Student fuck sir in school class

Student fuck sir in school class
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Jennie and I lived about six miles outside a very small village in Western North Carolina near the Smokey Mountains. Calling it a village was generous as it had about 75 residents, a gas station and a convenience store. This village was as far away from everything as you can get.

The roads stop here because of the mountains. Our place had 97 acres of mostly forest. We had a small house with a small barn for our two horses. We rode horses as much as time permitted.

We weren't limited to riding on our acreage because the state owned the rest of the mountain behind us. Everyone here kept to themselves pretty much and weren't really very friendly. That was fine by me as long as they didn't cause me any trouble.

In the six years we lived here we had no trouble out of anyone. They all seemed to respect everyone's privacy Our vacation plan this year was to go horseback into the mountains for a few of weeks of rough camping. We had been coming to the same spot for 5 years. It was a beautiful isolated high meadow we had seen from a small plane years ago.

It took a few tries to find a path to it but we eventually did make it. The first time there, we made camp and fucked all day long, high on the mountain. We ran around naked as we pleased for a week or two.

Now we go back every year to do the same. Jennie and I took our horses Lightning and Minney and our supplies and headed out early in the morning. We took our good old time making it up to our destination. It was 4 days of back country riding to get high into the mountain to our secret camping spot. There were no trails to follow and whatever tracks we left the year before were long gone.

I guess we had been rather lucky with the weather until this year. The third night camping it blew up a storm that was a doozy.

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It tore our tent loose and blew it and us across the field and nearly blew us both off the meadow. If it wasn't for an old stump we would have had a bad ride in the tent down a hillside. As it was, we got bruised up from the tumble we took. We rode out the storm where we were against the stump in our collapsed tent for fear of getting in worse trouble.

I reached out only enough to secure the tent to the stump with a tent rope. I never felt wind that strong before in my life. Our horses ran off somewhere during the storm. By morning the storm was long gone. We woke up sore as hell from our tumble, the uncomfortable sleeping positions and being wet all night. We both had sprained ankles and could hardly get around. We went out to check the damage and found everything gone.

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Our supplies were blown away like we almost were. We limped around looking for things to salvage but didn't find much. We called for the horses but they didn't come.

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Looking over the mountain side it was pretty clear that a tornado had gone very close to us. Jennie started crying about not being able to get back and that no one would come looking for us. I told her we were alive and we would survive. I made some makeshift crutches to help us keep off our bad ankles and then went on a longer search for any of our supplies that blew away.

It was really rough getting around but I did find some of our food, little of our clothes but came back with Lightning. He was limping so bad I thought he wouldn't make it back to camp. He was real skittish from the storm so it took a while before I could calm him down.

There was no sign of Minney. Jennie was real happy to see I found Lightning until she saw how he was struggling to walk. She was hoping we would be able to ride him out together but now knew better. We put the tent back up and tried to get ourselves settled. We talked about our options which weren't much. What little food I found wouldn't last a week unless we found a way to supplement it with wild plants and possibly animals.

Lightning had plenty of grass to eat so that wasn't a problem and we had lots of clean mountain water. We just had to find more food. We didn't sleep good that night. Both of us had nightmares about the storm and I dreamed that we had to eat Lightning to survive. The next morning we got up and started looking for edible plants to eat. Luckily I took a survival course run by a local conspiracy nut so I thought we would have no problems.

The problem we had was I couldn't find very much of those plants. We were going to have to ration our food until we recovered enough to walk home.

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The good news was I could already feel my ankle was getting better. Lightening was doing better too but it took a lot of calming to keep him from running away every time the wind kicked up. We decided against sex because it used too much energy.

We ate a lot of dandelions and other weeds which weren't bad. We saved the real food for when we would start our long walk back. We rested a lot and continued searching for our stuff but with little luck. The second day we were relaxing and Jennie noticed that Lightning was masturbating.

She laughed and said he must be feeling better. His long cock was extended and he was slapping it up against his belly. He did this occasionally but I paid little attention to it. Now I had little else to do but watch. It was starting to make me horny so I asked Jennie to suck my cock while we watched. She pulled out my cock and sucked it good while watching Lightning. I came quicker than ever while watching the horse whack his cock repeatedly against his belly. Jenny swallowed it all down as we watched Lightening cum too.

She said that was a good snack. I told her if that was a snack then Lightning just shot enough on the ground to be dinner. She looked at me and said if food gets tight we may just have to consider that. I was shocked at what she said.

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I went out looking for more weeds for supper but came back with little. I was harvesting the local weeds faster than they were growing. I told Jenny we were going to have to start back tomorrow or we would starve before we healed enough to walk. As we ate our meager supper, Jennie kept looking at Lightning.

We didn't talk much that evening. We went to sleep early so we could get an early start in the morning. In the morning we packed what little we had left and started hobbling back the way we came. It was rough going for all of us so we took lots of breaks. We didn't make the best progress but found our ankles actually felt better with time.

