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Straight boy vs gay men best naked gallery pitch I noticed when
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I had no intention of going to my high school reunion. It had been twenty years and I couldn't think of any reason to go back. I didn't have any golden memories to relive.

No long lost friends to catch up with. High school had been an ordeal for me. I endured it and then put it behind me. My buddy Bobby tried to convince to go with him. Bobby had been one of my only friends back then and I still talked to him almost every week. Two wives had come and gone but Bobby was still there for me. He had loved hig school. He had played football and basketball.

High school was the best time of his life. "Come on, Steve, it'll be fun. We'll go and see how many lonely divorcees we can pick up." He was excited just at the thought of reliving his glory days. "You slept with them when they were 18 and had perky tits.

Why would you want to screw them now, when they're pushing 40 and their tits are sagging down to their knees?" "They'll appreciate it more now. Teenagers don't know the value of a really first-class humping." Bobby always made me laugh.

He was the best friend I'll ever have. I'll always remember what I said next. "I wouldn't be caught dead in that place again." Two weeks later, Bobby was coming home from work when a drunk driver plowed into his car.

The drunk didn't get a scratch on him but Bobby was gone. The funeral was two days later. Truthfully, I had forgotten that the reunion was only a week away but some guy came up to me at the funeral. He said that he had gone to school with Bobby and me.

I didn't remember him but he said he remembered me. He thought that it would be nice if someone said some words about Bobby at the reunion. "We can turn the whole stupid thing into a gigantic wake for Bobby." I told him that I didn't plan to attend but it sounded like a good idea to me.

It began to eat at me. Ironically, now that Bobby was dead, I had memories of high school that I wanted to bring back. He was my best friend. He had gotten me though those difficult times. I decided that I would go to the reunion to remember him, to honor him. That Friday night, I went back to high school. The theme of the night was to recreate Prom night. A bunch of middle-aged people pretending to be kids.

I tried to convince myself that it wouldn't be too bad. It was. I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked into the gym. Streamers and construction paper decorated the whole place. There was a disco ball hanging from the scoreboard. It looked like someone had gone to the dollar store and spent their whole check.

There was a band set up on one end of the basketball court. They were playing all the old crap that we used to listen to twenty years ago. No one was dancing. Everyone was hanging around in groups, patting each other on the back, laughing too loud.

I didn't recognize anyone. I realized how much I didn't want to be there. Twenty years ago, these people hadn't been my friends. They still weren't. I made for the bar. There were four bartenders and they still couldn't keep up with the crowd.

I wasn't the only one who needed alcohol to get through this night. A minute later I was leaning against the bleachers with my drink and planning my escape. "I'm surprised you showed up," a voice beside me said. I turned and got a tingle down my spine. Heather was standing there. Heather Wolfe, the woman I had a crush on from kindergarten to graduation.

She had lived the next street over from me. Throughtout my teenage years, she had been my ideal of perfection. Long black hair, the face of an angel, full perky tits, and an ass that could inspire poets. She had been a cheerleader and the star of the tennis team. I had never asked her out.

I had been way too shy for that. We had known each other only slightly, the way you know someone you see every day but hardly ever talk to. She looked good. No, she looked great.

Her black hair was shorter now but I could still see the young girl in her face. Her body was fit and trim. Her hips were wider and her breasts were bigger but she obviously took care of herself. She was wearing a white dress with spaghetti straps that accenuated her deep tan.


Her legs were longer and more shapely than I remember. "I'm surprised to see me here too," I said. "This is my version of hell. Dante must have left this level out." "You haven't changed, Steve," she smiled. "You always were dark and demented. " She took the drink from my hand and drained the rest of my bourbon. We made small talk. She was divorced with two kids. I was twice divorced with one kid. I was building houses in the suburbs. She was a cocktail waitress and studying to get her real estate license.

I told her about Bobby and why I was there. It was strange. We talked for ten minutes and, I felt that I knew her better than ever before.

