky salty spunk. I wanted him to watch his cum shoot of his prick, surging across my tongue, into my mouth and down my throat.

I knew my teenage son would love watching his spunk going into his mom's waiting mouth. He exploded a huge surge of cum shot out. I could feel it jet across my tongue and splattering against the back of my mouth.

His saltiness tasted so good on my tongue I never had such a desire for jizz as I had at that moment. Then another spurt of his tasty splooge burst out and onto my tongue.

I swallowed quickly as my son fired even more of his seed into my mouth. He looked ecstatic as he watched his load spurting out and into my willing, waiting mouth. Alex kept moaning, 'oh yeah mom. Swallow it! Make me cum more!' I jacked him off as best as I could, making sure I got every drop of his spunk out of his prick and into my mouth. I sealed my lips around his prick sucking my sons' cock dry. As I did I swallowed his wad as my son breathed deeply, recovering from his blow job.

I felt his cock going limp so I allowed it slid out of my mouth then I stood up. Alex had an evil smirk on his face. "You have some of my spunk on your chin mom." I stuck out my tongue and licked it off.

He gave me another evil grin. "Wow mom, my friends would be so jealous if they knew how great a cock sucker you are." I blushed a bit as I went over to the bed and put my pajama top back on. I turned to Alex and said, "Well then I guess you are a very lucky person. You have a MILF who loves having sex with her own son." I left my son sitting in his chair as I went downstairs to make breakfast.

Little did I know that this was only the start of the hot, taboo, forbidden sex my son and I would have that day.