I kept an eye out for edibles as we went and stopped to pick them when we could. Walking was making us hungrier than we had been in the past 2 days so we stopped to eat. I tied Lightening to a tree where he could eat some high grass. While we munched on the weeds I picked along with a granola bar, we sat quietly. We heard a slapping noise and saw that Lightning was masturbating again.

I just shook my head but Jennie looked at me and said that we shouldn't pass up any food source. She grabbed a big cup and went over by Lightening. She told me to come on, that she might need help. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this, and how she thought she was going to do this. She wasn't sure but she thought horse cum couldn't be much different than human cum and protein was protein.

She said she was damn tired of eating weeds and wouldn't mind trying a protein shake instead. Lightning had stopped what he was doing and was looking at us. Jenny seemed desperate to do this and told me to get him going again. I told her I would hold the cup and that she should help him.

She looked at me and carefully reached under him and slid her hand along his long black cock. It started rising again so she started stroking along the length of it. The more she stroked it the longer and stiffer it got. She told me to be ready so I made sure I was in position.

She was getting impatient and asked why he wasn't cumming yet. I told her that this was probably the first time he ever had this done to him and he might need more stimulation. She looked at me and then his cock and pulled it closer to her and just stuck the whole end of the cock in her mouth and started sucking. I was in shock. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would see what I was seeing in front of me. My beautiful wife was sucking the huge cock of my horse like her life depended on it.

Lightning was dancing around like he was feeling the effects of her mouth and started humping. Jennie hung onto his cock and sucked like she was possessed. Lightning let out a loud snort and humped and Jennie let out a groan and I readied the cup. Jennie's cheeks puffed out and she swallowed hard but she stayed attached to his cock for a few seconds before grabbing the cup and pulling her mouth off the cock.

Cum gushed out of the cock and she caught a cup full before putting it back in her mouth. She held the cup out to me and I took it while she sucked the cock dry. She only let go when it shrunk away from her. She barely spilled a drop.

She told me to drink up. I looked at her in horror before telling her I wouldn't even consider it. She told me that that only meant more for her. She emptied the cup in seconds. She said it tasted much better than she thought it would.

She wondered out loud about how many times a day he could do that. I told her I had no idea but if he was like a man he could probably do it a few times.

I had weeds and some jerky for supper. I slept fitfully with dreams of barbecuing the horse. In my dream Jennie ate the long stiff barbecued cock. We woke up in the morning and I was eating my granola bar breakfast while Jennie pissed. She came back and I offered her a granola bar but she passed on it saying to save it for me. She said she was going to get another protein shake. She went over to Lightning and stroked his mane and sweet talked him a while before getting down to where she could stroke his extending cock.

She stroked his length until it looked fully extended then she pulled it to her mouth and sucked on it slower than the day before. she looked like she was taking her time getting breakfast ready. She sucked more and more into her mouth like she was trying to see how much she could get in. She pulled her mouth off a couple of times to see how much she had wet and then would go back deeper.


Now Jennie loved deep throating my thick seven inch cock, so I knew what she was doing. I could see she must have had it back to her throat and she was trying for more. She had tears coming down her face while trying. Just then on her down stroke Lightening bucked and buried it into her throat and started cumming. He was huffing and bucking and Jennie was holding on tight but not pulling away. Lightening was dumping straight down her throat.

She finally pulled him out of her throat and I heard her take a deep breath through her nose. She didn't let him out of her mouth until he shrunk away from her. She came back to me and told me I really had to try it. I told her she was crazy, I was never going to suck the horse. She told me that wasn't what she meant. She said I should try a protein shake. I declined but told her maybe if I was starving. She looked at my bag of food and told me that we were only a couple of days away from that.

I sadly knew that she was right. We started on our way shortly and made slow progress back towards home. I couldn't help notice that Jennie seemed to have much more energy than I had and was ahead of us most of the morning. She even seemed to be limping less although it might have been my imagination. Lunch time came and I was exhausted. We stopped and I went around and found some more edibles for myself while Jennie worked up her protein shake.

She seemed eager to get going with it.


I came back in time to see her sucking down another load of cum except this time she had her hand down her pants rubbing herself off. She was moaning like crazy while she was draining the horse cock. When she was done she came over to me with a cup full of cum. She told me she filled it first. She offered it to me and set it down by me while she went to go get water from a nearby stream. After she was out of sight I picked up the cup and sniffed it. It had a heady smell but not too bad so after looking in her direction I took a small taste.

It wasn't bad. I had tasted my cum on Jennies mouth after she sucked me off once and snowballed me as a surprise. This wasn't much different than that I rationalized. I was really hungry and could tell that I was getting weaker. The weeds weren't enough so I closed my eyes, took a big breath and quickly chugged down the slimy cup full. I about gagged but knew I had to hold it down. Jennie came back and smiled real big at me when she saw the empty cup.