We hsd grown up in the same neighborhood, in the same schools, and in the same classrooms but it was only now that I understood how much history we shared.

The band surrendered the microphone to an annoying woman who gushed school spirit. She started preaching her version of the past. According to her, everything had been great in high school. I wished that I had something to throw at her.

Heather took my hand and whispered in my ear, "Let's get out of here." She led me out into the corridor. "I want to see my old locker," she told me. We walked slowly down the deserted halls. Each classroom we passed brought back memories.

Some good, most bad. I had hated high school. I still hated it. Heather, on the other hand, was loving it. Her smile lit up the darkened hallways. She was chattering about different teachers and different classes. She was like Bobby. High school had been the best time ot her life. We walked up to the second floor and stopped in front of a locker that looked like every other locker. Heather grew quiet. She reached out and touched it.

I could tell that she was going back in time. She was thinking of when she was a queen. When dozens of loyal followers worshiped her for her beauty and for her wit. A time before she became a single mother with bills to pay. I felt like I was intruding by being there. She looked up at me, "You can't go home again." We started moving down the hall on our way back to the gym. As we passed certain classroom, I shared a funny story about how I had fallen asleep and fell out of my desk.

Heather told me about how Mr. Thompson asked her to stay after class and tried to hit on her. We were two old friends swapping stories. Heather stopped in the middle of the hall. She had a surprised look on her face. Then I heard it. The unmistakable sound of sex. The noise was coming from a classroom on our right. Heather and I smiled at each other and tiptoed over to the door.

There was a narrow glass pane on the door. We carefully peeked through it. It was one of the science classrooms. It had a long table in front with a sink and gas nozzles for the Bunsen burners. Right now, instead of a physics experiment, there was a naked woman on the table.

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I recognized the woman but I couldn't remember her name. I heard Heather softly say, "Susan." Then I remembered, Susan Saelens. She had been another of the beautiful crowd. Right then, she looked better than I had ever seen her.

She was lying on the table with her legs spread. Her long blonde hair was hanging down over the edge of the table. There was a man there. I couldn't see his face because it was wedged between her legs. Susan's head was jerking from side to side. She was teasing her own nipples and crying out for God and Jerry. Heather whispered, "Jerry Matthews." She was standing in front of me. I was looking over her shoulder. I'm not sure if I moved forward or she moved back but we were touching now.

Her back pressed against my chest. Her ass snuggled up against my crotch. I smelled the sweet aroma of her hair. I put my hands on her hips. We were both hypnotized by the sight of Susan and Jerry getting it on. Susan's body twitched and then erupted into a full-fledged orgasm. Her back arched and her legs wrapped around Jerry's head.

Her hands reached down and grabbed his hair and pulled his head against her pussy. Her whole body bucked. She let out a loud cry. I thought that everyone in the school would hear. Heather was breathing heavily. I suppose I was too. I nuzzled her neck. I caressed her breasts. She pressed back against me. We never took our eyes off the other couple. We watched as Susan rolled off the table. She knelt down in front of Jerry. He was still fully clothed.

Susan rubbed her hand over the bulge in his pants. She was smiliing up at him with that big grin that I remembered from countless yearbook photos. She said something to him that I couldn't hear. He laughed. She slowly unzipped his fly and reached into his pants. She pulled out his cock. For a moment, Susan stopped and just looked at his pecker.

It was as if she was admiring a work of art. She slowly ran her fingertips down its length. She kissed the sides of it. She gave it a couple strokes and then popped it into her mouth. I slipped the straps of Heather's dress off to the side. I pulled down the top of her dress to expose her breasts. Her nipples were hard.


I pinched them gently. She shuddered and let out low moan. Her ass was rocking back and forth against my crotch. Jerry's pants were down around his ankles now. Susan's head was bobbing up and down on his cock.