She said we should rest a half hour before we started walking again. As we cuddled and talked she told me that yesterday when she sucked off the horse she had an orgasm without touching herself.

Today she was so horny while sucking him she couldn't hold back and rubbed off three orgasms. She said drinking the cum was making her stronger and horny as hell. She told me that she needed me to fuck her but I said I wasn't up to it. I kidded that maybe Lightning could take are of that too. That made her eyes open wide.

Our half hour was up and we started on our way. I had to admit that my hunger pains had gone away. We made better time because we were getting to leveler land although most of it was still wooded. By the time we stopped for another break I could feel my energy level coming back some. The past days I was feeling weaker after each walk. We sat down to rest and Jennie asked right away if I was serious about Lightening taking care of her itch. I knew I couldn't spare the energy so I told her if she needed it that bad that was her only choice unless she wanted to whittle a dildo out of some wood.

She said that would take way too much time and probably give her splinters. Then she asked me if I would help her with Lightening.

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I told her I would try. She took off her clothes and we went over to him. I couldn't help but admire her firm body. She was built good with a tight waist and medium sized firm tits. She had an ass that I couldn't take my eyes off of.

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He was already hanging when she went to work on his cock. She stuck it straight in her mouth and sucked until it was hard and then quickly turned around. She told me to hold it and get it in the right hole.

I took hold of the monster cock (the first cock I ever held besides my own) and aimed it at her very wet pussy. She backed up until she had a good bit of pressure against herself and I tried to wiggle it enough to get it in.

Lightning helped start it by bucking about four inches into her. She let out a yelp but didn't pull away. She hesitated and then pushed back harder. Between her and Lightning she had about half of it in when it hit bottom. She then started cumming. She was bouncing back and he was bucking forward. She was moaning loud as ever and seemed to be cumming constantly. Lightning snorted and bucked hard and started to fill her with cum.

I hate to admit I was licking my hungry lips when I saw the cum escaping around his cock. I used the cup to catch as much as I could while they spasmed together. I drank quickly when the cup was full and filled it again. She finally fell to the ground and rolled onto her back. She looked at me, spread her legs and said dinner is served. I handed her the cup of cum and went down on her cum soaked pussy. She drank the cum while I licked and sucked down my supper as a river of cum slowly ran out of her.

When I thought her pussy was clean she told me to lay back. She climbed on my face and I found a whole lot more cum. It poured out into my mouth.

I swallowed as fast as I could and got a belly full. She was creaming and had a few more orgasms on my face. We both laid back for a minute and then she turned around, pulled my cock out and sucked me dry. She said she needed a little more for supper. After a rest we both went to a nearby stream to wash off. We talked about what we were doing and she said that she never imagined doing what we were doing with Lightning.

She said that she was enjoying it a lot and asked if we had to stop when we got back home. She said she found it extremely erotic and came like never before. She said she never thought surviving could be so much fun. I thought about it for a minute and told her that I really had no objections anymore.

At first, the thought of it was repulsive, but now that we did it for survival and found it somewhat enjoyable, I thought there was nothing really wrong with what we were doing.

But, I told her, we couldn't share what we were doing with anyone else because they would probably lock us up or disown us.

She agreed. We spent the next few days doing the same while walking towards home. We were making progress healing and getting closer to home. Each day the walking was easier and we both felt stronger than ever. We even went back to fucking ourselves to sleep each night. I still collected edible plants when I saw them but a few times a day we would get our main nutrition from Lightning. A couple of times I even drank from the spigot. He almost choked me with his cock so I had to be careful.

Jennie didn't seem to choke at all. She was able to take his cock in her throat with ease and seemed to do it every time. She fucked him every day for supper and I dutifully cleaned her up and had her serve me my supper while she rode my face.

We were a sight when we finally made it back home. Our clothes were dirty as hell and well worn. We both took long baths and changed into clean clothes. Other than ankles that weren't fully healed, we really felt fine. We called the local newspaper and placed an ad in the Lost & Found for Minnie.

That evening she asked what I was hungry for. We didn't make it to town yet for provisions so our choices were limited. She looked at me with a smile and asked if I was in a mood for a protein shake. I smiled, stood up and pulled her in the direction of the barn.

In bed that night she said that next year we need to take two stud horses camping with us and less food. I couldn't agree more. Minnie was found unscathed by someone camping up in the mountains and we got her back a week later. Lightning healed up well and is still with us along with a new addition. Thunder. Jennie chose him herself and is already training him in survival skills.

Next year, if we can wait, we will be camping with Thunder and Lightning. We will be pitching our tent where we have more shelter from the wind too. Jennie lets Thunder and Lightning both fuck her at least once a week. I have clean up duty. Once in a great while if Jennie nags enough we double team the horses to see who can get their horse off the quickest. Jennie always wins with her deep throating. Our lives sure have changed since the camping trip.

We learn as we get older.

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Now we know that survival skills are more that meets the eye. You have to think fast and never pass up a good food source.