She was using her hand to stroke his dick while her mouth and tongue were swirling around the head. With her other hand she played with his balls. Jerry was running his fingers through her long blonde hair.

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His mouth was wide open and now he was the one calling out to God. Heather reached between us and gave my dick a squeeze. I couldn't help but groan at her touch. I wanted her more than I had ever wanted anyone. I slid my right hand down over her stomach. Heather moaned back at me when I pressed down on her pussy. I lifted the front of her dress and slipped my hand underneath.

I stroked her thigh lightly and moved my fingers up to her panties. I could feel the heat and the wetness seeping through.

Heather's legs were trembling. She was tracing the outline of my cock on my pants. Jerry came with a fury. He shouted out to God again and gave a series of violent jerks. He held the back of Susan's head so she had to take his load in her mouth. She didn't gag or complain. She just leaned back, smiled, and swallowed it down.

Jerry sank down on his knees beside her, exhausted. Drained in more ways than one. Heather unbuckled my belt and let my pants fall to the floor. She reached back and released my cock from my boxers.

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I was hard as a rock. She stroked me from the base to the tip, giving it a little twist at the end. I hooked my finger on her panties and pulled them down. I ran my finger up her wet slit and found her throbbing clit. I rubbed it softly causing tremors to run though Heather's body. Inside the room, the two lovers were playing with each other. Jerry had removed the rest of his clothes and Susan was kissing his chest.

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She was rubbing her tits against his semi-hard dick. Jerry was massaging her back. For the first time since we had gotten there, Heather looked at me. Her face was red and little beads of sweat were forming on her upper lip.

She didn't speak. I don't think she could right then. With a quick motion of her head, she told me she was ready. I lifted the back of her dress. Heather's smooth white ass was right there in front of me. She leaned forward and braced herself against the doorframe.

I positioned the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy and plunged in. Her pussy was tight and very slick. I could see over the top of her into the classroom. Susan and Jerry had worked themselves into a 69. She was working his cock with slow, loving strokes. He had her ass in both hands and his face was buried in her pussy.

Her juices were drenching his face.

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My hands were on Heather's hips. Pushing and pulling her onto my dick. We were both trying to be quiet so as not to interrupt the show but low moans kept escaping from us both.

Jerry untangled himself from Susan. He was hard again. I whispered to Heather's back, "God Bless Viagra." She giggled and her pussy spasmed. Jerry pulled Susan to her feet. They kissed roughly. They were grinding their mouths violently together. It was like they had finished making love and now they were going to have sex. He pushed her over to the table.

She leaned forward onto her elbows.

Her nipples were just brushing the surface of the table. Jerry slapped Susan on the ass. I could hear the sound of it through the closed door. She glared at him over her shoulder. I could see her mouth form the words, "Just fuck me." He didn't argue. He rammed his cock into her pussy. They were now doing it in the same position that Heather and I were.

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Instinctively, I matched the pace Jerry was going. It was strange. I was watching them but feeling the sensations myself. Susan reached back and played with Jerry's balls. Heather did the same to me. That was too much for me. I couldn't believe that I had been able to hold back for so long but now I could feel the pressure building.

I could tell that Heather was close too. We moved together, faster and faster, harder and harder. Her pussy clenched tightly around my cock and I could feel her explode.

That set me off. I released my load deep inside of her. Heather's whole body trembled and she came again. She let out a tiny cry from the intensity of her orgasm. Susan's head turned toward the door.


She brushed the hair from her face while Jerry continued to hammer into her. She smiled at us and winked. I 'm not sure how long she had known we were there. My legs were shaking so hard that I couldn't stand. Heather and I sank to the floor. We held on to each other, waiting for our bodies to stop trembling. A few minutes later, we heard Susan scream out in ecstasy. Heather and I collected our clothes and scooted down the hall.

We got dressed in the girl's restroom. We kissed and laughed and then we snuck downstairs and went straight back to my place. Finally, I have some good memories of high school. Bobby would be proud.